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Five Tips For The Perfect December Wedding in Nigeria

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Many Nigerians consider December to be the most wonderful time of the year to plan a wedding. Over the years, a majority of couples pick the month as they believe it to be the best time to get hitched without any disturbance from the rain.

Unfortunately, while December weddings can be romantic and scenic, the harmattan which is usually experienced during the period in a way ensures that everyone involved does not stop sweating. Also, considering it’s the end of the year, basic services, as well as a lot of items needed to set up the wedding, will be given at a much higher cost than normal.

If the thought of getting hitched during this time of the year is intimidating, don’t fret. Where there is a will there is a way. Below are  5 tips for the perfect December wedding in Nigeria

Have An Outdoor Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding in December is a no-brainer as it is sunny and gorgeous. Again, it may even be cheaper than renting a hall or event center. From a garden to the beach or even the outside of bride’s home, there are so many options. You have to keep in mind, though, the high temperature and make provisions to protect guests and stop them from sweltering. Ensure you put up canopies and provide parasols or hand fans. You can even print your ceremony programs on the fans; they would make a cute accessory.


Put A Drink in Their Hand

The weather is hot and the food most likely would be too. It only makes sense to ensure your menu includes a lot of cold dishes and chilly treats like mini milkshakes and smoothies for dessert, and also ensure the guests have chilled drinks served to them at intervals. In fact, you may want to consider offering guests a refreshing drink to sip on before the ceremony begins.

Have Just One Venue

It’s December; people are always on the road moving from one place to the other and attending various ceremonies. It is a safe bet to have your entire wedding in one place; that way you avoid delays and stress from the heat and traffic jams. If you must have your ceremony & reception in separate venues, ensure the venues are very near to each other. This will make transport easier.


Do Not Pick the 25th For Your Wedding

With December comes Christmas and usually, the 25th is set apart for not just Christian families to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with their families, but also people around the world to enjoy the gift of Santa. Unless you are of a religion that does not observe this holiday, do not make the mistake of setting your wedding date on the 25th. Doing so will ensure your invitation is denied by so many and your wedding is not well attended.

Plan Your Pictures

Thanks to the weather condition that is prevalent in Nigeria during the month of December, the sun is usually at its peak from early in the day and as such, it is advisable that you plan your wedding pictures in such a way that you get the best possible result (especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding). Plan your photography such that you do not have to take pictures at noon or too close to noon as the sun will be directly overhead and will cause unflattering shadows. Aim to take your pictures in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening.


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