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Oil refinery

ND Avengers commend foreign refineries for refusing to buy crude oil from Nigeria

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) on Friday commended the foreign refineries that have refused to buy Nigerian crude oil. It also disclosed that it has vandalized another oil trunk line in Bayelsa State belonging to Agip ENI.

Media reports earlier in the week indicated that major refineries across the globe have concluded plans to stop purchase of crude oil from Nigeria due to rising uncertainties about the country meeting up with deliveries.

“The restive situation in the region may lead to a further drop in crude oil export as major refineries across the globe have concluded plans to stop the purchase of the commodity from Nigeria due to rising uncertainties about the country meeting up with deliveries. This is arising from the fact that a number of oil companies in Nigeria had declared force majeure of crude oil export, while a few others had been forced to suspend or cut production as a result of the bombing of oil facilities across the Niger Delta. According to data obtained from Reuters, four of Nigeria’s oil grades, including the largest stream, Qua Iboe, have been under force majeure over the last one month”.

In one of its tweets on Friday, NDA said, “it is good as foreign refineries stop buying Nigeria oil because the Nigeria state has been robbing the Niger Delta of her oil and gas. We will inform the international communities when we are open for business”.

In a separate tweet, NDA revealed that it vandalized Obi Obi Trunk line belonging to Agip ENI at 3am on Friday. It further stated that “it is Agip’s major crude oil line in Bayelsa State”.

3:am of Friday @NDAvengers blow up the Obi Obi Brass Trunk line belonging to Agip ENI. It is Agip’s Major Crude oil Line in Bayelsa State.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. This is a very welcome development.Up Niger Delta Avengers.

    • Hunger go soon strike wuna people

    • Sani, he that is down need fear no fall.

    • We can’t be more hungrier than we already are! Just as Iquo Dappa has just said.We can always live better than you in the north that beg to eat.

    • Oyege Nimi Brown oh this is no hunger wait until a state of emergency is declared in dat region then u will understand wat hunger is all abt. Those criminals don’t love u guys they are only out to make money period.

    • Joseph Balogun,if you have a sermon,Preach it when you get to your Church.We do not have greater enemies than you Yorubas and the Hausas.You are our real enemies in disguise.

    • Joseph Balogun do u think we see more than we see after civil war,but up till today u are still competition with us shameful ppl,Yoruba join hand with Hausa to make sure that nothing good will come out of our region,but most time I pass towards ogbomosho,ijebu Igbo ,some part of Oyo and kastina,and some northern state I begin to laugh,see the ppl that defeated us ,they couldn’t quip their place ,they don’t upbringings,taters and mud houses,beggers on the street ,living locality,they control the oil wells in Nigeria ,they have been in govt 60yrs ,what impact have u ppl done to ur places,your elders have already said it when visited eastern Nigeria bc they fought to make sure they destroy everything here but they has confessed that we are great,Gowon and obasanjo confirmed it ,they destroyed and still cifirmed it now ,nnewi was the of ojukwu and Nigerians make sure that no man born of woman will remain in that village,today where richest in Nigeria?don’t think u can push God out if his throne,were Igbo’s are great, i can not in my life regreat it,we are great we are great we are great

    • Onyeka,u r a big fool.u r in lagos a yoruba land n u r writing nonsense.why dnt u go back to ur reshed state n see hw u cn survive,idiot

  2. I love this pls carry on God is on your wide

  3. If dey stop bombing dey are bastard

  4. More problems for Apc govt.

  5. Carry on with d bombing afterall your sponsors have stolen enough to take vare of their family outside d enclave of d niger delta region. They will not drink your poluted water, there children are not working for your states govt hence if salary is not paid they didnt have problem. When d northerners will be harvesting their agric products your people will be hungry for cutting your nose to spite your face.

  6. Sunday if u don’t know what to comment just keep quite enemy of progress,yorbua lazy fools them

  7. Bombing oil piplines nd saying d govt shld leave u to control u guys resources is desame as asking fr sovereign state.

  8. U are destroying ur region while others are developing, i love u guys continue,

  9. Your brother’s are loosing job fools

  10. So what have they achieved?

  11. I can only advised Hausa and Yoruba who focused on another people’s property thinking the people of that region are fool to better fine other means of getting money earlier is better and stopped pretending as if is not affecting them


    • Are the igbos occupying the properties free of charge? Dont they pay? The avengers are only destroying properties, the Hausa were killing themselves over what? Yorubas are fast and good at killing their siblings over properties so that Ibo man can rent .

    • Crude as seen by everyone world-wide is a national resource and not own my people who dwell within,that applies to every other natural resources

    • If you send all Igbo from Lagos back home you are welcome but you people will suffered the was because you don’t have any man power to operate on your own I know Yoruba’s very well they only like proudness and let informed you that all my education career was done in Yoruba land.

