Saturday , September 30 2023
Niger delta Avenger

Again, Niger-Delta Avengers hit Chevron Platform

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Despite the heavy presence of officers and men of the Nigerian military in the creeks of the Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) on Wednesday night blew the Escravos tank farm Main Electricity Feed Pipeline.

Our investigation revealed that the sabotage took place at a swamp location that supply gas to power Okan platform, a major crude oil producing facility.

In a tweet on its handle, the NDA said “We Warned #Chevron but they didn’t Listen. @NDAvengers just blow up the Escravos tank farm Main Electricity Feed PipeLine”.

It would be recalled that the Avengers had in a statement on May 11, 2016 warned Chevron not to carry out repair work on the platform it earlier sabotaged, threatening more action if Chevron did.

Full text of the statement

Chevron don’t Dare the Avengers

From our investigation Chevron Plc is about to carry out repair works at the Valve platform that was blown by us (Niger Delta Avengers). We made it clear that no repair works should be done until our demands are fully met”.

Chevron have been operating in the Niger Delta region for over 40 years and no day has their terminals gone without electricity. While the host communities and villages are all basic amenities (Portable Drinking Water, Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Electricity). They have part with the federal government to undermine the people of the region leaving it to rot.

When we blew the Chevron Valve Platform it resulted to total blackout in the Escravos Tank farm for more than three hours. If we (Niger Delta Avengers) can do it just know that we are capable of bringing down your tank farm if you continue with repair works on the blown valve platform.

Chevron and Nigeria Government are pushing us to do against our belief. Despite making it clear we are not after innocent human lives but as it’s going we might cause human casualties if they don’t listen to us. Be informed that if we decide to strike it going to be bloody. And the contracting firm going to do the repair works we want you to know that your facilities and staff will be our first casualties.

Our warning to Chevron is that despite the heavy presence of Military in the creeks, it will not stop us from carrying out our operations. We are ready to destroy more pipelines, we won’t only destroy pipelines, but will bring the fight to your tank farm and your Headquarters in Lekki, Lagos.

If you continue to undermine us and go ahead with the repair works you won’t see us coming but we are coming for you.

Col. Mudoch Agbinibo

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. They keep saying the military with fight the boys to a halt.The military is part of these boys.If Federal government doesn’t take the Niger Delta seriously,then the economy will collapse.

  2. Joyce Eki James Abudu

    Make them they blow am n.a. their land them dey destroy. Illiteracy n.a. disease.

  3. Self destruction in d land of scavengers!

  4. Let these guys for God’s sake have a break. The authorities concern are not listening.

  5. Nimi, you get high brain bro.

    The military needs peace too.

  6. It’s hard to build but easy to destroy:It took over 6months to sign the 2016 budget,only lagos/calabar railway issue draged for several weeks before it was resolved.Bombing oil facilities can only add more problems to the people of the region.Oil spillage problem is still there for several years..,Except this government that came with plan and set a date in this year to start clearing off of ogoniland oil spill.I think it’s time for opinion leaders to talk sense into those unguided youth to development of the region through productive ventures,because violence can earn them nothing,even the roads across the country are in dire need of FG attention.And resources are not enough,some states are still battling with salary issues,as a displine government even if the govt has enough you don’t expect PMB to give terrorists money just for terrorising the country.A word is enough for the wise.

    • My Dear, U Have Point In Ur Submission Bt Some People Think Nigeria Belong To Them, They Use Boko Haram And Chibok Girls To Disturb An Adminstration. So Let See How Far


    • Did i hear u say unguided youths?plz rephrase ur as much as ur comment made sense,the NDYA youths are not unguided;@least no soul has been wasted.The FG should go into negotiation with them.if APC-Led Government cld grant amnesty to Unguided Boko Haram that splashed blood of innocent Nigerians without any reason,why won’t they give a listening ear to NDYA?That’s my own opinion.

    • @Shehu,mind u they have infiltrated the Nigerian Army if not how do they get informations that always make them counter & frustrate the plots and plans of the Nigerian Army?

    • Shehu Mahmud, Biafrans are not complaining, I wonder why you are crying over what does not belong to you. When we restore our home (Biafra) we can build oil the pipelines in one year. Tell your dictator Buhari to free our leader Nnamdi Kalu.

