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Niger Delta Avengers Breaks Truce, Blows Up NNPC Pipeline in Akwa Ibom

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There are indications that efforts by the Federal government to negotiate with the Niger Delta Avengers may have run into stormy waters as the militant group revealed on Thursday that it has blown up a Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipeline in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The NDA, via its Twitter account said, “At 4:00am @NDAvengers blow up NNPC Pipeline in Oruk Anam Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom.”

But Akwa Ibom police commissioner Murtala Mani told reporters in the state capital, Uyo, that the explosion was caused by a gas leak and engineers were working to repair the damage.

This is coming up after the NDA had on Monday given a number of conditions that it expects the Federal Government to meet before it would engage in any form of dialogue.

The group, through its spokesperson, wants the home countries of international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta to be involved in the peace process with independent foreign mediators.

It also says the sincerity of the Nigerian government is paramount and would be a major factor that would determine if its call for dialogue would be successful or not.

The group also warned the Federal government, oil companies and their services firms not to carry out any repair works and suspend the buying of crude oil from the Niger Delta region pending the creation of “the right atmosphere that will engender genuine dialogue”.

Nigeria’s oil output has fallen to a 20-year low due to sabotage activities of the Niger Delta Avengers


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  1. Nigeria Police will never change,so all these while it had been leakages all the way,then why is Government negotiating with Militants since Nigeria Police knows the course of all the explosions

  2. let the avangers destroy all oil installations. . we are watching! ! foolish!

  3. Let’s fear God my fellows Nigerians.

  4. Avengers not human beings nd they wil be brought to justice.. Its mtter of time..

  5. Let them continiue it,time shall tell

  6. let them bomb everywhere until they turn their region into ashes

  7. no need to negotiate with them, the demand for fuel has drastically drop allow them to continue.

  8. Avengers are not illiterates, dat dey will agree on something and act otherwise… For me FG must have done something or not did take heed of their warning and conditions, that’s dey bomb NNPC pipeline to tell FG, dey are nonsense pple… dey don’t take shit from any body… so my pple b4 u condemn think deep….

    • Don’t worry, when they are half way done, you and your house hold will be eating dead fishes with crude oil soup.

    • Tami i can see your sense of reasoning…quite pathetic i must say.

