Wednesday , March 22 2023
Rotimi Akeredolu

Jegede not going to court, Mimiko Congratulates Akeredolu-Sources

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Despite misgivings by the National Executive committee of his Party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), can authoritatively reveal that Mr. Eyitayo Jegede is not going to court over the outcome of the Saturday, November 26, governorship election in Ondo State.

Also, our investigations has revealed that the incumbent governor of the State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has already called to congratulate the declared winner, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu of the All Progressive Congress (APC) while Mr. Jegede is also expected to do same.  

According to impeccable sources, the decision not to go to court is partly hinged on the fact that the governor-elect is a close friend of the incumbent government and Mr. Jegede.

It would be recalled that Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu was part of the legal team that helped Dr. Mimiko to retrieve his mandate from Dr. Olusegun Agagu about eight years ago.

It is also strongly believed within the PDP camp in Ondo State that the results declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) represents the way the people of Ondo State voted but that they were induced with money.

Our sources further alleged that seven APC governors took money to Ondo for the election and voters, especially in the rural areas got five thousand Naira each to vote for Akeredolu, a figure that PDP could not match.

Meanwhile, the National Executive Committee of the PDP has described the outcome of the election as declared by Professor Abdul-Ganiyu Ambali, the Chief Returning  Officer of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as a charade and not the true reflection of the will of the people of Ondo  State.

 In a statement on Monday, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, National Publicity Secretary of the Party, said: “INEC has however graduated from Inconclusive Elections as seen in Kogi, Bayelsa, Osun, FCT, Imo, Nassarawa and some other previous By-Elections in the Country to ‘Advanced Election Rigging’, as in the case of Edo and Ondo States Gubernatorial Elections”.


“It is common knowledge that the APC Agents openly bought votes of the electorates in the full glare of security operatives who did nothing to prevent such dastardly violation of the Electoral Law. It is not surprising that the electorates in Ondo state became so vulnerable to the corruptive influence of the APC because of the hash economic situation in the Country inflicted on Nigerians by the APC Administration which have indeed made all Nigerians virtually beggars in their own Country”.


“Nigerians  will recall that we had persistently called for the postponement of the Election before Saturday, for at least two weeks to enable our Party Campaign and prepare properly for this Election as a result of the setback orchestrated by Justice Okon Abang and the charlatans in PDP who allowed themselves to be used by the APC to destroy our chances in the Ondo State Election”.


“The actions of INEC in collaboration with the APC led Administration left us no time to campaign and sell our Candidate and Party Manifesto to the electorates in Ondo State. Our persistent call for the postponement of the Election which was backed and supported by more than 20 other political parties were all rejected by INEC which were acting the script of the APC. It was a carefully planned and well-orchestrated strategy to rig the Election well in advance by preventing the PDP from planning and campaigning for the Election. The APC has hereby introduced a new formula of rigging Election in Nigeria”.


“In view of the fact that the Election was blatantly manipulated from the beginning to the end to favour the APC, we vehemently reject the results of the November 26, 2016 Gubernatorial Election in Ondo State. The Election and all actions leading to it fall short of laid down principles guiding conduct of elections in Nigeria. We have instructed our Candidate and the Ondo State Chapter of our Party to proceed to the Tribunal to challenge the Outcome of the Election. We call on the Judiciary to redeem Nigeria’s image on this matter as we request for the Total Cancellation of the Election in Ondo State”.


“Finally, we congratulate our Candidate, Hon. Eyitayo Jegede, SAN, and our Party in the State for the gallant performance at the Poll, despite the severe injuries inflicted on us before, during and after the Election. We call on all our members and teeming supporters nationwide and Ondo State in particular to remain calm and continue to work with the leadership of the Party to move the PDP forward”.



About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Is it Okon’s court that he’ll go to?

  2. Sir if there is life u wl surely be d not only govnor but president of Nigeria by God grace.i wish u many many long life ahead of u in jesus victorious mighty name

  3. That is one of heros attribute. And that was saying,you’re godly man,and also you’re a good leader.sir,what you do,its not for ondo state alone by allown peace,but to all over the world at large to seeth. As someone ve said,i too prayed that you shall become one of Nigeria president so soon.just denote my word sir.big kudos to you always sir.

  4. PDP is purely joking with their bad belle.

  5. Nice spirit of sportsmanship. Bravo.

  6. But their spoke person Fayose siad it was rigging

  7. Congratulations once again to Ondo People, Gov. Elect Rotimi Akeredolu, President Buhari and our Party APC.

  8. Like Jegede like Jonathan Goodluck.

  9. Just come to Edo and see what the face of a desperate man looks like. He has red granites in his eyes, viciously and dangerously glaring at whoever is silly enough to counsel him on the wise option of withdrawal.

