Wednesday , March 22 2023

Military promises to deal with Niger-Delta Avengers

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The Director of Defence Information, Brigadier-General Rabe Abubakar on Saturday stated that the military will deal with the on going insurgency in the Niger-Delta which has resulted in the destruction of Oil and Gas pipelines,

While describing the activities of the militants as unpatriotic, Abubakar said the Defence Headquarters was watching the renewed militancy, stressing that the military will be holistic and professional in their approach to the problem.

“This is no doubt a criminal activity and they will be treated as such at an appropriate time. The whole world is seeing the callous and unpatriotic activities of this gang. Our response will be holistic and professional, which will come at an appropriate time.

“The military and other security agencies will ensure the apprehension of these criminals and leave no stone unturned in this direction, in compliance with the directive by President Muhammadu Buhari.”

“The community leaders, oil companies, and innocent individuals should go about their legitimate endeavours, as the military and other security agencies have the capability to respond appropriately and guard our strategic assets and other platforms,” he said, adding, “We did it before and will do it now for the interest of our great nation, no matter who is involve.”

Also, the Commander of Operation Pulo Shield, a military taskforce in the Niger Delta, Major-general Alani Okunlola, said the military was doing everything in their power to contain the militants.

“We are doing our bit,” Okunlola said, explaining that the DHQ would speak on the details of the plan to end the emergent attacks.

A senior naval officer disclosed at the weekend that the military and other security agencies would launch a massive offensive against the militants. “You will hear about it very soon and when we strike, the whole world will know. We will give them a decisive and fatal blow,” the officer, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said. He added, “The plan is already being mapped out. Nigerians will know that we are on top of the situation.”

It would be recalled that the Niger Delta Avengers, had on Wednesday night bombed Chevron’s valve platform, an offshore oil facility located near Escravos in Abiteye, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. The incident forced the company to shut in crude oil output from some fields in the western Niger Delta, while critical gas supply to thermal power stations in the country was threatened.

The attack, which occurred about 10.30pm, took place in Benikurukuru community, near Escravos, in the Ijaw axis of Gbaramatu Kingdom, hometown of ex-militant leader, who had been in hiding, Government Ekpemupolo, popularly called Tompolo.

The incident might potentially affect gas supply through the gas pipeline from Olero Creek to Escravos as well as the operation of Chevron’s tank farm, Chevron’s Abiteye flow station, the Sagara and Otuana flow stations, and the Sagara and Odidi pipelines. However, the volume of crude oil impacted was not immediately known.

But another attack late Thursday on Chevron’s three swamp flow stations in Warri South-West council area were said to have effectively wiped off 40,000 barrels per day of crude supply. NDA also claimed responsibility for the incident, which was the company’s second consecutive days’ mishap.

The latest attack was said to have affected three platforms in Makaraba, Otunana and Abiteye, leading to the loss of more than 40,000 barrels per day.

The attack also affected the gas pipeline of the Nigerian Gas Company, a subsidiary of NNPC.


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  1. Go and deal with pokohalam first u army coward’s.

  2. Please hurry up, they’re already expecting you!!

  3. Go and deal with fulani herdsmen nd boko haram first,Nonesense!

  4. they ar ever ready according wat they exercise, let them face the wrath

  5. Deal first with Bokoharam that DEALT & is still DEALING with you!!!! COWARDS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Let that cows in the north be introduced as national cake too.not the oil in niger delta

  7. oga take things very easy ooo or else you go believe those guysooo.

  8. If the army ever step their foot there,none of them will come out alive.believe me if boko can do it,niger delta can do it more and more

    • You are there in new Delhi and telling people home to fight the military. I am sorry for those fool that will listen to your stupid idea

    • Aliyu AbduAwwal it has happened before n government granted them amnesty, 7 years with boko haram boys n shekau is still alive.This call AVENGERS MILITANTS

    • @Aliyu,are you sure you are following time? take note,government doesn’t win war these days! if you are too good in observation,you will realise that those that oppose government with weapons are targeting government attention on things government are supposed to do! They make sure government are wasting their time on them,that is why some sensible governments are always open for dialogue! It will also please me to tell you that to take fight against people in ocean is very costly.They can destroy many ships and aircrafts easily.Dialoque is the best or war forever!

    • If you prefer that,that is your own cup of tea,a word is enough for the wise!

  9. Now I understand that attack helicopters US wanted to sell to our government is not meant for boko haram but militants who were there to defend their rights ,shame!

  10. You want the southerners to always be patriotic while the northerners are only interested in their own Regional interest. Had it been that this oil is found in the north this Entity called Nigeria could have Disintegrated.

  11. Those people are not from Niger Delta….they might have come from the neighbouring countries.

  12. They should look for Russia for advanced weapons such as anti aircraft

  13. Pls the army should not waste time to embark on operation no mercy on militant because they deserved aggressive approach just kill them like animals enough is enough.

    • Cow is talking,who is animal?they will give their body for bird of air to eat,well of you and fore father is talk out of sense

    • @ Muazu Garba, you and your entire Generations will die like fowls first, insha Allah.

    • Aliyu, the stupidity in you and your likes here is that you think there are no southsouth and southeast in the Nigerian army and it seems you think we are still in 1960s when these regions will give blind loyalty to the satanic caliphates of your terrorist govern,ment. They should come withe only hausa/fulani soldiers and see what will happen to them.

    • Aliyu,the military itself know the challenges involved in fighting the militants! or you think their operation is on the land like Boko Haram? by the time these people down up to two aircrafts and ships in the ocean,you will know the financial cost of fighting in ocean with people you hardly see with your bare eyes;you better think of something else! My advice is for the government to dialogue,or they fight and waste their time forever to the detriment of the economy! Please check out Syria and Libya;who wins?

    • @Muazu Garba,if you have a brother in the military,please advice him to stay away from such mission,they may use him for food!

    • The battle is of the Lord,your father and brothers will come but in the our lord Jesus they will be defected

  14. It’s disheartening hearing some of the posts/comments as if Nigeria hasn’t made all of us, as if Nigeria should go off the world map. What I see PMB doing is to stoically confront the brutal fact of Nigerian reality, corruption and dwindling mono culture economy, et al, and at the same time retain the faith to prevail at the end. This is the paradox at hand. If we are determined to move Nigeria from good to great, we should put aside our individual or sectional agenda of personal greed and ego, and religious and regional differences to make Nigeria great. This should an article of faith.

    • But Buhari didnt put that aside when Jonathan was there.He threatened him with fire and brimestone.When you live in a glass house,you dont throw stones.The law of retribution has set in!!Time is ticking…

    • Ugochukwu,was anything good in Jonathan’s regime apart from harbouring criminal groups like these ones and allowing looters to have field day which some of you might have beneffited to the detriment of most Nigerians. All these nonsense must not be taken with kid gloves. No nonsense any further, Nigeria must heal, God so willing.

    • Muhammad, tell us one single thing that is good in buhari’s both military and civilian regime?. You puke shit out of your gworo and dadawa infested brains thinking you are reasoning.

    • Jonah Ogbole,if you write it in Hausa or Fulani language,you will have over one million likes,because your post favours them more than you!

    • Jonah, to hell with Nigeria! Do u think that we arr comfortable answering Nigeria? No! We werr forcefully made to answer that crap. Let Nigeria seaze from existing in Jesus name.

    • Bokohari is a total failure to humanity!!!

    • @tanimu tell me who is not a criminal in buharis regime? I think u need to visit Google play store to install brain into ur empty head cos u have non

    • U re jus t a mad man, i am nt a Nigerian, i am a Biafran ok.

