Tuesday , January 31 2023

No-Slips To Extend Floor Treatment Services To More States In Nigeria

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In its determination to ensure that Nigerians across the country enjoy safer floors and bathtubs, No-Slips Limited, a floor and bathtub anti-slip treatment company, has decided to extend its services to all the states in the country.

This it intends to do by appointing dealers in all the states of the federation.

According to the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), No-Slips Ltd, Mr. Charles Igbinidu; “Since we commenced business in Lagos about a year ago, we have successfully treated thousands of square meters of floor around the country (shopping malls, factories, offices, swimming pool areas, private homes etc.), in both the private and public sectors, and we have been receiving calls from Nigerians outside Lagos and the south-west geopolitical zone, who are interested in our services.”

“This is a very clear indication that Nigerians are increasingly imbibing the culture of treating their floors and bathtubs with anti-slip products, to make them safer.

“After careful consideration of these requests, we have decided to expand our presence in the country to all the states of the federation.”

“The process will include the appointment of dealers and training of their team members to ensure that our products are properly applied.”

No-Slips Limited is the authorized distributor of Sure step’s anti-slip products which have proven to be effective in the treatment of all kinds of floors; swimming pool, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces.

Sure-Step is a revolutionary long-lasting treatment that does not jeopardize the integrity of, discolour or harm the floor in any way. Sure-Step leave floors visibly cleaner, more beautiful and most importantly SAFER).

“The good thing about the sure-step formula is that it’s not only invisible but it also does a great job in creating slip resistance on floors, to make them much safer to walk on especially when its wet. A floor treated with Sure-step formula will become more slip resistant than before. Although it depends on the surface but basically, it usually gets between 100 to 400% deeper slip-resistance than before. You will notice a dramatic difference in slip resistance on the floor immediately after treatment”, Igbinidu said.

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