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Man Weds His Wife Who Has Breast Cancer On Hospital Bed After 50 Years

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Breast cancer patient, Bridget Gunduor and her husband Atule Kile Gunduo were joined in Holy Matrimony Sunday at Foundation Hospital Makurdi where she is currently undergoing her treatment.

According to activist, Ukan Kurugh, he met Bridget last September through one Mrs Uke Dukek.

“We started treatment a month after and even though the Drs had explained to me that her cancer was at an advance stage, I stood my ground believing God she will make it. We spent alot of money on her because Nigerians came all out to assist her. Today she and her husband her taking marital vows at the moment at Foundation Hospital Makurdi were she is still undergoing her cancer treatment. A priest is currently doing a mass for her and darling husband.” he wrote.

In an update captioned: 50 YEARS AFTER MARRIAGE, MR. GUNDUOR WEDS BRIDGET ON HER HOSPITAL BED, RESOLVE TO LIVE MORE HAPPILY, Kurugh shared more details tails about the couple, appealing for well meaning individuals to assist the woman as her condition has deteriorated. Read below:

“Mrs. Bridget Gundor who for a couple of Months (September 2017 till date) has been at the Foundation Memorial Hospital, Makurdi due to breast cancer complications that have reached a regrettable level today, January 21st, 2018 wedded the love of her life, Mr. Atule Kile Gunduor, with whom they have been married for over 50 years and have raised 8 children out of whom 4 are living.

The occasion which took place at the Foundation Hospital earlier today was attended by family members, well wishers and admirers. The in-pains woman and her aged husband were joined in holy matrimony and blessed. In his sermon, the priest explained that, no time was late to come back to God and that, though the couple had lived together for a golden age without being wedded, it was only right to grant them the sacrament now that they were ready for it and urged them to live happily.

It was indeed a pathetic show of emotions as the couple exchanged marital vows and did the necessary as regards wedding. They signed the wedding certificate and received ovation from those who were present. Indeed, they fulfilled the agelong adage that, “it is never too late to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bridget’s breast condition has reached a fearsome level where survival is hardly contemplated. I urge you all good men and women of the earth, to come to the humble woman’s aid so that, her walk on this stage can be elongated and made more meaningful. You have always done me proud and I believe strongly that, even at this instance too, help will to come. May God bless us all.
Happy Married Life to the latest couple in town.

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