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No cooking on Sunday in Benin Kingdom – Benin Traditional Council

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Residents of Benin kingdom comprising the seven local government areas which constitute Edo South Senatorial district have been directed not to cook with fire on Sunday, June 5, 2016 in honour of Oba Erediauwa who joined his ancestors recently

Sunday, June 5, 2016 is the day of Igberimwin in the royal funeral rites programme.

In a telephone interview with a correspondent of, the Secretary to the Benin Traditional Council, Mr. Frank Irabor emphasized that cooking is prohibited in the entire Benin Kingdom on that day. He advised residents to prepare their food for the day on Saturday Night.

He also advised that residents of the Kingdom could eat a lot fruits on that day.

Asked if residents could use electric cooker to prepare their food, he said no.

His words: “Anything that has fire should not be used to cook People can prepare their the night before. They can also eat a lot of fruits that day”

The local government areas in Benin Kingdom include Ikpoba-Okha, Uhunmwonde, Egor, Oredo, Orhionmwon, Ovia North-East and Ovia South-West.

According to Irabor, “the cooking without fire was in accordance with Benin customs and tradition.

All Benins as well as non-indigenes in the kingdom are expected to observe the Igberimwin rites.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Uyi O Aigbeghian

    Oba gha tor kpere iseee.

  2. @ Stanley try an comply,this was what happened when Oba Akenzua joined his ancestors

  3. Fasting is ok,our great monarch we always be remember

  4. They don’t need to switch on electric light.

  5. Oga yahaya pls dont cook dry fasting

  6. I doubt if this information is true.

  7. Only the poor will feel it because the rich will go for gas

  8. No lie people go cook wetin them like chop and chop am for them house. Na dem get house for people.

  9. Lol dat sunday sef ofauku and rice loading at sombori’s house if nt jollof rice with plus size azu fries nd banana

  10. So dem go chop only bread; drink garri wit groundnut

  11. Nonsense. It is repudiated and barbaric. We are in a modern life, not in a primitive life. It is hoped that they are not enforcing it.

  12. “Na from Clap, Dance dey start” . A mudu of Gari, with Kuli-kuli & sugar should be okay for u & your family that day.

  13. When in ROME BEHAVE LIKE A…..,

  14. Culture is culture, I respect Benin kingdom for their rich traditions

  15. Well which ever way, it is 4dem

  16. It is for the indigene/natives only.

  17. So wetin dem go eat drink Garri and kulikuli abi?

  18. No yawa. But they can microwave eba or tea or salad or fufu or bread or even pure water.

  19. That culture is too strong!

  20. Hahahah lols… That’s wickedness not tradition

  21. Which type of tradition is That

  22. all christian shud nt obey

  23. What about using microwave?

  24. Why, so what will the people eat?

  25. Benin! Una never still comot hand from rubbish? This is 2016 ooo….

    • U wen don commot hand,what av u accomplish

    • The peace of God which passes every human understanding.

    • How come someone’s culture turns to rubbish?.If it where to be imported Roman/Greek culture,u will be shouting around.This is what Fela calls Kolo mentality.Proudly African.Mother of nature.

    • Mr. man culture is culture and it has to be respected regardless of whatever doctrine you think you are practicing. If it was to come from abroad it will be welcome, but in Africa that is where you will hear is not right

    • @benjamin chekwube and @ajibero opeyemi ambrose. You are talking about culture…the culture that didn’t help when white people came to cart away million’s of people as slaves.. the stupid traditions that was so blind and lame it never gave the kings a vision that slavery was coming.. hold on to the backward culture owk.. good luck with that.

    • *killing of twins was our culture ooo…. Am saying this to you who said “culture is culture and must be observed”. Plz I am a custodian of my own culture. Am an Isoko man. BUT WE HAVE PUT AWAY EVERY TRADITION/CULTURE THAT:
      *Infringe fundamental human rights
      *defies common sense.
      *is barbaric. During the festival held in my community, boys rape/molest any girl that comes out. BUT NOW, THE GOOD SIDE OF EDUCATION AND RELIGION HAS SHAPE OUR MENTALITY.

      *Would u doubt me if I told you: “most of our tradition/culture are bedeviled by sheer barbarism”?

    • Bt Synod J Ozore our good lord does not ask u to criticise others people culture.