    • Abel,one good thing which you may not acknowledge about Buhari because of clannish or regional mentality is that he is not stealing Nigeria money and will not allow any goat to do it. That is why most of you are ranting.

    • @tanimu u said buhari is not a thieve, have u ever asked how he got the money for his campaign? All his cabinet members re bunch of desperate thieves who looted public fund, so what do u ve to say about that? If anyone is ranging here then it most be u, better shut that gutter u call mouth cos u re not making any sense here

  15. Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. C how cows and foolanis dey comment trash


  18. Pls deal with Boko Haram first! Destroy d deadly herdsmen thereafter! Dats d best way to demonstrate professionalism! If things are not walking, let everybody be free to go home!

  19. This so-called military that is even afraid of common knock out besides who are u threatening? Addition what is ur power? zoo military.

  20. What about the Fulani herdsmen?

  21. “Oil interest”kill everyone in the south in order to oil the economy.(No condition is permanent.)Engaging the militants militarily will escalate the problem.So much blood has been shed in this country in recent time.why do we kill ourselves instead of resorting to Peace. The Niger Delta oil will destroy my beloved country.Those interested in the oil will burn Nigeria sooner than later.

  22. Oil, oil, oil, every time; i tinx we believe in Agriculture not Oil, why fighting for oil now,

  23. The only muscles am seeing is air campaign, so they should look for anti air from China or Russia

  24. Please my brothers And sisters they one man wanted going to 4 months now ,hav they seen him?useless army

  25. May God punish all the military dat say so. Are you through dealing with Boko

  26. Please my brothers and sisters they declear one man wanted going to 4 months now ,hav they seen him ?useless army

  27. Nigerian military and their boasful posture always. ”We will deal with boko haram”, at the end, na boko haram conquer. ”we will deal with herdsmen”, 4 wia? U ppl beta beg those militants to have pity on Nigeria. U ppl are only good at killing unarmed civilians. Rubbish!

    • C ur idiocy is high to heaven

    • Adeola you are the idiot here,…so shut ur toilet called mouth up!

    • GenSec Adeola Obadaye clap for urself. Demented, hypocritical, imbecile.

    • My broda deltans, let’s embrace peace for God’s sake.

    • After dealing with militant they will deal with biafaud

    • Empty threat, u have not deal with boko haram and Fulani herdsmen now u want to deal with millitant , u pple make noise more than action, the only action u pple knows how take is to intimidate and humiliate innocent citizens

    • Only God can have pity__Go and pray for forgivness__trying to put man over God__let them continue the felony_the law doesn’t dangle__justice must catch up with them #God bless Nigeria

    • Shehu ibrahim mohamed you are the biggest fool above forty that ive ever known. Everyone is talking peaceful solution ur talking about dealing with biafra. The army cannot defeat Chief Tompolo talkless of other groups that will soon join the crusade taged operation distabilize the zoo!

    • GenSec Adeola Obadaye. Don’t mind dem , their villages wld soon be wiped off the map .Trust Buratai Mr nemesis for all Biafraud and terrorist

    • when will Nigeria problem solve with all this low thinking and destructive igbo. keep blowing d pipeline its dose not reduce our salary, its u and i dat are suffering fools…

    • May be boko haram conquer your village cos the last time i check they have been rooted out of Borno and yobe. And for some of u who support some criminals who vandalized our infrastructure, vry soon u will hear from Burutai and his men.

    • Okon Nigeria never existed and u wil make ur choice soon don’t worry…

    • If all of you are boasting that Bokoharam had been defeated then you have to use the sambisa forest for your grazing project, no need for coming to disturb us in our land.


    • The army talk as if d militant have a front or a particular location a man can attach a bomb to a pipeline in warri and b in lagos before detonating it via timer force alone cannot solve dis problem but a little depiomacy and a little force knowing that our budget still hang on oil bench ,mark

    • Any body that thinks Nigeria will survive is not getting it right, this is the beginning of the anticipated disintegration. We should be thinking of how to make the fragments competitive, may be 4, 6,or less. The zoo must fall.

    • Just passing by…….. Dose of u saying empty threat should wait n see…… One dog was saying unarmed Innocent in militant abi…….

    • Peace peace peace is wot i need in Nigeria.

    • It is a pity people just open their mouth & vomit robbish or even send nonsense facebook, initially d so called pionneer founder of BiAFRA 4got abt it b4 he died, now d millitant again vandalised d oil pipeline,let waits & see who is 2 BLAME. Whether B/HARAM, HERDSMEN, or d MILLITANT. Nigeria belongs 2 everyone but not single one.

    • No more Nigeria ………..

    • Ezugwu Faze Festus see as you comment like imbecile, you na think say na broom dem dey sell here or tokunbo part just dey think from your anus

    • Mustapha Amuda,there is nothing like one Nigeria in reality and you know it.The North through their islamic religion hates us,you only accepted amalgation and indepence as a means to facilitate the continuation of 1804 Usman Dan Fodio jihad unfortunately,it has never been as you people planned it,and it that agenda that Buhari has been enthroned to accomplish and we are aware of all your plans because the Amighty God we serve through His only begotten son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is solidly behind us.

    • The fall of Nigeria is at hand

    • Iam so ashame see d way we christian are making comment just becos of power

    • What is Nigeria and where is it located?.

      Nigeria died since 1967 after the Aburi accord.


    • Prince Adewumi Oluyemi Fariogun is another lunatic broken loose. I cldnt read wat u wrote, evn afta u edited it. Pls there is free education in Ebonyi State. Mayb u shld go there n get basic education.

    • I remember the empty threats by some ignorant Igbo before Kanu was arrested. Its ignorance if not you would have asked yourself why Tompolo is hiding and why Dokubo is silent. The NA is far beyond your youthful thinking. Ask Odi and Zaki Biyam their frighful experience. Many of you were hailing BH as stronger than our military. Now that the right leadership is in place where is BH?

    • let me remind you that even if we break up, peace among ourselves isn’t a reality, the smaller we are, the bigger the problem, ask yourself why the local government election are always dicier than even the presidential election, where is the unity even among the eastern states when you forbid to marry from certain tribes, will breaking up stop the communal wars within our regions? As Christians we must stand for truth and drop all sentiments, learn from Sudan, Libya and others, some of us don’t talk or have any affinity with members of our family because of family property, yet you want to have a country where both of you will be on the same page, we need to think again . We are better off as one, let’s join hands together and create a better Nigeria for our next generation

    • Prince, no be true him dey talk, I no dey for this country? Me self follow am talk dsame, they better dialogue wit d guys bfore them distroy everything way they make una boast

    • Faze, u bad gan, I gbadun ur sense of humour, those old idiots who took part in destroying today for the youths tot we send them, for their pocket.if them no want make we talk,yawa go gas. We are ready for una.

    • An ibo man with no sense

    • Igbo ppl still think it’s military of Jonathan regime..they promised us that boko haram Wil be defeated and can all see the testimony and now it’s high time to deal with militants.and they will suffer it

  28. Militants knw wat dey want d oil belongs dem 90%of Nigeria economy is from oil and still yet no good road in South east and south south enough is enough guys ride on. Blow more pipeline militants our government ar to selfish

  29. This is yet another test case of good governance. Let’s see what your military power and prowess will achieve. Good luck to you.

  30. Which right do the militant have?after giving them amnesty,they went ahead to destroy government facilities.they should be treated like BoKo Haram

  31. Have military finished with boko haram/ fulani herdsmen? Leave those Niger Delter, stop the killing of innocents people. Face what faces you. Nigerian forces are too good in killing innocents.

