Wednesday , March 22 2023
A sign warns boats of the danger posed by an oil pipeline in the creeks of southern Nigeria’s Niger Delta, Dave Clark (AFP/File)

ND Avengers blow up NNPC, NPDC pipelines in Delta

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Suspected members of the Niger Delta Avengers continued with their oil and gas installations vandalism by blowing up some pipelines in Delta State, the military and locals said Tuesday.

A military officer said the attacks happened at about 10:00 pm on Monday in the Batan and Makarava areas of Delta State.


“The Monday night attack was an oil well head located at Makarava community, which is being operated by Chevron Nigeria Limited,” he said, asking for his name to be withheld.


The chairman of the Batan community, Ogugu Dickson, added: “We heard three blasts at about 10:00 pm last night and this morning (Tuesday) we sent out the pipeline surveillance team to go and confirm details of the incident.


“From findings by the team, an NPDC (Nigerian Petroleum Development Company) manifold was blown up while an NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) pipeline, which is about 800 metres from the manifold, was also blown up.”


The NPDC is a subsidiary of Nigeria’s state-run oil firm the NNPC and is involved in oil and gas exploration and production.


Militants from the Niger Delta Avengers have previously used Twitter to claim responsibility but their account @NDAvengers was marked as suspended.



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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Charles McCarthy


  2. So buhari and mumu Hell-Rufai are tired of sending troops……,up Avengers.

  3. Michael Phillips

    Who are the people behind these ND Avengers?

  4. Hahahaha, the job of the troops now is to report and confirm that ND has struck again. I think a radio station should be built for them to enable them report effectively and promptly. May God bless them for the wonderful job of reporting.

  5. Buhari, give them Niger Delta Republic so that Peace will reign. And dont forget KARMA must Pursue you to the Grave.

  6. Is good but when hunger want 2 kill u dont talk

  7. Congratulations to them @ least that will now afford their youths to lagos in their drove as street hawkers so that lagos state govt can generate more taxes and revenue through whatever means .

  8. God will deal with them in his own way

  9. No wahala, but very soon dem go begin blow dem selfs up

  10. I thought by now they would have bombed d whole Niger delta and d east, what’s holding them now

  11. To hell with them and time shall come the law will take it’s cost on them

  12. Without #N_Deltans_republic , more disruption,,, no retrieved no surounder! *Asawana wana > God bless my nigerdeltans more economics!

  13. This country is too big to be one,lets seperate nd in peace,let every region go control thier resourses nd use it to develop thier region.thre too much cheatn nd injustice most xpecially frm the north.the north are stealln other region resources ,we are tired of this nonsense.

    • Why didn’t u tell ur brother Jonah during his 6years tenure or were u in slumber then?

    • Jona or no jona. Dis bombin must continue

    • Bomb every thing. If you like,bomb the moon and star for standing above your landh

    • Continu they is a say that say its only a bastard child that throw stone to the markt wen he new that his mother is in mkt, and as well point left hand to his father house.

    • @keneth Ebi Nigeria cannot be splitted on the table if you want separation you have to fight it whoever won can go.Remember your elites stole your resources to built Abuja and Lagos including GEJ.They don’t care about thier places so blame them for your woes and not the north.Deizani and GEJ STEAL so much and they building heaven in Abuja Lagos and London while your people drink dirty water blame them.Why are they running to other people people’s land living thier people in hunger and disease blame the southerners not north pls.You are the architect of your problems.

    • If we may ask. If the soft method adapted by the Fed Govt fails what next? We are afraid, the Govt might be tempted to apply the 1967 – 1970 and Boko Haram dislodgement method to handle the Avengers. Mmmmm Godforbid! We are all potemtial victims so, war should be avoided by all means.

  14. bombing continues..nda GOD will bless u people…blast every thing completely

  15. My brother avengers again

  16. Operations zero output… Blow dem up

  17. More of that. God bless avengers

  18. We dont want niger area we are niger deltans biafrans we want biafraexit fullstop!!!

  19. Blow dem all. U pple hav my support

  20. If dem like,make dem blow all d Niger Delta region.D federal allocation no be Buhari money & it’ll be shared to states according to d revenue generated frm oil sales.
    Soon,civil servant in Niger Delta go start unending protest against their Governors for non payment of salary.

