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Benin-Traditional-Council members

Markets to be closed, males to shave hairs as Oba of Benin’s death is announced 15 months’ after

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About 15 months after he joined his ancestors, the Benin Traditional Council‎ on Friday formally proclaimed the death of the Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba n’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa.

In accordance with the Benin traditional mourning rites for a translated Monarch, every male in the kingdom is expected to shave his head throughout the mourning period that may last for up to three months, while all markets in the kingdom are to remain closed for about seven days.

The announcement was made by the Prime Minister and Iyase of Benin Kingdom, Chief Sam Igbe, in company of other traditional Chiefs and Enigies (Dukes), with the traditional braking of native chalk at the entrance of the palace.

It would be recalled that broke the news of the death of the monarch in February 2015.

While announcing the translation, the Iyase‎ said: “Osorhue Bunrun. Oba Erediauwa of Benin Kingdom, the Prince of Peace, Ebo, Ayemwirhe, emini mini, has returned with his ancestors. May he find perfect peace with God.”

Following the breaking of the native chalk at the main entrance of the palace, all the chiefs and enigie broke down in tears and wailed for the translated monarch.

The Benin Crown Prince and Edaiken of Benin, Eheneden Erediauwa, who arrived at the palace at about 1:10PM from his Uselu resistance, was formally informed of the translation of his father, before it was publicly announced.
The late Monarch was crowned Oba of Benin in March, 1979.

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  1. Juliet Omoboriowo Egbule

    lol 15 months what

  2. Barbers of Benin kingdom,una own don shelle ooo as every male in kingdom should barb his hair oo in hon of de late king of Benin

  3. Ehigie Osasumwen

    Rip omo n, oba n edo

  4. Rest in peace our Great OBA of BENIN!

  5. May you rest in peace our great KING OF BENIN.

  6. I still remember when my mother made me shave my hair in 1979.

  7. I can remember 1979 when my friend did same


  9. Biz opportunity,
    Make i go arrange barbing salon 4 benin nah

  10. This “fifteen months after” cant is most disrespectful. The Oba was indisposed, ill in simple terms, and it was announced. The great thing has happened and it has also been announced. There is simply not a scintilla of evidence exists that the Chiefs and Benin people were misleading. The person who posted the rubbish should apologize to us and remove it!!!

  11. Che! All those Benin boys that love shine, shine bobo hair ratty bobmarley and all those their Michael Jackson jerry curlys hairs how far? Lol!

  12. Chai I ‘ll relocate my BARBING SALON to Benin City for barbing season.

  13. Announce his death after 15 months, i tire oo

  14. Biz opportunity,
    Make i go arrange barbing salon 4 benin nah

  15. Rip in peace… Uku apkolopkolo

  16. ChiChi Onyemaenu Eke

    Proudly married to a bini prince. #mourningmylateking# #sobbingmode# may his soul rest in peace. Amen

  17. Niga plss,shit stil exist hmm, wat a traditnal shit.

  18. This information is misleading, they announced the departure yesterday, you’re stating he died 15 months earlier. Why did you not announce it when he died 15 months ago. Thunder fire the hand that wrote this story.

    • Actually, the writer is correct. The Oba passed on over a year ago. But as it is the custom of the Benin, announcement is not made until certain rites are performed including the assumption of the Crown Prince as Edaiken N’ Uselu. Most Binis knew already as pre-coronation activities of the next Oba has already commenced. So don’t feign pretence here.

    • The truth is very bitter sometimes. When we first published 15 months ago that he was dead, people like you got offended and said all sorts of things. We are still alive

  19. I beg i join you in this your out rage. Olo fofo! We have a very organised way of ding things in our kingdom.
    Its only when the Iyase announces it that it is legit.
    Our body dey hot oooo. Dont allow us to place a curse on you.
    Mourning mode is swtched on.
    Oba Gha To Okpe Re.

  20. I am not from Bini kingdom but I love their culture and I respect and appreciate the traditional heads and custodians of the culture of other kingdoms. We Africans should not let our culture die. It is worth upholding and preserving.

    May the Oba rest well with his ancestors.

