Wednesday , May 31 2023

ND Avengers defy military presence, blow up Chevron Oil Well RMP 23 and RMP 24

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The Niger Delta Avengers on Wednesday announced that it has once again dealt a huge blow to the oil industry despite the heavy presence of the military in the Niger Delta region.

While mocking the military, the militants in a series o tweets on their twitter handle @NDAvengers said “With the heavy presence of 100 Gunboats, 4 Warships and Jet Bombers NDA blew up Chevron Oil Well RMP 23 and RMP 24 3:44am this Morning”.

Continuing, they said “This is to show the whole world that Nigeria Military is good in harassing innocent Civilians”.

“RMP 24 and RMP 23 are Chevron Swamp Highest producing Wells”.

It would be recalled that reports in the media on Tuesday revealed that “the federal government had deployed an armada of five warships, 100 gunboats and fighter jets to the creeks of the Niger Delta, in response to continued bombing of oil and gas pipelines by Niger Delta Avengers, NDA”

The reports further revealed that “while the Airforce deployed the fighter jets and helicopter gunships, the Army swooped on four more Ijaw communities in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area, Delta State, for the militants”.


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  1. Vanity upon vanity….. By the time the avengers blow up every oil facility, every STATE will wake up to the reality of the moment & think of alternative ways of sustainance .

  2. Keep blowing, other country will grow on your stupidity

  3. I would not want to be president of this country right now. Even for a million dollars, unless it is for a day

  4. Keep distroying,our own fuel wl soon comence

  5. Dere ambassador of peace former president jonathan wil not go and make peace so dat we go him award.

  6. More grease to their elbow! I hope the find money from somewhere to give seriake Dickson to pay salaries arrears when they are done!

  7. Two members of Nigeria’s house of Representatives have defected from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the All Progressives Congress, APC. Hon. Tony Nwoye (Anambra State) and Hon. Emmanuel Udende (Benue State) defected at the plenary today;

  8. I wish them well, turkey don’t have oil yet they are better than Nigeria, Tunisia don’t have oil yet they are better than Nigeria,sowhats oil, let them keep it up we are diversifying the Economy we will use them to destroy themselves. all the innocent citizens are paying darely for their sins,

    • Keep diversifying on the pages of news paper and on social media, “daft is the word”.

    • Let d bastards continue blowing d pipe lines

    • Go away with your tribalism infected brains.Let them keep blowing them up.Would you be happy being treated the way we are treated,if you were the owners of the oil? Let us go our separate ways.

    • ^you are very stupid to think that oil belongs to one particular region the oil is for all nigerians beside where were you when jonadog rule for 6 years what did he do the region ND/SE? WHAT?

    • @anwa sani. Your stupidity and ignorance is why nigeria is the way it is right now, how did the oil in the niger delta belong to you. Stupid lazy bastard, come collect oil na. If the north where to be the south state am sure we would be going to abuja with visa. Make thunder fire your generation, ole.

    • Are cows not better than these ones commenting here? Please have you taken time to find out why Nigerian economy has crashed? Have you found out why your state can’t pay salaries again? Please reason with your brain rather than talking rubbish.

    • Mad Hausa/Fulani with Idiot Yoruba’s talking trash. ND Avengers should blow all of them.

    • If the oil is the north,hmmmm nigeria could have break since, take the instance of the herds men destruction of lives and properties yet their elder statemen are backing and supporting them, in nigeria if u are not in support of the policy of the north, u are enemy of nigeria, it is either u support the north to be accepted or u become a target of hatred, nigeria is a secular state, if i do not support ur idea, does not mean i am ur enemy,all the southner elders are afraid to speak to avoid been picked as corrupt,during boko haram, all the norther elders directly or indirectly supported them, which the now president through his speech did hmmmn,they see it that gej was using the army to kill the north,u cannot beat a child and tell him not to cry, a house without a foundation will not stand,this govt is;i wish u what u wished me.

    • To be frank, being a northerner, its our northern leaders that have destroyed this country in the sense that the north has produced more numbers of leaders than any other region of the country, but what did they do with that opportunity?