  32. Talkers go n start with boko n herdsmen first

  33. And those militancy are very lazy. This is not drunken master jona era. NAF are now strong under PMB.

    • You talk cheaply, since it is buhari the imbecile era, we’ll see how far they will go, but put on your mind that the seperation is loading fast, every buhari’s miscalculation is a step further.

  34. Na dis ur big belle u want use fight militant?

  35. Conflicts of this nature, could only be resolve through dialogue.

  36. Nd 1 more thing,if u ar going dere carry only hausa nd yoruba people oo,dnt go dere with igbo people oo

  37. lol how? the mystical pythons of the creeks are waiting, they are hungry no food in d jungle ..things are hard..Nigeria troops will surfer it….feast……

  38. Dey possesse beta Ammunition more Dan nija military, please dialogue or we keep killing ordinarily civilians

  39. Pepper soup and liqour generals whose only taste of battle is to kill innocent Nigerians. Shame on these marauders on military uniform who became general by coup plotting and looting of national treasury. I pity all of you because this time around you meet kami-kaza in the creeks of the niger delta and your boss the old man of daura will learn the hard way and then will he realise that we are not in 1984.

  40. Very good,deal with them senseless people,what do they want?.

  41. So you are about to create more problems for yourselves. Despite the one you are still suffering from. If the cap fits the #ZOO army let them wear it. All hail #Biafra!

  42. Let watch and see may army is small or not

  43. C d idiocy of these miscreants supporting militants una never take una drug? I pity u and ur likeminds cos u gonna pay dearly..bunch of idiots

    • Adeola, your utterance itself is idiocy examplified. Show me where you made similar utterance when your fellow blind zombies give credence to the killings of the marauding fulanis and bokoharam?

    • GenSec Adeola,stop showing your strength on facebook,join the military in the Niger Delta Creek when they are ready to do so! but before you do that,write your WILL for your family and reconcile with your enemies before you join the military in presenting your body as food for those bad boys! Just go and test your strength in the ocean,instead of facebook! just do that in a hurry,those boys are hungry for your flesh! When they waste their dynamite on you,your flesh will not be much enough to be compared with 10,000 naira cow meat!

    • Abel Atamenwan and Ubong Jimmy leave the BASTARD to talk cheap on Facebook. Is this d first time Military has ventured on this mission? They know what they encounter there. They should just send Hausa and Yoruba soldiers on this mission. That’s all I want


  45. If you cannot deal with Boko Haram, how doing you think you can deal with Squared that can buried not only Nigeria Economy but a total stand still

  46. My fellow Nigerians let’s give peace a chance,one love

  47. How many soldiers do we have in Naija? Gorilar warfare is dangerous oga Bokohari.

  48. Deal with them at once. It must be fire for fire. No mercy

    • U re here shouting why not come there and stop then ur self and see if we’ll not cut off ur head and trow it to the vulture to feed, fool

    • Nobody that can hold us slavery.remember in time of emergency every male is a soldier .we all can aswell carry arms in self defence.u cant cause fuel scarcity and u cant stop electricity aswell u cant suffer innocent nigerians .remenber this is a time of full action. Soldiers wont take any nonsense.if u are ready go home and prepare for a bloody civil war

    • @bro james remember 12 new brand automatic war jets are coming ur way. to give u rebels the message of salvation. Operation jesus my brother get ur house inorder. This is an action govt .no more nonsense no more rubbish. No more slavery. No looting and corruption. No more rebels. No more barbarism. .heavy shelling will be ur radio message

    • @Njoku, u re just a moron.

    • @bro uzoma am not against any tribe rather am a friend to all.but whatsever dat u are doing just add interligence.u cant use ur positions to starve ur open enough and say ur problems out not destroying things.instead come out and return fire for fire.actions speaks louder than voice.i believes in full action dueto without war there wont be peace. A coward dies many times before his death

  49. This oil is what will share this Country soon.Where was the military when these heartless Fulani herdsmen killed dozens in Benue State? What did they do when they killed innocent Nigerians recently in Enugu State? May God punish those that are opposed to the progress of the Niger region.You hate us,but you worship our oil.No weapon fashioned against the Niger Delta shall prosper.Any military formation that rises up against us, in judgement shall be condemned.

    • Why all dis fulani shit fulani hv been all throughout dis country I can compare fulani herdsmen to thr normal abakaleki man from ebonyi state any state in Nigeria and u don’t see an ebonyi man dat state is not popular pls let fulani rest but if not anybody dat carry buhari hatred to fulani will blame himself

    • God will bomb those destroy ing oil pipelines to suffer the masses of nigerians.

    • Sidiq Funsho Oba, Your evil intentions towards the Niger Delta won’t bring us down.You poor old fool.Boko Haram has been bombing you continuously in the north because of your tribal bigotry.Your people will keep begging for the rest of your miserable lives.Smelling fools that don’t take their bath for days.

    • Brain dead.You have been brainwashed by the people that hate you to believe that others hate you.Tell me what did you benefit from having one of you as president?And how have the billions being pumped into your tiny state been used for?They looted your money and turned around and tell you your enemies are outsiders.Even the militants fighting now are only using you to get what they want for themselves and their families.We have seen how the Asaris, Tompolos amassed billions for themselves and invested in other countries all in the name of fighting for you!

    • Na so dear whc military? Nigeria military has fail they ar after women in mammy mrket and artisan in enugu dnt mind them… Foolish soja

    • @sidiq why should masses of Nigeria suffer because of bombing of oil pipelines?, why should Nigeria survive only on the oil? Because all u aboki in the north are bankrupt of wisdom and knowledge,ur people lacks the sense of creativity, u only have the mind of killing and stealing and cheating, always depending on what government will do for u or what u will be stealing through the position of government u occupied, u people should develop ur mind through positive thinking on what to do to impact ur world and ur generation, always looking forward on what to get through oil money, yeye man!

    • u are hailing militants in their deeds just like many northerners supported bokoharam until it turned 2 become a thorn 2 their flesh. let’s criticize d activities of militants, bcos bombing pipelines must result 2 people’s hardship, just like d fuel scarcity we had, which was caused by pipeline vandalism

    • @salihu the poorest man in Niger delta is still living a better life than u frustrated beggers in d north that depend on oil money, animal brains

    • @ james I’ ve been to the creeks , I know who they are brother, so tell your story to the birds.

    • Fulani herdsmen killed innocent people yet motion was said for like 3 days. Now just oil pipe set these guys dey burst and the military want to deal decisively with them. Who is fooling who in Nigeria. In as much as am not in supportt of these militants but why keep silence to what the herdsmen are doing , killing people and invading peoples culture to comment on something that is not worth any ones life.

    • Brown or blue what ever you decide to call yourself, l can assure you that your name indicate that you are aslave settler n not from that area. Alkali has replied hence l don,t need to waste my time.

    • soon buhari will die like his fellow aboki brother yaradua bet me

    • @Sidiq Funsho Oba,I thought wisdom comes with old age,but yours is different.Show that comment you made to your wife and Children and hear what they would say Nobody will support that tribalistic statement you made.Where were you when Boko Haram killed millions in the north? Did the burning of pipeline take one human life? What did you say when your blood tasty Fulani herdsmen killed innocent Nigerians in their numbers? We don’t want to be together with the north as one anymore.Let’s go our separate ways.Did you not hear that the only maritime University that was sited at Akarankoko in Delta State was relocated by Buhari your brother to the north? The boys are destroying the oil wells,since you claim to own everything in Nigeria including our oil.We are not comfortable living with animals in human skin.Have you once sat down to think why your people kill innocent Nigerians every now and then? You are evil.You don’t value human lives because of your believe in Islam.How could human beings attach more value to cows than their own Children? God is paying you back for your evil towards mankind.You northerners will never find peace,for as long as the world exist.I have made my points clear without mincing words.We are tired of this fraudulent contraption called Nigeria.So all we want is secession.