    • U ll understand who owns the oil soon, you could have gone to ghana n mine their gold afterall is natural resources, People eho refused to use their brain n think

    • @victor we will surely send u people home then u will see if we can operate on our own or not. That your village prepare to do your business there oo. We are tired of u people in SW. Operation throw them to lagoon will start soon

    • Olabisi Richie just tried it you know who is who between Igbo man and Yoruba Man or did you think is to make month is what we are saying I know Yoruba very well you has no power to do anything hard if you want tried it although you always happy to acquired people property olé ole

    • #olabisi as u send pls don’t 4get 2 send dem wit deir properties, l know dat u r eyein deir property cos u have not, dat’s y u say u r tired. U r tired of people dat hav been sustainin u. Bcos of d igbos u can now buy tokunbo cloths n brag, n tokunbo phones 2 type nonsense. If dey go, u go naked oo, cos most of u guys r not astute at business. Wise up guy!

    • As 2015 general election palava was over which declared PMB as d winner,so ND Avengers’ palava will b history,when they’re defeated woefully.

    • For ur information,d oil in yoruba land is intact for now.

      As u think,yoruba are not lazy oo

    • Why are they hailers turning to wailers? Its yet to start. Sai baba has turned to kai baba, fin minister dropped, military withdrawing from ND, fed appointments will not be tribalistic bc bubu will soon hear with his ears after payment of 6 million pounds hosp expenses. Then you will join wailers.

    • Igbos with big mouths. When action starts, you will all leave south west to your village. This is not free talk on fb. Look most of you don’t know anything.

    • Adewuyi Adesoji if Igbo removed their property in your land what more Left in Yoruba land as you see major properties in your cities and town are owned by Igbo so if Igbo is to back home your place will be like Warfield and even before that we are going to finished you lazy people this time around no tribes will help out of it

    • Elijah Akindele who is deceiving you that you have oil in Lagos even the gold you have is not longer source of countries income that is why people are crying and begging avengers militants boys to dialogue with Federal government because them know the implications or you can also asked your elders if you are confused

    • My yoruba pple call the properties in their lands theirs but the oil in the south national . Hmmm, Nigeria doesnt need to separate let each state makes its money and spend it by themselves afterall that is how americans states operate. No they will not agree because they are lazy ass.

    • Most of this pple that claiming lagos today are not from lagos, the indigines of Lagos State are highly educated, hard working, sensitive, highly exposed and accommodating, its only in lagos state u will a man with long and wide tribal Ibadan mark on his face and hes claiming lagos state. kai bastards plenty for lagos.

    • Yoruba and Housa people are criminals, we are wise now. Look for ways of sustaining ur people, not oil. we want to clean our land from oil mess to save our eco system from total colapse while u stay in ur comfort zones and expect monthly alocations, idiots

    • You ibos and ijaws will suffer till eternity, Yoruba are brilliant, diligent and trustworthy

    • Back to sender@ oyadeyi, hypocrisy Yorubas

    • Oyadeyi Adekunle is like since you are born you have not traveled to any other place than yours Yoruba you like proudness and you can only deceived anybody who has not been in your place but for me all my education was done in your place till now am still working there so I know your secret Yoruba you are the most lazy people I ever see in my live you can hold certificate doing nothing You better fine any other alternative before is too late Igbo people most industrial both in Nigeria and outside the country hardworking and popular if you doubt go to Google com. And search it olé ole alapa ma se ise

    • Which oil in yoruba,ask u self whether it is in commercial quantity idiots

    • Why do most people from the east talk like idiots most of the time?

    • Kelvin Osagie is like you are mad by saying most people from east talk like idiot are you a Yoruba?pretending like barstard .

    • Before 1970 there was nothing like crude oil but the Western Region was booming with cocoa and coffee, likewise in the Northern Region tomato, cotton and other things were produce from that place. From the Eastern or Southern region what they produced tell me. I only blame FG because when crude oil was discovered they ignored agricultural sector all their focus is on crude oil. My advice is that bombing the pipelines is not the way out you only feel the pain at the end by then those that are pushing they will turned their back you and you face the problem yourselves

    • Simeon Ademu you have point but is only few can say the truth as yours all what we are saying is that true federalism should practicing before some issue of militancy will solved if you can still remembered by then the west use the cocoa to developed their area but since oil was discovered in Niger delta the people were are neglected which is injustice and 90% of their oil blocks are own by this Hausa Fulani from the north so pls nobody should blamed Niger delta avengers because federal government failed them

    • @simeon ademu, thats a good one, when d north was booming with groundnuts and tomatoes and d west with cocoa was their community destroyed? Now that the national produce attention has been diverted to the south, are the west and north still not enjoying their community? As for me o, i dont want nigeria to separate but let each state make their money and be spent by themselves .

