Friday , January 27 2023
Atiku and Obasanjo

Militants give Danjuma, Dantata, Atiku, other Oil bloc owners 2 weeks to shut down operations

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The Niger-Delta Avengers have given non Niger-Deltans, who are owners and operators of oil blocs in the Niger Delta region two weeks’ ultimatum to shut down their operations and evacuate their staff, threatening that If their directive is not heeded, all the oil wells will be blown up.

The ultimatum is contained in a statement signed by the spokesperson of the militant group, Col. Mudoch Agbinibo.

“From our analysis above, 90% oil blocs are allocated to individuals from northern Nigeria and some confused elements from the region are calling the Niger Delta Avengers names, some are calling us criminals. Our question to these groups of individuals calling us names are; where were you when all these atrocities were happening to the people of the Niger Delta? IT’S A PITY”.

“To owners and operators of these oil blocs in our region the Niger Delta Avengers is giving you two weeks’ ultimatum to shut down your operations and evacuates your staff. If at the end of the ultimatum and you still operating. We will blow up all the locations. It will be bloody. So just shut down your operations and leave”.

“There is rumour that oil has been discovered in the North East. How will you feel if this found oil is being managed by Niger Deltans. We are very sure the Niger deltans won’t even have 2% oil bloc if oil is really found in the Northeast. If you didn’t shut down, we will shut your stations permanently for you”.

The list of oil blocs and the owners according to the statement include:

1. Apo Well was award to Sapetro Oil owned by Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma. Apo field is capable of producing 300,000 barrels per day and crude reserve of 500 million barrels.
2. OML 110 Obe oil field own by Alhaji Mai Daribe, Cavendish Petroleum with an estimated 500 million barrel of crude oil that worth $50 billion dollars after tax.
3. Akpo condensate field was awarded to Sapetro Oil owned by Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma. This field worth $100 billions of dollars.
4. OML 112 and OML 117 were awarded to AMNI International Petroleum Development Company owned by Colonel Sanni Bello. Son in-law to former Head of State. Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar. Its worth $150 Dollars after tax.
5. OML 115 also known as Oldwok field and Ebok field was awarded to Alhaji Mohammed Indimi. In-law to former Head of State Gen. Ibrahim Babangida the two fields worth $200 billion Dollars.
6. OML 215 was awarded and operated by Nor East Petroleum Limited owned by one Alhali Saleh Mohammed Gambo. The field worth $100 billion Dollars after tax.
7. OML 108 awarded to Express Petroleum Company owned by Alhaji Aminu Dantata. This field worth $128 billion Dollars.
8. OML 113 was allocated to Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Limited owned by Alhaji W. I. Folawiyo. Net worth is $150 billion Dollars.
9. Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero cousin to the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanisu, owns ASUOKPU/UMUTU marginal oil fields. It worth $110 billion Dollars.
10. Inter is owned by Atiku Abubakar, Yara dua and Ado Bayero has a substantial stake in the oil and gas exploration in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.
11. AMNI International Petroleum Company owns OML 112 and OML 117. Former Minister of Petroleum and OPEC Chairman Rilwanu Lukman has major stakes in AMNI International Petroleum Company.
12. OML 67 is operated Afren Plc. Rilwanu lukman also has a major stakes and the field worth $180 billion Dollars.
13. OPL 245 is awarded to Malabu Oil and Gas owned by Dan Etete. Former President Obasanjo and former Vice President Atiku Abukbakar all has major shares. It worth $50 billion Dollars.
14. OPL 289 and OPL 233 was awarded to Cleanwater Consortium, the two fields worth $200 billion Dollars. Former Governor Peter Odili of River State, Obasanjo and Sultan of Sokoto has major Stakes.
15. OPL 288 was awarded to focus Energy Senator Andy Uba, Obasanjo, and Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma are the major stakeholders. The field worth $70 billion Dollars.
16. OPL 291 was awarded to Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited owned by Emeka Offor. The field worth $100 billion Dollars.
17. Mike adenuga’s Conoil controls and operates Six (6) oil blocs and exports about 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily. These 6 oil bloc worth $500 billion Dollars.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. These guys are serious ooh