      They used the opportunity for debuchery, insanity and madness, they thought the nation pleasure without hardwork, and we as the sons of the north have the legitimate right to tell our old fools the bitter truth they hate to hear

    • Amwar Sani, is d oil in ur desert fathers land? Did u tink NDA guys are stupid nd bombing for allah sake lik ur brothers in islam #bokoharams? Did dose boys tell u dey needed islamic states? Idiot

    • Bokohari not coming 2 ogoni bc he is not sure of himself, he failed 2 come 2 lagos, now its ogoni in Rivers state… Continue 2 run away 2 fight another day… NDA khamar will soon catch up wt u…

    • Anwar Sani,your Chicken hearted President has cancelled his trip to Ogoni,and that shows he is scared of the people of the Niger Delta.We own the oil and that’s the reason we have shown the world that we are the owners of the oil by bringing down oil production to an all time low 1.2 million barrels daily production rate.We will let you know that we own the oil,since you claim not to know.You are so gullible!

    • Nigerians are paying for the sins and wickedness of Buhari. He has so much innocent bloods in his hands. Yaradua is wiser and loving than him and that’s why he (yaradua) didn’t encounter problems in his regime. Besides, When a leader works with 97% and 5% methods, his administration will become a childish administration. Righteousness exults a nation, but sin is a reproach

    • Let them destroy it so that everybody wil diversify d economy at d same time. Why it is paining the hausas most that we are destroying out property? Infact don’t sympathize wit us. Thunder fire u people there.

    • Chinonye bastard why is it that it was after govt have put in money that it became ur father and idiots mother properties, even if nigeria broke up today is the igbos that will suffer it most becoz they have nothing to offer, they thought the Niger Deltas will go with them. you fools

    • U see ur little brain, how did govt put money? Let me make it clear to u, whether niger deltans or not biafran will succeed more than nigeria get it into ur empty head@samuel bobby

    • Have u checked oil producing ststes?is IMO and abia not included? How com s/e don’t have anything to offer have they been depending on u for their sustenance? Sir u can’t deny the adventurous and can do spirit of ndi Igbo.ask any African man.even his enemy admits it except u.

    • Anwar Sani if oil is for all Nigerians then why are you people selling your tomatoes etc to other region. Is suppose to be free then. Imbecile

    • All sort of TRICKS will be used to get the Niger delta Avergers STOP bombing OIL wells and pipelines. But the Avergers are deadly serious. The more INSULTS at them the more they bomb.

    • @ Samuel bobby ur d bastard. Fool for ever.

    • Few pple is using the oil money to enrich themselves most expecially the north nd leave the country to suffer, the north always Want to be in the corridors of power bcoz of thier selfish interest. thief.

    • de north is course becoz dey don’t have sea port in dear region if Nigeria break up today dey will be like, ,Chad republic, or niger republic, becoz dey are all disame dey all have dry land,,, so for dem to sale dear farm products dey must come to BIAFRA land, becoz sea is around us

    • Who made them owners of the oil @ Oyege Nimi Brown

    • Mr Onyeka Onyistone kindly find time to check Nigerian map very well, my believe is that we can still access sea. I give you that assignment. But I assure you that some southerners would have to compound and sleep in schools, hospitals, every available space in iboland. Population. Northerners have vast land and if you don’t know we can get fuel from even the charts of our corns and leaves. Another research for you.

    • We northerners,we will continue to use your oil by force,you must see us enjoying your resources,and you can’t do anything for that the issue regarding those NA will soon be emilited and they are days are number we will plush them out as we outs their son jonothan from power.

  9. It is bcos buhari knew that he will use the wealth Niger Delta to get oil for his people that is why he stopped the amnesty deal put in place by Ya,radua and Jonathan. Good! They should divide Nigeria for peace and in Peace. Oppression of the people one day shall come to an end and it shall bound back on them. Karma shall not die but oppression and suppression shall rotate.

    • Wot is d term of reference for amnesty before its commencement?

    • Ur comment shows that, u are reason with ur anus…To get oil to his peoples? Who are his peoples?? All 9ja masses, are his peoples, cus he is ruling everywhere in 9ja! So think again, don’t let hatred take place in ur mine!!