    • Oyege Nimi Brown this parasites called Muslims can never think properly especially when it comes to the issue that concerns Christians that is the reason why they can never support #TrueFicalFedralism

      Let’s see how it goes.

    • Boladale smart: its unfair that out of hatred You rants trash like this. Bringing the rationality of yoruba race to nothingless. Even history is bearing witness that if nigeria as a nation can grow in the satistic of ebonyi growthment, it would have outshine london or USA. #Factprofile: ebonyi state was created on 1996. By general abacha millitary adimistration. Having walter feghbour as the first governor. The 19 yrs old ebonyi has develope tremendously more than its mate.

      If your myopic but blindly fanatic ill mind will allow you to reason beyond your anus, ebonyi state & ekiti state is mate created by same person. Compare and contrast ebonyi to ekiti state. Ekiti state university is not in top 200 nigeria university. Check ebonyi rank for your asigimatic insight.

      2011, ebonyi state born& brought up emerge the best WAEC candidate. 2014 came second, this year unizik best financial student is from afikpo south. 5.6 gp. Few i can remenber.

      Going to business, development, ambitious, and rasonings your assigment is to name the best three gov presently in nigeria. If not dave umahi, (ebonyi) ikpeazu(abia) ambode (lagos).

      Though its through that ebonyi has not reach to compare former capital lagos, but through the allocation going to ebonyi the gentlemens here will no that boladale need brain rehabilitation.
      If i may ask you go to EBUSFROM and see how many yoruba that is their. Go to unilag, UI. You will give testimony of ebonyi level.

      Before coming to entertainment. Is it not bizzarel to rant such a thing? Go ask about ebonyi. Am a mere 0 level certificate holder, school in OCSS. Born, brought up in ebonyi. State the pragmatic fact of your comparing ebonyi to unestablished fulani wanderers. Both my kidergarteen-secondary level education is from ebonyi, look at my comment critically. And see ebonyi product. #Loveebonyi all hails salt of the nation. Fools bewarned!

    • Evans Chukwu.pls tell dem.u shuld condemn in totality d fulani killers n dt be too api a about niger deltans bombing as well.hmmm.boko haram started dis way.we all know d depth.niger deltans millitants r on dia dont know u.wen what make u api now turns around.u wl run to sokoto n call it badagry.flexing muscle about violence.u dt know nada my people.condemn every bad act dt say u r frm one ebonyi or okene.pls go n watch real war films.i mean tribal war films.dat ur fine car wl turn ur enemy wen it wl happen.u wl see ur kids on d street unknowingly u wl pick dog or broom.think my brodas think

    • No oil can shere dis great nigerian as fear God has sent his servent president Buhari to come nd set his captive free it is we christian who are just useing mouth to curse confusion

    • Hmmm hope u pple will nt regrete it when army take over? It always easy to make mouth

    • If the Army takes over the Creeks as well as the pipelines and as far as securing the deep forests and stays there for ever,good luck! But if they think it’s an easy ride,I bet them.Nigerian army does have the capacity to do that.How much does a stranger know his way,around another man’s house?

    • Naso bro…..hw fa do dey knw us@brown

    • For saying Amen to this Prayer alone,God has answered our prayers already @Nwokedi Stanley

    • eskay you are a leech what does muslim for that matter do you , we talking on national issue not religious mumu .

  50. Akwa ibom, rivers,imo,abia,edo,ondo states are they not Niger delta nd oil producing states? Why are they peacefull? Why are their militants not striking? Pls! I need answers.

  51. Akwa ibom, rivers,imo,abia,edo,ondo states are they not Niger delta nd oil producing states? Why are they peacefull? Why are their militants not striking? Pls! I need answers.

  52. Sentiment is our greatest enemy in Nigeria!

  53. Laugh want kill me.Government gave up on d first militants destruction by granting them amnesty , 7 good year to defeat boko haram z June 12, fulani herdsmend they can’t even defeat, not to talk of AVENGERS MILITANT. War without end loading…..sorry for the new widows from the military

  54. Two wrong cannot make a right.

  55. Deal with herdsmen first

  56. These militants should b delt with.

  57. Oga, dialogue with them. Be wise, military combat is not good.

  58. Make nig.troopz no run oh!

  59. I believe the Niger Deltan will curse the militants soonest.Nearly every region is becoming oil producing area.Even in the North East.Ondo and Edo are among.Alre ady every nation is lookn for alternative to oil.The price can not even sustain the nation.I beg conti nue destroy your area, bravo, destroy your region,continue to destroy the future of the coming generation in your area.When ther e was no oil, we survive through agric.Wait for the next five year, your oil will be useless.Who is going to regret later?

    • Take note,we are not as stupid as your Hausa brothers who destroy their infrastructures and kill people,militants that we know deal with their enemies bone to bone!

    • Who told you Chevron is our infrastructure? who told you oil platform is a social or public infrastructure?

    • Dat’s why niger delta also wants to shift from oil to agriculture so not to be left behind. We wants to engage into planting instead. We no longer need oil again since it’s no more saleable. We need our lands for planting.

    • Why wait till 5yrs time, leave now let the niger delta make use of their land.

    • So why stil cling 2 niger delta oil when everz other place hv oil as u said? Why nt go and control urs and allow niger delta 2 hv theirs?. U in d west abandoned ur cocao which Nigeria has been one of d highest producers in d worl 4 oil, northerners abandoned their groundnut pyramids 4 oil in niger delta. Can’t u see where all these started?. Greed 4rm north and west

    • Our enemy is not North but main enemy is the west

    • Thank God for the West, ever heard of Boko Haram here or militants.Politically we maybe different we know how to settle our problemS.Ondo,Oyo,Ekiti,Ogun, Oshun,Lagos,Kwara,Kogi including Edo.We are from the same disendants.If you say the West are your problems.Yes you are right because we can not afford to join loosers.Even with special allocation to oil derivation area,what has come out of it.Your people are your greatest enemies!

  60. It is not every confrontation that requires force in most cases it requires wisdom. If you can destroy the militants without killing innocent souls go ahead but I am sure you can’t so please apply wisdom or there may be a more bloody civil war than we had before. Remember there is so much technological development now. See Libya see Syria see Ukraine please apply wisdom with love take away tribalism and selfishness. May God help us.

  61. Mind what u write on pages of social media,for ur own good.

  62. They are toothless bulldog, their sender will soon come to his knell to beg, these are nt hire boko haram or fulani herdsmen, they are fighting a just cost.

  63. A country where Cows/Oil are more than humans

  64. u pple r stupid has it ever worked?

  65. President Buhari should be blamed for the rising tension in the country. Niger delta have oil in their region while the north has killed agriculture, instead of developing the sector Buhari is busy keeping his eyes in the oil rich region.

  66. Talk talk talk. Pot Bellied stupid military

  67. You people are calling NDM insurgents,what would you call Fulani herdsmen and what did you do with then?

  68. Good! They were thieves and enemies of change.

  69. When it become xtians state they boast of handling,what of herdsmen?

  70. The head of state rules outside the Rule of Law, so also the military. The International Law shall one day speak for the VOICELESS.

  71. Dis s trash nd garbage Biafra s d only answer nd remedy.

  72. Y didn’t dey deal wit fulani herdmen

  73. make u no go send igbo soldier 2 go dia and die, rada send dose ilitrate military dat called dem self hausa and yoruba.ewu

  74. dealing wit militant wat about Fulani herdsmen

  75. May would be departed souls start to rest in peace, after all, it is a technical way to reduce our population across ….