    • @Shehu,when the northern elder statemen ar busy making unguided ultrances against the region where were people like u?.When buhari made a statement of those who voted him 5% & 95% and how he wil treat them differently where were you? When he was braging of crushing the NDA but declared hausa/fulani herdsmen strangers or not Nigerians where were you? When amachi said what the northern politicals ask him to say,i quote:NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT should grant bloodsucking bokoharam AMNESTY where were u? WHEN buhari declared that he will make someones government ungovernable which he did where were u?.You see my brother u ha8a point but it’s too late,no smoke without fire!!!

    • @onyenwe chai i love that word it’s too late to smoke without fire hmmmmm nwa biafra

    • shehu thanks for this wise comment but our president should called them and settle their problems for peace to reign bcs this militant are not ordinary

    • Alamajiri talk.Bye bye ZOO NIGERIA.Up BIAFRA.AVENGER BOYS are invisible.ZOO NIGERIAN Military can not kill one of them.If u have a ZOO NIGERIA military friend ask him how many ZOO NIGERIAN Military that this AVENGER have killed.ZOO NIGERIAN paper can never carry it.

    • You have just spoken some stupid and unguided words.How can your unwise words be enough for the wife? People like you are unfortunate not to have had commonsense.Let’s see who it bothers most;either the Niger Deltans or the Nigeria as a Country.The dice has just been cast.Why won’t we be treated with respect? Is it wise to hate a man but like his food? The Lord is our Strength.Our boys don’t kill innocent people like your Boko Haram terrorists do.We are only fighting for our legitimate right and we must get it at the tail end,with God on our side.

    • Malam shehu, if u call dem terrorist, wot do u call ur bh brothers? They only bomb pipe line, nt like ur bh brothers who kill human, bomb houses and abduct school girls. To u, which is lesser evil.

    • “terrorist” Did they kill your father or mother. Aqia.

    • The Niger delta should stand on they ground no negotiations, the only thing is total control of our resources. My Chinese boss once told me that the northern are like parasites, because they will come to the host community, extract the valuable with out contributing any development to the community.

    • Shehu, dis my nigerdelta militants are bombing for deir heavenly rites, dey are nt bombing pipelines al in d name of Jesus or allah, lik ur brothers in islam #bokoharams bombing nd killing al in d nmae of ur allah, ok? Why can fg to focus on d oil dat’s been discovered in lagos? Or focus on ur groundnut, tomatoes nd yams? Take note dat, dis NDM guys are more dan nigerian army is 20*¡

    • I don’t even know what to tell u aboki almajiri shehu,when buhari boasted that”this’s not jonathans government n promised to crush them,may be u were busy peodophilin abount together with ur useless good for nothin northern scavengin parasites right???Goodmornin..

    • I only spoke as a nationalist,& aiso an employer of labour.But it seems that my words are thorn in the flesh & spines of some (inyammiris,chamunakas)igbos,whom i see are now losing sleep over it image.My sincere advice to you,if truly you have the heart, is to sell all your investments & properties across the north, relocate to your south east;can’t you see that our people don’t buy properties in your region! Remember even ojukwu’s son had given you(people)similar advice,you can’t be living in,working,doing business & observing the national anthem & pledge of a country & expect it to give you independence from its territory;it’s never done anywhere,that’s myopic reasoning,just remain in your region doing business with your new currency & everything;government won’t force you to come back.Period!!!

    • The answer to our problem is true federalism, lets collapse the states into regions & let every region contribute 10 parcent to the centre & there will be peace, shikena.

    • Shehu Na today? E don tey wey oil spilage dey our land. Come 2 think of it why u no speak against bh as a nationailst or patriot? They killed innocent lives especially non indegens na now u get mouth. If u can boldly stand n renounce boko atrosities den u shld talk on ND then we go listen 2 u.

    • Shehu made some points but did u speak like this in reign of Boko Haram? Pls b truthful

    • Yes Sampson,i did oppose boko haram vehemently.I almost lost a friend and former roomate at the university,when they attacked kano central mosque in 2014.