  2. Make una go ahead wit una problem

  3. I think it’s high time we bring d country to a halt.Too much deceit, treachery& corruption

  4. Those oil fields allocated under the table to northern Nigeria’s greedy elite should be recovered forcibly, and redistributed such that some sense of tribal EQUALITY and natural JUSTICE can finally come to play. It makes no sense at all for ONE TRIBE to just up and GRAB the oil wealth of an entire nation, as though by virtue of some self-declared birthright, while those BORN atop the very same oil fields are left to wallow in extreme poverty amid a landscape ravaged by predatory oil exploitation, and the conflict thus created.

    The money ALREADY harvested from the Niger Delta’s oil fields by northern Nigeria’s oil usurping cartel is more than enough for the next twenty generations of their pampered families to live in style and opulence anywhere in the world, without ever having to engage in an honest day’s work for as long as they all live.

    The northern political mafia of Nigeria, having enjoyed an uninterrupted HALF CENTURY of free oil wealth from the far away Niger Delta, should now be politely excused from any future sharing formula that is devised to attain equity and fairness in the allocation of Nigeria’s oil fields. The new oil discoveries in the north of Nigeria can then be fought over by those who live there, after their grasping paws have been pulled out of the cookie jar down in the Niger Delta.

    In other words, every single one of those northern Nigerian oil field “owners” whose tenure in the Niger Delta was obtained via nepotism or tribalism, is a mega-thief that MUST be neutralized totally, in order for Nigeria to survive the next decade as a nation worthy of existence.

    • Don’t worry, when the licence of Atiku is revoked and his oil bloc retreived it will be allocated to you.

    • it must be really cool to be a southern mega thief!

    • Thank you my brother, you have said it all.Long live the Niger Delta, long live the freedom fighters.

    • How i wish dis country can be divided so the northerners can know their place..dumb ass murder-fuckers

    • Look here, Mr Hanson, your brother had 6 yrs to do “justice” as requested. Those mentioned are his friends, eg Danjuma whose stinking oil money produced PDP gov of TARABA.

    • WHO ARE YOU?
      1. Buhari said he would pay unemployed citizens. You clapped
      He said he cannot pay unemployed citizens. Also clapped
      2. Buhari said he does not know anything called subsidy. You clapped
      He paid subsidy. you also clapped.
      3. When he removed all road blocks. You clapped.
      When he reinstalled road blocks. You also clapped.
      4. When he relocated military command to North East. You clapped.
      He returned military command back. You clapped
      5. He said he would never devalue the Naira. You clapped.
      He devalued the Naira. You clapped.
      6. He said he would not have the office of the first lady. You clapped.
      He has the office of the first lady. You clapped
      7. He said he will make N1 equals to $1. You clapped
      $1 is officially equal N360. You are clapping
      8. He said he will end Boko Haram insurgencies 3 months into his regime, he later said in December when the rains stop. You clapped.
      Today, Boko Haram is still killing people. You are clapping.
      9. He said he would turn all presidential jets to national carrier. You clapped.
      Today, he and his family are cruising on all presidential jets. You are clapping
      10. He said he would build one new refinery each year. You clapped.
      Its getting to one year, no refinery has been built. You are still clapping.
      11. Buhari first went to England and he took pictures with Cameron. You. Clapped.
      Buhari went to England and he was disgraced by Cameron. You also clapped. These kinda persons among us should be struck and buried alive by thunder and brimstone

    • Fela said it all “suffering and smiling”,there are so many things that kill Nigerians- hypocrisy, ethnicity, corruption etc.

  5. Go ahead shameless people

  6. If the army cannot kill all this criminals they have no bussiness wearing uniform.They do not need command before they can kill the Niger delta terrorist.

