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Man Catches His Colleague With His Wife And They Run Him Over With A Car

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After months away from his family, a police officer Corporal Eric Mureithi of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Mwingi, Kitui County, Kenya, returned home only to be confronted by a nightmare.

Mureithi now uses crutches and sustained serious injuries to his head and arms after being reportedly attacked by a fellow officer whom he found with his wife on the day he arrived Nairobi.

Mureithi, had travelled from Mwingi to Nairobi for a family reunion and to take his son to secondary school. The boy sat his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination last year.

According to one of his colleagues, Mureithi hired a lorry to take him and his loads to Nairobi.

“He stood by the road for hours. Finally, Mureithi flagged down a lorry that was heading to Nairobi from Garissa,” the police officer said.

“The crew of the truck agreed to take the goods to his residence in Nairobi at an extra fee.”

The lorry arrived in the city at 1am, that day.

“As it approached the police lines, my friend saw an oncoming vehicle and realised it belonged to his wife,” the officer said.

Nevertheless, the truck with Cpl Murithi reached Ngomongo police quarters and he walked to his house. He reportedly called his wife but her phone went unanswered.

“After several attempts, he decided to walk to the nearby shopping centre which is usually frequented by officers during late hours. He spotted the car on a dark secluded spot minutes later. He switched on his torch and approached it,” the police officer added.

According to the account, when Cpl Murithi was just a few metres from the car, the engine roared and headlights switched on.

“He saw his wife in the passenger seat. The man she was with, a fellow corporal Murithi had known for years was driving,” the police officer said.

“Before he could take a step, the vehicle sped towards Murithi. He jumped on the bonnet and held onto the wipers, but instead of stopping, the driver accelerated,” the colleague said.

He added that after a kilometre of speeding, the driver applied emergency brakes.

“He was thrown off the vehicle and landed metres away. The vehicle then ran over his leg and sped off,” the officer said.

A boda boda rushed Cpl Murithi to Neema Hospital, Kasarani. Another rider sped after the vehicle and took down its registration.

The two boda bodas have recorded statements at Kasarani Police Station. The issue was being investigated at the DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road.

According to our source, Cpl Murithi’s wife has not been seen at home or station since then.

His colleagues say the registration of his wife’s car has not been circulated as happens when a vehicle is used to commit a crime.

Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi, who confirmed the incident, said he had been briefed about the incident.

“I am away from office but the matter is being handled by the complaints office at DCI headquarters,” Mr Mboloi had said.

Cpl Mureithi is accusing his seniors of refusing to investigate the attack despite officially reporting it as an assault and attempted murder.

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