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Jack Chako (centre) and her two husbands, Michael Hwita (left) and Lifford Chimoto

Meet Chako, the woman with 2 husbands

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In Zimbabwe, a woman, Jack Chako,  who sleeps and have sex with two husbands in the same room and same house is trending on the internet.

Her story  is not a script for a Nollywood film, but reality, according to a report by Zimbabwe Daily, which said polyandry is gaining acceptance  in the country of Robert Mugabe.

There is no statistical basis for it, the newspaper reported as there are more women in Zimbabwe than men, 52 to 48 per cent.

Here is an excerpt from the report:

FOR more than a decade, Jack Chako (38) of Bolon Farm in Raffingora has been living happily with her two husbands, Michael Hwita and Liford Chimoto, with whom she shares one bed.

Chako is the head of the family and always eats from the same plate with her two husbands, and during meals, she picks up meat first as the head, followed by the senior husband Chimoto then the junior husband Hwita, in that chronological order.

“We are a happy family, I live with my two husbands and we love one another. My two husbands are best friends and they are always together,” boasted Chako.

She says the two men have different roles and between the two is a senior husband and his junior. And according to her, Chimoto is the elder husband hence the senior while Hwita is the junior.

Chako brazenly claims that she “married” the second husband Hwita because Chimoto “is elderly and increasingly becoming weak in bed”.

“I love both men. They have different strengths. Chimoto fetches a lot of firewood and cleans up the house well but he is weak in bed and weak when it comes to fending for the family. The reason why I married a second husband is that Chimoto was starving me sexually.

“Hwita is also technically minded. He repairs a lot of broken goods, including cell phones and cobbles shoes too, making him bring some cash home. His biggest strength is he is excellent and strong in bed.

“To be honest, in terms of conjugal rights I favour Hwita. He gets me there. I only do it with Chimoto as a token. At times, I feel pity for Chimoto and give him token conjugal rights and he appreciates that. The rule is no one gets out of the room, because he is not on duty. Whoever is not on duty, just watches us at it,” narrated Chako

She maintains that she was in charge and his two husbands are now used to sleeping side by side in one bed.

“They don’t mind and they both appreciate each other for the different roles each play to the family,” she said

Chako — a mother of five, three children from a previous marriage and two from this polyandrous affair — says all the two children she has in this set up are from Hwita.

She claims she used some concoction to pacify his two men.

“It is not a secret that I used a concoction to cow them down. I also sell this concoction to other women to cow down their errand husbands and make them compliant.

“None of my two husbands wishes to leave me. Initially I only had Chimoto but I ran away from him and went to my parents’ home because he was not satisfying me sexually and I was tired of stealing sex from neighbouring boys and men. But he followed and pleaded until my parents ordered me to take him back.

“ I then gave him a condition that I should get another man to help him in bed and he agreed. This is how I got the second one.

“Since then, we live happily and enjoy our life, although we know that the generality of people around us do not like it,” says Chako.

Both Hwita and Chimoto said they don’t have problems taking Chako says their joint wife.

“I see no problem. She loves both of us and we understand our situation. I respect Chimoto as the elder husband because I found him here.

Chimoto added, “I know my failings and I appreciate the decision which was taken, we have various duties and life goes on.”

But Chako is not the only woman in polyandry. In sprawling Epworth, on the outskirts of Harare, is one such super woman, Ellen Svova, who cohabits with two husbands, Kefas Takawira (40 and Tambudziko Svova (60).

The polyandry family has set tongues wagging in the neighbourhood but unlike in Chako’s situation, Elen claims she did not use concoction to cow her two husbands. Theirs is a bizarre love situation.

“I don’t use concoction. My first husband Svova is ageing so he was no longer satisfying me in bed so he gave me the green light to have a second husband,” she claims.

*Adapted from Zimbabwe Daily




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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Madam you try,Its not easy to combine two husbands, But God has a special purnishment for you

  2. Hey! Ceeee! Dia is God wooo!

  3. …..daughter of Jezebel with two devils

  4. Wonder shall nt end how can a woman married two husbands at a time living in dis same building?

    • Some tribe in India practice dis conviniently. There are odd imoral behaviours which d people doing it are not complaining. How abt a people here in Nigeria where friends entertain each other wt their wife; in another place, husbands feel unruffled wt family members having sex wt their wive, their wives willingly surrender to dis. In another place, a son can help his old inactive father sleep wt his stepmother (d father’s wife) not secretly o. Any baby frm such sexual dealing belong to d old inactive father who shld be d grandfather.

  5. What an irresponsible act, useless woman, she is a witch

  6. Y blame her wot good 4 d gose is also good 4 d ganda men marry ten wife in africa with there level of poverty i wonder y people make noise abt a woman marryin two husband.shameless hungry people african

  7. This woman is a harlot and mad for that nature. I dont belive this madnees

  8. Tab mace maza biyu ALLAH ya shirya ke amma dai kinyi asara rayuwa

  9. Hmmmm but no punishment for a man with two wives ryt? Men jst calm down & judge not.

  10. Super woman and very active pussy

  11. madam pls if u r able add 8 more husbands to make it a round figure, let dem for once feel wat women in polygamy feel. I think I love dat

  12. And you can see now she is christian,and no one can blame her 4 doing that,shame on your selfishnes

  13. Many men now days like free things ooo, may be she is d one feeding and takes gud care of them, their job is to sleep her.

  14. You People are sick in the head

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  19. Hypocrisy, what is the difference,one husband many concubines, one wife and uncountable concubines outside,who is a saint among you all ?

    • Thank u my dear, please help me ask them. The are like the pharises and saduces who want to cast stone on the adultrous woman for the sin they are guity of. Many here complaining are like her because they are male they don’t see anything wrong about it. How i cry for men thinking they are doing the right thing because society supported it not thinking of God’s own part of the plan. Jesus said have u not read? He that created them make he male and female, so why other crowd in funication and adultry e.t.c? Rpent and be saved.

    • Appreciates your frankness ,pls always stand out clean and favour shall be yours amen.

  20. Useless life see d look on her face u will know she is sick

  21. That is in Zimbabwe,imagine what will happen here in nija….heem…our hospitals and police station will be filled wit casualties.

  22. More is hw did u feel d pains nw?


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  28. Gender equality. Wat man can do woman can do better so y re we complaining?

  29. Pls judge not bc no 1 knows her story


  31. Priscilla why don’t u marry many too. Funny u.

  32. We will wait for Mugabe’s comment.

  33. She is a saint take it or leave it, once there is nothing wrong taking a 2nd wife or more or men having concubines outside there marriage I guess nothing is wrong with was she did OK, after all there are not complaining

    • I understand it if someone says, “don’t judge”; but I find it difficult to fathom the idea behind the remark, “she is a saint”.

      I wonder if you have two husbands too, or keep more than one man. If that’s what you do, then your words compared to your ways can be viewed as the fallen apple’s distance to its tree.

  34. There’s no peace for wicked saith Lord God Almighty. Repent of your adulterous lives and embrace Jesus, the Prince of peace.

  35. And she’s beautiful
    Wondering wat the force of attraction will be

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  40. Especially if they did not resemble any of the fathers!

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  43. Polyandry, like polygamy, is acceptable in some cultures though it has almost faded out totally. Google is your friend.

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