    • Who told you so? Jesus Christ (if He’s the one u r referring to) spent almost all His lifetime, criticising the PHARISEES.
      *BESIDES, AM NOT TALKING RELIGION HERE. AM TALKING ACTS THAT ARE CRIMINAL IN OUR CONSTITUTION. Your religion/tradition/culture is not supposed to make you:
      *kill someone,
      *deprive someone of his primary right, etc…. Imagine the Christians, Hare Krishna, atheists, etc denied right to live JUST BCOS SOMEBODY WANTS TO PRACTICE WHAT MAKES ONLY HIM HAPPY. Haba! If the Bishop of Benin diocese declares something similar, how u go react? Are all Benin people in support of the obviously barbaric tradition?

    • We did not come to Nigeria to practice religion. We came to #LIVE . Live ur life, and allow others live theirs too.

    • Strike a difference between idolatry and tradition.

  26. That is why many of u fail exams,dont cook on sunday is it the same as dont eat?


  28. Okechukwu Shikra Oraelosi

    Forceful Fast?

  29. Amicable Martins


  30. Because its a tradition that has its origins from Africa people can come here to say all sorts of rubbish but few days ago an innocent woman was beheaded for allegedly blasphemy against an Arabian who might have or not leaved about 1400 years ago and people find reasons to justify such barbaric actions. yearly, the Christians forbids eating of meat in honour of christ, their God another semite who might or not have leaved around 2000 years ago. If the edo people choose to honour the memories of their late king in any way, I think they are free to do so however, my only reserves against such pronouncement is that they should make it clear if people can cook using other means such as microwave or electric stoves.

  31. make dem de eat paw paw and mango

  32. What are you going to serve them?

  33. Who is doing the house to house monitory?

  34. That tradition need to be abolished, its wickedness

  35. Nawao for dis Bini culture sef. Can u imagine dis kind tins? Ok any way, thank God say na only for dem so so bini ppl, & not include Hausa ppl. Oto Efa do mo sir.

  36. Respect their culture and stop making senseless comments.

  37. Nawa for waya road oh! Ancient BENIN traditions is still very much paramount.

  38. I go chop rice wit goat meat 2moro wetin concern me.

  39. Fake news,june 5th 2015 na last year na

  40. Thank God its for d indigen alone, bcos nothing concern me with dead man

  41. From shaving of (pubic) hairs to Sunday starvation of food. What kind of thing is this in a 21st century?


  43. hmmm I hope dis is meant for the benis only because I can’t stay with hungry oh

  44. If it is true, where are they driving at? Does it include other tribes or non indigenes?

  45. If i hear say Apostle Johnson Suleiman not cook on sunday if him dey Benin. Tradition my foot 4 Jesus sake.

  46. iya. what will i eat. i will cook. outside if care is not taken and nothing will happen

  47. A we cook, Bcos does oba their are 1st of d problem in nigerdeltans corruption,,

  48. So no food for all the living people on Sunday in Benin tabi which food will not pass through fire before eaten ?

  49. Don’t use fire now, use electric cooking gadgets or just dey fasting mode

  50. Any tradition that is offensive or oppressive to its people should be jettisoned… for crying out loud we r in 2016

  51. Y should’t i cook? I’l honour d oba by cooking fantastic meal 2moro. No shakey at all.

  52. Story for the gods in the desert

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  54. the living should not eat because of the dead. I wonder.

  55. Good for them.. Such a thing can’t happen here… Even if such a traditions is here.. I can’t obey such… Why would I be starving myself for no reason…

    • I was wondering too.. in 2016. Africa stays backward..

    • Tink b4 u comment. Ramadan z d tradition of d ancient Arabs, fasting z d tradition of the ancient Jewish, yet u observe n follow them(even though they’re nt ur culture) how much more d African culture. Ur brain z still being colonised wake up

    • Tradition from Arab? But its Holy Quran…its one of d five pillars of Islam, not tradition in anyway… And moreover what bring issue of religion to this? So u too try to use ur IQ before making any comments.. You are free to make ur comments but nothing concern u abt my own comment..

  56. pls nd pls bear it y day cooking can’t kill u.iserogbe

  57. What custom and tradition is that?

  58. Then one can use hotplates at least there won’t be fire

  59. Wht kind of nonsence nd usless traditions is dat?

  60. it’s impossible… who is he? to force pple to go on fast on his behalf? ebod mkpo. yes ebod.