    • You Talk Like An Illiterate Even Though You May Claim To Be Educated. Pls Read The Law Of The Karma Again, You Do’nt Seem To Understand It. Yaradua And Jonathan Were Blackmailed Into Doing The Biddings Of Criminals Even Though It Was Not Sustainable. Buhari Is A Hard Rock To Be Easily Cowed…..Wake Up From Your Slumber.

    • Uncircumcised hausa fulani idiots

    • @Ibrahim Abdullahi Spirow or spider na u sabi, u tink buhari is more harder than d NDA? Instead of u to advice for a peace talk, u stood there to talk rubbish, wait and see if buhari wont bend low for these destroyers.

    • Ibrahim Abdu#lie , nd why did ur buhari grant ur brothers #bokoharams amnesty den, or was he also blackmiled to do so? U are a fool

    • @Surajo, his (PMB) ppl are the northerners. Check out the lopsided appointments. It is only when it comes to south south oil that u remember One Nigeria. It is about time that mentality that Niger Delta oil belongs to every body changes. Time to practice true federalism. Let all those states that are not viable in d north be merged into one for starters to avoid further waste of money.

    • Garba and spirow, I cant talk like YOU BOTH lest one groupS us the same. If both of you had read the comments of your northern brothers on this ISSUE when they said “Niger Deltans should destroy their oil, afterall now you’ve discovered your own oil” you would have known how stupid you are to have insulted me. I cant blame you, you do not know more than that. You cant give out what you have NOT. A GOAT MUST ALWAYS GIVE BIRTH TO A GOAT.

    • haters be guaranteed this if you dont start negotiating with your other neighbours you forgot, Cameroon and the mammy water …the tomato you are all screaming about, is but a small garden fruit…

    • Spirow, you organized boko haram in 2011 to make Jonathan’s gov’t ungovernable for him. NDAVENGERS are making buhari not to rest and sleep well, is that part of Karma? Karma shall take another turn and worst in the north if nigeria divide. When that time comes, if you’re alive you’ll remember what I said now. Hweva, you’re jubilating bcos oil pipes are destroyed and ignorantly thinking that it’ll nt affect you, shame! Avengers are fighting war that’ll affect them the country. Is a shame to have Two Legs and wear a goat brain. Listen, what you’re doing killing the IPOB’ll get to a melting Point one day!

  10. Buhari stopped amnesty to use Niger Delta oil money to get oil for his people. Karma shall not rest until it take its turn in the north.

  11. Their defection is not of any interest to Nigerians because is to satisfy their their personal interest.

  12. The avengers are they spirits?

  13. Let them blow every thing down, at least 4 once let onions, tomatos, and cow servs as revenue 2 the zoogeria.

  14. Destruction is never a solution, and it will never be.

  15. That shows you that when people are determined to fight for their right that no army can stop them.Besides, Nigeria Army is too weak, just like Buhari!

  16. Wen dem blow wot belong to dem finish dey should com to my papa cocoa farm to blow.i advice dem now to stop blowing dere resources.

    • Ok na now say na their resources? I tot una say na nigerians in the name of Hausa’s n Yoruba’s with highest oil block in nigeria? Jokers…

    • Which cocoa farm? i lik as e dey pain hausa/fulani people,they couldn’t hide their hypocritical life any more..

    • now its their own, no longer our oil abi? point of correction, they are blowing the draining pipes not the oil bcs its under the ground

    • Hahahaahahaha, yoruba coward, lazy, and fear fear tribe. Hunger will finish u people.

    • I think each stat shud extract deir resources nd export to reduc dis over depedenc in single region nd stil makin den slav in deir land, dat’s d only solutn to dis nija delta problm not heavily military presenc bcos it can only worsen d situatn,mr president tak note.

    • Bill Delaw may God punish you and that your one eyed father, do even know that your mother slept in my room last night but I couldn’t fuck her simply because she stink so I push her to my dog

    • Bill Delaw nd ur pple re useless, unrectitude, unpatriotic, 419,prostitutes, nd an animosity generation. in Nigerian history today whc tribe bring civilization to Nigerian? when u re talking abut first school, first TV station etc..where is it from? “u re real mumu”. As a good tribe(Yoruba) we re meet to build. we re d builder’s f d nation, we fear God our creator, while sm of u turned urselves to destroyer, becos I knwn my God hd created u well, but u pple re jst myopic in nature. may God help u to known and totally obey d commandment f God.

