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King Sonny Ade with his guitar

King Sunny Ade’s guitar auctioned at N52m

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A vintage fender guitar owned by legendary Nigerian musician, King Sunny Ade, was on Sunday auctioned at N52.1 million in Lagos.

The guitar which was auctiond by Dr. Jogun Onabanjo, Certified Auctioneer and Chief Executive of Onabanjo and Onabanjo & Co, is known to have been designed by Nigerian artist Victor Ehikamenor.


The Guitar
The Guitar

The glittering artistic piece was revealed at the King Sunny Ade‘s  70th birthday concert tagged Sunny on Sunday, which had an audience comprising of Nigeria’s richest and top celebrities.

The starting bid of nine million Naira was followed by a very competitive bid by the well-heeled audience consisting of influential businessmen such as Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Mr. Femi Otedola, and more closing at N52.1 million.


While the bid was in progress, the asking price for the guitar doubled to N17m under two minutes before exceeding the N50m benchmark in 15 minutes.

The winner of the auction is yet to be revealed.

The concert held at the Temple Balmoral Marquee, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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  1. How much will they auction Victor Nwaifor ‘s.

  2. Why auctioning his guitar, has he gone broke?

  3. #52.1 for a small six strings guitar in this recession? Was the guitar made in heaven?

  4. Is the guitar made directly from God or if you buy it will it transform u to God special angel leading the worship in heaven or make you become the best musician on earth. Nonsense.

  5. Abeg if dem play d guitar for my late father ear him go resurrect? Cos him dey like music wela…

  6. if d man auction his guitar if like u buy if u no like waka pass make u no dey talk or comment insult comment for here

  7. Since d instrument cost lyk dis, make I waka pass than insulting the music icon

  8. propaganda. It shows our medias are really sprung. The westerners thought us the propaganda game. Now we gon take it to a different level. Smh,…its all balderdash,… Sheer shenanigans. No disrespect to the great legend. But 52 mil,… my foot.

  9. The very poor cannot value the guitar so also are these indomine era boys who were yet to be born when the iconic instrument/ guitar stated music

  10. Nice to know… #stars must shine

  11. Wat he suppose use as charity or sumtin lyke

  12. May be is extra ‘Life’ guitar no body knows !!!

  13. Nice one,if its in a place like America ,the guitar will not pass a day cos it sounds cheap. Or is it becos of the recession?

  14. Dat reminds me of Sir Victor Uwaifo’s guiters….perhaps they too will soon meet d Auctioneer.

  15. Ah! where can the ‘konga’ drum sticks i first used in 1974? if i knew then i would have asked my Dad to go keep them in Yaba Vaults

  16. Is d king broke or why selling properties. Komo to jogun baba fe je ogbon

  17. It is not a lie but true saying the guitar was auctioned #52.1m

  18. the wailers must wail since his not from there tribe, hmmm only God can have mercy on them, people from tribe of shame. am sure good nigeria citizens that appreciate good things can know them by their names and their comments.

    • What is our business here? Why the insult. It is not a life saver. It is not donated to charity. Not to help the poor. To me its really nothing. Insult others does not make anyone responsible. Brother take it easy. This thing no help us.

    • tell me ur own business abt it too sista, so if its nothing to u am surr is something to some people ok, anyway u can condemn my comment if trully u are not happy with it. bad belle. how many times av u helped the poor or donated to charity if i may ask u? pls dont eva comment on my post ok, never.

  19. empty heads cannot appreciate this man, he is worth more than Michael Jackson for us. he who appreciate gold is worthy to sell it to. “eni moyi wura la n taa fun”

  20. U go buy it naw becos it cost pass u empty head

  21. Yoruba’s ar taking it too personal. Why. People ar commenting based on the amount of money attached to d guiter not d man. They have not insult d man. Everyone knws sunny ade is highly respected 4 his music and age. Na wa for una with this tribe tin o. Gushh.

  22. Patty is it a Stratocaster? Jimi, and many great guitar players used it. Uwaifo also did. Great legacy..great move….great Sonny Ade.

  23. Okay I’ve taken a second look. It may not be a stratocaster.

  24. History has it that King Sunny Ade sold only fourteen plates of his first record album about fifty years ago. Sunny Ade used to come to play for free for Alpha Club at University of Ife when I was a student there in the early eighties. The man apparently loved happy people and places.

  25. The rich shall continue to be rich whatever may be the case. Long live SUNNY ADE.

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