  76. The pics rank here is a colonel. Well the military has spoken

  77. So what are they waiting for again. …

  78. Is it because it affect oil?If Buhari know people are host to the oil he will use to finance the nine university in the north why will he council only one given to Niger Delta?the world will hear when the battle starts.this oppression will no longer be allowed to continue.

  79. They should blow up all the Nicer Delta if they wish. The military will just be looking at them. It is their known trade mark. We are applauding them as they blow things up. They should just continue.

  80. Yes I believe, sudden & unnatural death awaits those nonentities called Niger-Delta Avengers. Their days are numbered.

    • U re here shouting why not come there and stop them ur self and see if we’ll not cut of ur head and trow it to the vultures to feed, fool

    • See one of the bastards ranting. Come to the town & meet me if u’re man enough. U’re a monkey, that is why u’re in the creek.

    • U re telling me to come to d town as if u can do anything if u see me, look I know ur type u re born coward who can only show his strength on social media, u re too small for me to deal with, I’ve dealt with many expired been like u if really want challenge me give me the address where u stay am currently in warri now

    • I dont argue with pig like u so as not to drag me through mud ‘coz I’ll be the one to regret but if accidentally, we come across, u’ll know u are nothing but ant!

  81. Niger Delta people were all thief the oil company build hospital and free medical free Education for any one that is ready to read provides job opportunity creation of Niger Dental ministry still you were yet to satisfy may God punish all of you idiots people wait and see when you will be facing gun shot one by one.

  82. Better close your smelling dustbin you called mouth,,Nigeria military,,you all are bunch of fools and cowards,,,where was the military when herdsmen are shooting innocent people? They have mouth to talk when pipeline are destroyed,,,Pipelne and human being which one is preferable to keep?

  83. Gen yusuf brutai our cosa sir .this country is above all of us any group of people that aired should be crushed as boko haram are dealt with

  84. Nonsense approach they need their state too

  85. All this are signs of end time. scripture must be fulfilled.

  86. Oil in Biafran land is only reason why the north is struggling for one Nigeria, lmagine where people value oil, money more than human lives lost! God revenge for people seeking our(Biafrans) life!

  87. I pity u mumu u go jst die like chiken

  88. pls brother of naija delta millitants pls wipe zoo Nigeria army oh I tros you Biafra freedom must come or dead

  89. prepare bcs militant are ready for zoo military

  90. 100% supted or we send nd
    hunter 2 finish them .

  91. Do as Obasanjo did clear every where so that innocent will pay out of it

  92. See this 1 u want make your wife a widow if u enter niger delta try and see idiot

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  94. The environment can never be more important than the ppl who dwel in it. If i wake up to discover that my parents ve bn robbed consistently for decades it doesnt matter how i stop the robery.

  95. U have not deal with boko haram and Fulani herdsmen now u want to deal with militant, u pple make noise more than action, the only action u pple knows is to intimidate and humiliate innocent citizens

  96. Yaradu’a was very wise man 2the Oil facility In Niger Delta, but here come the Tyrant Dictator Mohammad Buhari” declare War 2the Niger Delta? Niger Delta Millitants are complielin vindicating Info. Of their Brothers that are already present In the Region nd does that Are yet 2be Deployed 2kill their own. Time shall tell!! When the Hands that feeds U!. If the Heartlex African Hitler Mohammad buhari dnt Want 2comply with their 12points Agendars! Then the Future mst be Protected Now Or Never!!

  97. Government of the north

  98. Pls help me kill any stupid idiot dat vandalise our national hardwrk. Mumu militancy

  99. let d military go to hell. it is only oil dat day knw hw to protect, common properties de cant protect talk more of lifes. dont they knw were Boko Haram ar to go n fight dem

  100. Rabe i will bring your head down because i don’t waste time to shoot bullet, check my record.

  101. If it’s possible 4 chicken let them urinate , if them born Nigeria army very well oya let them go and die under Niger delta militant. Fullish Nigeria military.

  102. Onye and Ozugwu. Yu need to recap,yu are not takin positive. Yu made bad capture. The Nigerian Military is a professional field, the former government toy with the military professionalism,as a result,politics was allowed to render the Military a weaker team. But now,things has change,both Niger Delta,the Ibos,the Fulani heardmen are all Nigeria,but nigerianism welcom a patriotic and good citizens of the country. Those who stood to destroy government resources will face the bitter taste. Where were you,when Nigeria inspite of any location in the federation that produce a natural resources,the federal govt will take charge,but among the 36 states,the Delta oil region is rated better per centage. Why are you blowing pipelines ? The President has given order to fish out those Fulanis behinds the killin of inocent people. The Igbos who plan to divide the country,they should hold their leaders responsible for thir decay infrastructures,ibos held key post in Nigeria,but yur Biafra notion is the organs behind yur presidential marginalization. Allow the president to work. Whoevr stood to blow,kill in the name of grazn, or try to divid nigeria is this enemy of this nation.

    • What BIAFRANS needs is self determination. We are not one and we can never be one. For your information. Buhari called for two state solutions for Israel and Morroco @ UN 70th General assembly. And he said in quote “self determination is the right of indigenous people and is not right for government to use blockade and starvation to fight indigenous people That are seeking for they freedom. Now let me ask u, who is fooling who?

    • Mr Uchenna, i disagree with you. There is no relationship between the case of Israel a Christian dominated state,with Moroco,a muslim dominated population. The Moroca and Israel case can be subjected or suitable for a Unitary features of government. The UN assembly reference yu are making is in line with a recomendation given by member state,it will however remain pending until when endorsed by the members state. The Case of Biafra is not related,look back and see the objectives of Biafra,the past genocide. The nigerian constitutions by the legacy of the colonial and post colonial constitution endorsed the Nigeria federal structure,it was considered fit for the system of the population marked and regionalism. How can few people,within a region tempered to divide the nation with selfish interest. You can not justify the Buhari recomendation as a action endorsed by the UN assenbly congress. Biafra ,for any good citizen of Nigeria is not a resolution to visit,it should be discard off by all good nigerians. Thanks Mr Chukunna,am sure yu will come to term and reason with me,that Buhari did not hate Ibos,but hates the enemies of Nigeria .

    • So u mean that BIAFRANS don’t have right for self determination?

    • Biafra based on their request,the Biafra determination is a call for divission,that is what Nigeria will not support. If Yakubu Gowon who the Biafra ignite bomb did not allow Nigeria to divide,Gowon,for peace to rain,he defined the war “No Victroy,No Conquest, Obasanjo administration,a Man tryd to uprise the Biafra,he even went to the United Kindom congres and submit a talk, The Biafra referendom in United State,all dat was defined as an attempt to comit treason,meaning he wanted to overtrown govt,some igbos were kild,very unfortunate people keep dyin. Now Buhari is on point,the Biafra issues comes up again, why Biafra ? The Igbos have right for self determination,both individual or Igbos of any state or region,but Biafra self determination is for divission,dat is what any good govt will never and never allow. Thanks sir.

    • People are not willing to remain as one and it is advisable we parted peacefully.

    • Uchenna is refering to palestine and western sahara@yunusa

    • Frederick and Uchenna. I like yu all,you all hav matured mind. If it were to be some pple,they would hav start insultn, imagin,frm all yur names,it sound igbos,but yu stil calm. May the good lord bless and provides for pple like yu. Thanks for the observation Frederick.

  103. Niger delta avenger are economic terrorists that ought to be wipe out.

  104. Where Is The Governmet?,.

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  106. We must deal with dis fast more action less talk some unpatriotic elements disquising as millinonse must b brought to their senses

  107. If Nigeria army can deal with Niger Delta Avengers that means Boko haram, chebok girls and fulani hernsmen are political.

