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Chris had planned for the moment to be perfect (Image: @officialjoshyjosh/Jam Press)

Man’s proposal goes painfully wrong as cyclist crashes into photographer

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Joshua Rosario was asked by friend Chris Vigo to photograph the moment he proposed to his girlfriend – but focusing on the couple and not where he was standing resulted in a nasty accident.

When Chris Vigo knew the time was right to pop the question to his girlfriend, he picked his perfect setting and roped in some help to capture the moment which had taken a month to plan.

As he strolled across Brooklyn Bridge in New York with his partner of four months Angelica Rivera, he had given a cue to friend and designated photographer Joshua Rosario to let him know when he would be dropping down onto one knee.

When the moment comes, Angelica is left with her hand in front of her mouth in shock, with Joshua circling the couple to get the perfect pictures while another films the proposal.

But as Joshua attempts to capture a second angle, he unknowingly steps into the path of the busy bike lane and is struck by a cyclist who is sent over the handlebars.

Chris does his best not to let the collision ruin the big moment, saying: “You good bro? It’s okay, it’s alright, that’s in the video but we’re going to edit that.”

Joshua confirms he is unharmed as the cyclist quickly picks himself up and sets off again with no complaints to allow the special moment to proceed.

The video has gained more than two million views on social media, with Chris saying: “Me and Angelica had been together for four months.

“I chose to get engaged there because we had a special moment there before and I wanted to create a better one for the both of us.

Thankfully no one was harmed – and Angelica said yes (Image: @officialjoshyjosh/Jam Press)

“I’d planned it for a month prior before it happened. My reaction was so shocked I couldn’t even believe it.

“At that moment I didn’t know what to do but to make sure that my girlfriend said ‘yes’.”

Joshua, a model from the Bronx, said it was the first time in his life he had been to the Brooklyn Bridge and had been trying to find the perfect angle for the couple.

Chris had told him the plan and Joshua’s role for the proposal on August 25, before they put it into action nearly a month later on September 18.

“My reaction towards what happened to me was that I was in literal shock that that just happened to me,” Joshua said. “I felt so bad and kind of upset that I ruined their perfect moment trying to capture the perfect moment.

“Actually they reacted great towards it. They laughed the whole rest of the day about it and weren’t mad at all.

“They kept making sure I was okay which I was. I didn’t get any scratches or bruises, thankfully I was 100 per cent fine and they loved it because it felt so natural I guess you could say.”

Luckily for Chris, one dramatic moment led to another and Angelica said yes, with the couple breaking down in tears of happiness.

The video has gone viral since being shared on Instagram, where one viewer joked: “He was gonna propose either on the bike path or in the middle of the highway but I think he made the right decision.”

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