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Government didn’t expect Falcons to win AWCON, says Sports Minister

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The Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung on Thursday said that Super Falcons winning the African Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON) trophy last Saturday, took the government by surprise as proper arrangements were not made.

According to him, funds were not available because the team was not expected to win the trophy.

The victorious female footballers expressed their disappointment in Abuja on Wednesday as they seized the trophy and refused to vacate their hotel rooms.

Speaking with State House correspondents over the embarrassing development, Dalung said that if the NFF was confident of the victory in Cameroon, it would have applied for and processed the funds for their bonuses early enough to avoid the ugly aftermath.

He said that government needed to perform a ‘surgery’ on the sports sector otherwise, similar occurrences are bound to happen again.


“It is unfortunate that we are celebrating victory of the Super Falcons amidst some bitter feelings among the players because of some administrative lapses that were not managed properly.

“If the situation was explained to these girls I don’t think the situation would have gotten to this level. But we are working around the clock to ensure that what belongs to them legitimately is given to them. This, has to do with government process.

“One thing I always make clear is that the process of request for funds for sporting projects must come earlier to meet the objectives. Don’t forget that nobody even knew the team would emerge victorious, if we were confident they will emerge victorious, all the Federation would have done is to plan for process of participation and entitlement.

“It is already established in sports tradition, when you win this is what you are entitled to. The situation is highly unfortunate and I don’t like it. These girls have given confidence to women who want to embrace sports but this will go a long way in killing this laudable achievement. It is unfortunate but we will make sure the right thing is done,” he said.

Stressing that the team’s coaches are owed backlog of salaries, he said: “It is a complex situation but the entire governance of football deserves an urgent surgery. If that surgery is not done, we will always live with the embarrassment. I’m talking about the governance of football administration in Nigeria.”

He pointed out that the issue of non-interference has been used to harass and intimidate government and that will no longer be allowed as the government is being embarrassed by the activities.

“They use it to scandalise the government so the man who is at the receiving end has the responsibility to ensure that things must be done right so we must take steps to ensure that money meant for athletes get to them on time as at when due.”


According to him, similar situation was prevented from happening during the last Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil as the government insisted that all athletes be paid their 22-day entitlements directly from government purse and not through their respective sports federations.

We didn’t expect Falcons to win, says Sports Minister


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  1. The most stupid talk from any any government representative on earth.

  2. They don’t care about us, they only care for their pockets together with the families. May God almighty have mercy upon us the masses. AMEN

  3. Yes, just like APC didn’t expect to win elections that’s why the economy is in shambles… pls someone should advise Mr Sports Minister to quit releasing press statements. Sports loving Nigerians like me have heard enough from him.

    • That Man is a confused, useless and worthless Idiot. Look at what a Country minister of sports is saying after a had earned victory. What is he telling our next representatives!!!

    • My Brother, i wonder what was going through his mind when he said what he said. It’s more like saying you sent your kids to school & did not expect them to pass exams & graduate to the next class. Therefore you’ll not pay school fees. Not surprise though that’s what you get when you put unqualified people in positions. Mr Dalung has not failed to show us through his actions & utterances that he has no interest and or passion for our sports even if he is not qualified…

    • He should know that he has sent a strong & wrong message to all Sports men & women in the Country as well as in the Diaspora that Nigeria is not worth dying for. No one should call any Sports man & woman in the Country unpatriotic if they decide to ply their trade with and for other Countries.

    • @ Ekumah. Is Nigeria worth dieing for?

    • My sister @ chichi wisely stated, the same way the distributed arms and prepare for war at the announcement of GEJ victory,but God by wisdom soften the hrt of GEJ to concede defeat,and the life of millions of Nigerian were save tro dat single phone called.Now there’re in power but never really prepare to rule.though am yet to confirm d source of the news,but if truly Dalung said dat, i think all our leaders need a serious deliverance wit 30 bottles of anointing oil each.