  7. Bassey Okon Bassey

    Na wa-o. Wahala every where

  8. Gud work guys. Buhari u ar a fool. 80% of d oil block belong to d northern, dat ar nt from d region. N u xpect dem to b hpy

  9. Nobody should beg those guys, let them continue what they like to do, continue to destroy ur land but federal gov will abondone what u destroy and concentrate on another project. There is oil in Lagos, ogun etc and Dangote will soon flash on his refinary in lagos. But when millitary men will bonbard them ppl should not say anything, instead of elders to check them now

    • What is the capacity of this ur Lagos Ogun etc?will it be able to cater for the need of Nigeria in terms of income generation? Is just like saying that oil is in IMO,abia and anambra therefore let stop oil exploration activities in N/D.see we can do without Niger Delta oil truth be told.we cant even fight them effectively like BH why? the more u fight them the more they hit on our oil facilities and the more our pause shrinks.u know u can sponsor military operations with empty pocket.while they will be receiving arms from international illegal arms dealers in exchange for oil.their demand I think is too much but I think to end this struggle we should look in the direction of true federalism where each state will control her resources and develop at her own pace without being impeded by anybody. By this people will hold their leaders directly responsible for any form of backwardness

  10. One aspect of Buhari administration style which I found uncomfortable to embrace is his condonation of criminality in Niger delta. No responsible govt on earth will bow to the transgression of miscreant and vandals. The heavy hands of the law should weigh heavily against them. They are terrorist, deriving a sadistic pleasure from sabotaging the survival of our dear nation. Any body that tarcitly or overtly support or encourages this act of criminality should be sent Hell. Enough is enough!

  11. NDA keep the spirit going, those of us for U are more than those against U. Operation Hurricane the economy. The environment will heal or clean itself naturally after a period of time. Ride on Advengers of the Delta.

  12. Keep bombing pls, so dat de land will be dertile to grow Yam abi ? Otompolo and asari are de bombers. They are niger delta terrorist group. They should be treated as terrorist

  13. Below is a list of Nigerians appointed to head different federal parastatals/offices/positions by President Buhari.

    1. DG DPR Mordecai Ladan. NORTHWest
    2. Accountant-General Ahmed Idris.Kano NORTH West
    3. Chief of Protocol Lawal Kazaure Kano NORTH West
    4. Chairman INEC Mahmoud Yakubu North East
    5. Chief of Staff Abba Kyari Borno Northeast
    6. DG NIMASA Buba Haruna Jauro Yobe NORTH east
    7. Head of Service Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita Southsouth
    8. SSA Media Shehu Garba Kano NORTH west
    9. SA Media Femi Adeshina Osun South WEST
    10. CG NSCDC Abdulahi Mohammed North Central
    11. DG SSS Lawal Daura Katsina North west
    12. NSA Babagana Monguno Borno Northeast
    13. CDS Abayomi Gabriel Ekiti South West
    14 COArmyS TY Buratai Borno North East
    15′ COAirS Marshal Sadique Bauchi North East
    16 CONavalS Ibok-Ete Ekwe Crossriver South South
    17′ DG Amnesty P T Boroh Southsouth
    18. ADC Mohammed Lawal Kano North West
    19. CSO Abdulrahman Mani Northwest.
    20. EVC NCC Umaru Danbatta Kano North west.
    21. Chairman Transition Commitee Ahmed Joda Northeast.
    22. MD AMCON Ahmed Lawan Kuru Northwest
    23. CG Customs Col Hameed Ali North West
    24. Aliyu Yahaya Gusau DG Budget Northwest
    25. EC FIRS Dr Williams Babatunde Fowler Lagos southwest
    26. Babachir David Lawal SGF North East
    27. CG Customs Col Hameed Ali Northwest
    28. CG Immigation Kure Martin Abeshi NorthCentral
    29. SSA NASS Suleiman A. Kawu NorthCentral
    30. SSA NASS Ita S.J. Enang Southsouth
    31. MD NPA Habibu Abdulahi Kano North-West
    32. DG Budget Aliyu Gusau Zamfara North west
    33. EFCC Madu Ibrahim North West
    34. DG NOTAP Dan Azumi Mohammed North West
    35. NIMC Engr. Aliyu M Aziz North Central
    36. NDIC Umaru Ibrahim Kano NW
    37. Federal Character Shettima Bukar Abba NE Borno
    38. SA Social Protection, Maryam Uwais Kaduna, NW.
    39. Chairman NDLEA Muhammad Abdallah Adamawa, NE
    40. MD NDDC Ibim Seminitari Rivers SS
    41. PA New Media, Bashir Ahmed Kano, NW
    42. NEITI Waziri Adio, Osun SW
    42. DG SMEDAN Dr Dikko Umaru Raqqa. Katsina
    43. DG NIMASA Dakuku Peterside Rivers SS
    44. OPEC Sec Gen Mohammed Barkindo NW
    45. DG NYSC Kazaure NW
    46. Okoi Obono-obla SA Prosecution Cross River SS
    47. Ahmed Jafaru CG Prisons Jigawa North West
    48. Mohammed Babandede CG Immigration Jigawa North West

