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Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo: MMM chief promoter in Nigeria

Mbanefo, owner of MMM scheme in Nigeria unmasked

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A Nigerian, who styled himself as Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo is the mastermind of the suspected Ponzi scheme known as MMM Nigeria.

According to an online report, Mbanefo is based in South Africa.

Nigerian Communications Week said Mbanefo  registered the site domain  on June 7, 2016 about at about 5 pm Nigerian time.

NCW quoting  Pageone report written as far back as September said Mbanefo made a single year domain payment.  The domain will expire on June 7, 2017.

It was also revealed that  MMM Nigeria is not part of MMM Global – a Russian company that was responsible for one of the world’s largest Ponzi schemes in the 1990s.

MMM Global  was founded by Russian politician Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi and Olga Melnikova.

The name of the company was taken from the first letters of the three founders’ surnames (MMM)

But like MMM Global, the Nigerian scheme is also a pyramid marketing scheme where an investor gets a 30 per cent return on investment.

Around the world, MMM is feared.

In January 2016 the Chinese government banned MMM on the grounds that it is a pyramid scheme, (Ponzi scheme), and it is not registered in the country (and as a fraudulent scheme cannot be registered.

MMM recently crashed in Zimbabwe: Thousands of ‘Mavrodians’ in Zimbabwe were left in tears when the scheme crashed, losing tens of thousands of their lifetime savings.


According to Page One, on the 15th of July, Ernest was awarded a certificate of completion of an online course titled ‘MMM Guiders School’. The certificate was supposedly signed by Sergei Mavrodi himself. He has since given himself the nickname the ‘Super Guider of MMM’.

To share news and information about MMM, Ernest also operates a subdomain ‘ The site praises him and projects him as the leader of the Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria.

“He is described as: MMM Nigeria Super Guider; Pastor Ernest Mbanefo, has been selflessly helping thousands of MMM Nigeria Participants whether or not they fall under his downline structure. The brain behind the MMM NIGERIA REVOLUTION operation has been working selflessly and tirelessly towards the education, information and proper guidance for the MMM Nigeria Community’

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Na one day monkey go go market and him nor go return. Na sidon look I dey look this ponzi scheme.

  2. What shall it profit a man if he gains d whole world and looses his soul?

  3. Enjoy it while it last but, it is schemed to dupe at the end. You will see.

  4. Do we have conscience in this country?if yes let us do the right thing pls,let stop doing ourself all is vanity.Gov gives us good life.

  5. Another umana umana scam loading…

  6. Everybody one be rich by 4rce. It is not the starting oo! but the end matters a lot. Don’t trouble ursv by somebody oo?

  7. How do you verify this Clem if it is true or not , because people just wake up to write what they like and they want some body to believe them

  8. If really your the owner of mmm then I want to say a big thank you for keeping young people out or the street at least crime rate has reduced this time around . God bless you.

  9. Church no pay! Him know say Nigerians like awuff.

  10. Asp abi u are his branch manager.

  11. Aps which branch are you managing so that I will come.!

  12. This is a fake news. Just to discourage participants. Who ever might be the owner locally or international has done what the whole government of africa let alone nigeria could not do.God bless him.

  13. End time many group of deceivers’ will appear in different directions to capture their followers, please be careful and look onto God

  14. Thk u so much 4 making Nigerian’s smile again in spite of d harsh economic realities. God bles u real good

  15. May God bless him, because I don stop to play naira bet.

  16. It has come to my notice that a certain self acclaimed Pastor is being published in some ridiculous blogs as being the man that brought MMM to Nigeria and went further to declare that MMM would shut down by 7-6-2017.

    Let me boldly state clearly and without doubt that the authentic and globally recognised God fearing man that brought MMM to Nigeria is *Mr CHUDDY UGORJI* whose facebook profile is herein attached.

    Any other being and personality other than him, claiming to be who brought MMM to Nigeria is absolute false.

    Similarly, MMM Nigeria and in other countries has NO EXPIRY DATE hence do not entertain any fear whatsoever.
    Our detractors and enemies would continue to have sleepless night to cause panic in this noble community but OUR GOD PASS THEM.

