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Mathematician Tried To Prove Quran False, Ended Up Accepting Islam

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Gary Miller was a professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto.

He also was a Christian missionary who noticed that Muslim people were almost impossible to convert to Christianity. In 1977 he decided to study the Quran with the goal of finding scientific and historical errors that would help in convincing Muslims they are following a false religion.

The first thing professor Miller noticed was that many verses of the Quran challenge people to use reason:

“Will they not then contemplate the Quran? and if it had been from other than God, indeed they would have found in it many contradictions.” (Quran 4:82)

“… and in case you are suspicious about what we have been sending down upon our bondman, (i.e. prophet Muhammad) then come up with a surah of like, and invoke your witnesses, apart from God, in case you are sincere.” (Quran 2:23)

After careful study professor Miller was amazed by the Quran and reached the conclusion that it cannot be the work of a human being. He accepted Islam and started calling people to the straight path through lectures and other activities. His lecture “the Amazing Quran” shows the deep knowledge he acquired during his study of the book of Allah. Here are some of the points he makes in the lecture:

“There is no such author who writes a book and then challenges others that this book is errorless. As for the Quran, it is the other way around. It tells the reader that there are no errors in it and then challenges all people to find any, if any.

The Quran is not Prophet Muhammad’s autobiography as many non muslims claim. It does not mention the hard events in Prophet Muhammad’s personal life, such as the death of his wife Khadijah, or the death of his daughters and sons. Strangely enough, the verses that were revealed during a time of defeat for the Muslims proclaimed victory while those revealed at time of victory warned against arrogance and called for more sacrifices and efforts. If one writes his own autobiography, he would magnify the victories and justify the defeats. The Quran did the opposite and this is consistent and logical: it was not a history of a specific period but rather a text that sets general rules for the relationship between God almighty and the people.

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