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I Was Raped In 2016, Battled Depression – Ex BBNaija Housemate

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An evicted contestant in the ongoing reality TV show, BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’,  Iheme Faith Uloma, popularly known as Ifu Ennada,  says she was raped and infected with a Sexual Transmitted Infection.

Ifu Ennada, who is also an actress, content producer, TV host and fitness entrepreneur took to her instagram handle, @ifuennada on Tuesday to make the revelation citing an unnamed personality in the entertainment industry as the rapist.

The BBNaija contestant said that she has already documented her ordeal in her latest short story film titled, `Tears of A Broken Virgin.’

According to her, during her stay in the BBNaija House when emotions were raised during a `Truth or Dare game,’ she affirmed that she had not really had sex.

The fashion designer and graduate of Computer Science from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun added that people interpreted that she was claiming to be a Virgin.

“The truth is in 2016, I was raped by someone in the entertainment industry, before then I was a Virgin. This person also infected me with an STI.

“ I was also threatened by this person and was very scared of social media’s bashing with the usual questions of “what was she wearing!’’ “why did she go to his house ?’’

“So in all my sadness and depression, I decided to tell the world what had happened to me using film as a medium.

“I was inspired to write and produce my film `Tears of A Broken Virgin’. I got a lot of help from social media.

“People volunteered to work for me free including my director – Benny Atagame Alli.

“Though some parts of my film are fiction, the bulk of it was inspired by my story. The lead character’s name is Ada which is a short form of my name Adanne- popularly pronounced as Ennada.

“Because of my sad experience I battled depression, developed trust issues and found it hard to connect with people especially men.

“I wanted to tell my story and also pass a strong message to rape victims and rapists…I hope I was able to do that with my film.

“I intend to expand this into a feature-length film. I hope everyone out there is inspired to stand up against rape,’’ Ifu wrote.

As pairs in the BBNaija house, Ifu and Leo won the `Roc Da Mat’ Challenge which earned them VVIP trip to One Africa Festival in London later in the year.

In addition, they were awarded five million naira (N2.5 million each) and one year supply of Pepsi.

They were the fourth pair to be evicted in the 2018 BBNaija reality TV show.

Their eviction came after Ahneeka and Angel were evicted, and two weeks after Bitto and Princess and Vandora and Dee-one were evicted.

Ifu described her 43 days stay in the BBNaija house as `eventful.’

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  1. I’m glad you are able to discuss the rape with the public so soon after it happened, and create a narrative where you can explain perhaps some of the nuances and lessons learned. I am always surprised by how few women seek a conviction for their rapist in order to protect other women from the same fate, and to teach the rapist the hard lesson that a few minutes of sex isn’t worth a decade in jail. I guess it gets more complicated if you know or care for the person who raped you. (In my case, I was raped by a drunk girlfriend- and didn’t want to mess up her life with a sex offense just because she made a mistake. People say “rape is rape” as if all rape is equivalent in some weird sense- nothing could be further from the truth. A young girl in India was killed during a rape (or as a result of injuries sustained in a hospital later) a bit over a century ago- that spawned India’s modern war on sexual violence. And also their war on sex in general, including porn, PDAs, etc.) That is a million miles different from what happened to me. I guess vapid sloganeering is vapid sloganeering. Or at least its an oversimplification mean to to propagate a meme. In any case, you could maybe still seek to prosecute. Even if you don’t win, the record of the court action will be there to warn other women. And congratz on making the film. All I’ve managed to do is write hundreds of stupid journal entries to myself while questioning the legitimacy of my masculinity as a result. Way less constructive,.

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