    North west 25
    Northeast 9
    Northcentral 4
    Southwest 4
    Southsouth 6
    Southeast 0

    The most educationally backward lead Nigeria.


    1) You have the Ministry of Niger Delta…
    2) You have the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).
    3) The Governors from your states receive the highest allocations from the FG monthly.
    4) Your states gets extra 13% derivatives monthly from the FG.
    5) The militants from your region have been granted Amnesty by the FG and they have been on FG pay roll for quite some years now.
    6) Your region produced the immediate past President of the country (don’t forget he was also Governor and he was Vice President).
    7) Several ministers, DGS, Heads of Agencies and Parastatals who served in his regime were from your region. So many militants became multi-billionaires in his regime.

    Yet you complain of being marginalized, and you are directing your fight at the wrong targets.

    Instead of fighting the people from your region who have enriched themselves with what belong to all of you, you choose to be fighting against your environment, blowing up oil installations in your region and causing more oil spill and environmental degradation. #SMH!

    Well, for your information, Your brigandage and shenanigans are to your own detriment. You are causing more pains for the people you claim to be Avenging.

    Since you have chosen to take laws into your hands, don’t also forget that the FG has the responsibility to protect lives and properties in the region, therefore when the FG reacts to your actions, you may have yourself to blame.

    I Rest My Case!

    • And the north has 83% if the oil blocks in Nija delta??

    • Minister of adviser I see u clap for urself

    • My dear whatever is given to the Niger Delta people is just a peanut compare to what they are making. Is just too myopic to give fg thumb up for anything they think they are giving the region.imagine the worth of oil blocs of certain people as revealed recently u will know u are been cheated heavily. One of them even donated billions of naira project to an American institution just for successfully graduating his child?excuse me how many humanitarian project has he sponsored in the region that fattens his pocket ?A nation where an individual’s oil bloc worths more than $400 billion. While we are still going cap in hand looking for country that will borrow us loan to sponsor few billion $ u know that only one individual from those northern oil bloc owners can comfortably sponsor our budget for at least 15yrs at(generously) $15billion per annum. this can be translated to catering for nigerians for 15 good yrs!just an individual!This is the vol of the resources being carted away by people miles away from the region that owns the resources. While the owners are given paltry sum from the tax paid to the govt by this oil bloc owners. U see the injustice. True federalism is the only solution. Each state should control her resources and the pace of development. By this arid regions and non viable states will merger or be privatized (lol).if this happens u will see the wisdom and politics behind the creation of many States in a certain region in this country.u will also see the true economic and human resources condition of many states that have become parasites ungratefully leeching on oil resources

    • U jst scored urself zero mark, let d northern oil well owners move to lagos nd claim it

    • Kola u lied,ur comments no get head,lead.sence no dey am at all

  15. Let buhari know wht is their problem as to avoid future damage

  16. Daniel Olawale do u hav oil in ur father’s land? God punish u for DAT statement

  17. Idiots if he touches them nw u wl say he is fighting the southerners,or bcos they are nt practicing dsame religion

  18. Clap hands for them for a work well done. You all are idiots, look for alternative works as when set in, you wouldn’t have something to tell your children. Though l know you all have no moral justifications in life.