    • @ Prince,it is confirmed bro, it’s on Vanguard, Punch & i particularly heard on Nigeria info (football frenzy). But as usual he (Mr Dalung) has released another statement stating that his was quoted out of context… smh

    • Hope dis man ws formally incharge of prison or a warder. Lord hv mercy. Hw do u expect a prison warder to preside over sports. Pls let the hausa/fulani think twice nd kw d damege they ar rendering to dis nation. Remenber a governor of a state ws asked to name som mineral resources in his state nd he started by mensioning coke, fanta, sprite etc. Hausa don kill 9ja. Mallam pls stop all dis madness. We ar now on 21st century nd no more analog pls.

    • Hahahaha funny you @johnson

    • I think you hit the nail on the right position

  4. This is not a country and the earlier it is restructured or better confederates the units the better, this were the same useless officials that criticized the Olympic men team to Brazil after winning bronze and a Japanese doctor out of love and magnanimity gave a cash gift to the players. The NFF scumbags asked that the money be returned and I laughed. This people have no reason being in public office talk less being our representatives.

  5. U send people to battlefield & abandon them. What a govt ?

  6. Just like Jonathan, sent soldiers to fight Boko Haram and shared the money meant for guns and ammunition… guess it was passed down from past government.

  7. And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace.
    Jeremiah 29:7 NKJV

  8. Lame excuse.Why are you playing with people’s intelligence?Can you say that you dont expect your child to graduate after sending her to university?

  9. Someone should advise the minister to down tools and step aside.

  10. Confused minister in a satanic govt.Falcons that had won the cup so many times that you didn’t expect to win so that u would not pay.Why then did they participate in the tournament at all?Imbecile!

  11. Dalung ‘DA’ hopeless idiot that will have his ‘LUNGS’ cut off one day for talking trash… I Think this buffalo talks from his anus….

  12. Useles n stupid minister and d useles party n idiot members

  13. Always complaining n full of excuse the Lord God will deliver u pple n ur apc government

  14. Hahahahahahaha. Na waoo! Sorry Sir. Hahahahaha.

  15. Do you think this is a councillor? Better resign and go to your farm

  16. What did u guys espect from a commrad? A man that dosen’t even have the spirit of sportmanship in him. Take a look at his dress code and tell me if he is qualified to be a sport minister!
    Nawao Apc has put this country in total mess.

  17. Pls Dalung resign because u are not qualify 2 b sports minister.

  18. Pls tell this man to blame Goodluck, Apc

  19. the man is very stupid for saying that foolish confused element.

  20. Some of you here are fool, have you ever tried to find out if this information portrat what the minister said?, there’s no any hopeful man who pray for good things and will be shock by God miracles. There was a time that vanguard wrote a similar trash like this, but its turned out to be lies. Pls try and make sure you comfirmed your information before you start insulting yourself stop using fault word on your leaders, instead support and pray for them . And to you who want attention and comment, am sure that this very information is from the corupt committee that the minister is trying to flush out from the ministry, there’s no doubt i can see their handwork, your work is to blackmail minister and to frustrate his good work you will not succeed, there’s no hiden place for corupt people like you in the ministry.

    • Even if u are related to the said minister, u shld have heard that Mikel Obi settled hotel bills of Nigerian delegates in d last Olympic, it is very clear that the man care less about sports in Nigeria, his public speech in d media n body language says it all.

    • One thing you dnt knw is that,the said minister is not the director of finance in the ministery, or dnt knw that there is a permant secretary and directors who are doing there works?

    • It was true that mikel Obi settle hotel bill, but its was it because the minister couldn’t release fund main for such expenses?

    • Prince, leave this case, please. You have nothing to argue about…. The Ministry/Minister has never do any work not to talk about “good work”

    • Why were the players allowed to go for the competition when the Minister knew that there was no money to even pay for their hotel rooms?

    • Is the minister a coach or is he a finance director? Why there was no complained that such amount was not aprove or giving to the official?

