Friday , March 24 2023
Niger delta Avenger

Niger Delta Avengers tells Buhari to organize a referendum

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The Niger Delta Avengers have called on President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria to emulate Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom by organizing a referendum on their demands.

The request is contained in a series of tweets on Saturday by the militant group.

“President Buhari, borrow a leaf from PM David Cameron, call for a referendum and let Nigerians decide like they did to vote you to power”, they said in one of the tweets.

Meanwhile, the group in a statement on their website on Saturday called on President Buhari to visit the Niger Delta and see for him.

According to the statement signed by Brig.Gen Moduch Agbinibo, “The Nigeria President Buhari should visit Ugborodo host to Chevron crude oil Export terminal/EGTL gas plant, Ogulagha host to Shell Forcados Crude Oil Export terminal/tank farm, Bonny Island host to Shell Bonny Crude Oil Export terminal/NLNG gas terminal, Brass host to Agip/ENI export terminal, Ibeno host to ExxonMobil Qua Iboe crude export terminal. These are just the export terminals not talking about the numerous oil and gas flow stations and the oil Wells that criss cross the length and breadth of the Niger delta”.

“Mr. President come and see for yourself what the host communities are going through in the hands of Nigeria government and the multinationals”.

The tweets and statement may have been reactions to Friday night appeal by President Buhari to Niger Delta militants to soft-pedal on their activities.

It would be recalled that President Buhari on Friday during the breaking of fast meeting with All Progressives Congress (APC) leadership at the Presidential Villa, Abuja urged Niger Delta militants to soft pedal on the bombing and destruction of oil and gas installations.

“Those of you who have friends among the leadership or even the militants themselves should plead with them in the name of God ‎Almighty to take it easy.

“We need to stabilize to create employment, we need to stabilize the economy etc. I agonize over these things”, Buhari said


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  1. Water don past gari baba don dey beg,sha una say him go finish N,Avengers,fight wey past ur power na play u supose turn am to,ndi ara.

  2. I dont think this group really know what the want for themselves. Release Kanu, appologise to Alamiesia family, look into the confab reports and now they are demanding for referendum. They are very inconsistent in their demands. Stay one line abeg.

  3. Nnamdi Kanu say when his supporters will come Boko Haram will look like a childs play compared wit what dey will see. And today is happening.

  4. Jonathan should have done this in 6 years

  5. Do the people of Britain carry arm and vandalize government apparatus before demanding for referendum? Pls let’s be wise.

  6. Do they even know the meaning of a Referendum??

  7. l think dat Buhari invited dis trouble upon himself & Nigeria when he tampered wit d amnesty programs under d guise dat he is a hard man.

  8. Opeyemi, even if they wake up tomorrow, and decide to place another condition who will stop them? All you parasites go and hug transformers,Your Brothers and Northners are owing oil well in another Mans land when the people are living in abject poverty, nonsense!with time people like you will know that they know what they want,one Nigeria my Foot!!!!what made of a nation? I dont understand Yoruba, I dont understant Hausa, what a mess! A nation, should share one language and culture!

    • Where were you dat tym they own oil well in your land black monkey

    • Wot a nonsense question from a senseless idiot, wot do u expect us to do? Protest so that you use d army to kill us d way other protesters were killed? Look we are wiser than that now ok. Wait and prepare to dance wen the beat is on.

    • Only a fool who works at INDOMIE can come come up with such stupidity

    • The fools and animals are here insulting people they cant even bath normal@Abubakar Mohammed uncircumcised beast like you too chai

    • Zakari and Mohamed, i dont talk with people from smelling tribe. Atleast, I served one yr in Fago,Sandamu LGA,as a corper, you guys re too barbaric,I work with Indomie as a sales executive,and can train you guys with your families at any level. Smelling Pigs,that sees bathing as a taboo,uncircumsised philistines.Child rapists and Gworo sellers, I remember how your peopple were worshiping us in Katsina then! Im even surprise that you guys manage to speak Turenchi!! Cos majority of you in your cursed Land are aclimatised with language like “Mallama Walahi Ba Turenchi!!Idiots, That use to go to my dustbin in corpers louge to pick bread and crumbs of food i threw in the dust bin! Alimajiris! Im waiting for two of you, Thunder will strike you guys today. You want to come and insult somebody that can take care of both of you till death, Imagine these Hausa small boys! People I used to dash money at Gidadan mallam in Daura, who gave the both of you the impetus to utter a word here?no wonder Im percieving an offensive odour from this post Gosh!!!