    • Logical reasoning, wise talk! …and for those who praise evil deeds, what do they stand to gain when the whole land is plagued with destruction of human values? Terrorism/militancy poses existential threats to humanity. Stop the violence/hostilities now and push for constructive and unifying dialogues simply because nobody has it all and alway, it takes two to tangle!

  19. Have a slice of West Point Gardens, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos and Imo state

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    DEPOSIT 200,0000
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    * Perimeter fencing
    * Finished clearing
    * Earth road layout
    * Security gate
    * Survey plan
    * Deed of Assignment

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  20. The Nigerian military is too slow in confronting these clueless militants, the should be treated as criminals just like the Boko Haram insurgents.

  21. Keep it up guys u guys are doing a nice job…Hausa fulain must live the land..

  22. Who are the millitary, and who are the avengers, it is quit unfortunate that the so called millitants are selfish, the truth be told, all over the world, regions that has oil are far more developed and catered for than the Niger Delta, killing and fighting them will not stop justice to prevail,

  23. Our own is resource control,it will about permanent peace, meanwhile if Buhari delay in begging for settlement within the next month when activities would have fully commence,then the would be no money to pay your salary and share to other states to eat.

  24. Their days will come to an end soon. They should ask boko hw far

    • Boko haram are misguided element with no just course,no genuine ideology, this people have a valid agitation,u can not pillage there land for 56yrs and hand them contract to protect their own resources as guaranty?y is the PIB still hanging in the National Assembly after all this year’s and the same National assembly is championing for the reconstruction of the North East,with money from where?

    • Idiot since it fada enter power hw many live boko haram waste talkless of property

  25. well done boys, they setup bokoharam to disturb Goodluck administration, pikin wey talk say em mama no go sleep the pikin no go sleep too

  26. Hahahahaha its not by number but strategy and hand of God. Remember “David and Goliat”.

  27. If dangote lik mk he build 100 refinary for Lagos, Niger Delta Avengers wil visit dere nd bomb all. Mk dm share d country mk peace dey

  28. Easier said than……….

  29. May God break nigeria! Amen and now is d tym!

  30. the Nigeria people’s has no idea what the the NDA are capable of .This NDU are more organised educated and civilized than the ex agitators. They are times 10 dangerous than the boko boys and the likes of Tompolo and Asari. There is no amount of bribery that can stop this NDA from achieving their aims. you want to really know about then. Ga to their website. http://WWW.NIGERDELTERAVENGERS.COM

  31. Cant Somebody appeal to d Avengers to suspend action and give room to dialogue? These guys are making things even more difficult for d government. Or do they want to make d Nation ungovernable? So where is dialogue in all of these? Lamentations for a Nation in ruins.

  32. Obama supports Buhari’s atrocity in Nigeria. Let American interests report to Obama of the killings he is encouraging in the Niger Delta.

  33. This guy is highly educated like IPOB leader and highly trained for several years, checkout their website, it’s design in American

  34. 1 day they shall see it their own turn,a child who say her mother will nt sleep, him 2 will nt sleep

  35. Daniel Olawale, first pay your condolence visit to the bereaved governor of Benue State, whose country home has being turn into desert, living 50 of his kins men dead, with his Rice Farm destroyed by Fulani Herdsmen just bc, Buhari want to compel people to accept his Grazing Reserves Commission Bill. I want to read your comment wnen you return from Benue State.

  36. I say wahala is a serious trouble! those guys re nt ready 2 secede until their demands re met… cum 2 think of it.., hw n 4rm where do they get supply of d sophisticated arms n amunitions they’re wielding? may be 4rm d moon or sme other planets… yet those in authority re busy fooling themselves by consciously chasing after shadows. may God deliver dis country!

  37. Chaiiii were boko boys and their bombs ? evil pass evil , sambisa forest and Niger delta region which one is profitable?

  38. We are all casualties………….

  39. All of you that not are not supporting niger delta are radicals, useless thieves, rogues, let that stupid corrupt Buhari use gas resources from the north and rule NIGERIA. Leave our resources alone you thieves that steal our oil well. Atiku, adenuga, sanusi, babangida, obasanjo. We shall bomb more useless idiots

  40. Let bokoharam continue bombing and militants continue,bokoharam shey d don hear d one wey pass dem,buhari go see wetin jonathan see.