    • well! if u hv forgotten Obasanjo refused to give Tinubu the allocation money of Lagos state but Lagos survived & mind u we hv also discovered oil so drink ur oil & support the destruction of ur community by those who is pretending to love u.

    • Bakare Abiodun Jamiu through your rr

    • Bakare Abiodun Jamiu through your reply you Sand as if you an ignorance of what’s going on in this country by saying you have oil Lagos why can you forget about Niger Delta oil and mostly you this lazy feed on it since

    • Anih Victor Akachukwu Rome was not built in a day so watch u will see when it started booming,by that time Avengers might hv destroyed ur area finish is better u wise up those Avengers did not love u

    • Mrs Tosin, na only u dey mk sense here! If den born una well, mk una complain say lyt no dey abi den no pay salary

    • ojibole or what you called ourselfe why’re you talking out of knowledge? have you forgoting that the s s/s w also have timber & robber plantation? So you better quiet if you don’t have any good thing to say

    • It’s obvious that it’s affecting but it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for other region. If you want to enjoy the future, You have to disturb the present that is exactly the situation now. They should continue bombing. Ambclapping for them. Lol

    • The bitter truth is u people don’t even love yourselves in that region that’s why kidnapping n robberies are so rampant. I av seen u guys behaviour in my office. I av abt ten to 12 Igbo’s in my office yet they can never unite. Anywhere they are is problem. The only place they unite is on Facebook n twitter where u see fake people n criminals plus prostitutes. I pray you av ur Biafra or your so called freedom.

    • Joseph Balogun this your comment would better if you didn’t discriminate so for this reason I have to said that every geopolitical zone in Nigeria has his own problem including Southwest which many think his better but some us who stayed there know what we are facing as you have some Igbo boys in you office that how I also have many Yoruba boys in my office as my staff in fact their greediness is worst part of it but when you people are talking you will sand like cent but let me to deceived you Yoruba’s is the most lazy people we have in this country but intense of proudness and bigmanlism without nothing you are number one is our oil that is helping you if not some of you would have move out this country because you have nothing to talk of you should all keep quite olé ole

    • Is Ondo not part of oil producing state according to d federal govt

    • List Of Oil Producing States In Nigeria and NDDC Facts You Must Know The list of oil producing states in Nigeria will be arranged according to the highest producer of crude oil from the top oil producing states in . . . List Of Oil Producing States In Nigeria, nddc facts you must know Updating . . . No 1. Akwa Ibom No 2. Bayelsa No. 3, Delta No. 4, Rivers No. 5, Cross River, No. 6, Imo No. 7, Abia No. 8, Anambra No. 9, Ondo State

    • A Nigerian firm has said it has started oil production from an offshore field in the commercial city of Lagos, the first output outside the country’s oil hub in the Niger delta. “Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Co. Ltd (YFP) is pleased to announce that it has commenced production of crude oil from its Aje field located in block OML 113 offshore Lagos,” it said late Tuesday. YFP did not disclose the volume of current output from the field but said the company has capacity to produce 40,000 barrels per day. “Oil produced from the Aje field will be stored on the Front Puffin which has production capacity of 40,000 barrels of oil per day and storage capacity of 750,000 barrels,” it added in a statement. Production began after more than 25 years of exploratory, appraisal and developmental activities in the field, making Lagos — Nigeria’s commercial capital — an oil- producing state. Nigeria’s oil and gas industry is concentrated in the southern delta states but the region has been dogged by unrest and disruption from militants demanding a fairer share of revenue. Pipeline attacks and illegal refining or “bunkering” as it is called locally have hit output, which is currently estimated at about 1.8 million barrels a day, according to OPEC. Nigeria is reliant on oil revenue for its economy but crude earnings have been depleted drastically since the slump in global prices that started in mid-2014.