    Special thanks to our two bosses, who are relentlessly seeing that our community continues to run smoothly amidst all these media propaganda.


  17. Pastor? Running an organization that is purely for usury? Christianity Dom suffer.

  18. waw, he is a genus for being the owner of mmm

  19. Pastors have the notoriety of shady un-earned income. Rather than encourage our youths into farming and productive ventures, they lure them with getting riches without producing. Hence encouraging them into robberies and kidnapping.

    • How many of the youths in the UK or USA is encouraged into farming? Don’t you get riches without producing when you put your money in the cooperative and was given ×3 of your money after a particular period of time? You think MMM is about robberies?…………lolz. Then you need to read and understand the ideology behind the program. Go check the rate at which crime has reduced in the country in the past months? You should only be thankful that program like this came at a time like this in this country. Unless we would’ve seen the worst of daylight robberies from the youths!

    • Oga pls continue with greed and programme of hate among ethnic groups in Nigeria while we do our MMM, no more thuggery business as usual

    • Go and donate to your brothers and sisters in IDP camp , Mmm have done their part, stop this criticism

    • Its a looser that criticize a forum of liberation. Don’t you know that this scheme helps better to do the agri than anything you godforsaken government has? Ignorance is a confirm disease and its obviously evident in you. What a pity? Who you epp?

    • Since u dnt knw what to say then shut up Mmm has helped many people to reduce stress and theft in the country

    • People should be left to hold their opinions. Who became paul and spread the gospel of Christ like no other? He was saul ,the greatest enemy of Christ. Some will live to encourage MMM. I think this one is better than Baba Ijebu.

      Had they not in the begining condemned football and stopped their Children from playing soccer? Today all footballers are millionaires. Had Africans not stopped their children from going to school? Today all need education. Let them say.

    • Ignorance., I wonder wen u will learn to think outside the box. If you no lik d biz u shut up.

    • Your fore fathers have been farmers yet you answer to children of politicians in your office. Do you know how lives MMM has,changed? How many unemployed graduates get food to eat? How many marauders are fully engaged with something to leave for? Don’t just write because others are writing. You think if there is a means to farm and get money Nigerian youths won’t do? How much loan can you get from bank? Common 20k banks can’t release to you as loan without asking for your wife as collateral . pls., think!

    • Chaiii, that one too much now. You too dey abuse!

    • If u can’t beat them shut up

    • @ibukunle banjo , who stopped you from carrying hoes and diggers Don’t you know we are in virtual money age ? It’s so obvious you’re still many centuries behind. Even the farming you’re suggesting has been mechanized, it doesn’t require the population to venture into

    • Banjo abeg send uu children to farm … Maybe uu are a poor farmer as well

  20. With MMM scheme, Bye Bye t0 P0verty,,,,,,

  21. So whaaaaaaat ????
    U are supposed to be praying for #himeveryDay !

  22. Big lie,,, this man wer come from my village

  23. Play gambling in any form is ungodly whether mmm or mss

  24. MMM creator is a Russian not Nigerians.

  25. Great fraud came from Russia. When Soviet Union seized, and their currency lost enomous value.

  26. This man is a pastor of Winners chapel Johannesburg branch. I know him very well. Are you sure this story is true?

  27. I know pastor Ernest very well from Winners Chapel Johannesburg. I will investigate this story

  28. Evidence has shown that Igbo cannot have common agenda,one claiming Chuddy brought MMM to nigeria,others claim otherwise.

  29. Hhhhmmm,una well done o!

  30. You people should stop criticising this Mmm , the more you criticize the more stupid you look

  31. At last I found pastor that is worthy of my tithe.

  32. Well done pastor if actually you are responsible,the scheme has put food to the table of a lot.

  33. That is a big fool lies whosoever put such a fake news against mmm Nigeria may yur brake light not cross to 2017 amen

  34. Why baba ijubu never crash why najia belts never crash why CBN never crash abeg make we hear good English world about mmm Nigeria long lived mmm Nigeria and for that fake pastor news let me tell yu ,yu are sent from the pit of hell to destroy mmm Nigeria which will never work


  36. MMM-Nigeria is an offspring formed by d Mavrodis. So park well !

  37. A so called pastor of winnes church name mr obot of newtrend came to ilorin n duped many people with a similar program HELPING HAND INTERNATIONAL. Pls beware.