  21. God bless u guy an give u all moro power amen;>

  22. We need our own country ,for place to Regina ,this is just the beginning , all the state have resources ,why only Niger delta ,northerns will come Niger delta ,west will come it was thesame Niger delta ,what is happening ,northerns have resources go and face ur resources ,and leave us alone ,did u think those army that u bring to south south ,those army are not the true nigerian army ,u know that ,u brought ur so call useless boko haram ,to us ,and took all south south ,to that useless for nothing good northerns ,those ur useless boko boys will surely die ,one after the other , with what we are hearing concern those army is just too bad ,my vision is to share this country for the betterment of my citizens of this country ,northerns are reaping people and killing them ,thesame time , u as a leaders u can’t even give them proper warning to stop the useless act, u as a leaders now even supporting them ,for the evil,act ,this country i believe say ,when it s time all northerns will run, from south south ,, i stinging believe that northerns are planning evil agansint south south ,but before that time ,we shall know ,any south south youth or leaders that is trying to disclose securit discussion to the northerns will die uselessness ,enough is enough how long ,most we keep dieing like fly , all the name of making pace ,we are not lazy ,let go ,red is blood ,we need it now ,niger delta is not a fool ,okay let see how it goes

  23. This environmental pollution of our areas may back fire ooooo. Is there no other way of registering our displeasure than to destroy our natural source of livelihood. I am worried about what is happening and it’s consequences in the future.

  24. avengers are N deltan army with them we are secured

    • Yes you are secured since you live in lagos.
      Your profile shows you you were educated in Ibadan and and you live lagos.
      Yes you secured! Please continue to advise your family that live in ss to continue the bombing.
      I sorry for them!

  25. @said a lawal,u no fine at all as u de cry more than d bereaved

  26. good job christianic militants/terrorist

  27. after bombing we then focus on that hidden gold in ur states which u don’t wnt to diversify .

  28. If you are not working towards the finding solutions to the problems of Nigeria then, you are part of the problems of Nigeria.

  29. the palace where you can not staying in a month there withought going to lagos and kano na hungry go kill you there

  30. please tell me more, how about the crude oil export, has it hit the zero mark?

  31. ITS NO MORE NEWS NA, make them blow all we re begging them, we re already in farm now, next year they will be food and clean water for us

  32. I don’t even want Buhari progress atall, nda let then go ahead an blow all the pipe line

  33. And what were the so called military doing???

  34. Let’s keep clapping for the IDIOTS just one day somebody will deal with them.We shall see who will cry last.

    • That time you will be inside ur grave,then who carry last???animal

    • I bought cloths and tore them, does it concern any aboki?

    • we’ll continue d bombings,ok?so dat d Foolish can fully embark on their farming of Pepper,Tomatoes,onions & Groundnuts,Ship-it-out,generates income & come assist us Reapair all Our Pipelines here in N/Delta!!!!

    • It is not a question of let us see who will cry last.The Northerners I mean the Hausa-Fulani moslems have started to cry and they will also cry last.Again for your information Muhammed,the NDAs are no vandals neither are the terrorists but they are FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

    • Brothers leave wailing aboki,his brothers are dying in IDPS camp and he is here talking trash.

    • They have become idiots now abi? U did not see anything wrong wen northern elders were sending their children to join boko haram in other to disturb Jonathan’s govt becos he is from d south. The moment their own man took over power the boko boys dropped their bombs. The last set that returned from their training camp in western part of northern Sudan now were sent down to d south again in form of herds men to cause more terror in d south. Till today they are killing at will in d south and being from buharis ethnic group, he cannot see any thing wrong with their activities. Boko haram are not idiots, ur herds men are not also idiots. These are people who kill lves and damage properties and rape women. The only people who are idiots are the avengers who ensure that no live is lost during their operations. I think u may have to look for another degrading names for them becos idiot alone cannot make them stop or make them beging to kill humans. By the time there is no more oil exploration and sure there will b no more nigeria. That is d target

  35. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner, thus goes a saying, soon, very soon, the day of reckoning will come for this criminals

  36. U people should go ahead feed the whole Nigeria with ur agriculture. Ndi ara

    • I went through your Facebook profile and discovered you claim to live in lagos and you are from lagos.
      Why then are you clamoring for biafra? What a life of hypocrisy! I sorry for your generation.

