Friday , April 12 2024

Forex: DSS invade markets in Awka, Onitsha

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The Department of State Service (DSS) in Anambra on Friday raided some markets in Awka and Onitsha in search of illegal foreign currency hawkers.

A trade at the Eke Market in Awka, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) under condition of anonymity, that some hawkers of foreign currencies were arrested.

He said that the DSS operatives also carted away huge sums of foreign currencies seized from the hawkers.

“We scampered for our lives when we saw them inside the market in the early hours of the day because no one knew their mission initially.

“They took over the market until later when we were able to find out their mission,’’ he said.

A senior official of the DSS, who confirmed the raid to NAN under condition of anonymity, said that they acted on directive.

He said that the exercise also took place in Onitsha, while other major markets in the state would also be raided.

“We are worried that some commercial banks’ officials were conniving with the hawkers in the markets to destabilise the government efforts to the sale the foreign currencies at cheaper rates.

“The economy is seriously affected by the actions of the illegal hawkers of foreign currencies.

“Our objective is to bring sanity in the system and let Nigerians procure the foreign currencies at government regulation,’’ he said.

He urged them to go and secure licence to legalise their business operations.



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  1. You people should keep enjoying it.they will soon give you urine to fools.all you know is how to do business and make noise every were with money.dont you know that money without power is useless?this can never be done in the western nigeria and northern nigeria.just only in the east this nonsense is happening.the army is every were on the road intimidating our old parents at home.when you get to were they are you must not make calls,and if you are on the bike what ever you are carrying you must off it and come down and push it with your hand before you can pass.some time they will stop you without any offenses to ask you to start cearing the bush or pack sand into as many sack as they wish you to.this too much.we are not at war but going through all sorts. Just to intimidate the eastern region.but it is unfortunates that the igbos have gone so cold that they have to live and get use to sufferings,marginalized,and intimidation.

  2. Obiora u lied even b4 now whn u reach a check point were Army are they u dnt mak call or recieved call they hav witness dt serevally includn dt of bike whn u reachd they u will com down n roll ur bike pass them b4 u start it n go, so we shld stop all dis fake news.

  3. Earn from the comfort of your home friends and relatives

  4. Since your people dont want peace in Nigeria, because they believe they have guns to fight Nigerian army, let them try, every body is in anger of economic crises now it will befall upon them

  5. Any man that is blind and confused must wander here and there in search of something to grasp and support himself. So, what Buhari’s government is doing is an act of either blindness of wickedness or even both.

  6. Some army check point in anambra state when you meet them from far away they will ask every body to come down from their car or bus raise up there two hands and start working untill when you see them no more including rev.father

  7. The wheel of Justice grinds slowly but perfectly.

  8. Up you DSS…keep it up! Where were these tribal & regional apologist when the same people were raided in Kano? Those concerned didn’t whip up sentiment in whatever guise, so why are you guys trying to read tribe & regional meaning into the laudable, commendable & timely action of the Security Agency?

  9. Intimidating nigerian wil neva solve the problem

  10. So all these malams that are selling currencies in even market in lagos are invisible ? One Nigeria i hail thee

    • Tribal sentiment my brother ur type of igbo man is out dated. So wat will u do about it . If nt making noise here.

    • The people affected at awka, are they Igbos? Never knew Igbos sell currency now.

    • Penis sorry #denis i just went through you profile and found out that you are just one of those high institution by force . Polyneked three credits in four sitting . The way you cuddle women in your pictures simply means that you are a loafer , ofeke ama ebe eniri nna ya . Carry over supper man . Until you carry naze , agbala obibi ezena and imerienwe on your head . Moron is futo not near you before you chose junior and inferior standard

    • @ Dennis, Air Ur Opinion & Leave.Dnt Come Here To Teach People What To Say Or How To Say It,Cos Ive Seen That Some Of The People U Tend To Teach What To Say Are Even Beta Than U.Teacher Teach Me Nonsense,pls we Ve Seen Ur Type Around Often,the Efulefu’s.Right 4rm The Civil War Days Till Now,u Guys Has Alwayz Been Around,but Pls Grow Up & Learn How To Talk Cos Its Beta To Talk Less Than To Talk Nonsense.I Rest My Case!