    • @ abubakah, you re ranting because they re managing you in Navy without certificate right? Aboki, mugu them wey smart,Buhari no certificate, mohamed no certificate, tell me how this Zoo will survive,fool, look at you inside Navy uniform, you look like a ghost, very soon they will use that uniform to decorate your tomb, because you re not surpose to be there! Illiterate Navy, how much is your salary? Navy night guard.Idiot

    • What stops you from going to creek and shoot the Avengers if you know that truely you re a Navy man?scammers of facebook, I dont even know where you borrow that uniform, Borrow pose!in short you re not a Navy man.this is camourflagde at its climax, you need to be checked.

    • My sweethrt finish those aboki shine my shoe

    • Bros me n’elu ya ka m no. #still waiting for them.

    • Ijeoma pls I need to know you. How come these expired food eaters are not talking again? Useless Alamajiris

    • I still dey wait for them, even if it means entering vigil tonight bcos of them,

    • nonsense.. is it not the same court.. and law his husband.. d dictator refused to obey? who is fooling who? u call ur self a leader.. still u can’t live by example.. yet u want Ppl to respect u.. fool and his wife leading d zoo to hell.

    • A group of ppl allowed u to enjoy their resources just because they wia made to believe that one Nigeria is real.. They wia doing other forms of businesses .. Not depending totally on the oil.. U DAT was given a little opportunity to survive from the oil.. Decieded to leave ur source of livelihood and focus on stealing the oil… Just to enrich ur ppl.. Now the original owners are back to control their resources because they av discovered DAT the term or word called one Nigeria is .. A shadow.. Just because dey have decided to run tins by them sleves some lazy ppl from the north and west want to kill themselves over it… The truth is DAT u guys should go back to ur previous ways of survival.. U have cow, groundnut. Onion.. Coco etc.. Use it to run ur stupid country called Nigeria.. The young shall grow.. We are grown now.. U can’t decieve us anymore..##SMART DUZY DUZY X##

    • Smart, dont mind those Pigs, all of them will die because of this oil, people who re from dry land, hustling for crude oil, if I may ask, what is the contribution of the Northners in the Zoo Economy?# waiting for any LAmma to challenge!

    • Name the people having the Wells goat if you don’t know anything must u talk

  9. Britain style wao !. God bless us all

  10. Why didn’t you ask GEJ during his tenure yan iska

  11. I don’t UNDERSTAND why all THESE USELESS APES and IDIOTS in the north are too ARROGANT and SELFISH .

  12. The referendum in UK, was without coercion, with the citizens free of gun trotting groups and campaigns carried without calumny. We can have a referendum but not under duress.


    • Muhammed, if it is day dreaming Buhari shouldnt beg. You think as you are. The Avengers are not killing anybody like you SAVAGES DO. They target the MONO ECONOMY POWER. You dont know anything that is why you call it day dreaming. The Ojuku you mentioned was a Hero you dread. You didnt fight the Biafra War but killed innocent people in the north. British and Russia fought the war for you. Buhari lost elections until this one he won at God’s time. So this STRUGGLE SHALL BE. I dont have to teach you until you come the classroom.


  15. Niger Delta Republic

  16. EU is just a union and not a country. So that kangaro referandum was meant to pull UK out of EU.

    • It doesn’t matter, what matter is, some regions decided to go at there will, stop having hard feelings, they don’t want to share the same nationality with you, it was an agreement but it has an expiring date, amalgamation has ended, and it is my will to consider you or not, everything about you is a set back, you will need a passport before coming down SS and SE ,stop acting on your emotions and accept the bitter truth

    • Do u even know whether Am from SS or SE?

    • Hahahahaha u’re From The North My Friend Stop Pretending. @ Yahaya.

    • Well Am happy to report to u that am from Auchi in Edo state. And i guess u know that Edo is in south south. U see, two wrongs can never make a right and i stil want to believe that something good could stil come out of this relationship. I equally want u to analyse what is happening in the south sudan today. Well i rest my case Alex.

  17. Emeka Isaac ,you are right,because PMB,met a peaceful Niger Delta,but he dismantled the mechanism that ensured and sustained that fragile peace,and here we are today.

  18. Muhammed Lawal Yahaya that same kangaroo refferendum will pull out the oil rich Niger Delta from the shackles of one Nigeria and all those who hav stolen our God given resources unabated and claimed we are one Nigeria.

    • God’s given resources but jointly developed by an entity called Nigeria. Rid yourself of sentiment.

