Friday , January 27 2023

ND Avengers accuse Military of Cowardice, threatens Captain Hosa, Oil companies and workers

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The Niger Delta Avengers has condemned the Nigerian military for harassing innocent people of Gbaramatu Kingdom under the guise of looking for their members

They alleged that pipelines protection contract has been awarded by the Federal government to Oil Marine Services (OMS) whose Chairman and CEO is Capt. Okunbor Idahosa also known, as Capt. Hosa and that Captain Hosa has been using the military to harass the innocent people of Gbaramatu while also accusing Tompolo of softness.

Capt.  Idahosa Okunbor
Capt. Idahosa Okunbor

In a statement signed by the Groups Spokesperson, Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo, they said: “To the Nigeria military, why are you looking for soft targets? If you are looking for the Avengers you know how to find us. Don’t deceive your President. Information gathered by the Intelligence unit of the Niger Delta Avengers revealed that Oil Marine Services (OMS) whose Chairman and CEO is Capt. Okunbor Idahosa also known, as Capt. Hosa is the company Nigerian Government awarded the Pipeline surveillance contract to spanning from Escravos to Lokoja. The said Capt. Hosa bribed the Brigade Commander Benin (Brig. Gen. Faruk Yahaya) alongside the Officer Commanding Army Gunboat, JTF (Major. M. B. Yahaya) with the sum of two hundred and fifty million naira (250,000,000) in collaboration with one Ayiri Emami to destroy Gbaramatu Kingdom in the guise of looking for the Niger Delta Avengers.”

The Avengers have therefore promised bloody reprisal attacks against Capt. Hosa his family, the military and oil companies

“To you Capt. Hosa the new pipeline protector; the intelligence unit of the Avengers has your full data, we know where all your assets are located and that most of your businesses are in the Niger Delta. For this single act of injustice against the innocent people of Gbaramatu you, your wife and entire family will suffer”.

“Is the Nigeria military now a hired gun for the rich? The Amnesty International should take note of these officers who authorized the harassing of the innocent people of Gbaranmatu.

“To the International Oil Companies and Indigenous Oil Companies, it’s going to be bloody this time around. Your facilities and personnel will bear the brunt of our fury, which shall fall upon you like a whirling wind.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. I luv this, alryt they should go to d war front and meet them

  2. Nuclar what?nija 2fit get am frm Us,china n iran.just a 1dr0p s0uth east/nijadelter wil b hist0ry idi0t ppl@Freakky p.

  3. Who is more cowardly?! Those that wear a recognizable uniform and show themselves in public, or those that wear masks and skulk around in dark like cockroaches?!

  4. Army an customs na so so north plenty

  5. @ Freaky prince, please if you are not timid come out openly with your group and declare war against Nigeria.(Niger Delta Avenger AGAINST Nigeria) Otherwise what you are doing now is criminality! You are avenging against who? Yourself? Destroying your properties! Where is the sense! Think sensibly!!

  6. May the Lord grant us peace in Nigeria. Amen and Amen.

  7. Hmmmm Rat wll always lead u 2 his hole

  8. They are cowards agree, the militant should show their bravery and exchange gun fire with the cowards

  9. hahahahhaha pls let them come out and face the military fire power, I thought Tompolo is having a war ship let him use it, yesterdaythe Army were in his house but the coward ran away and his group. creeks? why are they running away with their speed boats, why their Fathers and mothers are been tormented, save them and save yourselves cowards…

  10. Ur enemies, shall remain blind why you all execute your plans

  11. Niger delta avengers you enemy will not see you in all the days of your activities

  12. Cowards! You are hiding behind innocent people displaying an act of cowardice, if you think you are braves please come out and stop hiding.

  13. Just like during his locust years in sports.

  14. # MOVINGFORWARD : Kebbi State is Walking The Talk….My Advice to the Niger Delta Avenger! Palm Oil is More Expensive than Crude Oil; Cassava is Also More Expensive Than Crude Oil; Samsung Started off as a Fish Exporting Company….Think; Farm and Grow Rich. The Alternative is to Bomb Pipelines; Destroy Your Environment and Communities and Impoverish your People. This is a Choice for My People…According to my friend Okeke Godwin Iyke; ‘To Whom Brain is Given, Sense is Required’.

  15. God will destroy all our enemies

  16. Baby factory products, no wonder,

  17. Make anybody no fumble here, make u pple face 1 anoda.
    Make we no oga.

  18. Main lookin,….. This guys don’t look like those illiterate terrorism like boko-haram….
    This r well train and educated men , fighting for them right….
    Then don’t go after innocent citizen bt those cabals….
    Goodluck to u able men with vision.

  19. Don’t mind them they never see anything let them come out

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  21. we know this since ,army only specialized in harrasing innocent/armles civilian,naija army aka boy scout of nigeria

  22. kingdom K 4 this 9ja ? we talking about serial issues here I think we all talking about 9ja so boys be careful

  23. Y ar they accusing d military instead of facing them fr war ? If d child doesn’t allow d mother to sleep, d child will also nt sleep !