  37. The worst ting ever hapen to this darkness called country nigeria, is bringing Hausa, Yoruba and Blessed Biafrans togather as one nation. Soon they will start feeling the heets. Because anyting built in this darkness called country, control by demonic people, most be distroy. How can someone who worshop moon and ster ruling the people of GOD what do you think offer? Absolutly noting, mutum banza.

  38. Wow, dats anoda gud news again, from de millitants, well done done boys @ de Millitants, show de Zoo country dat Biafra has come to stay if not der shall be No peace for de Zoo, Biafra is like a wedding dat will hold veri i repeat veri soon. Any being dat is against our Biafra not to come let de Jugdement of God decend on such person in jesus name, amen… Not even de Zoo presidoo can stop us… All hail de Biafrans…..

  39. Congrat one day dey will blow dare selves

  40. NDA pls and pls put an end to all ds destruction.two wrongs can’t make a right the has truly been neglected but give FG time to come up with solution am from Delta state but hate ds actions.FG organise meeting with d 6 govs and all our traditional rulers there .

  41. Great job! Buhari continue to appoint ur brothers to fill everywhere. U will soon pay them with cow money.

  42. All these northerners commenting here now did not see anything wrong when their elders were sending their children to enrol with boko haram just to disturb GEJ govt. Is it just coming to ur notice that to bomb a place is very destructive? Ur herds men are every where in d south killing anybod they see, and all ur comments on that shows u have soft spot for them becos they are ur people. See there is no region in nigeria that cannt manufacture bomb now ,is not meant for only the north. I will not be happy with these avengers until they blow up all the wells they have not touched eg, focardos terminal, Tunu 1 and 2 ,opukushi flow stations, Netugbene, Bilabiri stations, Egbemagarabiri 1& 2. After all these destructions, let me hear one Nigeria again from any axis

    • tell thoes fools not to stop

    • Buhari is not disturbed. States govt & workers are going to bear d consequence & by inductions traders are going to feel d brunt. Check allocations going to oil producing states have drastical gone down. Bayelsa that was getting #11 billion before can hadly get #2 billion now. The damage been carried out is more against d oil producing states. Let them ask for their rights in better a way.

    • We like it like that. Let d allocation come to zero. Let the environment pollute 100% , we are not complaining. If we beg u for help later on, pls ignore , dont assist us. Let d explosions continue in my backyard i love them. Pls i am to surfer the loss not u and so dont cry more than d bereaved.


    • Then continue o. After all there are many countries without all and they are better than Nigeria. It will even help us to be productive rather than waiting for God given wealth which nobody is working for.

    • Aisha how do u describe ur elders that voluntarily donate their children to go and bomb ur villages in order to discredit Jonathan’s govt? I don’t know how to use foul language on humans just like u did to me Aisha, but try to examin my comments critically. Ur man made Nigeria ungovernable for jona in order to assume power, how does he expect to have a peaceful regime? Is a draw game abeg and good enough no one human being has been killed , ur people killed both man, woman, children, properties burnt and ur elders supported them just to dethrone Jonathan at all cost. Pls let the bombs continue any where in delta my state and let me remain a very strong pagan , I am enjoying it. Hand don touch una

  43. Iong live NDA long live biafra, i tolt hawusa

  44. The first thing that NDA ought to do is to carry out video coverage of the communities in the Niger Delta where crude oil and gas is sourced and compare with video coverage of Abuja in the day and night times and some State capitals especially in northern Nigeria where crude oil and gas monies make up to 90% of their revenues and upload the video on Youtube so that people can fully grasp what injustice is being done to the people in these oil and gas producing communities. The video on Youtube which can be watched all over the world will put more pressure on the Federal Government. A lot of people in Nigeria don’t how grievous the injustice is till they watch that kind of video.

    • @Reuben Eboh, people will still not understand because someone from that region has been president for 6yrs,overseeing an oil boom period and yet the rot remains?

    • Pictures and videos speak volumes and those languages can easily be understood

    • What a small brain. Have you forgotten your son, gej, was PRESIDENT for years?