    • @Godwin Ejeh Mali and @Garba Olawale… I hope u read this and see y we as the southerners we should be condemning our own.. Buhari’s Northern Agenda Hits A Snag: We are better off when we are all better off. It was supposed to be easy. The Ijaw man has been removed and Yoruba Tinubu curtailed. The Years of planning is gone. Now it is to execute and return the North to her pride of place and make “ALHAJI” and everything Northern KING AGAIN. Yes! the Obasanjo and Goodluck years and progress of the southerner must be reversed. The Northernization Policy of Ahmahdu Bello is reborn. It is easy. 1. Stop the killings in the North East. Grant Boko Haram members amnesty. negotiate with them and declare the Boko Haram war over, even without actual battles. 2. Take a loan of 2.1 billion dollars to develop the North East. 3. Set up a Northern something something commission and use the VAT of southerners, VAT from products like beer and whisky that Northerners refuse to allow sold, to develop the land. 4. Get Fulani grazing lands all over the nation. A little killing in Agatu and Enugu will make Nigerians so scared, they will be glad of the grazing lands to avoid their massacre. 5. Use “anti corruption” to ensure the moneys/capital of southern Nigerians are frozen and seized or hidden from use. With just Dasuki as bait, get all southerners he gave money, while leaving Hausa- Fulani and big guns of Yorubaland like Olu Falaye. With their rich men scampering, the southern economy dies. 6. Begin the appointments of Northerners. Bring them from retirement if need be. They must head it all. 7. Secretly employ Northern youths in CBN and everywhere. 8. Throw in weak Yorubas to have them shut up. Like a Kemi for instance, she can be bossed around. Have El Rufai close Mark the Yoruba Veepee. Not to worry about Igbos. They will sell their people over cheques that can bounce. Ask Ngige and Rochas. For the Niger Delta, closemark The CBN boss since we cannot just remove him. And Kachikwu, hmmm. You know he knows the job. We should just keep watch closely. 9. Stop them from getting dollars. Make sure only Dangote and neighbourhood Abokis find dollars. Once we truly control the dollars, we control the nation. 10. Kill the Niger Deltans and their militants. Stop the militant payments and security payments. This used to be Northern jobs taken now by locals. The security of the pipes and payment for it must return to the North. Oil is Fulani racket as pharmacy is Igbo racket and stock exchange Yoruba racket. Niger Deltans must realize the North owns the oil. Find and kill Tompolo. Use militants from the area to implicate Tompolo. We must control everything. 11. Elevate Sharia 12. Kidnap their girls, impregnate them and increase the Northern muslim population. 13. Kill anyone who gathers over BIAFRA. Keep Nnamdi Kanu in prison for no benefit whatsoever. It is not as if the man has an army to fight the nation. But just keep him in prison to help with the Northern erection. Yes. it is invigorating. It is viagra. 14. Whatever you do, get the people to say say SAI BUHARI and call him MR INTEGRITY even if nothing he has ever done in his life, from writing WAEC to taking coups, to losing billions in every office, be it NNPC boss or PTF boss, to employing only his tribesmen to refusing to publicly declare asset as promised, to not having a First Lady etc etc, shows he has no integrity at alllllll. Just always say SAI BABA. Say MR INTEGRITY. Yes it was SUPPOSED to be easy. 1. But the Agatu and Enugu killings only turned people away from the grazing reserve. 2. Controlling the dollar meant international financial backers like JP Morgan etc left. 3. And what is dollar in Aboki’s hand when the Igbo man cannot make a profit from the amount he is asked to buy it? 3. Finding Tompolo to kill has lost the nation billions of dollars and counting and the Niger Deltans seem more in support now of militancy than ever before. Now Nigerians realize just how important the region is and how brilliant Yar Adua and GEj were with their negotiations there. Aboki power is no longer super power. 4. And Biafra just won’t go away 5. And Dangote finds there is no money to buy his flour and sugar and cement and everything else 6. And with all the Northerners in charge of customs etc, business there is plummeting. With old old old Audu Ogbe as Agric Minister, though not Northern but a good stooge anyway, tomato and everything agriculture has plummeted. Owning a big farm does not make one an agricultural expert. 7. And the increased poverty of the southerner is beginning to reflect on the Northerner too. There is no money to dash bambiallah. No boys are buying girls suya in evening strolls. If the girl does not want to do, she can go. What is kilishi? Is it the name of a kangaroo? Pay which Maiguard? Guard which property? Pls let thieves come. They may take pity and give us money. Enter which Okada? For how much? No worry, I will pray at home and send my offering to pastor. If I cannot trek to church, no church. And so, while they think that finally Jonathan is out and they can take back their country, a few are already finding out that WE ARE BETTER OFF WHEN WE ARE ALL BETTER OFF.

  9. To Buhari…..a repercursion to what he did to GEJ.

    • Nwoke, what did Buhari did to GEJ? Was he wrong to contest with GEJ and win?

    • I wil make ur govt ungovernable,we later saw the emergence of boko haram. 2day, boko haram advanced 2 extent dt it is beyond their control. Banboo & monkies wil soak inside blood should there be rigging, yet we all saw wat happened in almost all the northern states,where under 12 were casting thier votes,yet GEJ refused 2speak up bcos he wants 2save lives. Can u recall the tragedy dt took place in Bauchi wen GEJ was declared the winner in 2011. U remember all the cooked stories levelled against GEJ by APC

    • Don’t worry… the average farmer in the North doesn’t understand the effect of crude oil on the environment but the Children of NDA if they will have any, will know… Make them continue!

    • @Ejeh Mali….the impact of pipeline vandalization encompases both economic and environmental aspects. I think u re looking at the environmental effects in the Niger Delta region but take a look of NDA activities on Nigeria economy. Remember, no crude oil, economy of Nigeria is at zero level. Mind u, the N-D region is already polluted, environmental pollution over there is not new 2 them. Just have it, Buhari’s emergence is nt good 4 Nigeria, especially;the unity of Nigeria existence, economy & security.

    • my brother just think verywell b4 u start praising dis ppl,that’s y southeast can never develope cause,of this ur tribalism and nepotism,i pray that God ll help us.

