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My Wife Not Butcher, But Brings Home Knives To Harm Me

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A distraught husband, Semiu Okunade, has revealed his wife often had penchant for bringing home different knives, threatening to stab him. Okunade claimed he handed five knives to his mother-in-law while he had gone to complain to her sometime ago.

“Any time we have a misunderstanding, she will wait till it was night and we are in bed”, the husband said.

He continued: “She will switch off the light and threaten to stab me with a broken bottle or knife. I have taken to her mum’s place on five different occasions, five different knives she used in threatening me.

“She once came to my workshop with a knife hidden in her dress. She suddenly pulled it out when we were arguing and I had to run for my dear life.

“She pulled out a knife against me around 11:00 pm of that same day. I ran out and she shouted ‘thief, thief’ after me. I could have been lynched but for the street guards who identified me.

“I didn’t go back home that night. I stayed away from home for days and she appealed to one of my apprentice to help beg me. After much pleading,  I told him I would give her audience only if he was there with us because I knew she could come with a dangerous object and he agreed.

“She leapt on me immediately she saw me.  As I was struggling to get away from her grip, she stabbed me with a scissors on my side. I bled heavily and had the wound stitched.”

Odunade said the problem between him and his wife started when he confessed to her a woman had earlier had two children for him before meeting her. The man said he continued to see the woman when his wife made their home hellish for him.

However, the wife, named Toyin told a different story.

She said: “He’s a liar and a cheat.  He never told me he was married to another woman“.

“I never knew he was dating this woman who was then living in the room opposite his while we were courting.  I was friendly with her and even took a gift to her when I learnt she had put to bed, although I never knew who the father of the baby was.

“It was after we were married and we had moved out of his former house that he confessed to having a child with the woman.

“He begged and swore he would not marry her but take her children. I took him for his words not knowing he was fooling me.

“This woman never ceased to rain curses on me on the phone. I told my mum all that was happening and she made this known to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law rejected my rival in our presence.

“I got fed up with her habit of picking the calls I made to my husband and went to her place to warn her to desist from doing so. She flared up and slapped me.  I then arrested her with the police. My husband beat me blue-black for this

“He swore he had nothing doing again with this woman, but still went to her place to sleep with her.

“The last time we fought,  he beat me  till I almost fainted. I was rushed to the hospital and was on admission for three days.”

The couple made the claims in their divorce suit before the Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo state.

The case was adjourned.

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