    • The breakthrough simply shows that with the oil, which has started flowing from Aje field within the territory of Lagos it has joined the league of oil producing states in the country. By implication, the state will benefit from 13 per cent derivation fund meant for the development of oil communities. Even though analysts in some quarters, cast pall on the economics of oil production from Aje field compared with other oil fields in the Niger Delta, a company source said the flow rate would increase as more oil wells are drilled. The field is not only endowed with crude oil. It equally holds untapped reserves of about 650 billion standard cubic feet of gas. If harnessed in two to three years’ time, the field can supply Lagos, all the gas feedstock it needs for the thermal power stations and other manufacturing concerns domiciled in the state and its environs. Aside the Front Puffin FPSO already commissioned with production capacity of 40,000 barrels per day and storage capacity of 750,000 barrels, the firm said the subsea installation activities had been underway at Aje since January and were completed in early March. It said it would be hooked up with FPSO. But how can oil impact public life in Lagos. Can oil really help realise the state’s vision of Africa’s model megacity? For analysts, the beginning of oil production in the territory of Lagos represents a new dawn, not just for the state and the host communities, but also for the country at large. But analysts, who spoke with THISDAY, told the state government not to lose focus on its current drive which is working well and making its economy thrive without oil. One of them, the Senior Consultant/CEO in RTC Advisory Services Limited, Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje, advised the state, a ‘fully developed economy’ , not to be carried away and allow itself to be subjected to the volatility of oil earnings, when it already has sustained means of generating revenue. He emphasised the need to focus more on these strategic sectors than the volatile oil. According to him, Lagos “has fully developed banking, telecoms, manufacturing, maritime, insurance and other strategic sectors.” Agbaje was optimistic that oil syndromes would not infest Lagos like other oil-producing states in the country. He argued that Lagos “is a fully developed economy. So, it is not likely to witness the kind of oil syndromes,” which other analysts said, had become an albatross of development in the Niger Delta. The former bank chief executive admitted that oil production in the territory of Lagos “is no doubt a beginning of another era.” He noted that the feat was achieved with the deployment of private investment, though the firm would pay oil rents, royalties and taxes. On this ground, he pointed out that what the state “will get will be subject to 13 percent derivation. Due to the present volume of production, what the state will earn from oil production may not be huge for now. But as time goes on, flow rate will increase. And as a result, income will rise.” He also pointed out that the discovery of oil off Lagos coast “is an indication that there is oil in the entire coast of Nigeria. If oil is found in Lagos, it can also be found in the coast of Ogun State and other coastal states in the South-west. It also means Niger Delta is not the only region endowed with oil in the country.” Purely at the instance of earnings that will accrue to state’s coffers, the Group Managing Director of CFL Group of Companies, Mr. Lai Omotola, said the production of crude oil “is a welcome development.” “It will help the state expand its sources through which it can generate more funds to execute people-oriented programmes,” he added. Omotola, however, called for caution because information about the oil production “is just coming in bits and pieces.” Consequently, Omotola said there was need “to critically review information we have at our disposal.” But with the volume of oil discovery, he noted that the field “will definitely attract more investors.”

    • Does that oil belong to the Igbos. Am only sorry for the Niger Delta people for this their Alliance with the Igbos. They will live to regret it. The Igbos are the people that destroyed GEJ government. They deceive him by calling him our AZIKWE to steal and embezzled government fund. All they know is money, money and money. Nothing more.

    • Now who will own the oil blocks in Lagos?TY danjuma?or emir of kano? I need Yoruba respond,lets assume that PMB licence the oil blocks to dangote how will the yorubas feel,?will you tolerate it?

    • Who owns the oil company in Lagos? A yoruba man of course. Allow Niger Deltans opperate theirs too.

    • Femi Ibitoye there is oil in IMO,abia and anambra,is like u donk knw how to use ur phone, google the oil producing state in nigeria.what is this hatred about Igbo’s,God really bless us in all kind and no body can take away from us,no amount of hatred will achieve that.

    • Kelvin Osagie only your utterances alone shows that you are an idiot, fool

  12. Buhari has finished us…Y all this problems na

  13. Yoruba,coward and hypocrite.

  14. With z oil u have u ar hungry even make u to be a robbery and kidnaping shamfull


  16. what have they achieve now? low I.Q people

  17. Hey can someone help me tell this scavenger or avengers that there is no room in SW to accomodate war left over from Niger Delta war oo. And no water way for them here in SW to ferry food to any stupid blind minded region

  18. We thank God that we living in Nigeria with the sponsors of this carnage

  19. The oil will one day finished and we will see what the so called Revengers will do.

  20. Nawawo Robbery. NA u,kidnapping NA u,bumbing pipeline. NA u,continue at the end we will see who will cry

  21. Our Lord God will see you through. More grease to your elbow my brothers

  22. Murderers, na your ogogoro father and mother go hear am..

  23. We have a small boko baboons in zoo, biafra is now

  24. The oil was only benefiting the northerners, so no need the oil. Buhari leadership pattern is destroying Nigeria.

  25. @sunday olaiya. Is it paining you stop pitying us we are very ok with it

  26. Why only pipelines, they should even bomb the entire tank farms.

  27. good guys carry on i like that

  28. @ibrahim. My brother, reading igbos comments sometimes make me wonder, if they are human beings. They want the destruction of Nigeria, but Nigeria still feeds them. When wahalla starts they will leave south west to their village and be selling their wears to spirits. Nigeria will be great and they will be defeated. Igbo smokers

  29. Foolish man@sunday olaiya for nonsense comment about NDA:hw will u b expecting d Hausas dat are d most barbaric people on earth to be fooling another region.Instead,let them blow off all d refinaries so that they wil not claim to rule any more.