  7. Muhammad Abubakar, u must have a problem of who is not and who is a criminal

  8. These are confirmed terrorist, they were part of jonathan’s plan B, as he was defeated in an election, he can no longer bear the shame, he is now executing his plan B by using these hungry guys masterminded and trained by the fugitive tompolo, that is why they were given the name Avengers, they are on a revenge mission, to distabilised pmb govt just the way boko haram did when yaradua and jonathan were in power.

  9. The shell of a tortoise is not a threat to leopard. U should all remember to write down your wills before that two weeks too.


    • Issah Igebor , I’m sure you don’t know the meaning. That’s why you’ve all been war and battle spoils.

    • No tribe or group has the capability to fight against the federal government and succeed.

    • @isssahigebor. I think u are lacking in manners. More so u nd ur so called A vengers don’t ‘ve brain at all. So in ur own opinion u think two wrongs can make a right? I put it to u that if all the Niger Deltans were to become terrorists or militants. Can they withstand the forces of Nigeria? They all bunch of fools who will soon be crushed by the forces of the Federal Government under the command of Burantai. Why the abuse of the Yorubas? U think we are fools like u? Who will be foolish enough to make his own land a battle field? The end result is Total DISTRUCTION ND Mass death.

  10. Pls dnt wait for 2 wks, kindly help us by blowing up their machines.

  11. Time up for the zoo and its keepers !!!

  12. Make una ask Tompolo & Asari. E no easy like that o. Sit down look na dog name. Government no be person.

  13. Hansome Hanson I see….the north is one tribe abi….2016 and you no know Nigeria SMH. Atiku Chamba, Dantata Hausa and Danjuma Jukun na one tribe! make una help me see domestic ignoramus

  14. What has these bloc owners contributed to the growth of our economy with all of this money they make. I think Nigerians should start asking some intelligent question. And for me anyone that can not build a mini refinery after all these yrs of owning an oil bloc should be strip of that entitlement.

    • You make some sense here. If you have a functioning well, be compelled to have a modular refinery. Unfortunately those mentioned only got allocations and simply sold them! Like in NEPA, why sell to people who can’t perform?

  15. I mean in this country should not continue to own an oil bloc, by so doing, they will keep making their money while job opportunity will increase and the same time make fuel wish is one of the forces driving our economy to be regular supply.

  16. Abubakar mohadmed u are a useless man for dat ur comment

  17. Why this country will not divide ???

  18. Dis is part of d reasons why GEJ was conspired against…I’m not happy dat oil wells re been blown up, but I’m not also happy dat northerners re raping dis country and still act as though dey re been shortchanged. To get things right, let every oil block be retrieved from all dis abokis and let der be equal states and representatives in d house as in d north….

    • opara Who sold it to them?the same Nigel Dalta pple sold it cus all what de wnt is money money Nd money y are u complaining because buying and selling is bixness.So blame the pple that sell not the buyers

    • @Abubakar Buman Ahmed, nobody sold it to dem….dey were forcefully taken by d northern cabals or do u think guys from d eastern region don’t have money to buy dos blocks? How did a fashion designer who’s today d richest black lady in d world acquire her oil blocks? I think u should ask IBB of dat….d truth’s a lot of awareness has been created so d north can no longer b holding dis nation to ransom while stealing and at d same time shouting corruption…..

  19. After all the common man has nothing to loose, the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer, so let them blow up anything they want to blow up, if you like comment or not, the govt will do what they want and the militants will do what they do best too even Tompolo didn’t support the avenger’s pls blow up everything there abeg it’s yours to destroy and when you finish they give you ur country then you’ll know what it means to start as a nation people never learn from history

  20. The oil bloc owners will begin to go overseas for medical check up. Tensions are rising.

  21. where were you people when your brother was ruling this country. because of his inability to govern this nation you people are busy eating national cake without thinking of how to help yourselves is now that you will open your stinking ,dirty,rotten mouth to talk I assure you better back off before BURATAI reach there. #BIGOTS

    • Born bastard commenting on social media.

