Saturday , September 30 2023
Shehu Sani

I fully support Buhari, but not a sycophant- Shehu Sanni

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Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial district, Sen. Sani Shehu, has ridiculed the threat by the Kaduna State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to expel him from the party, noting that although he is a hundred percent supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, he will always air his opinion on issues in the country.

The party had on Thursday accused Sani of anti-party conduct for criticizing the new price of fuel introduced by the federal government last week, which jacked up the pump price of the product from N86 to N145 per litre.

Reacting to the threat on Friday through his Special Adviser on Politics and Ideology, Suleiman Ahmed, the senator described the party’s threat as mere hallucination.

Sani said although he remained “one hundred percent a supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, but he is neither a sycophant nor a hypocrite who will not speak his mind when there is the need to do so.”

He alleged that the state APC is a tool in hand of the Governor Nasir El-Rufai-led Kaduna government.

He said, “It will be interesting for the general public to know that even the so-called state headquarters of the APC is a building owned by a top PDP chieftain in the state.”

“The press conference and threat of expulsion made by one Tanko Wusono of Kaduna APC against comrade Senator Shehu Sani for objecting to the increase in pump price of petroleum products stands unambiguously condemned.

Kaduna APC as it exists today is simply an extension of El-Rufai’s government.”


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  1. U r gradually becoming more of northern fayose n fani kayode who comments on every issue even iwen nid does nt arise

  2. For a dream nd awake, I will never trust nd have confidence on this guy senator. I pitty my good ppl of kaduna central. Cos I knew them to be humble nd gentle nd generous to ppl.

  3. God bless u Sir.Ur jst a man among d men.

  4. Remain blessed . Don’t mind other party members with bad memory

  5. So any critics of buhari policies is viewed as an enemy that must be crushed na wa for the attack dogs

    • Nobody said u shudn’t criticize bt it must be constructive, bring alternative solution 2issue @ stake & all wud hail u, nt d type of recognition seeking lyk Fayose & FFK gud & alternative are alwayz welcome. Datz why we wud continue 2miss Chief Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory.

    • Absolutely, unlike the way this idiot called Shehu Sani who always thinks he knows it all, we would recalled him

  6. This senator talks,act like fayose nd ffk always negative.

  7. I stand by you sir. Remain focused and upright irrespective of who is involved.

  8. you are working for pdp hypocrite

  9. The government that hates constructive criticisms and good advises is bound to fail woefully.

  10. Its a shame to have somebody Shehu Sani in APC, its just a square peg in a round hole, what’s that your opinion? You don’t impressed us man and we are died tired of you and come 2019 you would see that I promise you

  11. @Tijjani Ahmed what do you know about pegs? I weep for this country. So one can not have an opinion because his brother is the president? Amaechi always aired his opinion to Jonathan and you guys were clapping for him. He was the best gorvernor. Now this Sani man is a round peg in a square hole. Double standards. man. Asorry o.

  12. Shehu Sani is a true Epitome of democracy and pragmatic leader with truthfulfulness.

  13. Shehu Sani is a rare gem in modern day democracy….an examplary leader. Kudos sir for calling a spade, a spade indeed!

  14. Some of you people calling Sen Shehu Sani names bcos he’s airing his opinion should understand that he was first & foremost a human right crusader/activist.So dont expect him to be sycophantic or lick anybody’s boot. He was elected for standing with the people & not bcos of Buhari

  15. Real politician not sycophant, tell those lazy political parasites/sentimental fools.

  16. I think Shehu Sanni should be allowed his right to air his opinion. He has not actually said anything against Buhari, he is only following his convictions. Just because he disagrees with a policy does not mean he is against Buhari. If we don’t allow people like Shehu Sanni the space to express their feelings, we might just be creating the environment for sycophancy to thrive. Buhari and Nigeria needs people like Shehu Sanni. I’m a 100% supporter of Buhari and I’m sure Buhari will be more comfortable with Shehu at the dining table than some bootlicking sycophants.