  108. so u can deal with niger delta just becoz of oil and gas but u ignore fulani herdsmen that kill innocent soul everyday foolish people

  109. Southerners unite and take what belongs to u . I still maintain ,the percieved unity of this country is due to Niger Delta oil

  110. Idoit fetus, yot will regret for your based assertion.

  111. I keep saying it I smell something fishy , bad loonser those who looted the nation dry and are still dreaming of being in or still hoping to come back to power can do any thing to see that the nation dose not move forward are these militants not sponsored to carry out all this attacks just to score the present government low note that they are richer than the nation wit there looted money and so can buy foolish and unpatriotic minds

  112. can any army high ranking officer go to fight with Niger delta militant? they jst seat in thier offices nd command the low rank army to go fight nd die. can the army fight War in the sea or creeks? they should not compare the desert northern area to the Niger delta sea area oh. it’s going to be difficult for the Nigerian army to handle, let’s see how it goes

  113. The military should match their words with actions. Don’t kill innocent people

  114. Vandals are terrorists pure n simple

  115. Oh how useless wicked fools there are

  116. Very sad. Nigeria has never been this divided. Opinions here show clear ethnic divide.

  117. U have not finished dealing with Boko haram nd fulani herdsmen, its Niger Delta Avengers U want to deal with now bcos of their own God given resources,,,,,,,,,,,,,, There is God oh

  118. Oyege ask your olden day fathers’ask! who are niger Delta people?,how they became human? And also how the oil been extructed, to be an oil on the earth surface, your furfathers are cheter and deceivers and ask them how nigeria became how it is now and who made you people human ,you just want fight without knowing the history.

  119. You are fighting for oil Nigerian army fights for unity and restore peice to the country, OYEGE,Each and every country even in America Russia,Paris there are so many ethinic indeginious group of people livlng together sharing various idears,.sharing different economics.

    • #Different ethnic group of people. I love that word. May lord lugard neva knw any peace 4 amalgamaging peaceful eastern beings with carnivorous northern animals without their consent

  120. Nigerian military has no work and conscience. let them go and deal with BH and F Herdsmen first.

  121. What are u waiting for? Give them hell!!

  122. The same Military failed to deal with the Fulani herdsmen. We want justice in Nigeria.

  123. U will kill ur self not my people ok

  124. Akpomejevwe Nyemachi Tedheke wrote: Every time a Crude Flow Station is Destroyed by Militants in the Niger Delta, The Environment is Damaged; Our Land is Polluted and Our Communities are subjected to more hardships…Let the Bombing Continue, who will lose?…The Government of PMB is dragging the Nigerian Economy away from Crude Oil; Lagos State has Joined the League of Oil Producing States and the Northern Part of Nigeria whose Reserves have been cynically suppressed over the years will begin production within the next months to two years. With time, We from the Niger Delta would have destroyed our Lands so much that future generation will curse us their Fathers and Mothers for killing their dreams. Let the Stupidity Continue my People…Don’t stop the blowing up of pipelines. Everyone of us thinks that a Blown Pipeline is an attack on PMB and His Government of Change…Insanity on display I must say. Kano and Lagos are Leading the way in Tomatoes Paste Production and Tomatoes don dey scarce shebi? The Northern Landmass alone is about 4 times the entire Landmass of the SS and the SE; Agriculture will revolutionize the North within the next decade…We from the Niger Delta will use our Oil to soak Garri and we think we are punishing Nigeria? Think Again, but Kontinu. I have been reliably informed, that the More Pipeline we blow-up, the more the Resolve of this President to get the Nigerian Economy off oil…The More the Presidency blocks loopholes; The More the desire for alternative Revenue; The More the Nigerian People get pissed off by our Stupidity. The Future is Lost to the Greedy, Selfish Demons of Today. Blow Pipelines if you can, Nigeria is moving on. We have a President who is capable of making the hard decisions and willing to firmly sustain those hard choices. Blow Pipelines abeg. Let Nigeria Suffer and Let our land be wasted. Kontinu killing your own future by your own hands. WEEP NOT FOR THE NIGER DELTA!!! OUR ENEMIES ARE WITHIN!!! – #BigTony.

  125. Stop fooling your self you can’t do any thing

  126. Nonsense let them go and finish with boko haram

  127. @kayode Omole,do you agree for Nigeria to start resource control, if really you want peace in this country, pls answer me

  128. @yunusa, will you well come the idea of resource control for sake of peace?

  129. @olujinmi,which company is drilling oil in on do state pls tell me

  130. You better deal with yourself first before coming Niger delta.

  131. Well done nigeria army forces deal white criminal from south south miscreants lazy people

  132. Goverment of the north, u are houry send military to go and kill niger deter’s d people owns d oil dat gives u power to speak in Nigeria, but whot have u don to ur fulani herdsmen dat kills people in their own state?

  133. And will not deal with fulani herdsmen who slaughter human being like animal

  134. Nigeria is a joke,

    By the way what is Nigeria and where is it located?.

    Nigeria is typical example of Animal Farm by George Orwell.

  135. Deal with your brothers(the Fulani herdsmen/Boko Haram members) first;human lives are more important than any other thing.

  136. The army too have flesh and blood….they should be ready to die in their numbers.
    Remember how even a senior officers die in the Rivers rerun election and how edo state governor left Bayelsa even with heavy security during apc primaries

  137. The truth is that the hatredness Buhari and his cohorts have on Biafran people is gradually unfolding, and this time around it must be settled either in peace or in pieces for enough is enough. Iam very happy that the rain Mr president and his cohort are drawing will carry thunders & lightening and will spare no one. When the time comes he will know that heavy rain respects no body.

  138. Avengers asked nigeria military if Nigeria worth dieing for???? Send only Hausa and Yoruba soldiers there to die just exempt the Biafrans kun ji kwo????

  139. Yea the trap will catch the lion but the lion will escape really you will go but wont returned are you through with boko haram? Wat of the fulani heardsmen foolish people

  140. d millitary comprises of all d ethnic nationallities in nigeria. even d so call militant ar destroying wat belongs 2 bot d living nd d yet unborn. issue ar ment 2 b address differently. boko haram is been addressed, herdsmen are bin tackled, wat abt d shittes? now d millitant wt a capital offence. d millitary has dia own way of handling dem.dia past governors dat have bin collecting a very large share of d nations allocation wat have dey done wt it?

  141. In the creeks or in the villages and towns where vulnerable men,women and children live?

  142. When are they going to deal with herdsmen,rubbish

  143. Lol u can only deal with innocent and armless civilans protesting. In d face stiff arms resistance u’re are fking cowards

  144. Dey are more military dan you.

  145. Mr man deal with boko haram n Fulani herdmen first, bfor Niger militant

  146. Chinua achebe stated on his novel arrow of the gods; that its story(history) that carries us, teaches, encouraged, and infulence us. The history of nigeria as a nation always bear witness to the southner region of their dehumanization and marginalization. In july 1967 ironsi was killed in counter coup led by northners, on August 1967 50000 southners was killed in north. On october 1968 800 were killed by danjuma led troop in delta state. Despite agreed in one nigeria. After the war jack gowon promise policy of 3Rs. But developement start from west instead of south were the war take place.

    During the recent honour akwaibom state Gov, ask while the policy of 3Rs start from west and north. Non of them answer him word. Back to the military, its northern man that killed ken saro wiwa. Its also northern adimistration that killed the populous journalist southner dele giwa.