  10. Eyitayo Jegede does nt ve any business in d court as far as d election is concerned. Who is he going to sue? INEC OR AKETI? Was d election not free n fair? He was d 1st candidate dt started campaigning, ever b4 d APC primary. Jimoh Ibrahim later took over frm him n he later completed it. Concurrently, rice igbeayo was being shared wt veg. Oil n Maggi elede. Jegede cn nt say he doesn’t know d cause of his defeat. It is only dt he can nt say it,u iy is an untold story. A good child frm a wicked n cruel parents dt a still alive. Jegede wl still become a Governor in d future wen his wicked parents are dead politically.

    • Pls dnt being disingenuous. Jimoh ibrahim’s legal logjam wit Jegede ws orchestrated by presidency. Jegede ws treated vry cruely for Akeredolu to win d race. Akeredolu culdnt hv won d electn if fairness had prevailed. A source for d goose shuld also b a source fr d gander. Electn ws shifted in Edo by 3 weeks wen there ws no much justifiable reason. Why inec refused to do d same in Ondo wen it ws obvious dt was d ryt tin to do 4 Eyitayo to campaign lyk evry other contestant. Buhari is a contemptible leader

    • Tunde election was shifted in Edo state on security ground.

    • Matthew Tunde, does that mean if Abraham should come back from the court with the APC ticket, he should also get postponement after Jegede must have gotten his own?

    • Mr Tuned, nothing concerns INEC wt internal conflict or disharmony of any political party. If Jegede has won d election, would they still be agitating 4 postponement of d election? When POP can nt give any reason 4 their loss, they are linking it wt INEC Refusal 4 d postponement. They sld stop dt rationalization n warm up 4 d future elections. POP cannot be winning all d time.

  11. Ondo State election was clean, free and fair. APC won hands down. Edo State election was a sham, right from the postponement of election date to delaying the results. The int’l observers saw that too.

    • Then wait for court. Wat time did announcement of result start in Edo then ondo? Do u know dat u must add unit result to get ward n in Edo some wards collation ended around 5,6pm b4 u tke it L.G hdqtrs n start adding about 18 or 15 L.Gs b4 writing n signing. If collation was even delayed were there agents @ collation centre sleeping? Just wait for court bcos to accept defeat is hard but i voted APC in Benin based on performance Apc won d ward n L.G

  12. PDP will say he is a fool. I personally think he should head to the courts, our lawyers must make some cash. The economy needs his cash pls.

  13. But Jegede declared on TV that he will proceed to the court before 21 days lapse

  14. Ondo elections was never free and free. D PDP agents were APC men under d guise of jimoh ibrahim. So they results sheets as arranged were signed at d collation centres. Going to court is not d issue, winning is d real thing. Mimiko has realised this may not be possible so why d courts? I thank mimoko for this honour. God bless him.

  15. Mimmiko u ar highly favourd among all men making peace is the answer while i strongly blv that our president Buhari will always remember u as one of our Democracy heroe God bless u my brother and leader After Jonathan then mimmiko

  16. You are wise for not wasting ur money

  17. we hav left d period of ignorans alot of Nigerians ar now enlightend. once

  18. Let him go 2 court, d court will blame him, how someone dat did not campain wins?

    • Let ur perspectv b objectv. Buhari/Apc used jimoh ibrahim to cause Jegede legal logjam inorder to stop him frm being govnor. If a level playing ground ws given to all contestants. Jegege would hv won d electn convincingly. Now 4 Abang Okon whom fg used to stop Jegede, what wl b done to him afta hs supreme court colleague’ judge’ lambasted justice okon’s judgement as fraudulent?

  19. Dont trust them,they’re going to court,believe me.

  20. Mimiko has taken a dose of his own poison.Was he not an architect of Alimodu Sherif’s entrance into PDP who sponsored Jimoh Brahim as a rival governorship candidate in the Ondo poll? Politicians in Nigeria are always driven by greed and selfishness and the casualities are the people

  21. Muyiwa Adeniyi,frank posting.

  22. He can go to court atleast Lawyer must chop

  23. Bt buhari is nt helping our democracy by hs / Apc’ conducts.. Eyitayo ws badly treated by presidency. Havg sponsored d pig, jimoh ibrahim to destablize pdp, he (buhari) stil instructed inec to refuse Jegede’s demand of poll shift so dt he wuld b unable to campaign. Ths z why it pains me wen i hear buhari is a man of integrity. Its either pple dnt knw d meaning of integrity or they ar pretenders. Worst& corrupt presidt ever had is buhari

    • Did they rigged d election? d answer is no. so either jimoh is sponsor by anybody make d game sweet politic is a game so we dont want rigging of election but games cos politic is about games

    • Incase u dnt knw. Dt strategy is much worse dan rigging. If GEJ had played such dirty& primitv politics, there wuld hv been no room 4 Apc tody. If dts ur own definatn of interestng politics, then u belong to precolonial politicians@ Ebenezer Ajayi

    • Tunde they should postpone an election because pdp could not put its house in order? Who invited Sherrif to pdp? Apc or fayose and wike? My brother if that was jegede’s problem which I don’t subscribe to, then it was self inflicted. Av u ever pause to wonder why mimiko ignore zonal arrangement and anointed a candidate from his own senatorial district after he spent 8yrs? A we asking other zones to wait for 16years? Who goes into election owing 8 months salary. Jegede a good man, only paid for the sins of mimiko simple.