  17. Keep on telling them the truth God is by your side.

  18. Any biafran…. Weda igbo or not who comment in favour of buhari nd dos corrupt individuals trying to sound simple nd good is just a lost goat dat must never return!! Useless media and buhari!! No nothing is good unless…..freedom from d zoological republic!!

  19. U Southerner are supporting shehu sani, only becouse he criticized Buhari policies, if not u will condemn him, as u do to the later, in other hands shehu sani has his on right to state his opinions but, we too have the right to condemned him, because we didn’t agreed with his on opinions.

  20. Section 39 of Nigeria constitution is clear
    Many governors and politicians didn’t go to school but their legal adviser should help interpret the section
    Air your view
    God is the ultimate.

  21. Human Right Activity is for the interest of majority of people. Whose interest is he protecting? Everybody knows that subsidy only benefits a cabal, when the former president GEJ discovered this, he said, few individuals are they one enjoying oil money and they are richer than the country. He attempted to remove it but couldnt becos people didnt hv confidence in the PDP govt, besides, the govt had money to finance it. Now that, there is no money to finance and masses are in support of it removal, those against it are seen as enermies of the masses and Govt

  22. If those condemning senator shehu sani knows his background as human right activist/crusader, they would understand that he has a mind of his own & his perceptions & take on governance is more civilize & articulate. The senator is an intellectual & a liberated mind. Sorry to say they are not in the same school of thought & philosophy with buhari. This is not the first time for him to condemn anti-people’s policy. He criticized el- rufai anti religious bill in Kaduna. That does not mean he is not loyal to his party. The bane of lack of development in this country is blind bigotry, sycophantic & praise singing of bootlicking even when policy are clearly selfish & unpopular. This country can best be govern by a social & human right activist whose views about governance is people centred but not the type we have that operate from narrow prism of primordial & parochial political bitterness conceived over time. True leadership goes beyond such mundane way of leading. In Nigeria democracy, highest anybody can stay in office is 8 years & it is better to carry out policies that benefit the majority otherwise history will also not be fear to you in future.

  23. @Tahir Abdulmalik God bless you is quite unfortunate that people don’t know the antecedent of Shehu sani and people who insult him are politically naive and bereft of ideas,you don’t ask a man who believe in people to support anti peoples policies like increase in fuel price,increase in electricity tarrifs,Poor welfare package for workers etc,the Shehu sani I know would never support it,Meanwhile why are people angry when someone disagrees with Buhari?I don’t believe Buhari is God such that anything He says or any of his policies are correct,this is democracy and people must realize that in this system of government freedom of expression is not only a right but a foundamental inalienable right.

  24. Musa Ibrahim Daura honestly you got it wrong. You said he has right to his opinion, fine. You also have right to your opinion. But it is not your right to condemn him or anybody on his or her opinion. When you disagree with someone opinion, you state your opinion to counter it not condemning or attacking other because of their opinion.
    By the way, who told you PMB did not have followers in the south. We southerners criticize when necessary that doesn’t mean we don’t like the person.

  25. I myself, i support the removal of fuel subsidy but I wonder why the same ppl who ganged up against GEJ’s removal are the same ppl supporting Buhari’s removal. For me, i supported GEJ’s removal of subsidy. By now, we should hv been getting the benefit in the removal but APC used a good political idea of GEJ for political run down of PDP. Before removing subsidy, APC should hv 1) appologise to GEj/PDP. 2) role out programs to rapidly reinvest the money from the removal, 3) carry the ppl along by engaging many concerned stakeholders to hv their input. But all these were nt done. Intimidation was rather used, propaganda and lies were employed to decieve the masses.

  26. Senator shehu sani,you have the right to do anything.because you are a fully are not puppet in the a.p.c. Also you are always breakdown the actual fact about anything without scared.that is my reason always Iam admired you

  27. You are a man of truth and the truth must stand.senator shehu sanni stand up for nigeria.keep the good work no man born of woman can stop.we love you.

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