  41. U don’t stop them wit threats&crowding there wit soldiers

  42. This niger Delta avenger destruction to oll tanks equipment is getting out of total control.PMB should urgently look into this,faulure to acted faster on the issue can lead to colapse of his govt.

    • My brother no government will collapse. Are the proceed from that area added food on your table? All the proceed from there for the past 16 years were shared by PDP crooks. Worst sharing was done by GEJ and his criminals.

  43. They no hit anything. Armed forces are on the ground there in the cricks. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

  44. They cannot be stoped by d Nigerian Army

  45. Let ur pmb go ahead nd crush d niger delta avengers seems dat only d language he understands,let se hw a tree ill form a forest.

  46. Our people do say that if you are pointing (1) one finger @ some one face then whom do you think the remaining (4) four finger is for let him start now and recieve some of his package he was packing for GEJ regime.

  47. I Tokamooo!D Man Wey Dey Send Military Dem 2 Fight NDA Him Pikins Dem Dey 4 Arab’s Citiesooo!Hmmmmn

  48. Is it only oil dat hold da gvt?yoruba face ur poultry hausa face ur farming.nd leave our oil.why ar al tribe weapen 4 our oil.gv us biafra

  49. They are criminals nd shd be treated so!

  50. The gov has colapes already,biafra all the way,


  52. Dis government should do something, taking dis guyz for granted will really surprise dis government.

  53. They should continue, after they finish blowing it we will see what they wil blow again

  54. Buhari strong man, military man, he will crush the avengers within 24 hrs the soldiers are searching for the militants next want to dialogue with them which way Pmb. Waiting for part 3.


  56. Their are activity is far better than mumu boko Haram that bath with human blood.

  57. If u have luv ones in any of the community whr those things are happening i wil advice u move dem from there or u get a compass for them so they can use it to navigate whn the hungry lions wil be let loose for nw they are just waiting for up to commence.

  58. Avengers will make this country ungovernable for the already ineffectual government of Buhari. They are Buhari babies just as Bokos are Jonathan’s babies. What you sowed, is wha you reap .

  59. Interesting!! All i’ll have to say is kudos

  60. nice job…..guys keep it up.

  61. Pls blow up your whole region nobody will beg you and I have another bad news for you guys, Your people can never smell d presidency of Nigeria again

  62. If i lose election, i will make Nigeria ungovernable and u forgot that there are many ways to kill a rat if the rat feels that it is wiser

  63. Teslim also you are funny and stupid many of you Yoruba’s are as senseless as your aboki ” who told you Niger delta wants to belong to Nigeria is you Yoruba’s and Hausa’s that are forcing one Nigeria on us , we don’t need you people because you are parasite’s what are you people contributing to Nigeria economy the Almighty God will judge you Hausa and Yoruba for how you people short change the Niger delta people by stealing their God given wealth you thieves you have mouth to talk you people can remain in one Nigeria and develop it with tomato .ground nut . coco and onions proceeds not with our crude oil

  64. Up you Niger Delter big boys,nigeria is too weak to overtrow there government, una well done this is just the start and they are crying long live una abeg

  65. Buhari shld free kanu n dasuki

  66. Buhari doesn’t believe in democracy anymore as he is now ruling Nigeria wit autocracy,dis is not de type of govt we need,a govt who is not idealogy rather choose to be dictator due to he was a General in de army. We really need help in Nigeria

  67. blow everytin,when u ar tru the xpartrate will go back to their country&u will b DRINKING YOUR OIL.if there is no light,oil shortage is Niger/Delta millitant.

  68. Oil wells in niger delta but owned by the northernas,,, what do we call that? Tah niger delta avengers anye

  69. I come across some comments here calling NDA terrorist. Nawaoo so when you begin to retrieve ur papa possession u will b rebel as a terrorist


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  71. To be frank i hate this rubbish.! They should consider the health of people, our rivers and fishes and our enviroment at stake.

  72. Nigeria’s military is only very good at shooting defenceless IPOB members with bible and fliers. Torturing civilians in market places. When they armed guys ready to fight they effect to Cameroon.