  21. abeg remind dat ur bini prince to shave his head and pubic hair

  22. Even armpit join.#lol# Each man to his culture.

  23. Lol….in this dispensation?


  24. If dem like make dem shave all d bia bia wen de dia body including d one for dia nose, armpit and yash. Oba no go wake ooo

  25. Adaobi Ifeoma Okeke

    I am not from Bini kingdom but I love their culture and I respect and appreciate the traditional heads and custodians of the culture of other kingdoms. We Africans should not let our culture die. It is worth upholding and preserving.

    May the Oba rest well with his ancestors.

    • @Ifeoma then honour him by shaving ur head,armpit and the hair on ur centre party

      • Adaobi Ifeoma Okeke

        Lol, I think the Binis have virgins that are buried with the Oba in the days of old. I doubt that is still practiced

        • Toromade Adekanmi Olawale July

          Haaa, make the virgin comot sharp sharp o. Bfor they comot their testicles put inside grave with the Oba wey don die o. Na beg i dey beg dem o

    • Toromade Adekanmi Olawale July

      Hope the Abobaku never run away oo

    • Cinillzurri Babyjackson NzubechukwuIhekwaba

      I like benin culture, them like juju and its their way and they are not ashamed of it. These juju is what have been passed down from ancient times and they stick with it… Like them a lot.

  26. But dt culture is working against divine culture, or should we throw away divine condition in d place of earthly culture ? No GOD forbid.

  27. If he is not yet buried people needs to be careful very veryful careful CAREFULLLL. There now because of their Deadly tradition of Oba’s burial with human heads

  28. Toromade Adekanmi Olawale July

    I knew the man has died since last year. They are just covering the news. Thank God the truth has eventually come out

  29. Tete Victor Edah

    If you are in Rome,you behave like the Romans.

  30. Which of the hairs, pubic or head? Abi armpit, chest or nose? Oba of benin don die joor. All these rituals are vanity

  31. U’re indeed rite,my mum told us d story.

  32. Yea my classmates all shaved their heads and were always afraid to call the obas name

  33. Only d indegins of Bini kingdom

  34. Nonsensical, one of the African incosequential cultural hic-ups on parade!
    Why not wait for 15yrs and then close all banks and stop people from moving out of their homes.

  35. And rite nw,we all are minding wat we say nw,concerning OBA nd d PALACE .

  36. when actually did the king die? 15 months ago?

  37. Yes dats hw our culture is,they dnt announce it anyhw,until it is officially announce 4rm d palace first,nomata hw many mnths or years it took.

  38. Hmmmm so that fear is still there

  39. Yes! Dats why is highly respected nd reserve.

  40. Whom are you calling a man? Say his Royal’s highness!

  41. Ionigeria. Com.
    The death was announced yesterday. It’s not of your business when he died.Moreover who told you

  42. @Owen igbinewka. Lolz. Is the Oba not a man? Is a God?

  43. Just laughing at you all talking about heads……for ur information if heads would roll it has already happened so zip it with all the talk…….Indeed civilization is here and nobody was more civilized than the umogun himself………I am proudly of the benin royal family and we mourn the great iroko on our own terms……if u nor like am abeg waka pass…*wink

  44. may his soul rest in peace

  45. What types of tradition is this,15months dead and now announcing the demised,oh oh oh oh na wao.

  46. Which males? All the males in Benin or his sons?

  47. My friend, mind your tongue! This is not what you joke with.

  48. Don’t you forget that Jesus was buried according to the custom and tradition of the Jews.

  49. Anybody without culture is nobody. Do you know why the silence this long?

  50. That’s ridiculous!15 months hum

  51. O boy!
    See business… Barbers don hama pieces!

  52. Happy that pastor chris oyakhlome will shave that his fry fry hair

  53. Becos the order,has nt cum 4rm d palace first,no media personel is bound 2 break d news,dat is ‘Y’ It was long.

  54. Every strangers in Ibinu kingdom should becareful and avoid late night traveling or clubbing. So, that their heds will not be chop off and be bury with the late Man. #Warningthings

  55. We dnt talk abt our King or palace nd culture lyk dat plszzz i beg u!

  56. Taaaaaa. Shift make i pass. Ur king na God? Important matters de ground una de talk of person wen die 15 months ago. Come bab my hair now? Idiot.

  57. vanity upon vanity. u are serving a death gods.