    • Where is NIMASA boss? From which region is he? Open your eyes your so called representative in govt. cheated u all along & pocketed everything to themselves. PMB IS HELPING YOU.

    • @ Abdullahi and Ibrahim,all the manipulations at who gets to be the President of Nigeria and how long is well understood by us. You willingly brought Obasanjo out of prison and made him the President, to pacify the west for killing MKO Abiola. Afterall , you dictate the tones,even if he spends 8years, the oil wells, the main essence of the entity called Nigeria is in your safe hands, if he disfavors you, you will vote him out with your manipulated numerical strength. Head or tail, you take it back when you want it back. Goodluck spent 6years working so hard to please the north who had taken it as their birth right to rule this country. You always lay claim to the fact that on sighting all the neglect in his state, Goodluck could not do anything for his people, but in actual sense , you were dictating the tones for him,untill you removed him. Ok, why was a rail project commissioned to start in the north and not in the south. Untill whatever arrangement that gave the desert region more population than the rainforest area is corrected, Untill the west and the East put their acts together and call a spade a spade, Untill the oil blocks proceeds of over the years and ownership of these oil blocks are returned to the local people of Niger delta, the true unity of this country will continue to be a paper work. Igbos need freedom more than we need the oil. Niger deltans of old gave in to federal troops in 1967 believing they will fair better denouncing Biafra, but got the betrayal of their life after the deal was done , because the hausa fulani had to get rid of Isaac Adaka Boro,and Niger deltan had to be treated as a conquered people alongside the Igbos. Othewise ,how else could all the hausas-fulani’s from the far North be allowed to own all the oil blocks in Niger delta since independence. It is on this ill-manipulated numerical strength advantage of the north that the progress and unity of this country is tied to. Even if you(Hausa-fulani) present a goat or cow as a presidential candidate, Yoruba and Igbo(major tribes) starts hustling to be your bride. This was how you successfully sold a stark illiterate Buhari to us and the Yorubas started singing”change,sai buhari” in preference to an erudite professor. We/Igbos cannot continue with a Nigeria of this nature . Its either a regional government or biafrexit, because no person in Buharis status will be legible to contest for leader of Western region, if confederation were to be adopted. I rest my case.

    • I can see that PMB is actually helping us by filling the nation’s military and para military position with muslims and northerners so that more than 80% of the recruits into the para military are from the north. He is indeed helping us @Shehu Ibrahim

    • You are indeed very stupid @Mikhaeel Maikasuwa Abdullahi. I am almost so sure that you don’t have a first degree. Moron!

    • Then blame GEJ not Buhari. GEJ ID suppose to do all this things you are clamouring for but he prefers drinking bear than developing your area. By so doing to Buhari do you think God will allow you peace? Pls thing over it and make peace

    • @Hajiya Zainab Abubakar Boryo, GEJ preferred drinking ‘bear’ than developing your area? And PMB has been busy planting northern muslims in all strategic positions in Nigeria, ensuring that more than 70% of recruits into NSCDC and NPS thereby promoting unity and sense of belonging amongst Nigerians?

    • The bulk of the money that is shared amongst the 36 States, the over 700 LGAs and the Federal Government comes from the Niger Delta (through crude oil and gas and Lagos State (through VAT) but still yet, the north that contributes less into the federal purse has filled almost all strategic positions with her people. No wonder Fela sang ‘which kind sense be dis’? You contribute less but greedy enough to pack most positions to yourself as if you are more skilled or educated whereas the North has less educated people than the South.

    • This is exactly the problem am having with my south south people. Jonathan was there for 6 years, what did he do to region. Upload a lot of pictures and let see who will be most embarrassed. If I called Jonathan a “needle” what would you say?

    • Call him whatsoever you wish. GEJ is of age to reply you.

  45. It has never been like this in the history of Nigeria, bus since Buhari can do it with his people let him go on. Full blowing of pipeline are yet to come, so that his overzealous supporters will treck to Daura for support. Tell him that there will be no provision for national conference.

  46. All Dis idiots that are commenting rubbish here where u not there when ur people promised to make government ungovernable for gej now let the nda make the government ungovernable for u too so that u can see how painful it is those boys have come for revenge that’s why they call there self avengers.