  61. Which kind old tradition be this in this 21st century. Beta cook and eat. Fasting by force. Christians no go obey

  62. tnx God, it was last year not this year. 2015

  63. The great Benin kingdom……i love culture …… rest in peace my great king.

  64. What is i chose to cook with firewood what ll happened or na d dead dey feed me ? Rubbish

  65. Rest in peace my OBA.i will cook 2moro after church.

  66. The Binis are very civilized people with very rich custom. Do not cook with fire does not imply that u should not eat. Atleast for once don’t eat those rubbish u call cooked food. Eat vegetables that can keep u alive like salad and many others like that, they are healthier.

  67. Sometimes some persons cry more than the bereaved. If a pronouncement was made for d benins let it be for d benins . Save ur data and do something else online instead of posting rubbish.

  68. Some people are living life without a goal or a vision, they just take life as it comes and later say to themselves “I don’t know why this is happening to me” and sometimes refer to themselves as being “unlucky” but the question is “Are they truly unlucky or they don’t…..continue reading at
    For more inspiring thoughts and quotes,visit

  69. to hell with dere tradition, there is only 1 true God ,him alone i no not a mortal being a sand.

  70. Let it be no eating, no bathing etc… 😀

  71. Dat 1 na wash. Persi pekin no go chau

  72. We are Bini’s, we love our culture

  73. God please give so people sense…don’t cook doesn’t mean that you will not eat on Sunday. ..nawoooo..oya make una receive sense in jesus name. Amen

  74. If you are in Rome,you behave as the Romans do.


  76. Let respect our culture,very very important……if dey no cook for 1day heaven no go fall noww

  77. There is nothing we wil nt see nor hear in dis Nigeria o

  78. Some people just like to argue blindly, while some don’t read well before jumping into conclusions. Don’t cook is different from don’t eat. Even if u don’t have stove or gas, you would have prepared some meals and snacks in the previous day, it’s only for one day. Let’s respect culture and if its not in your nature, waka pass.

  79. you can eat but dnt set fire

  80. I wish I was residing in benin.. i will cook the whole day and absolutely nothing will happen..nonsense..Folks are here talking about culture and traditions…..the culture that didn’t help when white people came to cart away million’s of people as slaves.. the stupid traditions that was so blind and lame it never gave the kings and fetish priests a vision that slavery was coming.. hold on to the backward culture owk.. good luck with that.

    • But the white brought Bible to brainwashed you into slavery and you still worship them, you are stupid and retarded, fuck you and your jesus Christ, monkey.

    • @Kenneth Eastwood..its very awkward you the one here who still got a slave name attached to yo monkey ass…Lol.. u should explain to me wat pains u exactly….plus yo punk ass didn’t answer my question.. u too dumb to do that come the culture and traditions couldn’t foresee what was going to happen?..and it’s very apparent u don’t know shit about your history… they MIGHT have forced slavery on us.. but dey never forced Christianity on us.. it’s a thing of choice.. ask your grand dad..that’s if he knows history and he’s will to tell u the truth…he’d tell u how your kings sold slaves to the white people for bottles of gins, bowler hats,mirrors and all kind of stupid stuff…..hed tell you how it was still black people that pointed to the slave masters where the villages with strong men were.. … the culture that had a lot of twins killed with they mothers cus the tradition states that they were abomination to creation …the culture that hasn’t helped YOU one bit.. pls tell me just one benefit of yo sick, fetishes culture..stupid fuck boy…

  81. Why do u observe Ramadan(Arabic culture cloned as religion) & lent(Jewish custom) yet nobody died of starvation. I wonder y some people can b so dumb n still allow their dunbass brains to b self colonised. If this were to b an American tradition all this olodo that r fortunate to win free mb from their network providers wudnt b here typing jagoons

  82. I hope those who will disobey won’t be beheaded

  83. Dats culture…..Benin pple i luv u all

  84. The whiteman’s stool is sweet than the blacks’!

  85. Them that do know the God they serve shall be strong and do exploit Ezekiel 11:32, how can you ask me nt to cook with fire? What then will i use to cook? If i am from edo not only will i cook today but i will also make fire with wood, this culture no gud at all, my people are perishing for lack of knowledge, i strongly beleive that many christian will cook today.

    • That is always the problem, u want u religion to be respected but u are disrespecting other people believe and tradition. Did they asked u to come participate? That’s u u guys bring confusion to where u are not invited. Practice ur religion n let others be.

    • Because you are useless to believed that a white Man religions are superior, fuck you and Jehovah, fuck jesus Christ, brainwashed fool

    • Musa ibrahim i am very sorry for you, think twice.