  11. Dundy has nt grown wise enough to knw d world is evolving evryday. Yesta yr approach adopted cnt work in ds jet era

  12. Why blame Buhari don’t you have people in d senate and house of rep are they not aware of all d intimidatn easterners are suffering now all they do is to appropriate money for their pockets with urgency and delay dat for d masses in d name of debates hmmm na wa o

  13. Wot a confused government wit rigid economic policies.

  14. I meant either blindnes or wickednes or even both.

  15. The DSS has raided kano black market and arrested 40 suspects. Its not peculiar to east alone. Haba

  16. I call on all Igbos to grant jungle justice to any fool that will come into somebody’s private office, shop or market and start raiding especially without permission and identity verification.
    This is a Zoo for Christ sake.

  17. You called it illegal foreign currency snd DSS is chasing you because you people are perpetrators of illegality then, which one concerns BUHARI. You want to prevent DSS from carrying out their legitimate duty.

  18. Solomon some of u are d anti buhari administration bt still u con’t stop him

  19. If these had been happening in the era of PDP and now APC doing same to the opposite. Then their slogan shud have be ‘REVENGE’

  20. Hausa people are selling g the money here in alaba know body disturbing them why anambra

  21. Will d raiding of markets solve d financial inadequacies and incompetence of dis ungodly govt,i will suggest dat d govt suld go back to d drawing board bcos right frm d unset d govt got their economic policies all wrong,what we have in our financial circle are green horns cum round peg in square holes


  23. What do you think is wrong in that.

  24. Buhari is looking for money any how to finance his useless budget hahahaha igbo get sense pass him dss can’t see kobo here and if they do any how we will show them okija shrine……… Kill any d and ssssssssssssssssss around ur house at night they are criminals

  25. Willi is working but i dont see what he is doing to protect his state

  26. For a people God has blessed no man can curse.

  27. Always fight against the BIAFRANS , WHY NOT LAGOS OR ABUJA OR EVEN KANO????? . SOME IDIOTS WILL CALL IT SENTIMENTS ! .. hahahahahahahahaha my great people , support BIAFRA RESTORATION NOW else you perish . Biafra is here !.

    • Am sure d Igbo are not ready 4 d real Biafara nation. They r using it just a political tool 2 press 4 their demands. But if rili u know dat u r beta dan odas, just park out quitely and am sure no idiot wil beg u 2 come bak. Do u knw dat Igbo r d worse set of people in Nigeria?

    • I think the people are over ready. nigeria is merely existing on borrowed time now.

  28. Nothing like demand and supply in an undisciplened society like nigeria where roundtripping is the order. There must be a law limitting amount of foreighn currency you can hold as individual.

  29. Why are we always in supporting evildoers and be against govt whose efforts have been to stabilize our currency by moving against forex hoarders?DSS UP YOU.DON’T SPARE ANY OF THEM THAT ARE MAKING THINGS DIFICULT FOR NIGERIANS

  30. u can go on if u Rich 39 day u can stopped

  31. This is the most confused administration in Nigeria. Bullharry u ar disgrace to leadership, shame to u and ur advicers

  32. But they have did this at Kano markets now and no body complained about that why complaining about Anambra, this is stupidity among masses

  33. The fools shall remian that as long as they live, who in Nigeria that do not know the money changers….go to ama awusa in owerri or presidential hotel junction ph and arest all with foriegn currency to start with.

  34. This illegal and unconstitutional terrorist organization called DSS, has now turned to EFCC!
    On what ground is DSS invading and searching people’s privacy!
    Of course it’s expected because everything about terrorist/rapist Muhammudu is subjugation and intimidation!

  35. #Olawale u’re the reading sentiment and ethnicity into it

  36. Na command and control economic style. It works with creating fear not bringing some fresh ideas.

  37. Analogue style of governance .we have have taken thirty three years step backwards since may29 , 2016.This are the consequences of having a bull in a Chinese shop. Naija don jagajaga. We were eating bread and fish but opted for stones,scorpions and koboko till 2019. God help us.

  38. illiteracy is buhai’s problem.

  39. This is another shameless exhibition of Buhari’s FG’s APC’s disillusionment, paranoia, schizophrenic and satanic attitude to always suppress, oppress and treat innocent Nigerians as scavengers.

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