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I Dumped Him Because He Won’t Let Me Pay For Anything

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 A South African writer with the Twitter name, @awkward_ah, took to the social media platform to reveal why she dumped her fiancé.

The writer, in a series of tweets, said she was engaged to a man who would not let her pay for anything.

The woman who has as her header photo the inscription, “Single not desperate,” said it might sound like a dream come true for some ladies, but it was her own worst nightmare.

She said a day would come, if she eventually gets married to him, he would tell her she owns nothing but owes him a lot.

According to her, during the course of dating, he was already hinting at her quitting her job and taking care of his own books.

She wrote, “I was engaged to a man who’d never let me pay for anything. Like it got him mad when I bought things. I left him because that may sound like a dream come true for some, but it’s a nightmare. It’s not generosity, it is control.

“He started hinting that I worked too hard. I should quit and take care of his books. When I asked what my salary would be, he laughed. Said I don’t need a salary when there’s ‘our money’. No, brother… could never be me

“He bought me a new phone and sim card. It would be best if we were on the same network for free minutes, he said. I saw that he just didn’t want others to have my number and also he would have access to my itemised bill.

“For some reasons, this man thought that by putting a ring on my finger he could now shape me into a mold of his own design. I saw through it all. I’m really thankful that I did or who knows how my life would be today.

“Every time I’d say no, he’d buy me things. I don’t want to grow my hair, he got expensive flat irons. I don’t like heels, he showed up with an Aldo box. . . It never stopped.

“Then he would hint that we should go to Mac. He knows a lady who can sort me out. He’d like me to wear makeup all the time. You know, the business was picking up and we had to appear a certain way. I’m a jeans and T kinda girl. He met me as such.”

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