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Labour leaders

NLC, TUC tells Nigerians to stock up food, as strike begins Wednesday

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• Begins Countdown To Wednesday’s Strike
• Reps Call Emergency Session, Summon Kachikwu

Rising from a joint meeting between the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and their civil society allies in Abuja, on Saturday, Labour called on Nigerians to stock up on essential commodities, as it begins a strike action on Wednesday in protest of recent hike in the pump price of petrol.

“Nigerians are advised to stock sufficient food items that will last for a while, for the prosecution of the current struggle against neo-liberal agenda in the country,” said NLC President, Ayuba Wabba.

Labour declared that if by the end of office hours on Tuesday, government had not invited it for negotiations, it would shut down the country.

It accused the government of prioritising the interests of petrol marketers above that of other Nigerians. It particularly flayed President Muhammadu Buhari for reneging on campaign promises that he would not remove fuel subsidy.

It added that the price hike from N86.50 to N145, which represents 67.63 per cent increase, is the height of insensitivity and impunity, as there had been no previous consultation with stakeholders, especially the organised labour.

There are also indications that the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) may also join in the action.

The two unions, last week, had voiced support for the price hike.

Wabba said modalities have been finalised to begin talks with NUPENG and PENGASSAN.

In attendance at yesterday’s meeting, the President of PENGASSAN, Olabode Johnson, blamed the incoming strike on non-passage on the Petroleum Industry Bill.

Confirming that PENGASSAN will also press the battle, he, however, expressed doubt if NUPENG, headed by Igwe Achese, will be willing to work with the NLC, considering the fact that Achese belongs to the camp of Joe Ajaero, who had declared himself a factional leader of the NLC after last year’s delegates’ conference.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, has said the price hike is influenced by the need to reposition the economy and foster national prosperity.

Ngige, who disclosed this while paying a working visit to the South East regional office of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NISTF), Enugu, said: “The Federal Government is not unaware of the hard times Nigerians are passing through at the moment as a result of the re-structuring of the economy. The President is genuinely concerned and personally feels the pains too. But this is a necessary phase we must all endure for the restoration of better days.”

Meanwhile, a special session of the House of Representatives will hold in Abuja tomorrow. It will discuss the controversial deregulation of the price of petrol, even as some members are said to be angry at the manner it was introduced.

They will have a special guest at the session. He is the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu. He is expected to explain the rationale behind the government’s move and policy in the face of the hardship Nigerians are facing.

It is not exactly clear if the Senate will toe the line of the Lower House, but there is no indication members will rush through a meeting over the fuel price increase.

In the face of the growing anger across the country, the Presidency continues to come up with explanations on why President Mohammadu Buhari consented to the increase. The President had been opposed to any fuel price increase, but last week, while he was away at an anti-corruption conference in London, the government announced a hike.

Stock up on food, labour warns Nigerians

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Toothless bulldog

  2. Egunje masters….

  3. NIGERIA LABOUR CONGRESS IS CORRUPT AND ANTI-PROGRESS OF THE MASSES. Of great note is the fact that this government have led a decisive fight against all forces militating against the general progress of the people of Nigeria home and abroad. We have never had this magnitude of commitment of a leader to REDEFINING the people’s share in the common wealth of our nation. NLC have always look on and sometimes partake in the bastardisation and stealing of our collective wealth. Labour have always been in the safe side and an onlooker not minding how it’s members are defrauded by previous leaders, the cabal and their Co- looters. Nor have we ever heard labour condemning the corruptions of politicians. On PMS, PMB government have taken a bold decision that has for the first time been generally accepted by the majority of Nigerians. This is the result of trust the people has in this government and her policies. It’s time to put to test the trust the people freely gave to PMB. On this note we call on all Nigerian to come out enmass to support PMB and his policies which are designed for a better future for us all and the generation yet unborn. LABOUR LEADERS ARE VERY CORRUPT AND THEY HAVE SUBMITTED TO THE CABAL WHILE THEY ARE WILLING TO DO THIER BIDDINGS. Nigerians must resist labour. Resist the Cabal. Support PMB and defend the votes you freely gave him once more Long live Nigeria!!! ON PMB WE STILL STAND!!!!!

  4. Rubbish. Wednesday strike so that by weekend – Sunday mid night they will call it off and life continues. We are tired of this drama called strike. Is a known script, playing out same way all the time.

  5. What about broke pple?

  6. They are stupid the most tell us what they are doing with our monthly contributions money nonses.Becouse oil cabal give them money,this time around is not going to work nonses.