    • Cocoa? Since wen last did u hear about cocoa. Dis yorubas still tink cocoa dey function

    • Odelowo, you sound like a real Christian. Let me ask you,” When the Egyptian King was oppressing the Israelites what did God do?”. Be honest to yourself.

  17. I think they should be left to blow up everything, when there is nothing to blow up again we will all sit down and watch what next to blow up.

  18. is nigeria have military? no it have only boy scouts thats fact

  19. some fools are clapping for them, when military start thier own they will now become innocent people.

  20. Congratulations on the destruction of your own fatherland

  21. Military Pls Stop Using Force.Dis Is All About Alagba Play ooo!!& If Na Alagba Play Dem Go Kpai Ona.Ur Salaries Wil Not Be Paid

  22. Fools think they are destroying oil sector they forgot it’s their community and water

  23. Ha ha ha ha ha ha who go beg at last

  24. Stop this it goes no where?

  25. This Is The Begnning Of The End Of The Oil Producing Areas. I Encourage Them To Continue Because It Will Make Other Areas Of Economy To Get Attention And Improve. Yeye Crude Oil As U Can’t Eat Ur Cake And Hav It Back.

  26. When Soldiers Were Killed During Obasanjo Regime, The Elders Of These Ares Kept Mute And Some Fools Were Chanting Praises On Them But As They Encountered Returned Match By The Military, Hehe O, Every Sinlgle Soul Pity Them In The Scenario.

  27. well done boys. long live nda, long live niger delta, long live Biafra!!!

  28. Congratulations Niger Delta Avengers. May u live long to continue bombing d pipes. Amen

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  30. hahahahaha funny. are they invisible. zoo never see anything. long live Biafra. waw

  31. The only language these criminals understand is war. Let the Nigerian military match them gun for gun. Jonathan used the carrot approach, see has plugged our country. The next approach should be the stick . And let’s see if this recarcitrant rebels will not fizzle out gradually.

  32. All this nonsense report were defined since 1 week ago , they accomplished to disperses wrongful informations cos nigerians feels that they’re optimise while not. They running away and leave their parents at home with nothing eatable.

  33. D freedom fighters fighting for their right. Not like bokoharam no mission no reasons no target no point

  34. let them destroy land wetin be my own.keep it up joor

  35. These are de ways of lazy minded ppl..Otompolo keep bombing, de fish ur ppl eat will grow bigger and fertile soil to cultivate Yam.. All i knw is dat,U will all end up in shame for distroying ur father land..

  36. They are playing with FIRE; But for how long can they hold on to the burning FIRE? Considering the impending collateral damages, which are of course inevitable in any theatre of agitation; the next generations to live in that area, are bound to perpetually rain CURSES on these misguided Niger Delta Avengers..

    • @Promise & Tuesday (please did i get your name correctly) Your profiles parade both of you as GRADUATES respectively; hence my reply to your terse & empty comment…Accordingly, may i admonish both of you to emancipate yourselves from tribal cum mental slavery; through practical exposure to life…Haba! Can’t you reason & see that the so-called Niger Delta Avengers have ignited the inevitable Fire of environmental degradations, among others, and to the detriment of future generation therefrom…My reply does not apply to the uneducated and fraudulent CHIDI…please

    • Lateef, you need NOT bother yourself at all. The Avergers are more educated and well travelled than many people who are commenting. Hold your comment if it is a bitter pill. What the Avergers are doing will even happen in your area if that region with OIL is in your place. USA that owns Chervon Oil Company has not come out to protest.

  37. Buratai and buhari 2 foolish cows buhari should Go and ask obj the Genius u want to use force on them Ok lets watch and see

  38. Abegi oil dey Lagos.Itesiwaju eko!!!

  39. Now for those of you commenting rubbish,. Its our oil we have right to blow it. Since this administration is bragging they wanna diversify the economy frm oil why re they killin themselves over the oil now? And note it will never go dry for those of you that has seen oil wells. Noi matter the bombing in the space of 3 months time it start pumping again cus its natural not d resavour type in north.

