“Really painful, a lot of things happened in the game to get where we got,” he told BT Sport.

“I think we started the game really really well, and in the first situation they had the ball wide of the box we didn’t defend the cross, we defended the run into the box really poorly and we’re 1-0 down.

“Then we tried to go again, we created some situations, and we conceded the second goal.

“For me it was a clear punch on Callum’s face, the referee allows it to go, we are 2-0 down and after the red card we had a mountain to climb.”

Gunners skipper Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang added that he felt his side lacked courage in the game.

“Today it wasn’t enough, and against a team like City even when it is 11 against 11 you have to take risks and be brave on the ball, and we didn’t today,” he told BT Sport.

“After the red card it was a different game, but this is not enough and everyone has to raise the level, work harder as a team and stick together. This is the only way to go forward.

“We have to play with courage. This type of game we have to play with everything, and take take risks, but we just didn’t do enough today.

“I think we have to talk between us players, and I think this is important because we are Arsenal, and we have to show our wounded pride.

“We have to talk, and say the truth between each other, be honest and raise the level.”