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Matt Myles

Incredible: Lottery winner sleeps with 150 women, visits 22 countries in three years

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A BRITISH playboy, Matt Myles, who won a Euromillions jackpot has settled down and started a family – after blowing £500,000 and bedding 150 women on a debauched world trip,  reports The Mirror

The 31-year-old’s life was turned upside down (in a good way) in 2014 when he won £1 million in the Euromillions lottery. He took that cash and went on a huge trip around the globe, visiting 22 counties in 18 months, bedding 150 women and sipping on champagne while buying some sick new threads.

The lucky young man said he feared becoming another troubled lottery winner before meeting his partner Stacy.

























But he says that his life is even better now that he’s met his future wife, who’s just given birth to their child, Jude. Matt met NHS play specialist Stacy through mutual friends and their romance grew quickly.

Mr Myles decided to take his girlfriend on a similar trip that he did with the lads, albeit without the slew of gorgeous women. They got to tick off some seriously good bucket list items, including the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and Mount Everest.

Matt has told the Mirror: “It was good to go around with the boys to experience the world as a single lad but this time with the trip with Stacy I got to see things and travel with someone I cared about.”

“It made the moments more special – rather being hungover.”

But it was when they were travelling through South-East Asia, when Stacy became ill. Little did the couple know, but it was actually morning sickness, due to the 28-year-old being pregnant.

Instead of going home, Stacy and Matt got to see a few more of their favourite destinations, including Tokyo and Shanghai. They managed to back to the UK just in time for scans for the 20-week mark.

“As soon as we flew out, I knew I had to be a grown-up man and be aware of my responsibilities with the kid on the way,” says Matt.

Matt and Stacy just before they left for the airport on their round-the-world trip together in April























However, he wasn’t completely finished with his partying ways and went for one last epic trip with his mates to the US to see the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas.

You’d think after forking out all that money, he’d be fairly skint and would have to get himself into gear to start providing for his family. However, Matt has craftily invested in some lucrative avenues, which has actually got his wealth up to around £1.4 million.

So he’s better off than when he won the Euromillions.

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