  40. NDA Enjoy The Show While It Last! This Was How Boko Haram Intensified Their Bombings, Maimings And Killinigs Immediately Buhari Was Sworn-in…..Where Is Boko Haram Today?

  41. Retson Akpomejevwe Blog: For 6 years under GEJ, these criminals were lords, kings & untouchable in Niger Delta & in Nigeria. They fed fat on our collective common wealth & completely ignored d development of d Niger Delta people. Our Niger Delta politicians, traditional rulers, businesses & community elders have no interest in d growth & development of d region. How do u begin to explain d Tens of Trillion of Naira allocated in various forms to d region. 13% Derivation; FAAC Allocation, NDDC; Niger Delta Ministry & Oil company Host Community Funds to say d least.

  42. Nigeria arm are very useless.they are good in harassing unarmed citizens..but they are foolish wen it comes to security..clueless fools

  43. Where’s the warplanes, 100 war boats, fighters jets army is boasting that they have deployed, all are jamboree, army pls stay clear oooh!!!!

  44. No bi by gragra, these boyz know the creek like they know the back of their palms

  45. Congratulation my brothers, u hrt desires must be archived in Jesus name

  46. Well, its been a ride, buh den, 2 cut d crap, Nigerian army is d second most largest in Africa afta Egypt,..i wonda y sum of u tink dis avengers wu cnt do modan a dead rat can take d army wen it cums 2 war..nigeria as a nation av a lot 2 tackle nw buh believ u me by d tym d army decend on d so called avengers nt only wil tompolo himself b crush 2 ashes, dere wont b any niger-delta..arant nonsense.

  47. Lets even ask ourselves what has been happening to 13% derivation NDDC allocations and various funds donated for the development of Niger Delta. Let the bombing cease not and let the shooting continue the youth being use by these old thieves will surely be the looser.. Life will be lost. Bussines crumble and the very environment they claim to be protecting will be further depleted as for me we all understand its np longer business as usual and lets Learn to leave with it

  48. The Avengers Are Like The Angels Of Justice!

  49. The Resource of The People does not reflect their Environment!

  50. Let them blow up everything and forget about this oil that has been nothing but a curse upon this nation and whose sole beneficiaries are but a few and mostly northerners. Its an injustice that has not been addressed. I wonder what would have happened if oil was discovered in the far north?

  51. Thank God is ur farm land that is affecting ,and ur fisher men are complaining who loose ?we are not even talking about drinking water here

  52. Let this proud man called Buhari humble himself and come to terms with the Niger Delta Avengers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  53. Amnesty international and other human right groups are not cautioning those terrorists destroying the environment and economy now, but they will be making all sorts of noises when the federal government hit back.

  54. The crisis our nation are having today was started by d northerners, they use boko haram, chibok girls, propaganda disturbed Jonathan administration, they didn’t allow Jonathan to rule peacefully, now d Niger deltas are revenging what they did to their brother Jonathan. I didn’t support any of them, but d northerners started it in d first place, they forget dat our nation economy base on their resources

  55. The issue of cleaning of ogoni land, should be stopped, as long as they are blowing the pipe.


  57. Defile military presence?! Abeg journalist make una no kill person with English?!

  58. If the army want to do scorched earth system, the Avengers are helping them a lot. All they need do is set fire to all the oil being spilt and the fools will scramble out like rats fleeing from a burning Bush!

    • Nock, you are completely wrong. If these Avergers are on land the army should have located them. Water is their home and they are being protected by the Almighty God who is also known as The Ancient of Day.

  59. Buhari are you ready to honest?

  60. The last administration should be taken out of this.

  61. They thought we were jokers,but regrettably for them,we are Champions.

  62. In the end it will be senseless to import fresh tomatoes into Nigeria___Dear Federal Government divert your hustle to Agriculture,a man must eat to drive the oiled car or operate the oil machines….When you let your enemy know your brooke you will be the vultures lunch___The value of oil has been frawning to irrellivance over the years,still the government’s future relies on it….Plan B’ Nigeria plan B’ __God bless Nigeria

  63. You militant,you are going to suffer if you try war with the nigerians military ,may be you forgot the history but asks your elders, in order to understand, shame on you militant enemies of progress

  64. Maybe that is why buhari had to cancel his visit to ogoni knowing that d boys can defile military presence to fulfil their threat on him. Wahala dey 9ja

  65. Funny comments, God bless una.

  66. Avengers made good requests!
    Buhari must listen,Nnamdikanu, concern report,oil Wells etc

  67. The most interesting thing is that all this fb rants of tribal inclination can’t solve anything, why can’t u guys just take a chill pill. Every comments i see hear but 1 are bias, north and west speaking against, while the south and the east speaking for. Same mistake by the so call leaders.