  30. My loving avengers,if d oil is not there again,hausa people will go back to their real calling which is abject poverty.Look at d govt officials today,d key positions are for Hausas all in d name of oil from another region.

  31. NDA shall also commend Niger Delta governors for not able to pay salaries to the workers. Avengers are really succeeded on sterving their fellow Niger Deltans with hunger.

    Meanwhile, the recovered looted fund of about 3 trillion can be used by d FG to pay salaries and even to make some developmental project across the country. I recommend more prosecution of d corrupt present and past government officials. The files of former petroleum minister shall be opened to get more income for d government.

    This activities are really encouraging the government to diversify the economy, fossil fuel is no longer sustainable as a source of income. FG shall halt oil exploration to help NDA preserve their natural resource for future use in d next coming 100 years. A resource that formed from Futa Djalan high land in Cameroon, and migrated to Niger Delta by natural process.


  33. Oil is making nigerians lazy let God take away oil l know that yorubas will suffer it most..Northerners can go back to agriculture yorubas only God knows how you can survive thats why they dont have any choice than to accept any condition they find themselves in nigeria

  34. Niger avengers distroy every every hence fedral government refulse to do what is right

  35. Avengers ride on, distroy anything pipelines. Egbesu the god of war and justice is with you.

  36. hiusas ppl are so greedy to come all the way from700 miles and occupy biafra land i thank god that our brothers from riverline area to have come up to their senses if need be we will join and finish off those housa invaders

  37. That’s very good FG wants to Do them oso markets coz they do not have oil to sell to baffles me that sm1 we be in bornu state and claim that our oil belongs to them.let them come and take it.useless people

  38. After selling the oil by de F.G thesame parasite Northern almajiri will stil collect the highest allocation (e.g KANO State alone 44 L.G.A)

  39. So Buhari order your bloodsucking buratai and his dogs army to go n dealt with NDA or you yourself if you thought you all are gallants.
    Is your gallantry and specialisation only to unarmed civilian as you shown in Zaria city?
    So what niger delta blocked? Road?

  40. D Resources belong to us…No Man shu interfere our properties. So,Divide d country for peace to reign.Stop blasphemy d Niger/Delta people.Say d Truth. If it’s ur region, will u b unemployed for15yrs when d economy of Nigeria is at ur backyard?pls learn how to tackle issues so dat u will not b a victim.Did a disaster. We will not relax until we control our RESOURCES.

  41. @sunday olaiya why take panadol over anoda man headache its obvious this your love for the pple of the old eastern region has to do with there oil i guess

  42. All we want now is any thing dt can kill this contraption called nigeria. And we r very close to achieving this!


  44. Where will govt get money for the Change they promised.

  45. Where is the crude to buy?

  46. Nd avengers may the Lord God Almighty protect guide u all 4safty all-round

  47. Hahhahaha nigeria dont have president again oooo.. Our oga don run to london because he dont hear any thing again oooo

  48. Dont mind d blind people.Let them bomb every where in d Niger Delta until the region goes into non-existence.

  49. Let them continue to blow evrytin, atleast wen all is gone there would be nothing to blow again nd we would see how they would fix back there land.

  50. OBITUARI! OBITUARY! OBITUARY! We hereby announce the passing away unto shame, Mr Nigeria

  51. God giv us life am watching the yorubas. Is not too much talking.

  52. The point at this juncture is nt what and hw things were destroyed bt hw nigeria will moved forward nd move away frm mental slavery.though it is like a toll order bc the average nigerian leaders mentality ties towards western hegemony.most of these european countries that refines crude oil for us donot have crude oil nd ur begging them to come nd build one for u,what makes u think that will help?it is a pity that nigeria as it is constituted will nt discover itself in the next 1000yrs bc it is a nation of brotherhood,same anthropology,culture and other ingredients for nationhood.the only language we understand is voilence nd thats what we re facing 2day!

  53. Very good let us see wat would be their fate in dix war

  54. Even u d so called nd avengers & biafraud u wil b d first
    pple 2 suffer b/4 any other pple in Nigeria

  55. Even u d so called nd avengers & biafraud u wil b d first
    pple 2 suffer b/4 any other pple in Nigeria

  56. Even u d so called nd avengers & biafraud u wil b d first
    pple 2 suffer b/4 any other pple in Nigeria

  57. reading all dis comment am just laughing cos is obvious dat there’s so much hatred brewing in dis from niger delta but I don’t support d bombing of pipeline and all that,am so disappointed in some of u supporting dem to continue bombing and destroying things that belong to us not d govt.those of u supporting dem now will still be d same pple to laugh at us wen there’s nothing left in our state.NDA u guys should stop bombing pipelines and destroying our land o cos those pple supporting u now will turn their back against us wen d time comes and dis thing u are doing is not helping nigeria at all and those of u praying earnestly for dis country to fall apart it will not work cos God will never allow it and besides biafra would hv been in existence by now if God really wanted this country to fall apart.nigeria is just too great for dis kind of nonsense. I can boldly tell u dat our attitude and disunity is d reason other countries take us for granted I agree other countries hv their own problems