    • Ask the NFF official who dnt want to pay the players, and leave the Minister alone

    • @ prince innocent,why are u arguing blindly? U were trying to make an important point abt finding out the source of the news n using abusive words on leaders.but u saying the ministry has directors,permanent secretary,NFF n coaches is totally out of line.don’t u know that a minister of sport is the chief in command in sport ministry just like the president is to the country? He has the power to control all financial affairs in the sport ministry,and he would be held responsible if things go wrong.pls do ur research well b4 u argue.God bless u

    • My broda is a shame in dis Con3 dat we re surffrin nd smile, nd also defending our so call useless leader’s …

    • @prince innocent am quite sure dat u re one of dem, or ur father might be among dem…dat desam tin occur in d Olympic if not mikel Obi, d players would hv cum back not playing d tournament…. Flash back during d, late yemi tella u17 world cup in 2009, re u not proud of dat government d way dose boys were happy.

  21. Useless Minister and Confused Government. Two Idiots

  22. U don’t expect everyone to be a failure like you

  23. This man seems stupid! The camp allowance amongst other dues does not hinge on win.


  25. Pls hw much is de cup? I need it let me pay nd hv it whn der ready let dem come to me, unpreperd men.

  26. Does dat mean if he snd his child to skul nd she came Bck with distinction he will now say he didn’t expect her to come out wit distinction,very foolish ND stupid man.

  27. Buhari spent 6months looking for a compétence sport minister and he brought this dalung
    I guéss that thé most compétence hé got
    This man is nothing but a discouragement to sport in Nigeria

  28. This sport minister of a thing.Is he not d one dat came out recently and said It’s a wasting of money 4 Nigeria to go to d world cup bcos We would win it.Are u guys surprise? And now again with another mess up.Dat what u get when u make a farmer a minister.

  29. Honourable Minister, PLEASE EMPLOY A PROFESSIONAL PRO!

  30. Das a foolish talk, wen d poor pple says government has no plan 4 dem sum pple tot is a lie. Hw cn dey xpect such tynz 4rm falcons, meaning dere prayer 4 is nt 2 win d cup. Stupid nd nonentic government

  31. God has seen them through so pay them their entitlement. We don’t want any other excuse from u.

  32. Rubish.
    Is this minister?
    Where did they see this kind minister selve.

  33. And he is not ashamed of saying that.

  34. Laughable indeed….infact we are in for trouble.!

  35. Bcos d are all failure dat is y d believe dat nothing gud will come out of their fools

  36. Nigeria is a faild state wt human demons as her leaders,they are always out to kill dreams and stars, light and success are there greatest enemies it is forbiden in nigerias northern states aka (BOKO HARAM)

  37. Oladele Boladale Luqmon

    This man Dalung is something else ooo, i wonder how he passed his exams While in school. This is not the kind of person that should represent us.

  38. He is always a fool,the worst and stupid illiterate minister of sport ever produce in this country ,I doubt if this man is a nigerian

  39. U are a negative sportminister u always think like ur boss crops of Renegades

  40. But wait ooo.does it then means that if they did not win the trophy they won’t be paid ,height of injustice and corruption.

  41. I can c dat u r related to than sports minister hence you’re taking it personal @ Nimkat.

  42. Though am not a party to those who use insultive languages.


  44. That’s not an excuse not to pay those girls..……stupid government.

  45. So nigeria should not expect any winning thing from this government bcos they are not expecting it

  46. May God save Nigeria from the hands of visionless ministers that, so call change government are using to administer our great Nation

  47. …shame! shame !! shame !!! on the ministry of sport for been such a pesimist BIG SHAME!

  48. This so d bad a p c government in nigeria, a p c bring d badest change in nigeria.

  49. Hw can a sport minister say such a word dt he did,t nt expect the success of the nation. Shame 2 federal govenment

  50. They risk their lives to make our nation proud yet a minister will make inglorious statement. ..destiny killers

  51. This clueless mminister of sport is liable to be sacked It is too bad of him to talk like this always

  52. Thunder fire Solomon Dalong

  53. “The black man is stupid that he cannot plan for his life beyond a year.Therefore how can they develop and live longer. They lack foresight.”We can see how true USA President- elect,Donald Trump’s statement quoted above is applicable to the statement credited to the Minister.He did not expect anything good from Super Falcon of great Nigeria! This is not the CHANGE he expects from APC CHANGE AGENDA!