    • Kenneth eastwood or whatever your name is, let me tell you your days are numbered remember we are all strangers in this world this world is nt our home or do you think you are going to remain here on earth?, where will you be on that last day? Is it in heavden or in hell? Where will yo spend your eternity? There is going to be gnashing of teeth on that day, amend your way now that you are still alive and ask God that you are sorry before it will be too late for you, i have pass the message to you.

  86. if this news is tru, it’ s a simple thing now all would av cooked whichever food they intended to eat a day b4 the day now put everything in a cooler , at least one can do this for more than a day

  87. Ogboni people hs come again, in Jesus name i rebuck them.

  88. Ok,cn dey use pressing iron or boiling? Or even share Mr.Biggs or Tantalizer food 4 dem.

  89. Whom else have i on earth, than the Almighty God. The creator of the whole universe. The God of Isaac and Jacob. The Lion of the tribe of Judaea. Where will your final ending soul be? IF YOU DIE WITHOUT CHRIST. HEAVEN IS REAL AND HELL FIRE IS REAL. YOUR DECISION DETERMINES DESTINY. THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO MAKE HEAVEN OR HELL. REPENT THAT YOUR SINS MAY BE BLOTTED OUT. JESUS IS HIS NAME, THE MIGHTY MAN IN BATTLE. GOD BLESS YOU TREMEMDOUSLY

  90. Whoever listing to him is the one will remaind In hunger, while his children ar busy eating this oba is wickets.

  91. Kenneth Eastwood, what did Jesus do to you that you insult His Holy name.

  92. Do not cook and everybody will not cook, but these same people will not ask if these same people have food to eat not to talk of cook. More so no one will ask how the people are faring to provide for the less privilleged. Mordernization is spreading like wild fire. If not for civilization, killing of twins will still be taking place. After all in a village they abor twins, one must die or the parents will not enter the village with the children. If they do, one must die.

  93. That is deep rooted tradition of benin people lovely, if na delta our pastor for don dey yan opata

  94. May God hv mercy upon dis man dat condemning Jesus Christ here. he don’t know wht he is doing

  95. If it is a part of mourning for the departed monarch, there is no problem as long as idol worship is not attached. For God hates idolatry.

    • Is it biblical? Which report will you believe? God or all those witches that full edo which Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa fought stand still in his time.

    • The Bible is not against mourning the dead. There were even professional mournners in Israel in the days of Jesus. But if the ‘no cooking’ day was introduced to mourn their departed king, no problem, but if witchcraft of idol worship is attached, then christians should not be part of it.

  96. Many people have been trained over time to see culture and tradition negatively! What a shame!!! If the Bini people choose to honour their traditional rulers this way then so be it. Oba a to pa ye! Ise! !! I’m a proud African/Nigerian

  97. I wish is aplicable to all Nigerian

  98. i love benin and their cultural heritage.

  99. Hmmm all dat one stil dey reign,una need jesus

  100. @Oloye,not to cook for one day and to behead innocent people in the name of worshipping God, which one is better, pls answer me.

  101. Fake News,besides why some people like to post rubbish on air

  102. Benin people una eye never open up till now in dis modern age where herbalist don turn to pastor, even juju dey follow go church n give him life to christ, n una still dey form. May God help una.

  103. I don’t why igbos like to Interfere in others business like their own is not the worse.only in igbo land you will see where women are married to women and it is ok by them,so why not allowed others to practice their own tradition every you people most condemned it

  104. It was annonce and if you want to respect the tradition by complying good.if you dont nobody will kill you.ok

  105. d blood of jesus has paid d price 4 us as believers.praise God

  106. When Jesus Christ died for our sins how many people stay hungry that day ,man died u say make we nor cook with fire watin we go eat?abi wen he was alive he no me? abi he help any of my relation?nonesence person wen (God) don Jugde since u are here killing urself with hunger, for him ,hiss,,nonsence, u are on ur own o benin people.

  107. A man and his wife should not sleep on the same bed

  108. Cook on Saturday preserve in warmers and eat on Sunday.TRADITION is TRADITION.It is sacred and should not be abused.

  109. D shd nt go to toilet nd also urinate pls

  110. They can cook with electricity nah! E.g. Microwave, electric cooker, electric kettle etc, nah fire is prohibited e.g. Firewood, gas cooker, charcoal fire etc. it’s okay!

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  112. Lol so if I was stl in there, i won’t cook on Sunday??

  113. As for me and my Family, we shall cook delicious

  114. So they wil cook with water instead abi…

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