    • I’m supraised with what Matthew Tunde is saying as if APC to PDP to go to court bcos of candidacy where they not aware of the electioniaring campaign period it was bcos they fail to resolve their party difference which is the result now by losing the seat to APC.

    • Mr kenny okeowo & samuel Ageh, irrespectv of political affiliatn, it pays to b patriotc inorder 4 our nascent democracy to develop. U dnt nid to defend buhari cos d truth is obvious. Hav u pondered on y pdp conventn in phc ws boycotted by police/Dss frm fg? Why is it only justice okon Abang dt always gives controversial judgements on pdp issues? Hw culd jegede whose pry electn ws monitrd by inec offcrs be replaced wit jimoh ibrhim whom nobdy knew anytin abt hs pry electn? Why did he indirectly defect to Apc 2 days to electn after he had carried out d assignment given to him by APC? Democracy’s nt managed d way buhari is acting.

  24. Let’s wait and what oyo chairman @ chancellor,

  25. What Mimiko is doing is good especially when he is convince that the result is correct.

  26. Gov Mimiko has no choice but to accept the will of God. Going to court in this case amount to waste of time and resources.

  27. We are going, we have enough evident with us to nail Akeredolu,Mimiko is a coward,we are going to challenge the victory. Eyin PDP motor to to lo len se wo si.

  28. He does not matter, a winner has emerged. Aketi must be battle ready if dia is evidence

  29. @ Matthew Tunde, sum of u ‘ll juz come on social media juz to demonstrate ur ignorant in public. Iz high tym u wake up ur ideas, obviously u re sleeping on a bicycle.

  30. Well my pdp family let accept defeat in ondo, who are going to meet in court nt okon abang working 4 buhari, jimoh ibrahim kill us in ondo don’t forget na jimoh group we used as our party agent. we fail tortally

  31. May God bless Ondo State, PDP should let peace reign nd stop wasting time nd resources 4 going to court, accept ur faith pls.

  32. Mimiko will soon defect to APC, after handover

  33. Mimiko cannot decide for PDP as a party and Jegede as the candidate whether to go to court or not.PDP and jegede must proceed to court to nullify this charade called election.Jegede requested for postponement so that he could submit his own trusted party agents but INEC refused and went ahead with agents submitted by imbecile jimoh ibrahim who compromised and sabotaged jegede.Why the hurry for the election when handover is end of February next yr?

  34. Mimiko is 1 of d strong leader we hv in south west now, may God b with him as he will b lvn by feb, i no dat Jimo Ibrahim has fool his future in dis state 4 wat he did 2 PDP, may God b wit d incomn Gov, Rotimi Akeredolu, may God lead him 2ru 4 d nest 4yr in Jesus name.

  35. Fine lets see what Akeredolu will do in Ondo state

  36. Dia re 2 much Hammer here ‘igi’ i shift my head.

  37. Sir Your Good Works Will Still Take You To A Greater High, Because Mimiko Had Done Great Work In Ondo State.

  38. Let them embrace peace and wait for another time as for me Akeredolu won the election going to court is wasting of resouces and time. From this ends Mimiko should sit back to form a formidable opposition that will be geared APC so that democracy will stand and stay. Congratulation to the governor elect Rotimi Akeredolu.

  39. Dt is hw a good leader n literate one suppose to behave.

  40. I told my Ondo people before the election to prepared for change. Only very few are enjoying. The internal bleeding of the injured PDP made it imcompetent for the election . Let others be weeping more than the bereaved

  41. Mimiko is a wonderful leader! Akeredolu will benefit from his experience! Up PDP!

  42. let jegede approach Curt of law mimiko is not a good leader

  43. hmm…people are not heating d nail on the head…nemesis speaks faster than a stamerer!..the gods are fighting for both Adefarati and Agagu!(* yes mimiko is wise, .he knows they would loose the case even when they go to court cos it has to do with the rulling party and which may lead to his probe by Akeredolu+EFCC+APC at large***i see mimiko decamping to APC soon!

  44. I congratulate him for not wasting his time and money on what will eventually turn out to be an exercise in futility.

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