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Nigeria Is The Second Country With The Most Expensive Internet Cost In The World

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A survey of 196 countries across the globe has shown consumers in these African countries pay the most for internet in the world. Even as the nations are among the poorest across the globe.

According to the study conducted by the BDRC Continental and broadband comparison site,, Internet users in across sub-Saharan Africa pay well above $100 per month for internet access. At the top of this rank are Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Angola, Gabon, Mali, Namibia, Niger, Somalia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

For Nigeria, cost of internet access was estimated at $80 on a monthly average.

Burkina Faso was noted to have the world’s most expensive fixed line broadband services. Internet users in the West African country spend around $965 (£730) on the average monthly cost for a broadband package. Hence, making internet access to be considered as a luxury and for the wealthiest members of the country.

Countries in Eastern Europe are noted to have the cheapest services in the world. In Russia and Ukraine, cost of the Internet was estimated at under $10 per month. However, broadband users in Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova and Tajikistan pay less than $20 on an average.

South Africa, Gambia, Mauritania, Ethiopia and Mozambique have the cheapest internet cost in Africa. Consumers in these African countries pay less than $60 monthly to have access to broadband services.


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