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‘I Don’t Feel Anything When I Smoke And Take Pills’ – Woman Says

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A lady has given her reason why she smokes and take pills in order to get high. According to the Borno based lady whose identity is concealed, the heartbreak she gets from her husband who constantly assaults her and is hardly around, is what made her tread such path at the beginning of their marriage.

She narrated her ordeal with Bits of Borno. 

‘I don’t feel anything when I smoke and take the pills. I started when I got married. It’s just the heartbreak and disappointments. From my husband. He doesn’t take care of us. He’s always screaming and fighting. He beats me. I am pregnant right now but he still hits me. I think he’s always been an abuser, I just didn’t know. Everyday the neighbors hear him abusing me, it’s humiliating.

He’s not been home for twelve days. Sometimes he just disappears like this and doesn’t care how the children and I are doing. I want to get a divorce but he’s refused to divorce me. If living with someone makes you unhappy, there’s no reason to stay. One should leave’

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