  7. I did not benefit from my contributions to labour,union is optional am going to stop my contribution from June or else I will take them to court.

  8. The’re better things to fight for not oil price hike pls.

  9. To stoke of food with which money? Workes r not been paid btw 4 to 10 month u r saying they should stoke of food, is it with the money from ur dream?

  10. If labour r willing to give each Nigeria workes at least #10,000 from monday then we can stock up food. Stocking of food is not with empty pocket so pls make den go sit don

  11. U guys are deceivers. Pls let d sleeping dog lies. Going on strict is just adding more salt to an injury

  12. Shakara oloje ni. Do we realy have any labour organisation. They are to me dramatist of the higher order.

  13. These trade Unions are government arm to destabilize the peace and we’ll being of the impoverished Nigerians by politicians. Initiate a violent revolution taking advantage of your population to topple the government, then we all will know you are serious. Followership would not be a problem by all of us.

  14. I do not expect much from them, they are bias already.

  15. You asked people that have not recieved salary for the past 4 or 5 months to store food at home because of strike,you can give them money to buy food since there is no salary,you are not serious.

  16. Unions in Nigeria should be ashamed of themselves. Who are the thiefs if not Union executives that sold their members Wright. What have you done about workers not being paid salary. Your greed has made you worthless before everyone. Only a man with a good heart is supposed to be a union leader not satanic greedy leaders

  17. They better put their energy on minimum wage increase not fighting government on pms hike.

  18. Where are NLC and TUC when some of your members are not been paid for months?. Where is TUC when PMB was changing from one trade policy to another that made us not to be the number one investment destination in Africa again?. We know that most of you people was paid to compromise a lot of things, we are watching the drama. stock food with empty pocket nonsense.

  19. Effective Monday 15th May 2016 NLC should pay each worker a token of N20,000 so as enable the impoverished workers stock up food items in preparation for the Mother of all strikes. This can be sourced from the Union Dues levy taxed evey worker from time immemorial. This is not too much.

  20. Labour please ask for increase in minimum rather fuel reduction…because another govt will come and increase fuel again.

  21. Which of the NLC? God deliver the masses from these professional protest organisations.

  22. Shut up. You’re out of tune with reality

    By Sunday Akoji

    In 2013 Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the Chairman of the Dangote Group approached the CBN to indicate their interest to invest in refining crude, such that petrol-chemicals, fertiliser and fuel shall be produced locally in Nigeria.

    The three projects, which are valued at $14 billion (N2.8 trillion), are on course and will commence commercial operation early in 2018.

    The refinery located within the Lekki Free Trade Zone in Lagos is projected to refine 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

    The Dangote Group is set to unveil the world’s largest refinery which will make Nigeria self-sufficient in petroleum products refining and also become a major exporter of oil.

    This project will mark a turning point in Nigeria’s search for local refining of crude oil.

    The fertiliser production aspect of the refinery would be completed by 2017.

    The time frame for the completion of the Dangote refinery from start to finish is estimated to be five (5) years. And the cost of building the refinery is $14 billion or N2.8 trillion.

    The irony is that in 2013 when President Goodluck Jonathan performed the ground breaking ceremony for construction work to begin at the $14 billion ( N2.8 trillion) Dangote refinery, the Federal government spent N2.7 trillion on fuel subsidy alone.

    This was the highest fuel subsidy bill in the history of Nigeria, as it rose astronomically from about N356 billion in 2010 to about N2.7 trillion in 2013 under President Goodluck Jonathan.

    The administration’s attempt to cut fuel subsidy in January 2012 resulted in a nationwide crisis that crippled the country’s economy for one week.

    Moving on, the Goodluck Jonathan administration incurred over N2.5 trillion in 2014 and 2015 as fuel subsidy bill.

    If we assumed that the country incurred a subsidy bill of about N300 billion annually from 1999 to 2010, this will amount to a cumulative of about N3.3 trillion in eleven years of civilian rule.

    From the above analysis, it can be inferred that Goodluck Jonathan administration alone spent in 5 years, twice the amount of money that Obasanjo and Yar Adua jointly incurred as bill for fuel subsidy, in 11 years.

    Now here is the thing:

    Dangote is building a refinery complex that will refine crude oil, petrol-chemicals and fertiliser with N2.7 trillion for local consumption and export, under five years. Whereas the federal government in 16 years spent about N10 trillion to subsidise consumption via fuel subsidy. This is excluding the multi billions that was spent on turn-around maintenance of the Port Harcourt, Warri and Kaduna refineries which till date are still operating at about 30% efficiency and installed capacity.

