Sunday , March 26 2023
Ibe Kachikwu

ND Avengers attack Agip, Shell trunk line in Bayelsa

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The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) have once again dealt a huge blow to  Oil facilities in the Country. The group in a tweet from their twitter handle @NDAvengers revealed that they destroyed Nembe 1, 2 and 3 Brass to Bonny Trunk Line belonging to Agip and Shell at about 2:15 am on Saturday. Nembe is in Bayelsa State

In another tweet, the group also said, something big is about to happen

Meanwhile, Vanguard has reported that soldiers invaded Oporoza, the traditional headquarters of Gbaramatu kingdom, at about 1.52 am, this morning and were still laying siege to the community as at 8.00 am.

The soldiers, who came in no fewer than seven gunboats, allegedly beat up residents, including an octogenarian community leader, Chief Atiti Mala, with the butt of a gun.

“They were asking the helpless villagers to produce former militant leader, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, and members of the Niger Delta Avengers,” a youth leader told Vanguard on phone.

Ijaw leader, Chief Godspower Gbenekama, who confirmed the attack on Oporoza, said: “Information available to me is that the military invaded Oporoza again in the early hours of today. As I am speaking to you, they are still there molesting people.”

“They have arrested many persons and villagers have fled into the bush, this is wrong, they are going to worsen issues with what they are doing. I posted on Facebook that they invaded Oporoza and a military called me to tell me that they would deal with me.

“We are not safe, we have said it over and over that Gbaramatu people are not synonymous with Niger Delta Avengers, they should leave my people along. If they want to kill me, let them go ahead, but I will continue to say the truth, why are they harassing my people, they should harass the militants whose activities we condemn,” he added.


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  1. They shall be dealt with and put to justice for this nation to move forward.

  2. Sunny , i rather think of dialogue

  3. Let the Fed Govt look for ways of dialogue

  4. Sunny my brother in as much i also don’t like the happening i also think our oil wealth shouldn’t be in the hands of few people.

  5. ND avengers should bomb d whole region n dry up d oil spillage,then build new blocs of oil well,I will pay d price of their foolishness!

  6. The oil investors are most welcome to yorubaland to develop our oil to full capacity. The Niger delta avengers are a generation of drunks, lazy minds and waste!

  7. I think some thing is wrong some where?????????????????

  8. Oils abound in other regions of the country. Let us explore that and help the Avenger destroy everything at Niger Delta and let see if they have not become beggars and cannivalist

  9. Wait and allow them destroy everything…

  10. My dear Nigeria. hummm wit those Niger delta brother,l will advice federal government to dialog wit dem

  11. Must we be totally dependent on oil.can’t we start looking for alternative sources of income

  12. Very soon it shall be history, when, Lagos, Maiduguri and Enugu oil companies start work.

  13. Chika Ohaji, God bless you, the cheating is too much. 98% of Oil Wells belong to northerners while 2% belong to other tribes. One aboki was boasting last month that Oil in Niger delta land belong to them in North but now the owner of the Land is wise now and they want to take back what belong to them and you are sending solldiers to crush them. These people listed 12 things they want government to do for them to stop bombing oil instolations but instead of the government to meet their demand, they went to bribe them with 10 million dollar thinking they are after monetary gain. What dies it take government from releasing Nnamdi Kanu and Dasuki from detention, if the government want peace. The problem with Buhari is that he think he is God. He feels nothing will happen as long as he is power but by now he might have learnt his lesson. Look at how appointed only northerner in key position. Is only the northerners know how to be in government ? When GEJ was in power he Shared the key position to all tribes. Buhari feel that NIgeria belong only to the north but now he should understand that people can choose either die than to be a slave in their own country.

  14. D name nigeria is a fraud let us divid

  15. Jonathan should be arrested for diverted Nigeria military weapons to Niger Delta,simple.

    • Even before Jonathan’s Niger Delta militants has been in existence so who financing them with weapons then?

    • U people are the ones we are trying to correct ,u surporters of evils covering the truth, no mater how u cover the truth it will speak for itself and expose u people who sides evils, is it because is not happening in ur region.infact let us be watching u people to see where u people are taken this unua nigeria to…..

    • This one said think b/4 u speak.remember we are responding to ur greviance responds any where something happens u people we say biafrans or niger delta living million heads thaat have gone all in the name of ur boko haram whom we now know as fulani herdsmen.but all i know is this, God will fight for his people and the heads people u waisted will hunt u forever.wicked people.

    • Then God will arest buhari for jailing innocent people.

  16. All of you are thieves and criminers,if you dont like what is going now in ND region.quastion,if this oil found in the north or so called yoruba land will they share it talkless allowing othre tribes into their own areas, please if u dont know or ve any thing to say just be calm and develop that ur own oil wells.

  17. How many boko haram ve u delt with?

  18. Why are we believing lies in Nigeria 90% of oil well never and can Never belong to Northerners it’s just that the Ss wants it all
    1 NDDC
    2 13% derivatives
    3 special allocation to OPS
    4 payments of amnesty
    5 special appointments
    6 scholarships……etc
    But the fact is that the ss don’t want other parts of the contry to touch the oil again the greedy biafran are the brain behind the chaos in the SS,

    • Must somebody be a slave for ever?

