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Fury is the WBC champion, while Joshua holds the WBO, WBA and IBF belts

John Fury insists Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury contract ‘means NOTHING without date and venue’

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Tyson Fury’s dad John has cast doubt on the Gypsy King’s two-fight deal with Anthony Joshua, insisting it ‘means nothing’ without a date or a venue.

The two British heavyweight champions have signed a contract to fight twice this year in order to unify the division in a showdown boxing fans have longed for.

However, a time and a place are yet to be agreed, with time running out to arrange those details if they want to get in the ring this summer.

Now, John Fury has warned boxing fans not to get ahead of themselves, admitting he’s not holding his breath over the fight happening.

Appearing on BT Sport, the former boxer said: “We need to get him out [fighting], whether these cowboys get the job sorted which I don’t think they’re going to do.

“What have they signed? They’ve signed nothing in my eyes. They’ve got no date, no venue, no nothing.

“What does it mean if you can’t get a date and a venue? What does it mean if no one is willing to put the money up?

“It’s all about someone coming forward and saying, ‘Right, I’ll pay for the fight, I’ll stage the fight.’ Where are these people?

“That’s the position it’s in and I don’t think they can get it together. It’s too big for what’s happening and the climate the world is in at the moment.

“I just don’t think the timing is right for a fight of that magnitude with the state of the world.”

Up to this point, all indications from both camps have suggested the fight would be heading abroad, most likely to the Middle East, where a foreign nation would pay big money to host in front of a crowd.

Those offers still remain frontrunners to secure the fight in June or July, but Eddie Hearn recently told talkSPORT a Wembley bout is not completely out of the question, although it’s unlikely 90,000 would be able to attend.

Nevertheless, John Fury insists his son will be fighting this year ‘with or without AJ’, having been out of the ring for more than a year since his victory over Deontay Wilder in February 2020.

He continued: “Tyson needs to fight twice this year, with or without AJ.

“Tyson is not bothered by any heavyweight on the planet – he’s passed being bothered by this man or that man.

“It’s a business for Tyson and we need to move on, get a living properly, sharpen his tools and keep him sharp in case that big night comes knocking.

“But I think they’re dragging their heels a bit because they don’t want to and I don’t blame them.”

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