    Ok, in the emergent of OBJ as nigeria democratic president, In 1999 he led a troop to odi community of bayelsa state and massacre the whole community. Timaya testify this. (who kill dem mama)

    its also important to state that the feeling of important is the deepest urge in human being. And its what diffrentiate us to animal. The question is how has FG made southners to feels important? PMB came to power close oghenekonke university, boycott the armnesty to some millitant who support APC. Read the view and warning of NDA to ekpomupolo.

    Contrast: AGF stated that the BH terrorist will be reintergrated back to society. The same BH that reffuse FG negotiation. Imagine! Look at the allocation, giving to southner state, 800b was located to west only, that offers nothing to national economy, while south is 250b, SE 2.5b what a united country. Its enomouros my fellow country men. To state it clear i support NDA. Let west and north feed south south& southeast. And be happy as they wish us.

  147. this people did not kill human being,they only destroyed pipeline and u threaten them with brim and stone , but ur brodas herdsmen killed hundreds of Biafrans and u treated them with kit glove. so u value ur cattle and our oil more our lives. a battle that u must lost indeed

  148. Dialogue is the best solution not the threat to deal with militancy……. Threat will further increase the bombing

  149. You Hav not done anything to fulani herdsmen

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  151. Since the inception of oil exploration even the west have 4gotten hw to cultivate cocoa, rubber, the north no longer export groundnut……. U guys shud jxt leave the Niger area 2 use their lands……. Or u think they are afraid of threats???? #drowning #things #loading

  152. The military coming to the Niger area are welcomed……. They should’t include our eastern brothers tho

  153. The day you will strike Niger Delta,the same day B/haram will strike Maiduguri again. Which one you go dey.

  154. na war dy smel so oh!!! , na war una dy find oh!! dis one na wabolo-wabolo..

  155. Nigeria,fuel,food,trouble and killings are increasing on daily bases. APC- my watch by Obasanjo. I believe he is watching his evil work.

  156. The evil plan has finally come to existence .

  157. go and deal with herdsmen. the millitants will finish you guys. i just pity igbo soldiers obeying them

  158. Let’s see who win soon.Nigeria Army vs Niger delta militant.

  159. The cup that you use to measure for Mr A will be used for Mr B

  160. Useless people, where is the military when various genocide was going on allover the country by the fulani herdsmen. I think that our so called President traveled when all this are going on due to his silent. So it is now the pipe line is been blow the president became vibrant to national issue. Buhari you don’t care about the life of the innocent Niger Deltans, and the South East people but you care about there oil. This is just the beginning Mr president hence you rule with hatred and division.

  161. And what have you old fools done to the terrorists Hausa and Fulani herdsmen killings human beings all over recently ????? I only pity those soldiers you fools are going to waste their life’s in the creeks

  162. They are nothing but millitary politicians,in otherwords politicians with glorified army uniforms and guns.Like their civilian counterparts,they have one aim in mind ”LOOTING” the treasury and resources of this nation to the detriment of the suffering masses who find it difficult to voice out because of poverty.The law establishing the Nigeria millitary should be amended that they will only obey the commander inchief only when the govt in power is living upto expections of the masses.Not when the body language of president is nothing but hatred to a particular region then you expect that all will be well.Buhari said in 2011 when PGEJ won the presidential election that he will make the country ungovernable for him of which he did through boko-haram.Buhari is reaping what he sowed.

  163. Yes, the NIGER DELTANS should be dealt with, because they are terrorists & saboteurs that are sabotaging the NIGERIA’S & our able PMB’S administration.

  164. Fools. I will deal with…… I will deal with every day. No positve result. The military should be asheme by now. Nonsense

  165. I just pity those recruite that are dieing for nonsense nigeria because i know they can never defeat biafra and niger millitant if u are fool in the nigeria millitary and they send u better resign because u will nt come bk alive.

  166. Nigeria must remain peaceful Nation & irs Nationals law abiding citizens. Brave & Good Military, a pride of the Nation.

  167. The most comfused tribe in Nigeria recently r ma fellow Igbos all bcos of the hatred they hve over PMB.. And the most painful part of it is that we dn’t evn knw how to hate…

  168. I said, this government is weaked government oil is important than human life

  169. Deal with fulani herdsmen who is killing incessantly in this country.
    By the way, who licensed their AK47 riffles?

  170. Have you been able to confiscate Boko Haramis and PMB Jihadist cum Fulani herdsmen terrorising Nigeria ? Deal with them first ! You should be thinking how best to unite Nigeria and not divide us into shreds !!!!!!

  171. Where is the Amnesty Intl when the Herdsmen struck?
    My condolences to the bereaved people of Enugu…
    To the Niger Delta Avengers, venue of war is always residence at very place of conflict… Any battle raised on destroys the homeland and the facilities there in. Please we should not allow any form of war to break up from your region. Herdsmen palaver does not worth breaking, bombing your facilities. Emotion should not dictate for our reasonry

  172. Dat same military were dey wen dem burst the last pipeline. They were 100m away to be precise

  173. I love Military. Infact, if we can go back to it. But, let them finish with destroyers of lives ( Boko haram).

  174. Sir, You have to deal with BOKO HARAM first

  175. They are enemies of Nigeria & Nigerians. The criminal elements called the Niger delta militants are not the representatives of the good people of Niger delta region in Nigeria but agents of the oil-theft industrial mafia & treasury looters in Nigeria. They are working dirty to cause distraction for the PMB-APC led government in order to weaken the PMB’s fight against corruption in Nigeria. The criminal elements that are vandalising the oil installations in Niger delta are enemies & they should be treated as enemies completely. The Military should do everything possible to completely wipe-off them from this earth to hell where they truly belong. Nigeria is not a lawless country & does not belong to the criminals & terrorists. Democracy is not a licence for lawlessness.

    • So you now know that any one fighting the country is an enemy. You didn’t say this when GEJ was in power and someone said he will make the country ungovernable .

    • Unfortunately the very person who was alleged to have said that they would make the country ungovenorable for GEJ if he failed to adhere to the PDP zoning agreement between the South & North in 2011, was a BOT member of Jonathan’s party the PDP from a state of the North & till today that person is a friend of Jonathan. He was dinning & winning with Jonathan after that his statement. He even worked to deliver his home state vote for Jonathan in the 2011 presidential elections.

    • you are stupid Abdulrahman Ohize, so you don’t know that its your terror brother PMB said that he will make Nigeria ungovernable for his lineage?

  176. The Nigerian army can never breakdown the guys at the creek, the is not boko haram and sabisa forest

  177. I’m shame with some Igbo supporting Biafra can one person come out and tell me which project nnandi kanu want do for Igbo land Nigeria government said no to him if I may ask were nandi kanu families dey when Igbo people for Nigeria are prostesting can some body tell me Igbo people died during protest how he donated for dey people families nothing northern do their on out of ignorance dey have not subsit I think Igbo people are wise which dey are not and dey can not

  178. Only God we hlp neija delta

  179. The only time our military proves to be strong, is when it comes to oil, but when it comes to boko haram & Fulani herdsmen that kill & rape, they go mute.
    Oh God save us from this tribal hate that has bedeviled Nigeria.

  180. Been right or wrong is nt important in setting things,lets do all we can t give peace a chance.

  181. The oil is more important than lives being killed in the north. Go and deal with boko haram first……..

  182. Military profession indeed.
    Go and show Ur professional tactics to bokoharam. Rubbish statement

  183. Don’t go and kill the innocent in their homes and claim you have dealt with them. We know how you guys operate. As much as I don’t support the actions of this so called Avengers, it is highly suicidal fighting these guys in the Creeks, a place billion times more terrible than Sabisa forest, except failure in Sabisa is planned failure.