    • i don’t compute with bus ant’s valentine after all your name end with lie that how you will die in it

    • Akilu wail louder, poor homeless miscreant,

    • Akilu, why God denied u people,natural resources?

    • Akilu i am a pure northern bt will nt sopot u on dis, let d truth b told

    • Which brother ezi ofia which brother?

    • Akilu, you are wrong o. Please,admit that.

    • Akilu, you are wrong o. Please,admit that.

    • in a country where illiteracy pave way to its counterpart and where culture of impunity is practiced and celebrated,you dont need to bother yourself by the rumpus of some political recidivistical harum scarum who are antithesis to national development. to be frank,removal of fuel subsidy is a blessing not a curse to the nation and a panacea to our ills. he who think can cry let him cry,he who want to shout let him shout and dont forget to tell him to add speakers to his voice,for those that mourns,let them perpeterate,but let them know that the true foundation of change is pain. Buhari is a hero #anothertopic

    • So, u can talk like a reasonable human @akilu? Thought u’re a cow 4rm the way u 1st spoke

    • I used to asked myself this unanswered question,that, why is it that whenever there is economic turmoil in this country,the first bunch of rotweillers that often barks are the upper class citizens? i wonder and ponder that are they the only citizens in the country? i cogitate that,are those faction of people really sufferings? it is in these days of political and intellectual maturity that i am able to answer my so-called unanswered inquiries. surprisingly,the question were answered more than 100 years ago by one of the reknowned economic thinker KARL MARX and his colleague ENGELS in “communist manifesto” where they asserted that “the history of all the hitherto that exist is nothing but inter class struggle between the bourgeoses nd the proletariats…” in the light of the above,it came to my knowledge that,those capitalists kidnapped the economic activities of the country for their continues domination of the resources,and whenever the government attempts to rescue the economy,they groan like a hungry lion.

  22. Hausa Foolanis are the biggest thieves in this country. Go ahead and blow up the oil well

  23. Stop disroying…,… Remember the son of whom you are….,….,..

  24. True Federalism is imperative

  25. After the nigerdelta wil say na igbos dey do them that they not Biafra

  26. Hmmmmmm drama day this country oooo

  27. Fighting lost battle, if you cannot sent them parking during the most corrupt government while now!

  28. Oil blocs? Na waoooo!!!!

  29. Dis old group of idiots should obey n do so nw, leave niger delta or take any tin u see.

  30. GEJ boys if them like blow everywhere let see who go suffer

  31. my warnings go to NDA if you know that this your threats are mere words, kindly don’t come to social platform, or else THUNDER GO FIRE UNA, IN FACT MAKE THUNDER FIRE ONE OF UNA NOW.BECAUSE AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS WORDS.BLOW UP THIS WELLS, then we know the next thing.all this northerners commenting that brutal will do this and that to militants. it’s high time we see all this films

  32. Corruption is too much in the north.See the names of oil block owners?


  34. Yanga the sleep trouble the go wake am! Because of greedy and selfish leaders wey we get! Papa wey him pickin no go sleep, him self no go sleep na.

  35. Just the way dey chased us out of lag and north

  36. why are they not owned tomatos and perper block in the north? they should vacate all the oil block in niger delta let them go and owned tomatos and perper block in the north

  37. Muhammad Abubakar your comment is so row, people like u dont want the unity of this country, can an lgbo man or a Niger deltan dream of owning an oil well in North, oil wells is own by government and not individuals, if the gvt recite to sell some number of well to foreign companies and in retune in two four year the give us Constance electricity in Nigeria by this same companies, that is hw is done, Change has come truly, it is in this case that Nigerian will know if Buhari has with Change, is no more business as usual up, Buhari up Change up APC let the Change begin from this striking issue.