    • Wen there’s a muslim president, surely there would b christian president as far as nija & democracy is concern! hahaha so afta gej is nw pmb. why are worrying foolish biafrans? @ chuzy nwoke

    • When arguement on Face Book brings unpalatable words/insults, i will distant myself. @Bala.

  10. Samuel Bobby and what happens when the price rise again? Where are u from?

  11. Above d low. d untouchable er on it again

  12. Let the bombing continue it sound sweet,at least no more fuel scarcity hahahahahaha mumu continue destroying your land while other are looking for how they will develop their own.let the bombing continue

  13. FG has refuz 2listen 2their cry daz y they r bombin many pipelins

  14. We all need to be factual & leave sentiments out of this avengers issue. Almost everyone on this platform has made meaningful contributions & i think the problems still has to do with leadership. When i say leadership i mean the elites, traditional rulers & first class chiefs within the Niger Delta region…
    If it is true that all oil producing states get 13% dedication???
    If it is true that NDDC is being set up for d development of the Niger Delta region ???
    If it is true that its only indigenes of Niger Delta who hv always headed the NDDC???
    If it is true that NDDC was later transformed in a ministry & they get allocation life other ministries???
    If it is true that almighty Tompolo actually own a war ship???
    If it is true that the Uncommon Alhaji Asari Dokubo actually own a big university in Ghana or south Africa???
    If it is true that the immediate past Director General of NIMASA or so is an indigene of the Niger Delta???
    If it is true that all the states in the Niger Delta get the highest monthly allocation above other states of d federation???
    If it is true that Niger Delta hv states assemblies???
    If it is true that Niger Delta states are being represented @ the Nigerian Senate & House of Representatives???……..
    If all mentioned above are 75% correct, then I do not see these guys as the Niger Delta Avengers, I see them as instruments of sabotage, economic instability, & agent of negative revenge!!!! We all know that Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did his possible best to liberate the people of Niger Delta by putting them in lucrative post & positions so that the people back home can feel d impact of government. He even transformed NDDC into a ministry to so that it can develop the region faster. We are much aware of huge & mouth watering contracts awarded to Tompolo to enrich him so himself too can better the lives of those who are closer to him within d region. But instead, Tompolo went ahead to procure war ship. Is he praying for war?…. Why cant Asari Dokubo establish his university within the Niger Delta region? Or his people no need education ni???… Did the Avengers care to confirm what happened to billions of naira allocated to the NDDC for past 5yrs???…… Did the Avengers confirm from there traditional rulers & chiefs what they’ve been getting in return for oil blocks that has always been allocated to northerners @ d expenses of their own indigenes???…
    Now let’s know if the Avengers bother to ask their governors what has been happening to our 13% derivations & the normal state allocation which may even double that of some other states???
    Now let’s know if they care to ask their senators what has been happening to the constituency allowance???
    The federal & states houses of reps too should be asked questions???
    Now let’s confirm if they’ve ever asked their LGA chair if dem dey get allocation at all???
    If my so called Avengers are able to ask all these people questions & hold who cannot give any reasonable answer to book or make them vomit all that was meant for d development of their region, then I plead that they stop all d bombings & vandalism because ur so called elites are never ready to fix ur region right all so don’t be used to destroy region.. Take Ogoni land cleaning as a case study. May God bless Nigeria as a whole…. Its my own opinion anyway.

    • All you pointed out has no meaning, in a federal system of govt, the state should take 87% and give 13% to the federal that’s how federalism is practiced not the reverse. Give them control of their God given resources that is true federalism period.

    • @Alabi Oladimeji, pls read d response of James Okoro & rethink. Shd d Niger Delta states be grateful for 13%? Why do we have so many states in Nigeria that are not viable? Why are we so comfortable robbing Peter to pay Paul? Most of the injustices were started during the Military era particularly the promulgation of the Land Use decree but there must come a time these issues shd be sincerely addressed.

    • @James I agree with u in fatality but u should know this problems is due to prolonged military rule in Nigeria which has affected almost all d southern states, but d heat mainly on d south-south….. But if I get u right, u are talking of RESOURCE CONTROL? Ur Avengers never made mention of this in their demands so far. There demands are as follows; 1, Dasukii Sanbo be released. 2, Nnamdi KANU be released, 3, That d federal govt mustn’t repair d already bombed pipelines while they negotiate…… What has their demands got to offer d Niger Delta people??? My brother tell ur brothers, its taking the govt decades to clean Ogoni land including 2yrs of a Niger Delta indigene as VP & 6yrs as president…. Rethink bro God bless you..