  68. when the northerns founded boko haram to disturb goodluck govt not ruling in peace. now niger delta started they are own disturbing buhari not ruling in peace, this militants they are given nigerians hardship causing damage to the govt and they are pilars of nigerians with they are oil well.

  69. I respect them because they are not killing innocent nigerians like the way boko haram killing innocent nigerians,this people they are fighting govt not the masses like boko haram are kiling.

  70. @Oyege Nimi Brown, thank you. Maybe they never knew the original landlords.

  71. pls wait oo…are they spirit?

  72. Who re d military?.. Indolent set of pple that Boko boys use them like ten eleven spanner.

  73. Lol where is the Goddamn military

  74. Hahaha were are those Hausa animals

  75. Does it mean that Nigeria military cannot over power them? Wahala dey, i dey see danger oo. Psquare na prophet oo

  76. Is it true dat the Avengers nd bokoharam are more stronger nd powerful dan our military? God help us

  77. I just hope the blow up every thing, let me see how the northernance who depend on oil money all in d name of one nigeria are going to feel. All of this years all what the depend on is oil money,, forgething the fact that they are other good natural resoures on every ones state. But becus d oil is as easy as anything thats why the always want there northern brother to be the president so dat the can be diverting as many as the want.. But thant God for buhari who is now showing them that his for all nigeria, the were thinking that mabey if he becomes d president he will be feeding them in the north and all the almageris… Laffing my ass out.

  78. Clap for yourselves. If you like set your fathers’ houses ablaze.

  79. Na aso rock dam go blow wit buhari all join government no dey do well God punish dam

  80. After the blow up what next? Hahaha, I dey laugh oooo!!!

  81. breaking news. Niger delta Avengers , New delta suicide squad and Joint Niger delta liberation force to launch 6 missiles on 7 june in the region to bring down any military aircraft this is no joke remember they said their next target will shock the world.

  82. I am so happy for the emergence of niger delta avengers. A mere mis-pronounciation of Allah ends the life of a southerner in the north, but this fools left their region to claim 85% oil blocks in niger delta. May they never see good in whatever they use the proceed of that cheat to build or train.

  83. I told people that the useless Nigeria military can’t do anything to Niger delta Avengers only have power where innocent people is unarmed people. People with out gun ipob people nigeria military it will not go well with you people. ND Avengers will continue killing you people that’s my prayer Amen Amen

  84. For your next production audio /video pls contact R.O.J studio on 07037208161,also if u like to be training as sound engineer /films editor u can reach us as well…take a step wit faith today & u will smile at d end

  85. God protect avangers.

  86. The fg shd declear total war on them.

  87. This umu chineke are very serious

  88. They should shun does fools and send them packing to there various states .

  89. No oil well in d north.. there is oil in d South nd East Nigeria,yet no benefit. Nigeria must divide. Greedy northerns..D pharaoh’s. Stupid cattles.

  90. Yusuf u are a compound maroon, cow and pig. Do u knw why allah gave them oil? Instead of u northerners to wake up frm slumber and work hard, u wait for oil money.

  91. Continue blowing those pipelines up but do well to remember that ur family from generation to generation will suffer for it

  92. Action guys….boys dey vex…..

  93. Rugged u avenger s…plz make u na kill buhari … living dead

  94. #Kingsley deir assassination of d #Govt dey mean it will shock d world.

  95. You people of south/south you have lack of education and majority of you are not well educated.if you are educated ones,why are you fighting with government.have you ever heard or seen any group people that are living a little particular area like an area of yours,fighting with the entirely nation government and get a victory? so you have to know that no matter how you think that you criminals nigerian armies are watching you and they deal with you more than beyond you expectation.

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