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Fuel Price Increase: Court Stops NLC from Going on Strike

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The National Industrial Court has stopped ‎the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress from embarking on strike to protest last week’s increase in fuel price by the federal Government.

Justice Babatunde Adejumo gave the restraining order following a suit by the Attorney General of the Federation.

Justice Adejumo, held: “The defendants are hereby restrained from carrying out the threat contained in their communique issued on May 14th pending the hearing and determination of the ‎motion on notice filed on May 16.

“It is the order of this court that status quo be maintained as at 17th May‎.”

He also ordered that the processes in the case be served on the respondents within 24 hours and that proof of service be filed in the court

“It is the order of this court that non of the parties shall engage in any act, conduct, overtly, covertly on this matter pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice,” Justice Adejumo further held.

The judge transferred the case to another judge of the court saying that he would be engaged at the National Judicial Council and would not be able to take further proceeding on the matter.

The judge said he was busy at the National Judicial Council and would not be able to go ahead with the hearing.

Adejumo said that he preferred that the dispute be resolved amicably but that he was constrained to issue the order exparte because the respondents were not yet before him.

He also said that he granted the order to make sure that people were not subjected to avoidable hardship.

He said:”I decided to take this case this morning because it is on an issue that will affect everybody. I don’t want people to be subjected to hardship. There will be sacricity of foods, people may die, students will engage in all sorts of activities. This is why I have to grant this order.”

The order will lapse in seven days except it is renewed.

‎ Malami, while moving an exparte application said  it was in the national interest to stop NLC from shutting down the nation over last week’s increase in price of fuel.

He cited Section 14 of the 1999 Constitution as amended to justify his application to stop the strike.

Malami argued that ‎no amount of damages could serve as compensation if NLC is allowed to shut down the economy.

He further argued that the balance of convenient was in favour of the government.

 The minister‎ asked the court to determine:

Whether the respondents (NLC, Trade Union Congress) have complied with the laid down condition precedent for embarking on strike‎.

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  1. Ahaha which way nigeria? where is court in 2012 when those demons were walkin in de street protesting in de name of fuel increas?,since over one month now i have not see sign of light in my place where is court? buhari hav travel 28 con3 under 8 months where is de court? what i know is dat after dis wickedness in dis world death, after dat is goin to be gudgment.buhari can never escap wrath of god,

    • Take it easy tenant! dont ever drag a quarrel with landord.

    • Nigerians opted for this….the courts were never there when labour went on strike in thesame issue in 2012 ko??

    • mr man compare 8billion dollars foreign earning during jonathan and 800million dollars for dis current administration and u will reason dat the removal of fuel subsidy is necessary

    • Ibrahim stop dat trash, Obj said something dat buari himself can’t deny it. Dat Jona left 30b dollars where is d money. but one thing about u apcist is dat u can never say d truth

    • So d 30 billion should be spent to import fuel alone as if only people using petrol own Nigeria? Check ur brain if still working bro.

    • Hardship was unacceptable under GEJ but now acceptable under Buhari. “I will vote for Buhari 1000 times over even if one litre of petrol costs N500 and a cup of garri costs N1000”, so says many Northern Nigerians and their Western slaves. Can you now observe that the primary problem of Niger Area is not corruption? The number 1 problem of Nigeria is ethnic cum religious bigotry/politics. If you still don’t know this, then you are not sharp/smart at all! This is why we need every tribe to go their separate ways and run their affairs as separate states/nations.

  2. but did not stop d increase.?

  3. Strike is irresponsible . Let the NLC go and rethink their strategy. Strive for good governance and accountability . Not fuel prices increase

  4. Any NIGERIAN worker that want 2 strike should just resign his appointment b4 d strike!

  5. were there going to be strike b4? who is deceiving who? plan work,nonsense

  6. Different music for different ethnic people. “Nigeria we hail thee”

  7. Where is Wole Soyinka with his over grown bear-bear, where is Tunde Bakare, Where is Femi Falana, Where is Hell Rufai, Where are all those brainless movie actors and musicians who were being paid by the nameless people called Cabal to protest in 2012. USELESS FOLKS.

  8. Oluyinka Dada………did you say the same thing in 2012 when NLC emback on strike?

  9. Nigerians are becoming more civilised, more responsive to realities. In 2012 Jonathan lack no moral justification to increase fuel price or rather remove subsidy because nigeria’s foreign earnings was peaking at $ 8b monthly, unlike now that the monthly forex earning is barely $800m. That’s why all our prominent personalities, civil societies, NUPENG, PENGASAN, Aviation employees, coalition of political parties, bankers and market organisations supported the courage of PMB, some based on his personal integrity and some on realities on ground. The proposed nationwide strike will fail, as 60% of the work force are dragged into
    It. Every responsible nigerian believe we are in safe hands and that’s why with all this temporary challenges we are facing, they are with PMB.