  47. i want dem 2 bomb aso rock alongside presidential villa wit misiles

  48. Very soon they will blowing up the forceful marriage of 1914 lo ba pari

  49. Kudos to Niger delta pls dnt stop,interesting movie

  50. All of u supporting shld nt support wit mouth go der n join dem cos d


  52. Nd avengers continue until u boost the last pipe, warriors of our time naso.

  53. War against the N.d.a is war against the south just the way ur people told former chief of army staff that war against boko haram is war against the north.

  54. Please don’t stop he who lough last, lough best.

  55. The oil found in the niger delta is the reason behind why the yurobas and their masters in the north are saying peace and unity, suppose the oil is found the west or north what would have happen to we who are from niger delta.

    • That means all along when se & ss have been working with north, they slaves, bc this d 1st time yoruba votes counted at d centre. Even as opposition in those years they lifted their states. Why this bad blood being your 1st time in opposition.

  56. @ Fabio Kenneth u are on track. Useless and evil almajiris

  57. No going back until we are allowed to country our resources and secondly true federalism is d only solution to dis

  58. if u do ur research well u will discover DAT a dry land (north)wit so much desert can’t b fertile enough to produce crops.. so they should stop all these lies about dem feeding the country for yrs. and they should also stop claiming majority wen dey are not actually as much as they claim.. enough of this .. we Dnt want one Nigeria again.. DAT is it.. every one of them is crying.. because their lives depend on the oil..

    • You missed it, if israel with worst land can feed itself. It seems you have never travelled to d north, that is d reason for ur prejudice & that is d problem of many of us. We dont move around d country & see God blessings around us being mismanaged by elites telling lies to us just to have an advantage.

    • am glad u say Israel.. a blessed case closed

  59. You cowards propagandist! Cont. bombing everything in your conterminated shanks and stop maiking noise. You virus infected bats!

  60. Keep destroyn ur land one day u wil be sorry nd regret

  61. Bright azowara you are a genius ‘ you have said it all my brother , if Niger delta are destroying the oil pipe line how come is the north that is so disturbed about it ,

  62. Pls blow up all Niger Deltas. We get land for refugees in Ijebu Oru where Liberian refugees just left.Lazy people wey dey tie rapper go farm.

  63. Only a mentally unstable, morally bankrupt, socially insensitive & politically unpatriotic Nigerian will stoop so low as to support d destruction of his own region.
    Remember “He who destroy to succeed will definitely meet destruction on his way to success, if not now certainly later. May God Almighty destroy d evil doers, erase their generation & restore peace to d region.

  64. Niger Delta Avenger militants? I dey laughooooo! Hahahahahahaha for destroying your fatherland while you dont have other country, you are stupid, irresponsible and uncivilised people

  65. As 4 me, there is nothing wrong 4 avanger 2 blow up everytin, so dat EVERYBODY will sufa it. Buhari hardship is 4 everybody, Avangers is helping buhari govt.

  66. Well,the best way to stop CORRUPTION is to stop producing of oil and gas, so that those big wings would not see money again to fly out? I rest my comment!

  67. Biafrans can develope Niger delta like Dubai.. New York… Lagos… Stop cheating them give Biafrans their own country……..

  68. The silent of a social and political activists, civil right, & human right group and the legal activists movement is worrisome and also means a lot. Why are they silent? I mean the above named mentioned groups concerning the proliferation of the daily and deadly attacks on govt.facilities carriedout by N.D. Avengers.

  69. The tragedy of ND and SE is that they are sheep without shepherd.

  70. The government still have major role to play to end this without blood shed.

  71. its a shame, only 5? let dem blow all d pipe lines in Niger Delta…..when d pipe lines finish, den they wil start blowing up dia own family members

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  73. Good job destroy all so every body must rest no more oil money

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  75. North will dig their first oil well by November, Lagos will soon launch their 24hrs entrainment, Nigeria will use the proceed of those place to maintain her self while Delta will continue ruining their soil

  76. We no longer hear of d army sent 2 crush dem n d naval ships n gun boats? Rather they go 2 d communities were d weak n elderly are n beat up innocent civilians but ar afraid 2 go into d creeks

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