Wednesday , March 22 2023
Tinubu and Soyinka

Fuel Subsidy: Group tells Tinubu, Soyinka to apologize to Jonathan

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The Concerned Ijaw Transformation Ambassadors (CITA) has said that Bola Tinubu, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, John Oyegun and the leadership and members of the Save Nigeria Group to tender an unreserved apology to former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan over the sinister role they played when he announced the removal of fuel subsidy on the 1st of January, 2012.

This was contained in a press statement signed by Amb. Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peters. President, CITA and Comrade Obiri Wenebokefe Jonathan, Spokesman, CITA.

CITA said that these professed patriots incited and led Nigerians to protest against the removal of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit.

“They blatantly criticised this policy of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as a sheer scam targeted at unleashing untold hardship to the average Nigerian and sponsored protests and demonstrations which even led to the death of some Nigerians.

“We are berserkly puzzled that these same persons who feigned patriotism and advocacy for social justice turned a new leaf and now pioneer and celebrate the removal of fuel subsidy under President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Have they become proponents of a new school of thought? Was their disenchantment with the removal of fuel subsidy under Dr. Goodluck Jonathan triggered by sentiments of ethnic and political differences?

“Was the Save Nigeria Group a sheep covering veiling a calculated synergy to make Nigeria ungovernable for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?
“It is crystal clear that the emotions of a great chunk of naïve and gullible Nigerians were incited and their passions ignited to fight against the success of the Nigerian Federal Government under a peace loving and law abiding democratic President tagging it as being anti-people.

“On behalf of the foregoing, we direct the Save Nigeria Group and its leaders and members to tender an unreserved apology to Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.”

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  1. Who is jonathan?… mean the corrupt kingpin???

      • If Buhari, Tinubu etc etc are not currupt let him (Buhari ) publish the names of looters and the amount each looter looted. Is it not callous that the APC – led govt is beating drum for fighting curruption involving $2.1billion, whereas a well known individual who curruptly enrich to the tune of $16billion, is a bossom friend of the same govt? It is only fools who ll allow his judgement, criticism and intelligence to be overwhelmed by sentiment.

  2. PRSIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN is the ONLY MAN whose political ambition is not WORT the BLOOD of any Nigerian.Unlike the TYRANT mama madu bugarri, whose political ambition is worth the blood of EVERY nigerian. ” If I don’t win this election, I will make the Country UNGOVERNABLE”& he lived up to his demonic words.

  3. U mean MR KWARAPSHON ,!!! Can he fight kwarapshon, OK let him start with the HALIBOTON saga.

  4. Yes. A patriot should swallow his pride and do just that.

  5. Jonathan should Apologise to all Nigerians to please forgive him for the mess he put us (Nigerians)stop celebrating somebody like that.Pray fot Buhari.

  6. Stupid elders, one sided elders

  7. This old fools, this cheaters? To apologise? Pride will not let them

  8. You people calling Jonathan names He has done his own best, I mean his own capacity, what we should be thinking now is way forward .there 4 we should invites God to help this country, with God all things will be possible .

  9. Hahahaha fantastic fools GEJ is finish 4 ever meet him in otuke

  10. That’s is the only way they can be forgiven

  11. We don’t even know what is good for us as Nigeria. Now u people re supporting subsidy removal

  12. Hell no. He shud apologies to them rather

  13. All blame is now going to jonathan n i wonder y that is. Can we also try n reason if jonthan is the opposition party when he took over from late yar’adua,pls believe me OBJ would have been in prison by now cos to me he OBJ is worst thing that has ever happen to this great country called naija. This is the same man that took over govt without complain n the world recognise his effort by taking naija economy to the best in africa n fastest growing in d world, cotailed the dollar n fuel crisis. Believe me, my people from different tribes. How can we youth think that the party leaders of APC or PDP is thinking about the common man, they are after their pocket. N when i read some persons comment on social media i shed tears inside me. We better learn how to see good in other people than the bad in them. I great una.

  14. Isa Madaki ,please what do you do for a living? I guess you a loafer

  15. Jonathan is better than all past presidents , even the present one

  16. Forget abt tinubu he is a politician, think abt soyinka who is professor and noble peace prize winner. Nigeria hv long way to go

  17. No need to apologize to our former President Jonathan, the truth is that, there is a right time for everything, even in governance, there is a time to introduce certain tangible policies to the body polity.. It is not a matter of acquiring PHD etc. Divine Wisdom is far better than any manmade paper qualification!!!! I rest my case for now!!!

  18. Apologist for making the Military personnel suffered for his carelessness. if Those soldiers that die for this country family are not apologized to. he deserved to apologize to Nigerians openly.

  19. No need for apology. The situation of 2012 defers from the present one.

  20. Welcome to the Change! Gej wouldn’t want any apology but make the country better than what they got.

  21. GEJ wouldn’t care abt dia pretentious apology,,,, u guys shld dragging GEJ in2 d activities of d present govt,, he has finished his own, wat is in him no man can take it away.

  22. Is thiefnubu a human been? As for Soyinka, I won’t be surprise in any of his act cos I know yorubas re hypocritical in nature, engaging in him self in politics claiming to be a novel writer

  23. Tinubu and Soyinka are cankerworms whose political ambitions is to enrich themselves at the expense of common man

  24. Nobody can apogise to a father of corruption & inniator/sponsor of boko haram jonathan.

  25. Who share nigerian money past, they is nothing like apology from those leaders to anybody

  26. Apologise for what and which group?how much was crude oil when jonathan spudity increased the price with price now?

  27. Biafrans are blessed for ever. Every were the go the are different. God bless biafra country my home land. No going to Nigeria. Biafra. We know

  28. You have not seen any thing yet

  29. Because their selfish they can not apologize

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