    • Sarah kep quite,go and bath u hear

    • mascot or whatever ur name is called don’t insult me u insipid fool.hv gone tru ur profile I can see u’re from d east am not surprised

    • Sarah u are imbecillic. The government of The zoo has written both u and people off longgggg time ago and some good guys have dedicated their lives to liberate u but u are here spewing dungs in the name of comment

    • I pity u like seriously cos ur brain is already damaged, librate who? hiss stupid

    • You r a big old imbecile,ur profile is worse,n am nt sure u kno ur name n wr u r frm well,ur brain is in mallam n aboki boxers,did u go to schl at all,u think asaba ladys lov to die lik a chicken lik you

    • Ohhh sarah. May the good lord bless you for saying the plain truth. Please ignore these tramadol children insulting you. From their profile you know where they are coming from. They are from the osu caste and certainly dont represent the Ndigbos.

    • going tru ur profile i just realise u are a bastard,u dat went to school I can see how u are using ur brain not an hypocrite like u ok am from delta I know my root is obvious u are d one that doesn’t know ur root.premitive swine like u talking to me who in hell do u think u are to open that gutter mouth of yours to insult?stupid asshole.

    • thank u @ekanem iboro they think war and destroying things is d solution to d problem at just too allergic to hypocrite and dat is what Kenneth,morpheus and d mascot pharaoh are.can u imagine someone’s name is pharaoh

    • nobody should insult me again cos whatever hv said is d truth,anybody that tries to insult me again will get a dose of his own medicine cos am not dat nice.

    • Sarah Oboyanure, i want you to please draw my attention and others like me who are ignorant of the achievements in the Niger Delta since oil exploration in the region.
      If there is no tangible thing to lay hands on , then it is better we continue with the struggle until God will give us victory. The boys only said ” we shall not kill any soul or destroy any building or kidnap any expatriates, We will destroy the economy, atleast these guys are reasonable enough .
      Breaking news for you Sarah oboyanure : They just forcefully retired 200 military officers from the Niger Delta, I am sure your relatives or friends or neighbours may be among, the reason is that, they supported Jonathan during the 2015 general election. How long are we going to continue like this?

    • benson, i tink destroying d economy wont solve any problem, it will only course more harm than good, sarah is right.

    • you are foolish indeed. you absolutely displayed the height of it by calling yourself Niger delta. what is the history of Niger delta? and south south? if not a convicted divide and rule tactics

    • @obiora or whatever ur name is called I can see u are mentally still going to repeat what I said bombing pipeline and destroying properties is not d solution to d problem most of d igbos dat are supporting dem now will still be d ones to laugh at us wen d time come u guys should mark my words and as for mr benson u still don’t get what am saying buy d time they’ve destroyed everything u hv what are we going to tell d generations unborn? no matter how u look at it we are still d ones to suffer it not d federal govt so pls think about it what we need is for the govt and d militant to negotiate and see let’s see what happen next

    • Pls let Sarah be. No matter hw you try she’s never going to rise above mediocrity. The last time I checked I can’t remember any Deltan who owns an oil well. All oil wells in delta are owned by hausa/Fulani. She’s contented as a slave so long as she is still surviving

    • Ekanem Iboro why mention osu caste? ? Sometimes we just speak wrongly without weight our words. That was totally uncalled for.

    • Sarah Oboyanure you started out as a reasonable person but you soon became foul. Why the igbo or not igbo talk? What has coming from the east got to do with the point you made. The reasonable Sarah is better. Let’s agree to do away with the foul part

    • And please dear all, enough of the insults already abeg!!!

    • @ sarah, u should learn hw to talk to pple even if ur being scandalised, mind ur diction, eschew invective n derogatory words that unearth ur personality.

    • @ehis thank u hv heard u cos I like taking to correction than insult thanks I really appreciate

    • mr christopher for ur info am not a slave.hv gone tru ur profile hv seen u are an elderly person dat is why I don’t want to disrespect u.

    • @Sarah.You are still in coma,when u wake up,we shall knw.So pathetic we hav left u behind wt ur slave mentality.