  184. Pls, oga military. Deal with a greater threat to Nigeria. Fulani herdsman

  185. @ Ezugwu Faze Festus, I think it was rather your Jonathan who boasted. When next you want to comment on social media, make sure your brain is fully equipped with proper fact. Otherwise, you keep your mouth shut.

  186. Pastor Dr chief Poland… U say u love military abi? Goat no go the were u go collect from ppl chop o.

  187. Do dey kill any human? What a nonsense

  188. Buhari brags too much,x-general who thinks he can use Brut force on everybody bcoz He has the military to order nd carry out he’s evil agenda but I think buhari should know dat those guys hv some crazy arms for a while now nd they also wnt put those arms text by contesting with military nd besides thier terain is not easy for the military opperate on. so it’s not going to be easy to get crush those guys. OBJ tried it, yar adua tried it, GEJ tried it ,at the end they come dialogueing with them. so who’s buhari? if care is not taking the sturborness of buhari will bring nigeria dawn thru the Niger delta militant. the resources, economy is in their region nd these things are important to Nigeria.

  189. Deal with those undesarable element ,

  190. Trash,,,,,trash,,,,,,trash,they shd come,dem go receive Kala n chop groundnut,na me delta dey yarn,boom boom clad

  191. I will blame President Buhari only if the Niger delta President? come up and challenge the constitutional right of Nigeria President for exercising his authority over the resources he took oats of allegiance to protect and manage.

  192. @ Pastor Chief George Agim, who want be Pastor and Chief apart from you? You know wetin be all. Goat Chief.

  193. While d party dat appointed him d spokes man and his bosses is begging d avengers to sheath their swords he is here ranting rubbish .

  194. But ur seeing Fulani herdsmen killing people,idiot

  195. Mr Rabe plz remove de big plank in ur eyes (boko haram/ Fulani herdsman ) so dat you can see clearly to talk abt Niger delta avengers group. ABOKI

  196. At the end the passer by will be killed for no reason and nobody will say anything, but be warned, those guys are ever ready to kill you all.

  197. Buhari n his soldier show bury their face in shame,when boko harm n fulani people destroy lives n properties,they will send their gate man(IGP) to lie to Nigerians that they are from other countries,but when the Niger Dalter boys destroy pipelines,they will vow to crush them to protect and secure oil and cows,in steady of protectin and securing human-beings.Nigeria under buhari’s watch is dead n waiting for burial!

  198. useless why can’t the military kill the fulani/hausa that ar killing in tiv land, idiot.

  199. Military should just apply wisdom and stop all these boasting. Militants re not terrorist so handle them with care.yaradua applied wisdom.

  200. Tackle the Fulani herdsmen first

  201. are u guys tru will boko haram now or fail promise

  202. is not to seet down in office and talking robish stand up and go there and face theme if u comeback alive u thanks ur God

  203. Very unprofessional in media speech. They need to be trained under this administration by the Ethiopian Armed forces. Ewu

  204. I wonder why you keep forcing one nigeria on people who are not willing to remain as one due to blood oil.

  205. Army will deal with boko haram members in Niger delta

  206. They can better be arrested because any bomb sent to them in the creeks must smash a pipeline , pipes are everywhere therein.

  207. u think militants ar peaceful protesters. go nw

  208. They are not backward Government alone but entre peoples of Nigerian. It’s good work kill them all.

  209. Rabe as your name implies deal with any useless group without mercy bc they are terrorist.

  210. My fear is that the Generals will be in the comfort zone of their palatial mansions sipping and pupping champaigne while the young men wld be in the creeks and jungle confronting hell.

  211. Because it concerns the south now these wicked people will rise to fight us,but if it is the north they will look the other way, nemesis will catch up with you if you if you attempt to attack any part or anyone in the south.

  212. this una playing mantis game is for catching bugs not for tigers.

  213. Mr oyege. Mind u, oil belongs to nig nt niger delta. Be mindful in ur aproch. So dat God will nt judge u wrongfuly at d end

  214. Do your worst let’s see,stupid sets of military criminals..

  215. Ave dy finished wt herdsmen nd Boko haram NOOOO dy are just bunch of rubish oil will tear dis country apart de move Niger Delta oil top marduguri now dy said sy discover oil dere ahahahahha i laugh

  216. When I read through ppl’s comments I realized that igbo ppl thought they are helping the south south by add fuel to the crisis.. Igbos are indirectly ur enemies…they have nothing and they want ur precious to be destroyed.. If military and militants start war in the Niger delta, innocent souls will die and all the facilities will he affected..instead for us to conderm the damage of the oil facilities, we keep saying govt should dialog.. With who? Criminals? Now tompolo has calm down and another set of ppl have gaminated.. For how long are we going to keep dialog with criminals? I can’t wait for the war in Niger delta..let’s see who is going to suffer it most..

  217. Well, d military can go & die. Afterall, they caused most of d problems we are into.

  218. Who invited this two Boko Haharm in this room

  219. One Nigeria, Agatu town is desolated, no person to speak with, Enugu state got there own share of mass massacre, Military didn’t threaten the fulanis, Taraba state received their own baptism of fire, no threat,now pipe lines blown,hell will be let loose, I don’t support evil,but let’s judge with fear of God

  220. You are blowing pipelines that affects the whole common wealth of the nation. God forbid!!!

  221. Why not deal with herdsmen first?

  222. For ur land abi @ Nigeria army ?

  223. Go ahead deal with them pls,they are sabortising baba’s regime

  224. Is oil the only economy we have in this country?

  225. Oh ok…na promise!…Buhari is an utter failure on all fronts.
    How on earth does he plan to win such battle with force?
    What led to the amnesty program in the first place?
    How does he intend to continue oil production if he wars in the creek? Just a lil explosion and Shell evacuates staff… a lil more explosions and wells will be shut in by all the IOCs.
    With Bokoharam, Fulani herdsmen, IPOB, NDA, poverty in the land, hungry masses, No revenue to fund budget, dead economy….. anarchy beckons while Buhari continue to fight political enemies. Its very clear anyway, Nigeria will grind to a halt and then we can painfully adopt true federalism if we eventually survive. Smart folks have seen the hand writing clearly and already planning alternative settlement outside the shore of the contraption called Nigeria. Buhari will break this Nigeria very soon. Watch!

  226. all d best blessed green boiz

  227. then hersdmem moves freely

  228. Oya the ball is in your net if you want try military for a size. you are at liberty to resist. Those fools who enjoys vandalising pipe lines they are doing it at the expense of their land. I believe the so call oil will soon dry finish. IDIOTS.

  229. Why you don’t deal with bokohalam first

  230. Is a pity how Nigerians underrate d Nigerian military. Quit all d civilians in a particular region,i bet u d military wil crush any bad group. Presence of civilians can hinder any large scale military operation in a region.

  231. Mumus take on Buhar’s herdsmen too

  232. na today we dey hear such promise?

  233. Buhari will not achieve any thing.

  234. Death is calling you fools

  235. Hmmm….If only we knew how Jonathan managed to calm the situation!

  236. Buhari want to sale our oil. Let him go and sale cows . He no about it.

  237. Y una neva deal with d fulani herdsmen since

  238. Ogbeni, go and deal with Herdsmen first

  239. Go and deal with them but know this time is not a joke but total take over of what belong to us.

  240. Wot hv u done 2 boko haram and fulani herdsmen,sorry 2 u all bcos ur blood will spill on d floor,

  241. Pls send only Hausa and Yoruba soldiers I beg.write your wills b4 u leave.iam very sure this is not sambisa but creeks

  242. I wish you good luk gland Amy….

  243. Hurry up officer, they’re waiting for u.

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