  38. @ Misplaced priority very unfortunate, violence has never solved issues rather it makes things worse.Bombing this facilities will further impoverish both the Niger Delta which you are clamouring for even the rivers governor Wike has condemned the action unequivocally stating that blowing up pipelines will further decrease our revenue, which affects payment of salaries and hinder development projects as violence will not lead to the solution of the challenges of the Niger Delta region,due to recent attacks revenue accruing to the Niger Delta states are drastically dwindling and I ask who is fooling who?

    • Niger Deltans,already poor,are down,we need fear no fall . Whats left to be preserved ?. Its better to demolish &reconstruct instead of d present slow agonising death unleashed by supposed compatriots.Better listen to these boys.

    • Emeka Emma, ur analysis nd body language is quite appealing nd constructive. I support ur opinion nd hope d prominent indegines nd politicians will appeal nd persuade dem 2 drop their plans. D masses of Niger Delta nd d nation at large will bear d consequences. Me feel d President erred in d treat of his body language CRUSH in quote. Dis is democratic regime not 1985, wen he was a military head of state. He need 2 b tolerance, patience 2 carry every body along. God see us 2ru d challenges we facing as a nation. Amen.

    • Brother u spoken well .but to me let them continue cos the northern elite are busy enjoying every gain of that land their children are living in Paradise on earth while the owner of what they are using is down to the pit so let all oil well from all northern cabals be revoke .that’s all.pls where are they investing the money in their pocket. IF THE NORTHERN ELITES ARE NOT WICKED BELIEVED ME NIGERIA WOULD HAVE BETTER DAN DUBAI.

  39. Is veri laudable development dy shld vacate hw can a northerner owe oil wel in south if it were dem wil dy agree

  40. One nigeria….barawo northerners

  41. If getting back what is rightfuly ours is the goal of this group,,, then count me in

  42. Shared oil blocks is corruption. It is our common wealth.

  43. Too late for guys, all the people you mentioned are in their eighties and are billionaires in any currency, most of their children and grand children are abroad. Therefore, the repercussions of your actions is what matters, first oil is all you have, environmental degradation is fast encroaching your land, and you know too well PMB is not drunkard, he won’t let it go even if corpses will litter every metre. A CHILD WHO DENIED HIS MOTHER’S SLEEP, HE TOO WON’T SLEEP. I don’t think you can be as brave as Boko Haram militants cos’ none of you could afford to blow up himself. Where are BH now?

    • Saminu its not let my brother we are been living like brothers and sisters till u pple started showing us that we are not d same OK their children are living abroad becos the don’t care if Nigeria gud or not only southerners are gud in remembering home cos that is were they came for .but a core northerner take Dubai as his home town and invest all the money he loot from here there.

    • Mr man pack well ur that surpported Evill hadwort be wise

    • I can see you are very proud of your brothers, cousins and nephews ( Boko Haram members) who are ‘ brave’ enough to blow themselves up. Congratulations.!

  44. Its worth noting all these didnt happen during GEJ’s era. Both NNPC & the oil were looted by the “natural” owners, abi?

  45. Let there should be armaggedom in Nigeria.

  46. How can criminal north and west call themselves a people worthy to live in such criminal acts and wickedness

  47. but was it not thesame southerners that sold there birthright to dis northerners in d past? d northerners never took those oil wells by force. so using violence n threats won,t help any either,

  48. Blow up the whole region who cares if you can not use your brain. The people you mentioned from the north are cabals workin with your own cabals. .that is just what boko haram did to the north east. Who suffered ,the poor masses. Your chiefs childeren and extended family are in abroad.

  49. Muhammad Abubakar@ go and kill them, however, the army haven’t finished the your Brother Sect(boko haram) , handed over to since how many years. Oil gluten.

  50. Pls destroy everything they ‘ve in your place including their oil blocks, bcos they 1e the reason why there’s problem in Nigeria.