  58. Dem fit run away frm benin for now

  59. The same Bible said give to custom whats custom

  60. Oba died 15th febuary last yr. We all know. Is like dats d binis traditional way of annoucing it. Rip Oba!

  61. I think there is need to revisit certain aspects of the culture. Remember culture is dynamic. May his soul rest in peace.

  62. Not even only in this Oba case, even in Igbo tradition when a traditional ruler dies d announcement will not be made publicly till d emergence of the new ruler’ though d rumours may be going around..but not to shave hair and other things

  63. The Oba’s death has created a vaccum that will be hard to fill. He was a costodian of one of Africa’s great cultures. I join the people of Binin in mourning this illustrous son of Africa.

  64. Everybody is gonna go one day that is the way of all mortals. 15 months or today the silver cord is broken and that ends the matter. No fuss.


  66. Shave hair abi? Not cut head!… No wahala nah, that one na small ritual shaa. So Benin ppl no panic..e don dey reduce’ maybe next time e no go be shave hair but cut finger nails cos i heard it started with burying with human heads

  67. Rip my oba …..haters go to hell

  68. i pray every tin wil go successful

  69. People living in that area should be very careful because of useless tradition of burying him with human head.

  70. My sis Owen don’t mind them dey no get respect

  71. Whoever is responsible for this post should do a proper refuttal as regards when our great king joined his ancestors. You can’t speculate our king’s death cos it’s sacrilegious in our custom and tradition.

  72. Pls check d King’s head oooo, it might fall-out by now. Abi, na plantain stick una want bury. U go fear Tradition.

  73. The death of Obas this day is scaring.

  74. No Christian should shave for the dead(Leviticus 19:28). The Oba on the other hand must be going through torture if he hasn’t been buried till now.

  75. pls .be very careful with your comment

  76. Benin men where hair?

  77. Ooh boy, take am easy, me too, de wonder

  78. no body ask you when the Oba joins his ancestors. If you’ve nothing to post, I think happy Sunday will be fine with ur followers. Pls our culture is guided nd respected

  79. We are having traditions which must be respected.

  80. Is dis tradition or foolishness imagine a person don die since abt fifteen month ago an was jos announced yesterday nawa to all south south people sha but i dont tink somtin of such exist in south west if it was announced ar d people of d community goin to chew his corpse or cos i dnt really understand #we ar d cause of most of our problem nt our leaders ar d wife an d children of d late deceased also jos knowin dat dere father an husband is no more

  81. How did you come about the date you declared as the date the oba joined his ancestors. The palace and the family didn’t say so. You are a lawyer and you should know the implications of what you have written.

    • This man na God? Abeg make person hear word joor. All die na die. Even the death of Jesus was witnessed by people. Why everything about this your oba is beclouded with secrecy?
      Abeg where’s my Nokia small pin charger?

  82. Journalism at it worst here.

  83. Who and who will shave,indigenes or everyone

  84. Toromade, stop intimidating people with your lies.

  85. E be like say na God die ooooo, why should mens cut theirs hears?????mmmmm people, people, people, people, people,

  86. I hope u guys are not looking for humans head to bury him? All the same RIP Oba.

  87. Make na leave argument alone, d Bible talk say na once person dey die den judgement. Heb9:27. Na great king for earth what about heaven? Jesus is Lord, accept him today if u hv not b4 it is too late.

  88. Don’t u no walls have ears.

  89. Which kind lie lie site be this? Did u witness the passing away? Were u the doctor there? How did u know that is up to 15months. Rumour miller

  90. Stop ur rumour such don’t exit again

  91. Now, I understand why market women were crying . Closing business 4 a week In this hard times.

  92. His a representative of God on earth toromade

  93. @Joe, Lolz dnt be decieved. Oba is just a man on earth and he dey represent Bini pple

  94. I dont blame dis generatioon for lost of culture n moral behavior rather the bad minister of education then that stop history in our school god bless d bini

  95. Why do all this stupid site post wat they dont even know at all? Please if u cant post wat u know leave internet and look for something els to do idiot

  96. May the ancestors forgive u for that rubbish that came out from u wide mouth.

  97. 15 months after sufficient non indigene skulls have been harvested for the demonic rituals. I only wish the living have a slight inkling where the godless end up.