    • who beg for development among all d factories n companys in d southern parts gow many belong to govt allow us to develop it our self leave us alone

    • Ajiboye Gbadebo Emmanuel if u claim Nigeria an entity dev the oil and gas sectors and building refineries then were does the proceeds emanate from is it not the Nigerian state and some particular greedy crafty calous regions that hav benefited emmensely at the expense of the oil rich Niger Delta with disdain and gross impunity which has consistently under develop the oil rich Niger Delta.

  19. During yar adua n goodluck regime nigeria as a country never experience such things, i think something is really going wrong somewher with this current cabinet.

  20. At this point in time, such referendum can be under duress. Why? Because you outsmart those, who try to play smart at you.

  21. Is only in nigeria dat criminals make demands

  22. True talk. That is the way forward.

  23. Not with this present government

  24. Avangers militants. ..continue the destruction of oil installations. ..nobody is preventing you from destroying the oil installations. ..go on please. the end we will know exactly who is foolish. …rubbish!

    • At least we’ve started suffering, how much do u pay for 5litres of kerosene, or gas, most of the militant make use of fire woods, what concerns them with ur kero, we will see. Let’s just pray for peace

    • @ Denen Steven , pls answer me this question, is the Niger Deltans benefitting from the oil in their region?

    • Mary Nancy Odusanya,ma,I understand your plight and that of many Nigerians on the high cost of living now. …but honestly, is pmb the true cause of these sufferings? ? we’ve come to this point as result of careless, cruel and planlessness leadership of the past who like a bad farmer eat and sold all his crops together with the seedlings. …of course the farmer and his family will suffer hunger and want the subsequent seasons., pmb just came into office to fix these abnormalities but instead of the militants and indeed all those agrived to table their grievance with the government… the militants now went destroying the little infrastructures that are ground. …what a foolish way of reacting to an issue??? now even if the Niger delta have a repubic now. ..won’t they need same infrastructure they are destroying to move on?? it is just your boss in the office treated you badly and come back home to destroy the little things you were able to buy and keep at home??? too bad!

  25. Buhari just want southeast and south south 2 become ever lasting slave dat is all

  26. You guys are beginning to show us your true colors. Now we get it beta. Murrons wake up jonathan wasted all your resources not buhari xo stop dis foolish excuses. cux when he was there all d nonesense u are asking for u neva bother asking him, and your request really shows dat jonathan knows about this and i pray that every parasite disturbing d peace of Nigeria infact every tribe saying dis country will not know peace. All the curses in deuteronomy will be their portion.

  27. Let there be referendum. It is better we all part peacefully than this contraption

  28. One step backwards fr borrowing d white man’s way of life whom d easthners called their enemeis fr d amalgamation of Nigeria.The spirit of sir Lord Lugard will never alow u to have a rest of mind

  29. Maybe Niger Delta Scavengers should form a political party and contest for election. So many demands..

  30. It’s only in nigeria they call the real owners of the oil wealth criminals! N is it by force to be a nigerian!?

  31. Corruption is fighting back seriously and u people are here making noise. Nigeria wil work again under pmb weda u people like it or not. If na to clean de country, , nobody I mean nobody can stop pmb.FATHER I THANK YOU FOR BRINGIN PMB TO REBUILD DIS NATION,JUS AS U BROUGHT UR SERVANT CYRUS TO REBUILD UR TEMPLE IN ISRAEL IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  32. For what? Una Don tire? You want to bill Mr, President from the recover loots! Wait, let him recover more! Thieves!!!.

  33. Anybody calling referendum or supporting wat these ignorants doesn’t no wat he or she doing .but time will tell

  34. Lamuka sabastine tell me if this people don’t carry gun do you think buhari and co will leasting to them the answer is No OK tell yourself the truth look at ipob they don’t carry gun but do see how many of them buhari and his brother in Nigeria military killed He will do the referendum he like it or not

  35. He will NOT, because the issues are different. You are myopic.

  36. Those that asking PMB to called for referendum. I want to ask how many are they? Tribe that are not more than a bucket are causing trouble indeed u just thank God that we are practising democracy if not.

    • My friend Go and sit down in the dust bin. Is it by Force to be 1 Nigerian?

    • U’re practicing Sharia and we don’t want that nonsense anymore. To hell with u uncircumcised morons!

    • A fool from the God forsaken demonic tribe, hausa/fulani, has aired out his view, it’s so shallow!

