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‘Iconoclastic’ Oshiomhole visits Edaiken, urges him to sustain Oba Erediauwa’s legacies

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Following the public outrage that followed the use of the word, ‘iconoclastic’ in his earlier condolence message, Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole on Monday paid a condolence visit to the Edaiken of Uselu and the crowned Prince of Benin Kingdom, Eheneden Erediauwa at his palace in Uselu during which he urged him to sustain the legacies of his father.

Although the governor’s press secretary, Peter Okhiria had apologised claiming that ‘iconoclastic’ was inadvertently used instead of ‘iconic’, the uproar refused to die compelling Oshiomhole to visit the Edaiken to personally convey his condolence.

Expressing his grief over the passage to the great beyond of Oba Erediauwa, Governor Oshiomhole said, “Though a statement had already been issued by my office on the life and times of the Oba, we are consoled that the vacuum created will be filled by a true royal crowned prince.

“The crowned prince has sufficiently gone through the rigours of life and royalty.

“We believe that the late Oba has prepared him as he has what it takes to step into his shoes and face the challenges that may arise.

“The late Oba was not only a unifying factor to the people of the state, but to the nation in general. I therefore, appeal that the legacies and national respect he commands be sustained,’’ he said.

On his part, Prince Eheneden Erediauwa thanked the Governor for the visit.

He further stated that he was seriously pained because of the love and closeness he had with his late father which appeared to be the first in the history of the Kingdom.

The crowned prince appreciated the governor’s assistance and contributions to the palace as well as the development achieved so far in the state.

He also commended the governor for providing the enabling environment for investors to invest in the state, and expressed the hope that more investors would come to the state.

The crowned prince further commended the media for their commitment, dedication and objective reporting of events in the palace.

He assured the people and the governor that he would do his best to justify the confidence reposed in him to lift the Kingdom to an enviable height.

Edo State Government had on April 29 issued a statement announcing the death of the Oba of Benin.

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  1. If there’s anybody that is iconoclastic, it’s governor Oshiomhole, always very vulgar and disrespectful in his use of words.

  2. To choice the king is not your duty but royal family & chiefs!

  3. To sustain the “iconoclastic” legacies? See what over-talking , arrogance and impunity could cause thinking itz Jonathan and Okonko Iweala.

  4. Don blame OSho baba, Obaigbon is his chief of staff remember…..?

  5. Obiagbon effect. Iconoclastic

  6. What is ur take on this picture

  7. what is iconoclastic ? remember not all white people do speak english o i beg small small

  8. Benin people should repent, juju every where in the state ,

  9. Iconoclastic its an insult.. Na Oshiomole be iconoclastic nor be our Oba.. Idiot fellow..

  10. He meant to say “iconic”.


  12. thank god in edo we do not need any govt to chosed for us a king otherwise benin would hv filled with political noise maker who do not hv regards for there people the like of ameachi kwankoso tinubu

  13. Oba Longlife and prosperity, good health on throne in Jesus name

  14. No bi Oshiomole fault now, the guy na school certain holder and he now come employ that crazy fellow to mis-teach him English language!

  15. The meaning lies in the sound and the mind of the user. Could be atravesty of semantics.

  16. those little boys standing by the side, hope they go to school

  17. According to Okonjo Iweala, Oshomhole has mouth diarrhea.

  18. May God bless him with wisdom and strong health, may his days be longer than his forefathers

  19. Long life nd promotion to D prince

  20. I wonder if he has a dictionary.

  21. He didn’t know he was speaking to learned people, he thought he was speaking to those his illiterate followers who believe and die for any rubbish he speaks.

  22. Have they found the missing Atobaku?

  23. salute to the new oba of Benin kingdom, may God give him more support to rule the good people of Benin and sustain the legacies of his father, aaamin.

  24. I respect d benin monarchy. I live in benin and i knw dey dnt misbehave nor ‘mis-yarn’ like some other yeye monarchies we hv in Nigeria…

  25. Benin kingdom, a land of great cultural heritage. I salute and commensurate with all on the great to loss to the kingdom and the black race at large

  26. Long live the Oba of Benin Kingdom

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