    • @Legheri Av read James’s like u said. I think the point he made hammer mainly on resource control. Back to ur own point, that is why we all hv representatives at d Senate & house of reps. D reps of d region @ both upper & lower chambers should table d grievances of d pple that elected them. The former gov of Akwa-ibom already made a good move in d month of may @ d senate by lamenting on how d north have dominated the sharing of d oil blocks. If other senators & reps in d lower house representing d Niger Delta region made such move as far back as OBJ’s regime, d issues would av been half way resolved…..

    • @ Oladimeji. Please next time you want to comment on a national issues, you have to be articulate with your points and not to contradict yourself. Why will oil blocks be allocated to the Northerners at the expense of the Niger Deltans? Why have successive govts abandoned the region? What happened to the petroleum industry bill? Why did they expunge the part that said royalties should be given to host communities? Why does Kano take more allocation than than all Niger Delta States except Akwaibom? There are so many unsubstantiated allegations you made here, please get your facts before you come to public domain. We should all pray that the boys should drop their weapons and embrace dialogue rather than talking rubbish. If the Northerners have taken all the oil blocks which don’t belong to them, what would have been their reaction if they were in the position of the Niger Deltans?

  15. Waoooo , these guys are fantastically strong and wonderful, I envy them , carry on guys, I love you.

    • You are praizing cowardies action if they are strong enough let them come out and face the fire power bonce of misguided illitrates lunatics destroying there own echo system and land

  16. Pipelines destruction party is the main problem of Nigeria today not our true, real and our honest president PMB. PMB till 2024 or infinity. PMB the man that no man can match and the best to Nigerians now and forever. PMB till 2024 or infinity. Badluck jonathan enrich himself with looted fund and gave nigerdelta militants arms to destroy their natural environment, arms the bokoharam to destroy the north and gave biafraud hope to actually their dead dream of biafra. woe to the badluck jonathan for his attrocities when in govt. One day worst regime of PMB if any in which there is NONE is 100% best to the world as acknowledge by OBAMA and other world leaders, best to Africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud, bokoharam, nigerdelta avengers criminals that looted our treasury and give our PMB sleepless night in rebuilding it and taking us to d promise land. PMB one year in office worth more than celebrating. Nigerians are proud to be associated to PMB as a leaders with all best credential to lead: Looking critically at those criticizing our leader, the best leader in Africa and among the world leaders PMB are 99% pdpigs biafraud criminals who fails woefully voting badluck jonathan the worst leader Nigeria has ever have since independence and they will forever dies as a losers. i can still bate if election is to hold today PMB will 100% beat any contestant in Nigeria, pls wait and try it again. No amount of demonstration will make us PMB not succeed in determination to fix Nigeria to a proper shape. must of those against PMB didnt vote for him before and fail woefully for voting badluck Jonathan same thing will be in any election, anytime any day.. PMB is always a winner, anytime, anywhere and everywhere, PMB till 2024 or infinity. No amount of intimidation will stop PMB in changing Nigeria for the best future or tomorrow. the biggest differences between badluck jonathan and PMB is that the former legalized corruption, the most corrupt leader Nigeria has ever have since independence, clueless, religion big got, very sentimental, promote sectionalism, he is not sincere in all his action, the promoter of bokoharam in the north, the promoter of Nigerdelta militancy, the azikiwe biafraud criminal during election and beyong etc and the worst president Nigeria has ever have since independence. But for our dear and sincere PMB is zero tolerance to corruption as confirm by Reverend MBAKA of Enugu, London archbishop and queen of england, the best president in africa and among the best world leaders, one day worst of PMB if any in which there is not is 100% best to the world, africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud bokoharam nigerdelta militants regimes that wastage our resources, looted our treasury and put us in these messes that PMB is having a sleepless night to put the nation into a better shape for us and out future generation to come tomorrow. PMB till 2024 or infinity after him a yoruba man tested and trusted matured minded people will rule the country and will be rotated in that order to the north and yoruba only. NEVER again even in dream shall we allow pdpigs senseless un matured selfish, saddiest biafraud criminals d like of badluck jonathan rule us again, NEVER!!!.