    Does this make sense?

    If it doesn’t make sense, then let’s embark on the long journey of #change to the naspiritual Nirvana, where perfect happiness is guaranteed with no suffering, in a land with milk and honey that overflows……..


  24. Come rain come shine we will survive!

  25. You guys should leave Nigerians in peace please…nobody sent you to strike…allow us to we cant continue to praise the so called fraud call “subsidy”.. #NIGERIANSSUPPORTNOSUBSIDREGIME

  26. Where’s the money to stalk up the food? We rather go to work and spend the little we have gradually. We are not going on strike..

  27. Let Nigeria spring begin….

  28. All dis guys knw what they are doing.

  29. Shameless Union leaders!!! Nigerians are not interested in ur meaningless protest and strike.

  30. not this time NLC its too late..

  31. You NLC and TUC are politically motivated by the PDPig who saw you all on your elections.

  32. NLC, TUC, Jonathanian/PDP sympathizers being National saboteurs. You can’t succeed with your evil plans against our truly patriotic Leaders.

  33. Strike to serve whose interest. do we need another STUPID NLC & TUC gamboree? RUBBISH. negotiation is better. i support GENUINE SUBSIDY REMOVAL

  34. @Adamu Muajir Dtr; Your NOW truly patriotic Leaders were the same UNPATRIOTIC LEADERS who opposed an action that would Stopped the Subsidy Waste in 2012, Tribalism / Ethnicity will not allow you differentiate between TRUTH and FALSEHOOD. I weep for Nigeria! TRUTH has been sent on Vacation with PROPAGANDA sitting in its stead. A CRYING SHAME INDEED!

  35. What is the way out of this oil subsidy conodrum? Can NLC marshall a way out for the Federal Government instead of this needless strike action? The economy is at comatose,NLC which way out?

  36. The majority of Nigerians would certainly GO OUT to look for their DAILY BREADS, since they don’t draw any salaries…The unionists are SELFISHLY bent on defending an obnoxious regime wherein 80% of the Nation’s Budgetary Allocations were dedicated to SETTLE their salaries & emoluments….

  37. i think what NLC and TUC need do is to force this government signing a 3 years subsidy part, 1, revamp and construct new refinery . 2, stop importation of refine product. 3, the money they will save from subsidy remover add to Nigerian workers minimum wage. theirfore fuel and other product price will drop drastically .rather than strike strike we cant continue to go in circle with no headway every time on this issue if not will continue to feed some fat cat will masses suffers ..

  38. Indeed NLC tells Nigerians to stock up foods. The food they provided for a common man. There is hunger & no money, so where do u expect us to find d foods??

  39. Can NLC provide the money for people to stockpile food?

  40. i can see madnes in there for me i suport deregulation

  41. Nothing like stock of food,i support the removal 100%.

  42. NLC Nigeria Liars’Congress, I will not join your strike.

  43. Nobody is going on any strike!

  44. If NLC go on strike and the Nigerian Govt. returns to fuel subsidy, what happens if fuel scarcity and queue pesist bc the Fedral Govt can not pay marketer arreas of subsidy due to economic melt down? 2. If Niger Delta millitans continue to blow pipe lines and disrupt production, how does our local refinery get supply of crude regurlarly to reduce the burden of fuel subsidy on the Government? Which solution does the union advocate to bail us out of fuel scarcity. I think the NLC should first of all ask for wage increase or welfare package instead of embarking on national strike.

  45. What concerns NLC, TUC with food stuff? Are the market men and women part of them? And should the strike affects the prices of food stuff will NLC and TUC members be left out? They will also buy from the same market, so they should stop making mouth with their fake strike that will not last more than 3 days.

  46. Let them test their popularity and see. They only know themselves.

  47. I hope NLC knows that 2/3 of Nigerian masses are surviving on empty pockets they have to go out in daily basis to look for food,how such masses will survive during strike?

  48. Where is the money to stock up food ? 1 dallar is 370 naira now oooo.

  49. Please don’t waste your time, gent of the capitalists.

  50. NLC should go and sit down and not disturb this country.

  51. There wish is to make the vulnerables more poor, because they rich & selfish. & how can a poor man stock 3 square meal during these tough recession. I hope nigerians will say no to the so-called strike.

