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Judge nullifies baby’s name, ask family to give her another name

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Some names are so bizarre, we can’t believe they’ve ever been given to children. But a recent landmark case just went a step further by telling a mother she can’t give her newborn twins the names she chose.

The mother, who is from Powys, Wales, attempted to name her offspring “Cyanide” and “Preacher.”  She believed “Cyanide” was a pretty name for a little girl with positive implications since it’s the poison that killed both Hitler and his follower Joseph Goebbels, according to Metro . She also argued that she had the right to name her own children. However, Justice Eleanor King ruled that the name could cause emotional harm to the child in the future.


“It is hard to see how … the twin girl could regard being named after this deadly poison as other than a complete rejection of her by her birth mother,” said King.


The twins, now 8 months old, were reportedly conceived of rape. They were placed in foster care, along with their three half-siblings, due to the mother’s history of mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Social workers from Powys County Council brought the case to the British Appeal Court. An injunction had previously been issued to prevent the mother from formally registering the names.

“This is one of those rare cases where the court should intervene to protect the girl twin from emotional harm,” said King.

While the judge acknowledged that “Preacher” wasn’t as bad of a name, she decided it was in the best interest of the twins to be renamed by their half-siblings.

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  2. Any name the parents give dis baby is valid

    • No sir. The law doesn’t allow you to give your child offensive names like Devil, Snake etc or sacreligious names like Judas, Lucifer etc. Some will fire back saying: “Na me born’am na me gi’am name, wetin concern govt”?. My reply will be: “tru tru na you born’an but govt must protect child’s rights”

  3. The real name should be Looku Looku tell me what you see !

  4. Olusakin Oyewale

    This is just Global eye,ang general overshere of d farmilies,

  5. The eyes are good enough to perform oversight functions!

  6. But n,t Africa?

  7. Ade ranju

  8. Dezzy Alero Aghante

    Laide Olorunsogo.This is not just ranju ranmu o this is Nepa at his fullest current!


  10. Why should she name her cyanide?

  11. What has Lai done to you? Lai is a shorten form of Olayide or Laide,just like Tai is shorten from Taiwo. He has been bearing the name ever before you were born. The name has fetched him good reputation and jobs from Chief of Staff to former Lagos State Governor to Former Gubernatorial candidate of ACN in Kwara State to opposition spokesman to Minister for information and Culture . And if his information sounds like lie in your ears, na you sabi oooo.

  12. Nnamdi Kanu meanz criminal while Odumegwu Ojukwu meanz baby factory

  13. The heavenly giving name of the baby is Sooko

  14. me de laugh ooo.ha ha ranju ranmu up nepa

  15. Its true i always feel as if i will commit sin if i attach his name to his surname.

  16. “Lie” and “Lai” sounds same but m nt sure they mean same

  17. Then….names as rice, tree, wood, okwuta, surudeen, fatai, cemetery, Aisha nd others must be withdrawn

  18. In d cours of lai mohammed or lie mohammed de are d same bcos d man can LIE

  19. What is d problem btw ibo & hausa? Dat dey don want to see demself 4face at all…. I wonder o

  20. Isaiah Ekpenyong

    Is there no good judge in Nigeria to nullify Lai Mohammeds name? so that we can give him another name.

  21. U are sick

  22. whatever you name a baby reflect on him/her.kudo to that judge for the termination. if not Nigeria could conceive another deadly lie as a minister of information.

  23. Olapade Okeya, a child whose father greatest achievement in life was being a motor park tout chief, agboro chief, cannot talk less than this. It is hereditary, sorry.

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