    • ELIJAH not because we are practising sharia and u dnt want intact I actually believe that u dnt ‘ve religion because a person that ‘ve religion doesn’t talk that way. Because bible itself is also a sharia because he spoke about bad things such as corruption, communitting adultery,and drunk alcohol any book that spoke about that are also sharia and that is what u dnt want foolish people.

    • Abel u people should create a political party so that by 2019 U have a candidate that would contest in next coming election okay.

    • And if I ‘ll be the to sign for Ur biafra indeed I could have sign since just to prove to u that I dnt have any sympathy to u because I believe if this country is divided what happened to southern Sudan will also happened to u and is bcouse u kid dosen’t know that.indeed we also tired of the prasitic disease.

    • @Ahamd you lack the wisdom to comment on walls like this.bcos foolishness have turnd you ppl not to see reason and accept the fat tht there is a gap btw ppl are ppl kill one another in the name of what?you lack the moral idle of what the southeast and south south capable of doing to you ppl but if you wish for it.this not 196o.

    • Faith u won’t understand but let me clearly out to hence ojukwu didn’t succeed I dnt think u kids will be succeed.

    • How can you westing your time for a very long discussion with those stupid people..???.. How can you westing your time for discusing with facbook aggitators..??.. How many are thay in number..??.. Let the PMB clare them all.

  37. D freedom fighters fighting for their right. Referendum or nothing. Carry go boys

  38. In the person of buhari and selfish northern agenda, referendun is by force. Why dialogue? I had expected him to treat them like bokoharam. Super powers use military to protect territorial intergrity of a nation. Down here, he has turned military to police. Fela labelled this apc govt as demo-crazy.

  39. @ Animal, have u gotten what these people (Igbos) are demanding for now?

  40. Assuming Presidiot mumumadu Buhari is carrying most of the tribes along all these agitations would not have risen. There would not have been any uprising. Most of his appointments are from the Northern muslims yet u say one Nigeria. Did Jonathan rule like that? Or does he think other tribes are fools?

    • @Olufemi imagine what u are saying like u are not in Nigeria. Vice President Yoruba, Minister of Finance Yoruba, minister of works and power almost 3 in1 Fashola Yoruba, minister of Imfomation and culture Lai Mohd Yoruba, senate President Yoruba and many other principal officies occupied by Yoruba and also u are a Yoruba but u are still complaining that Buhari is tribalist Leader. Pls let me ask u which position Yoruba people hv during Jonathan? So if u dont like Buhari man of intergrity just said it. We dont like any kolo-kolo. Buhari is a good leader.

    • @ basheer, you know that many people are using pseudo names on facebook and social media and not their real name. Yoruba tribes doesn’t have obi as part of our names. Thanks.

    • Even at dat….d truth hurt u dt much?@ bello?

    • @ Ugoji, i bless God that help me to see beyond my nose that also assist me to transcend my village. Why are you always agitating without having your facts and figure, those people Buhari appointed are all career diplomat, quota systems doesn’t work in that, you have to be in foreign service job first before you can be shortlisted for career ambassadors job. Please take note. I will most appreciate it if you don’t resort to insult please.

  41. They don’t know their problems hence they lack what to ask for, I think they need to be smoke.

  42. Aisha go to US and prove everyone wrong u refused because u Kw the accusation is true… buhari provide ur certificate to prove us wrong .. buhari refused and want to go to court.. is it the court process dt important? just to bring certificate and prove everybody wrong.. he couldn’t… wat type of animals are leading this zoo called Nigeria? only buhari swore to obey oder.. the same man is d first to disobey court oder.. the same man will still run to d same court to defend his fake result.. wat a country.. where are the so-called learned fools.. in the judicial system.. shame on all of u

  43. A group of ppl allowed u to enjoy their resources just because they wia made to believe that one Nigeria is real.. They wia doing other forms of businesses .. Not depending totally on the oil.. U DAT was given a little opportunity to survive from the oil.. Decieded to leave ur source of livelihood and focus on stealing the oil… Just to enrich ur ppl.. Now the original owners are back to control their resources because they av discovered DAT the term or word called one Nigeria is .. A shadow.. Just because dey have decided to run tins by them sleves some lazy ppl from the north and west want to kill themselves over it… The truth is DAT u guys should go back to ur previous ways of survival.. U have cow, groundnut. Onion.. Coco etc.. Use it to run ur stupid country called Nigeria.. The young shall grow.. We are grown now.. U can’t decieve us anymore..##SMART DUZY DUZY X##

  44. The Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) has described Niger Delta Avengers as d vehicle currently being used by Niger Delta political elite & associates of former president Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan to destabilize president Buhari’s Government. Alleges that those behind d Niger Delta Avengers are political juggernauts who don’t want to see president Buhari gain a foothold in d Niger Delta Region. May God destroy the Avengers, their sponsors, those supporting their evil acts. Amen

  45. I hope our leaders in the north have learned and understand the message very clear it’s high time to our house in order before it’s too late.