  52. This strike wiil yield no result in the states as more than 20 States are having problems of salaries which the labour unions fail to intervene and they are now calling on their members to actively participate in the coming strike. Labour you jokes here.

  53. Mumu people, u think we still trust in you people. U better stay in houses or …………

  54. When people were living from hand to mouth due to inefficiency of salary u are telling them to stock up food…yeye dey smell!

  55. How many of us have money to stockpile food stuff? Abeg make una leave us alone. Make them remove the Subsidy make we rest kwanu

  56. This country has expired,nothing good can come out of it.

  57. Where do we get money to stock food.

  58. U guys are not serious u were at the meeting wat did u do there

  59. Foolish men, you didint fel shy for what u intend to do? Allah with BUHARI


  61. Stock up food stuffs? With which money when salaries have not been paid

  62. We are not part of it;nobody will imprison us again.We have had enough of the hardship.

  63. Where is the money and food to stock?fools

  64. This strick and protest is a senceless from highest other

  65. Zombie people will u provide money 2 people 2 stock food?

  66. Is this a real strike or u want conduct another subsidy show where 2face idibia n raskmony sang a song…i want to knw

  67. Foolish fools.Where is that money to do that? You want to add to the hardship

  68. Foolish fools.Where is that money to do that? You want to add to the hardship

  69. Many states are owning their workers salary What did NLC do in those states? they did nothing. This time around there will be no settlement 4 them from the govt

  70. NLC….. O. Y. O. chikena.

  71. Where is the we will use in doing that? This country is dead already no need.

  72. NLC pls negotiate abt minimium wage nd 4get dis strike 2 avoid more hardship

  73. You are a liar! Nobody should listen to you, controversial Labour force. Thieves.

  74. They must be blind and dumb. After being owed 6months salary. What will be used to buy food. Thank God for being alive sha!

  75. Where is d money to stock the food at home . Stupid people no workers ever received salary for d past six months nw that one did not concern them . They will not be forgiven for d hardship they want to bring on Nigeria workers . These shylock marketers will use the opportunity to increase d fuel price again by selling it #160 to #200 again at d black market because they will all close their filling stations .

  76. Labour go on we are with u people. Buhari is a hardship and noting good can ever come from him

  77. Only lazy civil servants will follow you these useless vultures. Are you not the agents of these oil cabals that help them to perfect their papers for forwadring and approvals. Every time you call for strike when you are living like emprors on our deductions and dues that you can’t account for. This your call will be the most shameful ever except you adopt buying crowds like our political parties. God punish you deceivers.

  78. Goodluck jonatha try 2 remv fuel subsidy in 2012 bt Apc kick against it dat is practice of corruption bt y nw Apc want to remv it. I lik d move of remvin fuel subsidy bt Nlc does nt want it 2 start frm Buhari regime bcox Nigerians wil nt benefit frm it

  79. This is old news, we need update please, what is the situation today.

  80. We no go follow you people, enough is enough, fight for your minimum wage, not subsidy

  81. Let nlc credit al workers account so dy could av enuf to stock food

  82. ….NLC whn add fuel to nigeria matter again abi???,thank GOD am into handwork en una cnt stop me on wednesday,da funniest part is most of una children is outta nigeria#alakori niyin#

  83. Hmmm,hunger dey people cannot risk that ooo,the country is tight n the government should relief the suffering of Nigeria by putting back subsidy but monitor its distribution that is the only way a common Nigerian enjoy from the government purse!

  84. Labour we no go gree woooooo.

  85. The nlc & tuc are mad were ni gbogbo yin,how someone that do not receive 5 or 6 months salary especially in oyo & osun stock up food for where? no intervention on inefficiency of salary, from them ole,ole.

  86. I feel bad, what about the poor in the street?

  87. let’s we forget that this same Comrade wabba led joint health sector union on 3 months strike in 2014/2015 with nothing to show for it but mockery NO TO ANY STRIKE THIS TIME

  88. where were they when salaries were and still not paid? abeg make den enter house

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  90. You’re on your own please, nlc think another style.

  91. We are telling them to better remain calm and suspend the strike.

  92. What is NLC and TUC impart to the country and their members .

  93. Story that touch which yeye strike, abi NLC want make EFCC come after them?

  94. There is no job let alone money where do you expect us to get the money to store food stuffs in our house,go ahead and do what will please the public.

  95. we are ready for the strick no going back

  96. Na lie , i like it . And we are support subside remove

  97. Their is no money to stock food stuffs so N L C should not just call for any unnecessary strike now.

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