Friday , September 22 2023
The little girl’s head is seen poking out from the rubble as rescue teams work to dislodge her

Girl found alive in Beirut after spending 24 hours under rubble

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A small girl was miraculously found alive after spending at least 24 hours trapped under rubble in Beirut.

Rescue teams and families are still searching for missing people after an explosion at the Lebanese capital’s sea port ripped through the city, leaving a path of devastation.

Footage has emerged of the moment a young girl was saved by rescue teams, who found her stuck between huge mounds of rubble from a collapsed building.

The little girl’s head can be seen poking through the debris, as rescuers work to dislodge her by torchlight.

She cries and makes whimpering sounds, waving her hand, as the teams rush to move huge mounds of concrete and soil.

It is understood that she was trapped for 24 hours before she was rescued on Wednesday evening, according to local reports.

Earlier in the day, a wounded man was also pulled out alive from rubble after spending more than 10 hours stuck there.

A man was rescued after being stuck for 10 hours under rubble (Picture: AP)

The moment was caught on video as crowds cheered ‘Issam is alive’ while the man, covered in dust and dirt, was carried out on a stretcher.

Many are still unaccounted for in the city, where 135 people have died and at least 5,000 were left injured from Tuesday’s explosion.

Up to 300,000 people have been left homeless in Beirut which has been described as a ‘war zone’, which will require around $5 billion to repair damages

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