  17. Wow so lovely weldone heroes of our time, defend ur father land against thievs nd armed robbers, more grease to ur ego, God bless our fight, fight of freedom amen, adolf hiltter pray like this also

  18. And yet they keep on blaming pmb and this people continuing blowing pipeline and destroying there land and again they ll say pmb is not ready 2 dialogue,what a nonsense.

  19. that is good pls guys look for another pipe in another location again. ooboy carry onnnnn

  20. Am atimes amused about we southeast&southsouth cause,we keep on destroying our land and the southwest keep developing their own,what a shame.

    • What developments are you talking about? You mean We shld continue to allow them keep milking and siphoning our wealth while We scamper for the crumbs falling from the masters table.
      Wise up bro. They should blow up all the pipes. When We get our Biafra, We will build them back!

    • Hehe. Bro you don forgot so soon? Do u remember the total number of Nigerians boko haram kill? ma no almajiri bin talk weti u de talk here.

    • Which biafra ? The biafra dat is not and will never exist, so which 1 are talking about ? Fool.

    • @ Danny, u keep talking about SE been milked, can u tell me one single thing SE brings to the table to earns foreign exchange for the country? Atleast most of the food is gotten from the North.

    • I don’t blame you people it is Britain that bought us together, and fought for u during Biafra war, but now, we have decided to go no power under this earth can stop us

  21. Release our leader or no peace. the zoo must fall

  22. All these hausa /fulanis and their muslim yoruba cohorts should stop deceiving themselves by posting rubbish condemning the NDA with Biafran names. We Biafrans know better. THE NDA must continue the bombing. If it is not giving you sleepless nights, then stop the rantings.

  23. Na wo. If ona destroy what the south get and Kaduna refinery is working what a shame

  24. Aliyu AAlawa, you sound mentally retarted. Cry out, there are benovelent Nigerians that can help sponsor your psychiatric treatment abroad. I can see

  25. Keep on blowing your foolish region

  26. As i alway said.nigeri a’s a country that mos t of looked greedy,sim ply cos everyone wan ted to a leader.forgott en leadership’s a gift of god matter u tink,n ot by taking arm.lets go bck to our.

  27. Ah!These guys are hell bent to ground Nig nation

  28. This picture is old picture abeg

  29. Hitime fed goverment commences work on newly discovered petr resouces in other states.

  30. I hail u guyz more of dat since d north & west said dey own nigeria, 1914 agreement is over lord luguard & british government can bear me witness so dey have to go their separate way dats all

  31. LISTEN!
    Nigeria moving 4ward is our individual downfall. Nigeria is just like an illegal polygamous family where the children were born out of wedlock by d British. A family where the three wives hate eachoda even among d children, dey don’t agree & hv neva agreed in any day bcos of d/ff cultures of d wives dat were illegally married. My man will u like to be a son to dat family whereas other families are livin a happy home formular? Division is d solution odawise it will be suffering & smiling till u die.

  32. Weldone for destroying your fatherlandooooo!

  33. Justice is what i advocate.

  34. So it pipeline? But I tot it was BH before. You guys should extract the resources in the north to developer other parts of the country at least let Niger Delta rest .

  35. Oh Lord pls save my country and let peace reign in Jesus name

  36. Let them continue to blow to pipelines their generations yet unborn will suffer for their actions

  37. @kingsley Asobio tell your brother to blowing all the pipeline in their region .mumu senseless pple

  38. As a Niger Delta man I cry for my people cos when time comes our eyes go open when nothing is left to be bombed maybe they ll start bombing their houses, tear their certificates am so embarrased by this bombing. It is senseless, imature, barbaric, demonic, UnGodly. God is never a destroyer of Good things. Whatever has happened today God is angry, God located oil in Niger-Delta not becos we deserve it but just becos of His grace. Those people against Buhari cos of recovery of looted money are the ones sporing this evil act. Time shall tell if its a good move or not,..lets watchout.

  39. if we bomb our region is it your wahala? abi ya papa get land for our region

    abeg make una leave us alone

  40. He who burns down his father’s house,should be ready to inherit the Ashes.

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