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FG releases report on recovered looted funds and assets

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The Federal Government has released details of the interim report on financial and assets recovered from May 2015 to May 2016.

In a statement in Lagos on Saturday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed disclosed that N78,325,354,631.82 (Seventy eight billion, three hundred and twenty-five million, three hundred and fifty-four thousand, six hundred and thirty one Naira and eighty two kobo) was recovered by its agencies.

Other recoveries included $185,119,584.61 (One hundred and eight five million, one hundred and nineteen thousand, five hundred and eighty four US dollars, sixty one cents); 3,508,355.46 Pounds Sterling (Three million, five hundred and eight thousand, three hundred and fifty-five Pounds and 46 Pence) and 11, 250 Euros (Eleven thousand, two hundred and fifty Euros).

Recoveries Under Interim Forfeiture (cash and assets) during the period totaled N126,563,481,095.43 (One hundred and twenty six billion, five hundred and sixty three million, four hundred and eighty one thousand, and ninety five Naira, forty three Kobo; $9,090,243,920.15 (Nine billion, ninety million, two hundred and forty three thousand, nine hundred and twenty Dollars, fifteen cents; 2,484,447.55 Pounds Sterling (Two million, four hundred and eighty four thousand, four hundred and forty seven Pounds, fifty five Pence) and 303,399.17 Euros (Three hundred and three thousand, three hundred and ninety-nine Euros, 17 cents ).

According to the statement, the Funds Awaiting Return From Foreign Jurisdictions total $321,316,726.1 (Three hundred and twenty one million, three hundred and sixteen thousand, seven hundred and twenty six Dollars, one cent); 6,900,000 Pounds (Six million, nine hundred thousand Pounds) and 11,826.11 Euros (Eleven thousand, eight hundred and twenty six Euros, 11 cents).

It showed that Non-Cash Recoveries (Farmlands, Plots of Land, Uncompleted Buildings, Completed Buildings, Vehicles and Maritime Vessels) during the period total 239.

The following is the breakdown of the recovered cash and assets:


Cash Recoveries

Serial Items Naira US Dollar GB Pounds Euro

1 EFCC Cash at hand 39,169,911,023.00 128,494,076.66 2,355 11,250
2 Royalty/tax/payment to FGN account in JP Morgan account New York 4,642,958,711.48 40,727,253.65
3 ONSA Funds Recovery Account in CBN 5,665,305,527.41 8,000,000.00
4 VAT recovered from companies by ONSA 529,588,293.47
5 EFCC Recovered Funds Account in CBN 19,267,730,359.36 455,253.80
6 ICPC Revenue Collection Recovery in CBN 869,957,444.89
7 Office of the Attorney General 5,500,000,000 5,500,000
8 DSS Recoveries 47,707,000.5 1,943,000.5 3,506,000.46
9 ICPC Cash Asset Recovery 2,632,196,271.71
Total 78,325,354,631. 82 185,119,584. 61 3,508,355.46 11,250

Recoveries Under Interim Forfeiture

Serial Items Naira US Dollar GB Pounds Euro

1 Cash in bank under interim forfeiture 8,281,577,243.92 1,819,866,364.73 3,800.00 113,399.17
2 Amount frozen in bank 48,159,179,518.90 7,131,369,498.49 605,647.55
3 Value of properties under interim forfeiture 41,534,605,998.00 77,844,600.00 1,875,000.00 190,000.00
4 Value of cars under interim forfeiture 52,500,000.00
5 ONSA Funds under interim forfeiture 27,001,464,125.20 43,771,433.73
6 Value of Assets Recovered by ONSA 512,000,000.00
7 ONSA Assets under interim forfeiture 260,000,000.00
8 DSS Recoveries Frozen in Banks 658,929,000.00 226,476.20
9 EFCC Cash in Bank under final forfeiture 103,225,209.41 17,165,547.00
Total 126,563,481,095.43 9,090,243,920.15 2,484,447.55 303,399.17
Grand Total 204,888,835,727.25 9,275,363,504.76 5,992,803.01 314,649.17
Funds Awaiting Return From Foreign Jurisdictions
Jurisdiction US Dollar GB Pounds Euro
1 Switzerland 321000000
2 UK 6900000
3 UAE 310501 11826.11
4 USA 6225.1
Total 321,316,726.1 6,900,000 11,826.11
Non Cash Recoveries
Serial Items Quantity
1 Farmland 22
2 Plot of Land 4
3 Uncompleted Building 1
4 Completed Building 33 145 4
5 Vehicles 22 3
6 Maritime Vessels 5

FG releases report on recovered looted funds and assets

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. I was expecting to see the name of the looters. Or are they ghost? Nigeria and wonders.

  2. Who loot all dis money? Abi d money develope wings n fly away?

  3. This is not a concrete report. Tell us d names of d looters.

  4. Nothing was released except bunch of lies as usual.

  5. ,apc still dwells in this business of old men lies. Disgusting

  6. Old old faces everywhere.

  7. Please name and shame the looters. Am tired of this gimmicks.

  8. Why is it that people always seems to be more critic, pessimistic and sentimentally bias when commenting on critically based national issues? Weighing everything on religious,regional and ethnic basis couldn’t have us progress. May the Almighty intervene!

