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Forget about six-packs! Research shows the majority of people prefer a soft and round male body type

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At least 75 percent of people have a preference for men with a soft and round body shape, a recent survey found.

From Hollywood films to reality TV shows, our screens are often bombarded with images of toned men but new research conducted by has revealed surprising results after comparing how the leading men in the media compare to those chosen for real-life romances.

A survey of 2,000 participants by the American-based matchmaking website found that just 15 percent of people are attracted to the ‘barbie or ken-like body type’.

According to The Guardian, the findings are evidence that the ‘dad bod’ is making a return and signalling a step forward for body diversity.

The term was first coined in the mid-2010s to critique the differences in the athletic bodies of actors such as  Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pratt and less traditional Hollywood physiques of stars such as Jason Segel and Seth Rogan.

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