    • My dear Musa, I think you are very correct to a great extent BECAUSE there was relatively more stable peace in Nigeria before the discovery of Crude Oil!

      Now the cabals who are extorting, exploring and exploitating the Oil are very few wicked and greedy animals from the far away North (and contributes nothing positive to better the life of their people) WHILE the Niger Deltans and Easterners who lives with the Oil in their land are suffering of hunger, starvation, poverty and diseases as a result of the pollution, spillage, harm and disaster brought about by the Oil Exploitation, Exploration, Drilling, Production and Shipping!!

      There are so much injustices and marginalization going on in this God-forsaken Country and Peace, Prosperity and Progress (PPP) can ONLY be achieved/actualized when all of these evils are FANTASTICALLY corrected and redressed!!!

  51. Why are u into hiden
    stupid fools

  52. So they all ve oil blocks to d detriment of the poor nigerian citizen. Eooooooooh. God ! What is this?. Why oh why, dey sell nd then go round d world buying houses that they don’t even live in. Ohhhh black man

  53. My brother Kelechi who will retrieve it? GEJ that would have done it they realized it and forced him out from Aso Rock through Card Reader. Let the blowing continue.

  54. Northerners have not seen anything yet

  55. The avengers but the writers nd view how did oil come to stay explore built of whose money were borrowed to execute such it is AMINU cantata so the Genesis the south thanks the north cos by then the south are very poor people no body is reach

    • Falalu why not enroll in Almajiri school that Jonathan misguidedly built for you?

    • Almajiri education we are proud of it the best education we give credit to Jonathan, we also thanks god for not being criminals, kidnappers, rapist nation destroyers.everyone in north is intellectual to his religion through almajiri education.

    • Please think of how STUPID your comment sounds in the earz the readers which I’m one of them. How there you call the southerns poor people whe BEGERS in Kaduna are planning protest against Al- Rufai. The Norther Region is producing the highest population of poor and sick looking generation, check UN satistics. MUMU! Pls Go Learn More!

    • If u are rich enough why are u all in north all over? How many southerners are in north take census of it both the northern I. South southern in north agreed we are poor well enough but our land our institutions,our market our quarter in service all are talking by southern why cos the fruitiness is here in North nd only we welcome everyone I challenge all of u pls stay in ur zone let each swapped each nd see who will stand last,u have nothing apart from nonsense oil with will soon dry blv me parasite of twentieth century.

    • Donkeys forward of criminality

    • I don’t believe that being a northerner is enough reason 4 some1 not to know how to read and write. Get a life aboki by enrolling in pre-nursery so u can learn how to read and write. My candid advice to u

    • You deserve no response. You made no sense.

    • Hahaha.. Falalu Ahmed.Boy, go to school.

  56. So we gave these big names behind oil blocks in d Niger delta ? I can see why dey are claiming ownership of d oil

  57. Correct boys, all d pipes should b blown up n lets c who truely loves nigeria

  58. @Abdul Musa if day are confirmed Terrorist what will ur brothers Book Aram called

  59. The man who declared the militants as terrorists birth this problem. Later Ya’dua was a very wise man, but what do we have today a man that thinks the use of force is the way to go.

  60. Gen Gen! Season 1 episode 2. Lol

  61. Some old man are here with a baby brain, how can u ask Army to kill an innocent people just because of there own oil? And day should spare ur bros BokoA and build duplex for dem in d name of settlement with d kind of blood day have shared ba. Infact Army suppose to clear someone like u out of dis country before u formed another groups of terrorist in dis country and name kill and collect peoples properties thief

  62. suported they should shortdown they are stilling from from Niger Delta

  63. Yes……..and let the real owners…the Niger Deltans control their resources

  64. No problem time will come when those so call millitan will run and leave their land because God will not forgive them

  65. they are the ones that spoil this country and refused to die. at their old age they are still looking for money. they will carry the money to their grave yard. fools.