  38. MMM is real and helpful. It has reduced robbery to d lowest minimum. I hv benefited n still counting

  39. Earn real money online by working as a part time job easily, earn up to 2500$ dollars weekly guranteed join link at

  40. Those dubious mind and corrupt politicians will always continue to castigate the scheme simply bcos their ar greedy and selfish interest, their major goal in the society is to keep widening the gap between the rich and poor but dis time around it will never work, the more the speculate dis news the more the scheme MMM keep growin , u can go an hug a very big transformer for all I care, u hater of MMM and enemy of progress, ever since the introduction of MMM, poverty level has Drastically reduce, dis should be the sole responsibility of the the fed. Gov but instead Wat we see today is the opposite, thanks to MMM, the initiator of the very scheme deserve an award and should be strongly supported by the gov. Those who speak evil of MMM ar already evil of themself.

  41. I Know say na ibo man go be the Head Honcho…

  42. Then let him context for presidency cos my vote is his…

  43. Benjamin, nobody makes you rich if he is not deriving some benefit. In this case, he is tricking you. The Bible does not support a lazy man/woman, except ypu wprk for your daily bread.
    Youths here have been turned lazy, looking for money without working.

    • Oga pastor leave stories and let’s face the reality of life. Which work was Obedodom doing when the ark of God was dropped in his house which made him became a wealthy man in his time and a point of prayers for everyone in this present days?… Only if you’re going to tell me Solomon’s job that made him the richest man ever lived during and after his life. Siddon there, dey preach spirituality whilst MMM makes people’s lives better. Even pastors during church services now prays for this wonderful lives changing program. Inbox me and I’ll give you my link and support on how to sign up with MMM.

    • Sir as a pastor if me come to you to lend me 200k to start a business will you do it or everyday I come to your house begging for will u not ask me to stop coming.

    • I work more than before
      I spend time and even sleepless nights working
      Must I carry pure water on the street before it will be work

  44. hmmmm….Mavrodi is much more bigger than d federal government put together, the frustration must be killing them at not been able to get at anyone just yet. hahahaha!

  45. If u are realy the owner of mmm God bless u

  46. Who told u he is a pastor? He is nothing bt a satanic frauster

  47. I still don’t kno How to register dix MMM nd Hw its works, can someone help pls

  48. U are better than our leaders of this days

  49. The Face of the young Man I’m looking at is probably no more than 25 Years. And that puts into doubt the veracity of the News.

  50. If you want to register for MMM call or WhatsApp me on 08038183822. Hmm MMM really pays I am a beneficiary.

  51. Mmm is not just about registering, but registering with someone who has time for you. To guide You and put you through patiently until you understand. Someone who will answer your questions even of they look stupid. Guess what, I am good at that. Call or whatsapp or inbox me to register for your Mmm. You are one step away from your breakthrough. 08038183822. Mmm is real, Mmm pays, Mmm is what we need today.
    How to register in MMM?
    If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official MMM website or by a participant.

    click here;

    Fill the registration form as shown on screen:
    (Fields marked with * are required)

    1. Enter your name (or a nickname).
    2. Enter your e-mail
    3. Enter your mobile phone number
    4. Create your password
    5. Retype created password
    6. Enter an invite code of a participant who invited you.
    7. Don’t Enter your Guider’s email ()
    8. Enter numbers from the picture.
    9. Necessarily read the WARNING and check the box that
    you accept it.
    10. Click on “Registration in MMM” button.

    Once you have completed all required fields there will be a congratulation message on your screen. And also instructions what to do next:
    Go to Personal Office’s website.
    Read about how to successfully participate in MMM.

    Click on account and add your account details that has your name.

    When that is done, click dashboard to return to the main page. Click Provide Help.

  52. After registerd hw many days wil it last befor paying the person?

  53. Pastor i rilly appreciate ur effort in bring mmm in nigeria

  54. Inbox me 08067105401
    Join MMM

  55. Hand work of hungry bloggers looking for way of enriching themselves

  56. Though, I’m not participant but what I observed was level of robbery has reduced little,government should leave these people

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