  46. This animals wil soon be placed where they belongs.

  47. These criminals dnt know what they want.

  48. yes creek base, respect egbsu

  49. YES O!. We want the referendum today and tomorrow. Honestly, that’s the solution to this country’s problem. Let’s part peacefully now

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  51. president=north,senate president=north,speaker house of reps=north,ssg=north,coas=north,(compt gen of customs=north,immigration=north,prisons=north)add urs lets see how united we are


  53. Let them bomb more till PMB gets sense!

  54. Is that the way forward for you

  55. Is it for nigerdelta or biafra

  56. We nigeria we dnt have common sence. That why british people say black man black sence.let us be wise dnt take d advice of british govermen they wont 2 declare a war in nigeria but god pass them.see the rest of the county libya palastine syria burma.etc.were in british county fighting hmm tell. So pls bewere dnt be blind and letter we wll regret ending of killing each other

  57. Failure to do that is failing to do the right thing

  58. What do u know about referendum hooligans

  59. Your own country president is storborne and illiterate thats the curse of vandalized before thinking of referendum

  60. free world why must we stay together by force when we are not even one ?

  61. Noting moreg.let peace rain in nigeria nd africa

  62. If that man didnt want to hear us,then finish the order pipp line

  63. I thought they don’t want a referendum at first?

  64. Then the whole Nigerians should vote in the referendum! Lets see the result Nigeria To be or not to be!

  65. How can useless animal will called a president on referendum

  66. Buhari once said he will make Nigeria ungovernable wen GEJ was the president….. So this his own turn something /somebody somewhere anyhow must make buhari govt also ungovernable

  67. Is Niger delta a state or republic
    under biafra?

  68. UK did not destroy properties or shed blood to arrive at referendum.

  69. If Buhari has nerves as General, and if he is sincere with himself as president of Nigeria let him Prove it by organizing the Referendum

  70. We need action, pple are suffering and the north are calling us n calling us all manners of names.

  71. Pmb should not negotiate with paid basterds..if u are not a lazy coward, show ur faces.. De avengers are paid nigerian basterds frm different parts of dis nation..they are hungry pigs dat must surely end up in shame. Amin

  72. When gej was ruling, no one remembered that northerners owned oil wells!?!?

  73. EVEN IF D REFEREDUN is conducted kano,kastina only vote don minority na minority

  74. You 4 ask goodluck Jonathan before he was defeated it could have been simple

  75. May good God help us tht de will not do bad counting

  76. What we are praying for in this country is PEACE.

  77. Are u speaking n thinking from ur anus. After insulting him u want him to organize a referendum. Wetin do una wisdom abi Na for bombing una wisdom end?

  78. Pls ask your representatives at the National Assembly to table the issue and not you bastards.

  79. You guys should continue bombing we are all suffering in it together, if you can bomb the whole Nigeria stupid people that dnt have common sense. I dnt know how our country Nigeria will be great if we continue to have hatred towards each other. The only road to success and greater things in our country is individual positive contribution.

  80. He needs more actions b4 he ll understand

  81. Yes…i support, if dat will give us peace.

  82. D hausas cant survive without nigeria.8 of thier state has folded cos thier are unproductive and parasitic in nature. Thier shake each tym self dependent is mention the entire north ar chronic parasite.

  83. It amaze me to see people who call themselves educated people without single IQ of reasoning ur same reps, senators, cheifs, Governors that has messed ur region up never thought of you for a day still give u guns to start all dis trash and now u complain of this present administration were ur eyez close wen ur son GEJ neglected u for 6yrs?even the ogoni land clean up the governor of the state testifies that their own son abandoned them but talk to GMB just once he approved the clean up ur problem is allowing a northernern to clean up the mess ur son can not sham unto u selfish, fruitless and useless agitators and now u are looking for a referendum that most of the militants can not put into writing, shame unto to u fools

  84. GMB is a man of wisdom the averages will never provoke the president to act foolishly that will cost lives, so that they will not have way to hold on wisdom no bi madness

  85. Militants want to give president terms continue and see how it’s end it is not the beginning that matters but the end

  86. Ayuba Suleiman,I think you need an IQ test, imbecile seems to be ahead of you,in terms of reasoning.

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