    • @benjamin I can see u’re alive stupid goat walking corpse like u talking to me idiot like u

    • I want to ask just a question to Sarah Oboyanure ,pls at what point will the south south will be librated from the zoo called Nigerian? When?I cry for recent happenings over Niger deltans,I m not from Niger delta,I have my own cross in my region,but let us reason well in this country,Sara pls do u knw Yoruba ppl has oils?do u knw the reason why they don’t want their oil develop yet?Sara do u think that GEJ has committed a sin that no one has vomited in this country?can u tell why he was hated by so called Hausa and yorubas,?does GEJ not favoured Hausa in his govt?can u tell one reason they hate him more than devil?listen the kingdom suffer violent and it is only the men of violent like avengers take it by force, I don’t and can’t believe any thing called Nigeria,what still make up the bane Nigeria is the oil in ur region nothing again,let tell if there oil in Nigeria what on earth can make a tipcall Hausa Fulani and regional Muslim to you and are same, not possible, the possibility of it is ur region that is oil, OK recently we hard the cleaning ogoni land ,what happens, they are all scam to confuse u ppl,ohk look at the retirement of army forces list u will shear tears,look at the division of our budget and know what comes to ur region,I m in highly support of avengers,they are not taking any life ,they don’t destroy houses,they don’t kill, they want the zoo to free them ,they have all it takes to make Niger delta a better place free to stay thank you all

    • Sarah is a profoundly retarded individual just here looking for curses on herself

    • u are d one looking for curses for urself morpheus foolish thing like u

    • Abeg Sarah pls leave dem alone,Niger delta avengers pls blow evrytin and don’t eagerly waiting to see how they would fix evrytin,who wil rule dere biafra land and i hope evry biafra child gets to own an oil well nd hopefully u can all succeed on the lands that u ve damaged ursef.

    • @onyeka obinna I am not saying their intention in fighting for niger delta is bad what am saying is for them to stop bombing d pipelines,they think they’re punishing d govt by bombing d pipelines but dey not instead they’re punishing us. GEJ was a vry meek man dat was why they took him for granted cos his subordinate were stronger than and he did his best in dis country as d president but at d same time nobody is perfect.wen things were tough during GEJ administration and pple were complaining and criticizing i told them that that dey shouldn’t be placing all d blame on d ppresident for example I heard during GEJ administration bayelsa was collecting 22billion naira for d allocation of their state do u know dat with dat 22billion that was going to bayelsa was used for nothing for d past four years before PMB reduced it to 2billion,I hv a bayelsa friend who has been crying dat her state is d only place u will see politician carrying money in broad day light and they’ve not paid workers in bayelsa for d past six months bcos there’s no money all dis is at d result of corruption in dis country what we need in dis country is prayer for politician is truthful infact d person dat can librate nigeria is not yet born.

    • Sarah,why r u replyin dis cursed igbo tribe.

  58. What nonsense,d ijaw boys not niger delta,i pity ur parents,frnds nd family,lack of Education drive u into hoodlums Terrorist,pls try to be inform hw about our misappropraton of oil funds in d region,in dis Morden age u pple av not upgraded technically,morally nd education otherwise pls “tnk deep hu is d 9ja delta oil deavourer

  59. Who will take the greate suffering Me I dey chop my AMALA and GBEGIRI.

  60. Who will take the greate suffering Me I dey chop my AMALA and GBEGIRI.

  61. Buhari have succeeded in dividing this country more than anyone else

  62. Buhari have succeeded in dividing this country more than anyone else

  63. Nigerians grow up n face ur fears………………………..niger delta men , women n children dnt let dis happn 2 ur region, call 4 understandin; developmnt and peace ask maiduguri hw far? B4 u start war……………una oil fit finish ooooh agriculture will b our nxt pride mayb wen north start cutin d yams n food den u’ll knw market b #one_nigeria

  64. No oil in igbo land, so we don’t need your help here, Niger delta is not igbo Land, i know that all this Nonsence wey them they talk is becous of Biafra, Go with you biafra and i go with my Niger Delta, Nothis like biafra, we don’t know you people, four or five states make una go with una biafra, ok

    • Shut your trash, you are to small.

    • Too small for where? And i will not

    • re u a complete mad musician or bastard,wit bauchi blood,u av all ur lif in bauchi,wic tribe r u frm in the nja delta,i see u endin up lik suya in aboki table,ur profile shows u r a traitor n a big fool

    • Hahahaha they are frustrated if they see any way to push the igbos out so that they will now colonize the south south for ever they will just do it but one funny thing is we are still the largest tribe that so called south south anioma of delta state, ika of edo state,ikwere,etche,ekpeye, ogba, egbema and obigbo of river state with other small small communities in bayelsa,akwa-ibom and cross river they try every thing humanly possible so divide us but its not working go check armnesty list by yaradua about %50 are igbo names i will say nigeria made mistake 1970 they weakened the snake but didnt cut off its neck they would have caved the igbos out and allow them go since thier main aim of killing us was for oil in ijew, ogoni and ibibio lands but they wanted to enslave the children of God now they are confused like phahroh of egypt

    • Idiot there is oil in lmo anambra and abia, cool in Enugu illiterate

    • Niger delta,niger delta…i don’t even care abt them and their oil,that make someone to come out and say rubbish or insult igbos…we igbos av seen things,may almighty God contiue to care and provide 4 us

    • Yorubas are @ the most UGLIEST, DIRTIEST……..CUNNIEST,…..LAZIEST scet of people. We dont want them in BIAFRA

    • Lol,most of u thrive well in yoruba land

  65. You guys have to go and study what real geo- politics is about. No Western power or institution will support your cause because the desire of the world is one United Nigeria. I laugh when I see half-literate spare parts dealers that can barely string a sentence together come on social media to shout IPOB or Biafra. You guys have no clue about how the world works.