  24. You talk like a kid, how old are you, i really wanna know!!!@ Francis Aganyi.

  25. They are just looking for cheap recognition from their deceptive paymaster alias Buhari the daft.

  26. No tym some pple from west and north are stealing with bad returns in name of change pls fire dwn no more free boko juice I REPEAT!!

  27. You too should come out and face each, then, we will know who is who.

  28. The army should help the idiots to level there place let see who is losing animals, all the so call militants are nothing but fools,what are they fighting for if not for there pockets,and to keep the communities under there command and uses them as they want and become contractors over night why the people they claim to fight for still remain poor and exploited,how many of them have used their new found wealth to clean up the environment they messed up

  29. Let Nigeria army go to d creek and battle with Avengers daz wia dia president sent dem to go and not parading on d street intimidating d innocent ones

  30. com out and fight dnt make noise

  31. Do we hv army in Nigeria ? Boys scout is better than them

  32. Hmmmm. Let us always think of fair play and justice. Killing our brothers is not the solution.

  33. You idiot we have crued oil in the north east you have to know that hmmm and we are about to refine it

  34. Hearken to my voice O brave Avengers. Just make your location known and stop hiding in the creeks then we shall know the real cowards. Rubbish!

  35. Let millitary go to creek and face them the millitary know where they are let them go there and meet them man to man not intimidating innocent men & women in there home.

  36. Time will tell…the way I see it, any weapons they think they have we shall see soon….one thing I know is there will be a point of no return, no negotiations and their bodies will litter the so called creeks at that Point.

  37. If you have the community at heart, you guys won’t be this stupid. Mitcheeeeeeeew

  38. Buhari’s army are just busy Ridiculing their selves by Expired brain order

  39. I love challenges and this particular one is crazily earning my keen interest.

  40. But military know where these guys are, y can’t they go they? I bet u, am in Niger Delta region at d moment. The claim dt military killed 10 Niger delta guys on Saturday is a huge lie, instead many soldiers who didn’t how to swim nor have knowledge of d environment died in water(creeks) dt day.

  41. some people are celebrating avengers for their mentally act bt there is day of reckowning. b careful this is how boko haram started when the real war started no avenger no innoccent

  42. No any idiot is above the law, who ever breach it should see it for himself, nonsense money worshippers.

  43. why are you hide in innocent people.

  44. Hehehehehe I can see Hausas and Yorubas calling NDA cowards, telling them to come out and face the army…. If the so called brave army know how they fished bokoharam out from their creeks and defeat them technically, they should go into the creeks of NDA and fish them out as well…. Or don’t u know that fighting in the streets u know well gives u more advantage…. Ekwuchakwa m…

  45. Put on your militants regalia or uniform and engange Nigeria military, then we can know Who is coward. They pretend to be fishermen and caused Mayhem’s. People of integrity know you and security use the intelligence gathering to make an arrest

  46. So Militant Are Hidding, I Think The Should Have Confront The Armies As They Arived Their Region, Fool At All Times Militant.

  47. We heard this type of grandstanding & posturing before from Boko Haram,but when the chips were down, many of them took to their heels ,& went into hiding. Time will tell.

  48. Criminal come out and fight if you are serious stupid

  49. Let’s talk in few weeks from now.!

  50. So also ur brodas boko haram.

  51. If u are bold enough come out don’t hide so that we will know who is coward

  52. So u guys think nigeria will intimidate us rite

  53. We want division not together

  54. Nig military are fund of harassing innocent citizen everywhere we know that for sure

  55. For your next production audio /video pls contact R.O.J studio on 07037208161,also if u like to be training as sound engineer /films editor u can reach us as well…take a step wit faith today & u will smile at d end

  56. I wonder someone call someone a coward, and he hide himself not confronting the cowardice.

  57. Avengers are litrates not illitrate boko harams trained by illitrate buhari, they re not after destrouying lives but are after their freedom from the evil called nigeria, nigerhan army can not withstand them. The pipes they destrouyed are under the watch of army, this is a prove that ur gaint armies are incompitent and not a march to avengers. Do you know how much buhari is on them, to make suqe that they deliever.

  58. So so mouth and propaganda. We will soon know that Oga na Master. If you think the military has started any armed assault on your trained militants, you are joking. When the party starts, you waste no go fit shake sef. Make the flies dey fly around make noise first. Lion and pussy, all na cat family. Na wen gbege start we go no say lion different from pussy.
    Make una just dey run una mouth stupidly first. I tanda for area dey wait una.

  59. Yes oh i love this. Track him down alongside his family. Spare his family but deal with him.

  60. This display of deceits and propaganda are they real no!!!!! No one can fight or threaten a whole nation security and go Scott free this people are playing with fire.

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