    • Don’t Mind These Cowards, Betrayers And Dirty Elede People Who Always Talk Opening Their Gutter Mouth.

    • @ Temidayo Johnson we always knew south west people as a betrayal and gullible human that have no decision on their own they allow the north to push them around,come to religion an average Nigerian don’t know Yoruba man true religion is that not a enough prove of fake people?

    • I know this can only come from the Brutrus. Ee te bru tee.

    • greedy selfish and self centered tribe #Igbos

    • Olodo temidayo doesn’t even know what oil block means. He thought it was the palliative from the government /oil companies to the host community. And he is amongst the people whom we are to discuss the nigeria problems with on this page. I just the laugh.

    • If u don’t like the igbos, Die in HELL.

    • Even you Brutus… Betrayers

    • Hell is built for
      1 Kidnappers
      2 money retualist
      3 greedy / selfish people
      4 seller of fake product
      5 Man Eaters
      6 I Before others
      7 betrayals
      8 lovers of money
      if you want to be sincere all these are common among a tribe in Nigeria so HELL is waiting.

    • And that tribe is Yorubaal @Temidayo.

    • Temidayo Johnson all you mentioned erupted from Yoruba land the origin of juju

    • Why yorubas never see themselves as part of southern Nigeria and they fail to call a spade a spade?

    • This small boy na mumu o

    • What do u xpect before they deserve the best of all they need in life as far they are the one laying the golden egg that make NIGERIANS to rank among the oil rich NATIONS on planet earth, the northerners should respect the NIGER DELTANS if not time will tell.

    • …and when has it become an issue between the Niger Delta and the North? I can desern some unseen hands behind this. Evil is what it is, no other name for it! Lets not encaurage violence in the ‘lands’! Only the living can tell the tale! Nothing above dialogue and mutual understanding…

    • Yorubas have over take Hausa tribe as the must stupid tribe in Nigeria. Can this idiot swear with your life that Your master Hausa did not own 80% oil well in Niger Delter?

      1. Apo Well was award to Sapetro Oil owned by Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma .Apo field is capable of producing 300,000 barrels per day and crude reserve of 500 million barrels.

      2. OML 110 Obe oil field own by Alhaji Mai Daribe, Cavendish Petroleum with an estimated 500 million barrel of crude oil that worth $50 billion dollars after tax.

      3. Akpo condensate field was awarded to Sapetro Oil owned by Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma. This field worth $100 billions of dollars.

      4. OML 112 and OML 117 were awarded to AMNI International Petroleum Development Company owned by Colonel Sanni Bello. Son inlaw to former Head of State. Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar. Its worth $150 Dollars after tax.

      5. OML 115 also known as Oldwok field and Ebok field was awarded to Alhaji Mohammed Indimi. Inlaw to former Head of State Gen. Ibrahim Babangida the two fields worth $200 billion Dollars.

      6. OML 215 was awarded and operated by Nor East Petroleum Limited owned by one Alhali Saleh Mohammed Gambo. The field worth $100 billion Dollars after tax.

      7. OML 108 awarded to Express Petroleum Company owned by Alhaji Aminu Dantata. This field worth $128 billion Dollars.

      8. OML 113 was allocated to Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Limited owned by Alhaji W. I. Folawiyo. Net worth is $150 billion Dollars.

      9. Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero cousin to the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanisu, owns ASUOKPU/UMUTU marginal oil fields. It worth $110 billion Dollars.

      10. Inter is owned by Atiku Abubakar, Yara dua and Ado Bayero has a substantial stakes in the oil and gas exploration in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

      11. AMNI International Petroleum Company owns OML 112 and OML 117. Former Minister of Petroleum and OPEC Chairman Rilwanu Lukman has major stakes in AMNI International Petroleum Company.

      12. OML 67 is operated Afren Plc. Rilwanu lukman also has a major stakes and the field worth $180 billion Dollars.

      13. OPL 245 is awarded to Malabu Oil and Gas owned by Dan Etete. Former President Obasanjo and former Vice President Atiku Abukbakar all has major shares. It worth $50 billion Dollars.

      14. OPL 289 and OPL 233 was awarded to Cleanwater Consortium, the two fields worth $200 billion Dollars. Former Governor Peter Odili of River State, Obasanjo and Sultan of Sokoto has major Stakes.

      15. OPL 288 was awarded to focus Energy Senator Andy Uba, Obasanjo, and Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma are the major stakeholders. The field worth $70 billion Dollars.

      16. OPL 291 was awarded to Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited owned by Emeka Offor. The field worth $100 billion

      17. Mike adenuga’s Conoil controls and operates Six (6) oil blocs and exports about 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily. These 6 oil bloc worth $500 billion Dollars.

      From this analysis above, 90% oil blocs are allocated to individuals from northern Nigeria and some confused elements from the yoruba region are calling the us Niger Delta names, some are calling us criminals.