  73. I will say it again and again. The so called Niger Delta Avengers don’t know what they are doing. None of them saw the Civil war so they don’t know what a war looks like. I am totally against what they are doing.

    • Did u c wat atrocity bh n cattl rearrers unleash to d southerners? U speak in matters u do nt hv understanding in. Do u knw dat oil money build abuja 2 wat it is today? Do u knw d pains, health issues… ND r going trugh? U speak as if u knw bt u don’t. NDs hv been prisoners taken witout war bt time has come 2 liberat by all means posibl

    • Pastor tell dem d right thing. Hw many of ur colleagues were slaughtered in d north by bh? Wat did u do? Na 4 ND body u get mouth 2 talk.

  74. Divide, Nija will stand!

  75. Federal govt has sunk billions of dollars to create a ministry of the niger delta, established amnesty program, created niger delta development commission all to no avail. If you are the president of Nigeria what else would you do? Diversification of the economy. Period! But, remember that the same oil companies were established with cocoa and groundnut money before now.

    • Both Chevron of US, Agip of Italy, Mobil, Texaco of US, and Total of France? You must be a first class liar!

    • Bros pls do ur research well. Govt contributed only little. U also failed 2 mention rubber n palm oil 4rm d south. If there is resource control by states each state’l b serious. All states in nija r richly endowed. Wen a child is overly catared 4 he bcome 2 weak physicaly n mentaly 2 b a man. Dat’s d situation of our states.

    • “…….were established with cocoa and groundnut money before now.”? How? Anyone would be very stupid to believe such senseless talks. How did cocoa and groundnuts build those companies? And you must have been very stupid to believe such lies. How? The same way cows are sold by northerners to build Abuja and workers salaries?

  76. The president should call a round table meeting with the Niger Delta avenger to settle it once and for all. You don’t use force on a thing like this. After all, they are fighting a good course.

  77. “Is peace so dear to be bought at the price of slavery?”

    The Niger Delta Avengers has a point: #GiveUsJusticeOrGiveUsDeath.

  78. Pls make them bomb am all fast fast, we will see who will not see water drink

  79. Abeg leave dem oooo mr president let dem distroy d niger delta please set up a refinery in lagos and ajaokuta and other part of d north central were oil can be found and develop d north central and south west and up north, after d destruction of d niger delta with dia own hands deñ let dem have biafra dey so wish and i will see wat d real igbo people do to does reched sycophants

  80. Na wa o may God help Nigeria

  81. Time is here we even stopd selling this useless crude, cant we live without oil? We wont die rather people will think out of box for alternative means of living.

  82. Let them destroy their land.

  83. Let him be. He doesn’t know he is sitting on a gun powder. He is still dreaming of old era of 1983 when Tunde Idiagbon was championing the government and he (Buhari) the head of state as a figure head. Don’t be surprise the same northern brothers will show him his way out like Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida did to him. The absence of Tunde Idiagbon made it posible for IBB to topple his government at that juncture where Buhari loyalist to counter IBB coup deta. Nigerian just watch and see.

  84. I doubt if Buhari is moves by this act, a millitary man, this is not Yaradua.

  85. Let them even dry up the oil, fuck naija

  86. If buiari want he shd go dialogue or he face is worse regime for 4years.

  87. Declare dam as terror en kill anyone that u come across, even if is biafras.

  88. Nigeria Army wot r u ppl waiting for.pls n pls killed those Animals

  89. What you sowed is what you will reap@ President Buhari.

  90. Pls blew all pipline in Niger delter go on my people

  91. Pls forget those solders,, they went there to drink pamy with dog meat,, sleep with women,, and just wear uniform parading alone the street,, show their shoulders every where,, that they re solders,,
    see solders now adays fear ooo
    none of them want to die,,
    they can’t beat those boys,,

  92. Nigeria is approaching failed state status.

  93. I give them kudos for a job well done

  94. We ll stop this group of avangers simply blc they are fight their right

  95. The fed govt will soon proclaim state of emergency in those troubled areas of Niger delta then airforce bombardment follows. Food supplies from the north will also be cut off. Ask biafra rebels why they surrendered.

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