Monday , October 2 2023

How to marry an American woman

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A Nigerian-American woman, in the U.S., wants more Nigerian men to marry more American women; so much so she is teaching men the best ways to meet, connect, and date American women.

The goal is to get the best and brightest Africans in the U.S; “as the African community grows stronger and contributes positively to U.S. commerce, the opportunity for more Nigerians to be awarded U.S. green cards and visas will also grow,” says creator and webinar host Ebahi Ejerekhile.

“Europeans have had a large community in the U.S. since the 19th century, and presently have almost never experienced the barriers of entry as African citizens experience today.  It’s time for a change.  That is why I created the How to Marry American Women webinar”.

The webinar covers topics about:  How to meet more American women in-person, how to attract more women, how to maintain a long-distance relationship, and much, much more.  The webinar will be held in February, and every African should take it but it is limited to 100 guys, “I had to limit it to ensure each guy gets a quality lesson and experience.  I also want to ensure the webinar gets the best and brightest – the best and the brightest don’t get beaten at taking advantage of a great opportunity.”

How to Marry an American Woman is set to give more opportunities to Africans wanting to live/visit America.   The goal is to break down the barriers that exist between the two cultures giving way to more relationships, connections, and opportunities. You can find out more information at


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