Thursday , February 9 2023

‘I’m Only Dating Men To Make My Life Better’ – Single Mum Reveals Why She Dates Different Men

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A single mum has said she has given her daughter a better life – by dating strangers for cash. Kelly Popilek has earned around £10,000 in the past two years, all of which has gone towards 10-year-old Ariana’s education, clothes and bills.

Kelly, 37, has dated countless men in that time, with clients paying for her company at the dinner table.

The mum, from California, now hopes to inspire others to do the same.

She wants to make it clear that just because she dates for cash that she’s not a ‘gold digger.’

The single mum – who has used the website WhatsYourPrice for two years – has since earned £10,000 from dating strangers and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Kelly, who runs a real estate business, said: “I use the money from date to pay for bills, clothes, food, school supplies and everyday things for my daughter.

“I’ve earnt around $13,000 from dating the men I’ve met online as it has led to business partnerships too. “It has given me and Ariana a great lifestyle and I would recommend it to anyone. “I’m not a gold digger though, I’m only dating these men to make my life better not because I want a relationship.”

Kelly has gone on every type of date from a formal dinner date to a karaoke bar and charges no lower than £100 for her time.

She said: “If I see a profile I’m interested in on WhatsYourPrice I will send a fee. “I’ve attended all sorts of dates, one time I went to a karaoke bar with a guy who actually paid my friend to accompany us as well.”I have recommended it to a lot of my friends even though I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone.”

Kelly dates strangers at least once per week but claims she is picky with her dates.

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