      My question to these groups of individuals calling us names are; where were you when all these atrocities were happening to the people of the Niger Delta? IT’S A PITY.

  19. I think the time is now to define. True federalism””destroy your heritage and collect remuneration from your grand fathers”‘ Jaja of OPobo,,,fools

  20. Let’s wait till that time that wll never come and let the oil serve the whole world as Gods given gift to nigeria was shifted to the north and south only with being rationed and instead it was w used by people will live and die in dackness bevause u are doing what ur father the devil thuoght u to do( john 10:10a.God who giveth blessing will jurdge u all.

  21. Go and deal with them and put the to justise for the nation to move forward.u sit in ur mothers kitchen and urge them to be brought to justise if u ve brought boko haram to justise or fulani herd’smen to justise then u can do the.may u are ine the oil well beneficiaries, my advice to all is this you people will see urselves in the stage dancing from music played by mr had it be i konw/regret.

  22. Thank you my sister, ask them we have all the mineral resurces and they focused only on oil not knowing that any thing that have begining must also have an end,is only but one day.

  23. If u dnt know what to contribute to this effect just remain where u are and dont mention biafran here, a proverb said when its remove from the head it wll droped on the shoulder, just wait until that man who is holding all ur land in bondage since 16 years drag all of u to the mud.

  24. Stupidity from our criminal minded brothers

  25. @ Temidayo Johnson we always knew south west people as a betrayal and gullible human that have no decision on their own they allow the north to push them around,come to religion an average Nigerian don’t know Yoruba man true religion is that not a enough prove of fake people?


  27. Love you Fred Ayogu for that beautiful piece.

  28. All of you there that are against Niger Delta avengers are useless idiots. Let BUHARI use 80% gas resources from the north and run NIGERIA. Enough is enough. Obasanjo, babangida, atiku, tinubu, sanusi, adenuga, you’re all fools. We’ll bomb more idiots. Stupid fools

  29. This our president thinks that he is God,NOBODY can be God,give hear to this pple he refuse,there air,land, water is polluted and no body care,this pple land suppose to be like London

  30. Avengers ur days are numbered.

  31. Temidayo remember dat biafrans hav enough oil and.ibos in delta and rivers hav enough if u want to die because of avengers go ahead.

  32. To move Nigeria forward all hands must be on deck.

  33. Pipeline contracts loading.

  34. Buhari is reaping what he has sown

    • Destroy Buhari oil well now. Yeye peoples even if na 1 naira remains itgoes to the coffer of the federal government. All those big allocations enjoyed by your States will go. Instead of you to hold your Governors to account how they what they collect you are calling Buhari. Gej has just lift una no see am?

  35. What of Buhari oil well? Una never see are avenging yourself. Before you know Tompolo, Asari and others will disappear and leave these people called Avenger on their own.

  36. i wish d so NDA boys no what they are only a foolish man that ignite his home with fire under d xcus that he doesnt want other people to share in his meal

  37. When i hear or listen to how ur names sound to ears it gives me the impression that people are caws in human clothen.some of them write messeges because they stole oil money and bought phones i dont blame u speak what ever u likes yeah freedom of speach, u are entitled to ur opinion.

  38. I think hausa/fulani and yoruba don dey cry?
    Thief our oil and claim one Nigeria.
    Y will the North own 90% of our oil blocks?
    South south don wake up

  39. So u want Buhari to release Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu how do u explain to d family of d soldier killed in battle bcos of lack of amunition that d money was diverted for another purpose which is selfish!U need conscience

  40. Continue bombing the oil facilities, you will know the implication of it when it is time

  41. niger delta terrorist go back the fire comic near

  42. Look back nd see (GMB) would flush u out

  43. Brightfuture Archibong where are you right now be sincere?

  44. 90% of people agitating for Biafra are not staying there but they want to mislead those that stayed there,you people could have supported Jonathan to declared state of Biafra immediately he took over from Yar Adua than to allowed him wasted 6 yr s of corruption, killing innocent souls and impunity. Every enemies of Nigeria and evil promoters shall die in shame in the mighty name of Jesus because l prayed for Nigeria day and night,e.g this is 1:38 am.God Almighty will surely answers my prayers.

  45. I think oil have found in lagos in Yoruba land you Yoruba people will allow the people from north to come and 90% of oil bloc if you people talk let buhari bring Army to the area ooo

  46. If the oil blocks are in the north, by now the name Nigeria would have been history or a southerner becoming President . Sharia would have been implemented all over the country or they would have show us the way out. If we resist Jihad.

  47. People voted without thinking.

  48. One thing baffled me, the northerners and yorubas are the people crying out loud in the destruction of oil installations going on in other people’s region. Why? Hmmmm, na waoh oo. This prove to me that they regard us as fools all along. I have been warning this northerners, they don’t have monopoly of violence. Every oil installation should go down before any dialogue (if ever) should be allowed. I have seen a gang up against the oil States and communities. The government in power should use the money from carrots, kolas, tomatoes, ground nuts, onions to run this country. Let’s see how it works out. My advice to the northerners, stop your threats, it won’t work. Sue for peace or you get what you want.

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