Thursday , June 1 2023
Chevron’s oil rig

ND Avengers vandalizes another Chevron pipeline, rejects dialogue with FG

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The Niger-Delta Avengers, NDA, on Wednesday rejected moves by the Federal government to negotiate with it. The NDA also announced on its twitter handle that it blew up RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located 20 meters away from Dibi flow Station in Warri North local government area.

“At 1:00am today, the @NDAvengers blow up Well RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located 20 meters away from Dibi flow Stattion in Warri North LGA.”

“This is to the Gen. public we’re not negotiating with any Committee. if Fed Govt is discussing wth any group they’re doing that on their own”

The attack took place notwithstanding the announcement of a two-week ceasefire 48 hours earlier by the Federal Government to create a window for dialogue with militants.


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  1. Olorunfemi Ademola U want to see the missiles? Time will tell

  2. The fed gov must do the needful and the right thing must be done how long will those in gov continue to shy away from practicing true federalism where every state will be viable if may ask who are those greedy crafty unscrupulous elements against true federalism if not Northerners and Southwesterners enough of this endless negotiations i urge the NDA not to negotiate with the fed gov what kind of rubbish and fraudulent negotiation Nigerians.

    • Since you are in safe heaven you can be vomitting nonsense. No rebel can defeat a national army.

    • lolzz…not a rebel with western backup, don’t you think some foreign powers are involved in this…lolzz

    • Stop shying away from d truth@Alfa Sulaiman. D only way there can be peace in Nigeria is by practicing true federalism. the idea of taking resources from region A to developing region B is wrong

    • Alfa Sulaiman may God in his infinite mercies forgive and help you out of your grave ignorance like so many of your likes in the North who in there own ignorance think they are wise not realising that they are the most backward uneducated callous foolish and nonentities that is causing Nigeria and Nigerians severe pains.

    • You can be wiser and pursue federalism as civilized people. Sponsor bills, reach the local and foreign media, use the money for the arms and brains of your elites to get there. These path you are taking is senseless and will course you more. You can not fight the federal army even with the backing of all the west. They just want you guys to buy their arms. You may fight for d next 200yrs with little or no impact. Please be wise. Forget unnecessary pride of an evil man with the gun. You people will die in mass especially the innocent ones. It is a pity that you will never listen. Because evil behooves you.

    • lolzz. You don’t know what western interest implies here…they can you all machinery to create confusion…that’s all they do, that’s what they do, that’s how they steal from nations. You will only end up create war unend in the region, no peace for oil firms, no matter how security is, that’s why late umaru musa Ya’adua, You can’t come from another region and control another’s regions resources and have have peace..You must be wicked, but you colonise your own mineral resources..

    • Ayapam Philip what will it take the Nigerian state to practice true federalism and how will you feel if you are from the oil rich Niger Delta is crude oil the only natural resources we have in Nigeria? Some gullible Nigerians say the South South states is getting enough from the fed gov eg 13percent derivation monthly allocation NDDC ministry of Niger Delta and grants from multinationals and i said can all this greek packages be compared to an oil bloc eg TY Danjuma Atiku Abubakar Muhammed Igini has the anwser No all we are saying is that the right thing must be done we the people of the oil rich Niger Delta want to control our resources and pay tax to the gov at the centre and that is practising true federalism.

  3. “Just because a monkey is given a little opportunity to wear clothes does not guarantee it to join d dining table”.

    • Come down and fight urself northern cow

    • #Uchenna, your IJAW son Goodluck Jonathan was Nigeria’s president for more than five years & your Billionaire daughter Diezani Allison Madueke was d longest serving oil minister & there is so much poverty & deprivation in your land. Yet you’re blaming others for your woes! You are your worst enemies! You don’t love yourselves but u expect others to love u. If d so called Niger Delta Avengers couldn’t call your own people (Jonathan, Diezani, Ihejirika, Tompolo, etc) to order when it mattered most then they should spare us all this further degradation of your land in d name of agitation. “It foolish & futile to plant a mango tree & expect to reap apples by faith”. Those who are sponsoring them don’t care about Niger Delta.

    • #Chigozie, you’re a disgruntled noise maker, a mere motor park tout. I don’t deal with ignorant people like u.

  4. Why must you go into a fight you know u can’t win? Where are the warships n the gunboats? Are they for decoration?

  5. Missiles are not for clown like NDA. Only if u guys know wat it takes to launch a missile. You won’t be talking

  6. Don mind dem federalism z d answere OR NiGeR DeLTa Republic

  7. Aliyu Aliyu, may be next week or they are waiting for Buhari to return from his trip, lets wait and watch d season film

  8. What negotiation? To give them money to buy expensive cars and chase the best women around while northerners control 80% of their oil blocs?

  9. Sulaiman the time has come to shear the money that comes from ur desert

  10. No negotiations. Our stand remains.

  11. Ignorance! GEJ was there for 6 years,there was no agitation.What goes round comes around! These guys don’t know they are hurting themselves more…

  12. What is even wrong with them! Must they destroy without considering others lives at stake

  13. Maybe i shld start bombing frm here.

  14. All this talk about negotiation with the Niger Delta militants is not the proper thing to do. The root of the matter is resource control which only true federalism can offer. The North cannot control over 80% of the oil blocks in the Niger Delta and come to negotiate. What are they negotiating? They must first of all surrender the oil blocks to Niger Delta, then commit themselves to true fiscal federalism where every region controls and manages its own resources and the development of their regions. Calling the NDA to bribe them with money and contacts is not solving the problem. Not even the amnesty program can solve it.


  16. It is a gibberish twaddle of mobocratic ambiguity for buhari and his maniacally discombobulated carpetbaggers, to still insist cum persist in combating the AD Avengers with military lustiness, when its quite perspicacious dat these boys re agitating for a just course. The jiggery-pokery cum the harum-scarum that characterized d sinister shenanigans and Mephistophelian activities in d helm of affairs, is not only repugnant but also a salacious disdain and contemptible sardonicism to d compulsive and copacetic visage of d entire black race, i vociferously remonstrate, in a Brobdingnagian sursum corda and acrimonious lachrymatory, abrogating d juvenile razzle, razz, razzmatazz of a fatuous and fortuitous apotheosis, at an impudent and vacuous gymkhana moronically consummated with Jacuzzi in a tatterdemalion hemisphere of kakistocracy, i dare exclaim cum interrogate; what an ignominy? What a Hocus-Pocus? What an anathematous disdain? What a gigantic and gargantuan magnitude of degradation? What a deprecable adventitious nose dive 4rm d sublime to d ludibrious? What a pusillanimous twaddle of absurdum ad hominem? What a prattle luxuriation in an oozing malodorous cesspool of perfect mediocrity? Its high time we concatenate and emphatically repudiate to ever capitulate to d criminal and Machiavellian subjugation via d honeyfuggle verdict of indivisible contraption

  17. SMALL IDIOT!why u are hidden in the water?if u realy want fight just come out on the land

  18. That’s good continue bombing until everything vanished

  19. I thought Northerners said that Niger Delta oil belongs to North? criminals. having oil blocs in another man’s land, using other peoples resources to develop there cursed land. North and West how market 2day? go n fix ur oil pipe n see what happens to it the next minute. Nigeria is dead beyond repair so u people should stop stealin Niger Delta oil to patch a dead scam called Nigeria.

  20. Just divide this destiny killer called Nigeria because we are tired of stayin together with lunatics (Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba.)

  21. These criminals should be dealt with seriously

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