  55. The comment of the sport minister was very barbaric and irritating as well..Birds of thesame feather usually flock together..

  56. Is a pity.the whole country is in d hand of unqualify people.we re in shamble

  57. This is the height of a govt dat is in shamble. A govt void of compitence. A govt dat shuns at the word posterity. A govt dat has lost its trust on the masses and in turn the masses losin it trust on the govt. A confused set of ignoramus who parade themsef as elites. Park of failed wolves. Den of dead lions. Well with no water. Heads with no brains set of politicians who cares about wat dey can get for their pot belly.

  58. Most unfortunate, 4 S. Dalong who was a critic of past fed adm. He now sees dat it is easier 2 do dat outside than being in govt, u are forcefully restricted 2 do whatever u like. He has been very controversial, nd does not fit dat ministry at all. He should b redeployed immediately. He is a national embarassment.

  59. Is this man still in office as a minister? Round peg in square hole. Na waaaaaa for Naija

  60. Dis man was he among people we spent six months before we got?

  61. Wen I say dis govt is a total failure some pple will abuse d hell out of me. Am nt surprised though.

  62. Its like our leaders hv decided on their own that nothing good will come out of Nigeria. They Ar out to make us fail. BT e no go work.

  63. Solomon Dalung, come here. Kneel down, i will not beat u. Put ur hands on ur head and shout, father i lack wisdom pls give me d same way u give king solomon. Prayer!

  64. I wonder why d sport ministry are treating these falconets like Alimanjiri or idc camp,i only pitied these guys becos of individual sacrifice and effort at least they made us proud,The sweat of labourers shld not allow to dry pls give what they deserve becos of history becos their spirit wil not forgive them if they denied them what suppose to be given them,

  65. Pls l wht 2 u my bros nd sis here re u peolps sure that this man calld solomon finish his primary skull? Infact he supost be the minister of ilitracess

  66. Even if the govt. Are not expecting them to win…the trophy, won’t they prepare to host them after a big championship. ..

  67. APC was never ready for governance. They just wanted power at all cost. The statement of the incumbent Sports Minister regarding the Super Falcons lend credence to the fact that they were truly ill prepared.

  68. How can a sports minister…say such a thing in public…pls ” change” man..

  69. The same way we go to the Olympics just to make up the numbers.

  70. In recession we are still paying the minister salary. Buhari I am patiently waiting for 2019 to revisit this nonsense.

  71. Hmmmm…It is becoming clearer now that this Government is nothing but a failure. How could he possibly utter that from his mouth? Well when you are chosen to act in an office you have no idea of these menaces becomes the order of the day.

  72. wicked and useless country, that doesn’t wish good to her people

  73. This is d same person that took pmb six months to find what a minister!

  74. Because you have already relegated them to the kitchen indefinitely.

  75. Illogical statement of a novice!

  76. Lalung is not wordy to become asport minister bec he dont know eny thing about sport?if he make anonsense coment achieved is an illiterancy?if not if have apirit of sport manship u have to be espect wining lnot espect looses atall?

  77. Dis re d qualify minis ters dat took buhari 6mths to select whch hmself & apc said re d best pipo in Nigeria. Shamful pipo.

  78. What do u expect from an Hausa man may God save our country from stupid set of leaders well Nigeria wanted a change and dats is the change from fry pan to fire

  79. Idiot foolish old man,u expect failure frm them

  80. This is a natural criminaological statement, also it is an inhumanity character from devilly Nigeria NFA

  81. A very stupid statement by the minister, shame to u and ur government, mr minister

  82. So they mean Nothing for the losers that turn victorious.

  83. This man is a virus to sport

  84. Se engbo oro buruku lenu eiye. Imagine the nasty statement from a dumb Minister.

  85. Now that they had won the trophy, what can you and your so called federal government do?

  86. What an irresponsible statement! In a civilized society such statements demand for a sack!

  87. Olodo,,,,,, ur father… Dats 9ja for us oooooo.

  88. He did not deserve the ministerial post . So he should be sack. Funny and stupid

  89. Dat is why i like super guy bcoz there dnt put more effort bcoz they knw where they frm

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