  66. You guys have to go and study what real geo- politics is about. No Western power or institution will support your cause because the desire of the world is one United Nigeria. I laugh when I see half-literate spare parts dealers that can barely string a sentence together come on social media to shout IPOB or Biafra. You guys have no clue about how the world works.

  67. Too bad the wrath of god is facing d south south & South east. Pls don’t stop destroy everythin &see who will supper

  68. Too bad the wrath of god is facing d south south & South east. Pls don’t stop destroy everythin &see who will supper

  69. I bet u, d revenue from d federation account for june to rivers. Delta & bayelsa state will be so so small. Pl keep on bombing thinking u are undoing buhari.

  70. I bet u, d revenue from d federation account for june to rivers. Delta & bayelsa state will be so so small. Pl keep on bombing thinking u are undoing buhari.

  71. I bet u, d revenue from d federation account for june to rivers. Delta & bayelsa state will be so so small. Pl keep on bombing thinking u are undoing buhari.

  72. Avengers on a failed mission. ‘one pounds’ republic!

  73. Avengers on a failed mission. ‘one pounds’ republic!

  74. Monkeys wth mad comment in d zoo

  75. Sunday olaiya. Please let the idiots who call themselves Avengers or scavengers adhere to your good advice now now.

  76. Sunday olaiya. Please let the idiots who call themselves Avengers or scavengers adhere to your good advice now now.

  77. Pls Niger delta, continue wit ur bombings, FG has money from looters to pay salaries. I plead wit PMB to stop giving d niger deltans the monthly allocation from the recovered looted fund. Let them look for a means of paying their salaries. Idiot senseless people.

  78. They should bomb more to know at the end of the day who will suffer more !!!

  79. They should bomb more to know at the end of the day who will suffer more !!!

  80. ADVICE TO ND AVENGERS BY DR BEN Pls don’t listen to anybody advising you against pipeline vandalization. Keep it up. Deal with Buhari(Pharaoh), APC & northern hegemony. Destroy your land so that the people of Katsina will suffer. Before you detonate the next bomb & blow up the next pipeline, think again. The Ogoni land is getting cleaned up & soon commercial fishing will commence. Your friend in Enugu that is urging you on is going back to farm, Enugu will soon be one of the leading producers of banana & pineapple in the world in collaboration with a Mexican company. Your friend in Lagos is urging you on to destroy ur land but he is going to Kebbi to get farmlands for rice farming. Meanwhile they have also started drilling oil in Lagos. Wait, Kebbi will soon feed the whole country & export. Tuta absoluta attacked Kano, Jigawa & some northern states & you catch cold in your Creek. Your brother in Edo will soon be supplying the whole country with tomatoes due to Igbinedion university. Are you thinking already? Norway want to eliminate all cars using fossil fuel by 2025. The world is moving on my brothers. You think you are sabotaging Buhari but he is gradually settling down into govt. Boko haram has been largely decapitated & the world recognizes that. Anti corruption fight is progressing. About 3 trillion naira was announced recently as recovered & frozen loots. That’s money stolen by the love of your life. Money that could have been used to develop the Creek. Money that would have connected you with roads, bridges & other amenities. They stole it & gave you guns to go into the Creeks. How many among the love of your life can spend a night with you where you are right now? Where are their children? I heard your beloved PDP has zone presidency to the north for 2019 election. The same north you so much hate. The same north that is dominating you. Can’t you see they are just deceiving you? You are not their concern. Their concern is the loots from the oil produced on your land. They don’t care if you destroyed the land. They have no plan to live there. How many refineries have they built for you with all the looting. They love you so much to keep you on 65k per month but cannot give you basic education to emancipate you. Are their children handling guns and sleeping in the creeks with you? Pls don’t drop your arms. Destroy the environment to get at Buhari. But when you are alone pls read this over again. Dr Ben.

    • Absolute nonsense! Ok since oil is going to be of no relevance in 2025 then why not let the Biafrans go? Dr Ben u are a puppet from the pit of hell APC

    • Between 1999 to 2014, the Niger-Delta region received N17 trillion Naira as allocation..from the Federal Government. I think you guys should stand up to demand accountability from both your former and present political leaders. What were these monies used for?? 17Trillion Naira no be moi-moi ooooooooo!!!