  98. U call am barb ?, D style na uniform style. Gorimapa style. If u try go, u fit get am FOC & PMB bois no go wahala u with probe b/cus wen dem finish with U, u go look like original recruit.

  99. ISi onyeocha ga-adakwa n’ala o

  100. Owen is either you are a man or woman. Toromade Adekanmi Olawale July next time refer him to “the woman” since he’s not a man.
    Then @ Osas Bridgetthey don’t announce it anyhow until enough human heads are harvested for rituals prior to his burial, hope that’s what you meant or rather wanted to say?

  101. They should also shave your pubic hairs join since you’re now a benin princess.

  102. Not only to shave hairs..they should also join d man in his grave..rubbish culture.

  103. Somebody was there b4 him. So there will be another custodian after him. Nobody is indispensable

  104. Osas Bridget. And you come announce his death for social media. Akuko!!!!!.

  105. Of course but they will never be thesame.

  106. I’d rather move out of Benin city, infact Edo state as a whole than barb my fine hair wey dey fetch me money as a Model. Rubbish.

  107. If you are from benin kingdom

  108. Gracious God, wat a tradition.

  109. Burial Rituals! Hmmmmm!!!!

  110. May his soul rest in perfect peace in the Lord. Amen.

  111. May his soul rest in the perfect peace of the Lord. Amen.

  112. NAWAOOO.. Person don die. Him ritual com dy affect d living pple. Africa is backward I swr

  113. your name i no know,this account you open for wetin no concern you, you dey drink panado l for another person headache

  114. John the dead king fit wake up come fcbk knack u akpako. Lolzzzzzz. Can’t stop laughing

  115. will christians shave there hair?. hm

  116. Barbaric ritual of a barbaric kingdom. Shave hair to worship a dead god by spiritually dead people! Thanks be to God the Light of Jesus Christ shines brilliantly over Benin Kingdom!

    • As a Christian you don’t need to, you now serve a living God, what ever God tells you to do you will do, not these people with their demonic gods am a child of God almighty I don’t perform with them, so the spirit of the lord is with me

  117. Rubbish!!! Na those boys kill him

  118. I just keep asking myself, what is wrong with these easterners commenting rubbish here and supporting this useless hungry no good freelance reporter, is it becos their culture is far gone and buried or bcos they envy d rich cultural heritage of the greatest empire in d sub sahara? I’m not surprised, u c y d hausa/Fulani’s are slaughtering them like cows in their own backyard yet their leaders are smiling in Aso Rock and their cowards youths are issuing warnings in d pages of news papers, worthless cowards.

  119. Only the males indigenes

  120. U don kill me oooo i no fit laff abeg @precious iwo

  121. @Anayo Agwunobi,but i didnt insult u or called u names nah? ‘Y’ ur mentality cum low lyk dis? If u dnt respect culture nd tradition,in my place we do. OZUOR!

  122. @Anayo Agwunobi,but i didnt insult u or called u names nah? ‘Y’ ur mentality cum low lyk dis? If u dnt respect culture nd tradition,in my place we do. OZUOR!

  123. lolz…Nigeria’s like aproko,d indigense are not complaining about d hair shaving.its out of d love of their king beside,its not compulsory for everyone.

  124. Barber’s rainy season. Gold rush for them. Idiosyncrasies !

  125. U cant teach me my culture@Anayo Agwunobi

  126. Am from Edo state Benin city, me am a Christian I can’t partake in any demonic rituals! Am not a traditional person, all those calling themselves traditional men and women are blinds by those things am in Benin I can’t barb my hair because the day I gave my life to Jesus all other courses, covenant that was taken on my behalf wen I wasn’t there because I didn’t sent any Jesus had destroyed every evil yoke, so I can’t join the dead and their deadly god’s to perform their rituals Jesus is enough for me, what ever they may do it cannot get to me because I am covered by the blood of Jesus, the oba he might be in hell or heaven no one knows if he was righteous then heaven but if he wasn’t then hell,i am not a traditional person, am a full born Christian into the family of God, he’s the highest of all the creator, I can’t do their commands because they are creatures like me, if you are a Christian and you still claimed to be a traditional person, you are not a Christian, you are not a child of God, besides you don’t know yourself and you are dying spiritual with those dead gods of this world

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