  66. blow every part of your land thinking you wicked Nigeria, your people go suffer am,you think your action will make this government to give you saara money na lie, Buratai will rather kill all Niger Delta terorist.

  67. The resultant effect of the shut down will affect ur people who will be out of job, think fools

  68. Dey should not bomb or blow off d oil bloc coz is their property. Safe guard what belongs to u pls. All dis name mentioned are criminals.a. Are d S-S people? Are dey d state govt or FG? Let d militant get back what belong to dem. If i were d avengers, i will go to dis oil bloc owners, collect their wealth stolen by dem, kill dem if possible or leave dem alive for God to judge dem on d last. Dey should mount their securities round all d bloc to ensure dis big thieves never get to d bloc anymore. What an injustice!!! My opinion though

  69. Nuhu Allah wadan Naka ya lalace

  70. IPOB Should take care and learn, war is not a solution to Nigeria economy.
    Oil is a Natural gift to create by IPOB

  71. Those people you mentioned are bigger than the whole creek called Niger Delta

  72. They are the owner of every thing in the country, very very currupt Aboki

  73. I can’t wait to see dat a i t or chanel wich 1 would show me

  74. how come all dis fulani herds men dem owns oil blocs here, Avengers expedite action pls no time. Scatter d scatter.

  75. Blow them up two week is even too much pls give them one week

  76. What are u waiting 4 ? Pls do quick ,but let it be oil blocks alone,so that we can all go back 2 d drawing board.

  77. Carry go no time for does fools aboki

  78. Why should National resources be allocated to some fools called Cabal. Injustices is quite much in this country..

  79. Those oppressing masses of this potential great nation permeates all known ethnic group in the land. What is required is to jointly confront these oppressors whether from south west, north east, north central, south south, north west, south east or north east. They all play on our intelligence by fighting in the day time but nocturally meet without us knowing. Nigerian masses have a common enemy in our political leaders. Let’s resolve to liberate ourselves.

  80. The allocation formula was very bad.

  81. Who cares. The owners of these oil blocs dine and wine with your chiefs.

  82. And he said, ‘This will be the behavior of the king (President) who will reign over you; He will take your sons and appoint them (as entourage) for his own chariots and to be his horsemen, and some will run (as escorts) before his chariots, He will appoint captains (Advisers) over his thousands and captains (Ministers) over his fifties, will set some (as farmers) to plow his ground and reap his harvest(herdsmen) and some (soldiers) to make his weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers (caterers). And he will take (by force and law) the best of your (Niger Delta oil) fields, vineyards, and your olive groves and give them to his servants ( Fulani herdsmen). He will take a tenth (tax and levies) of your grains and vintage (petroleum resources and oil wells), and give it to his officers (Ministers) and servants(Fulanis). And he will take (by arms invasion) your male servants, your female servants, your finest young men and your donkeys and put them to his work (in the north). He will take a tenth ( VAT) of your sheep. And you will be his (civil) servants. And you will cry out (lamenting) in that day because of your king (President) whom you have chosen (elected) for yourselves. And the Lord will not hear you in that day’ 1Sam8:11-18. That was the story of the Israelites when they rejected God and desired to have a mortal king. They placed so much hope and trust on it to the extent that God’s leadership seemed intolerable to them. This is not different from the situation of our country, Nigeria. We need to humble ourselves, repent and pray for God’s intervention and leadership so that God would forgive our sins and heal our land. 2Chr7:14

  83. @ Abdul Musa. What defeat are you talking about? Actions of a peace loving gentleman can never be understood by the self centered ethno-religio-regionally biased less reasoned commentators.

  84. Continued your destruction by your own hand in own land, after total annihilation of South South move our oil exploration to the north east part of the country. Chad river basin.

  85. Nuhu umar pls re u frm north

  86. is a welcome development cos this oil blocks were allocated to them by GEJ and is PDP cronies, due process was never followed as the were contributing massively to PDP and GEJ reelection bid.

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