  9. Fallacy lie mohammed it shall never be well with you forever for lying to Nigeria nkakwu

  10. Dis man always do mouth as if he wnt to cry.must u talk

  11. What about the names of the looters. Name them for Nigerians to know them.we eager APC.

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  13. So, if the Apc had not won the presidential election we wouldn’t have known anything about all these looted monies. One govt looted, one govt recovers it. May God punish anyone who has contributed to the hardship of the poor masses of Nigeria in one way or the others and those who are supporting them now.

  14. NIGERIA IS IN A QUANDARY – If you are not going to name the culprits what it means is that you are saying to them surrender some of the loots and keep the rest and possibly you will hand part of the one we agreed you will keep to me later! By such agreement you’re putting yourselves into grated humiliation because some of them can renege on the agreement and by that collusion, you have not done both yourselves nor the people of Nigeria any good – you are lie that foreign Bank sharing our assets because end of the day you will not lodging the part handed to you in the Banks and the problems become circuitous!

    To congratulate the government for this release but something more portent will be the names of these callous people in Nigeria or they may sleep back into authority and wait until somebody who is not like Buhari will come on board the ship and we shall revert back to business as before! I heard the lawyers (NBA) say; Don’t name names for legal reasons, O’ Yeah, but they can take funds meant for your development illegally – not by law yet you cannot name them – it is part reason I said that Nigeria is in a QUANDARY afflicting even the PhD holders! You know what, I talked about how to supervise Nigerian affaire has either turned into cowardice or being forthright! It seems to me that we are doing this by the former, folks, otherwise if in fact you got all that from Nigerians and it was all illegally acquired what more do you need to show to the Chief Judge (CJ) who said himself already regarding the ‘Bill for Frivolous allegations’ – Come to my Court about corruption allegations and I will grant you leave against any claims as long as you have prove for the allegations complained about! Sorry I have just paraphrased his statement!

    I mean unless the Judiciary is on their side I don’t see reasons why their names should not be published and let them go to the Courts and clear their names! See the danger in what you have done or doing by not publishing their names – they may not have told or surrendered the total amount they stole so by not calling their names you are indirectly aiding and abetting and because they are not banned from future, as would be the case if they were convicted by the Court of Law for participation in politics, they will find their way back into the system! The argument then will be; Well, the government did not name me as one of them so, you are indirectly arming them the more – i.e. putting/ pitching the cats (electorates) against the horses (the politicians); that is exactly what you’re doing in effect by not naming them! In other words, they will hide under your cowardice to continue to malign the people in Nigeria politically, folks! I’ll name them so as to shame them and let them go to the Courts – it will then serve as Self cleansing exercise – a purgative measure if you like, for the common people of Nigeria!

    But see what the greatest danger is about the officials (EFCC) collecting or indicting the politicians is that: the government officials going after the culprits are not all of them that properly oriented as in that 1992 proposal by me to IBB’s administration, as you (they knowing Nigerians) can easily negotiate amongst the dubious and unscrupulous characters amongst the culprits, how much to be surrendered and how much they can keep from such sums of money (loots) and you have not solved the problem – rather what you have done is that you’ve or merely compounding the crime the more! Whoever is advising since your policy is not (say you’re not going) to kill or send them to prison by the look of things – cowardly, call their names and let them go to the Courts to clear their names especially since you now have records and for all those who have not surrendered their own loots, those should be prosecuted and detained in prisons across the land otherwise what you are doing or have done will be transitory!

    Ladies and gentlemen I said earlier: That there is nothing more honourable than to see that public matters are seen to be done or exhibited publicly, folks! Otherwise this is remarkable in Nigeria’s standards nobody has done this hitherto in spite of the rhetoric from the critics including Obasanjo – we will have loved to know what the Dr. Okigbo Panel Report had for Nigeria – after all, it was Sani Abacha whi set it up for Nigeria, folks! I mean if they are chasing Sani Abacha’s loot is Abacha the worst culprit about corruption in Nigeria? I read though AL-Mustapha in his defence for Abacha’s loot say that he did what he did so as to save Nigeria foreign exchange perhaps (obviously) his clique in that canny machination and conspiracies about Nigeria! You wonder to save foreign funds for Nigeria why not the loots save in Nigeria’s name we might ask Al-Mustapha – it tells the degree of naivety of some Nigerians! Nigeria – TAKU!

  15. Where is the money been used for cos ever since this ukpayie man came into power he kept telling us the amount he has recovered from individuals but we are yet to hear nor see what FG is actually using the money for.

  16. Amen. Some pple are wicked n selfish, they forget that we poor masses have shares in Nigeria wealth but due to their greediness they want to inherrit everything for their yet to born generation, by d grace of God they will not have peace nor joy in their mind, they will all die a shame death in prison IJN. AMEN.

  17. What has the money used for? Soon it will disappear into private pockets. People are suffering of hardship. Things get worse worse daily.

  18. Where are the names of the LOOTERS? White people hide nothing but the black people hide everything.

  19. Have a slice of West Point Gardens, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos and Imo state

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    OUTRIGHT PAYMENT: N1,000,000
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  20. Liar don carry come again

  21. haha shit men whit their shit face

  22. Names still missing as promised.

  23. May God continue to bless this government ,imagine the amounts that was recovered from few Nigeria in a situation where almost all States in Nigeria can’t pay salaries again. God will use buhari government to continue to exposed the treasury looters and their agents .

  24. Let FG remember we retirees that were yet to collect their gratuity o to pls pay us. Some of us had retired since 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 yrs ago but yet to collect gratuity n monthly pension, some states owe their pensioners 2, 3, 4, 5months pension arrears. FG should pls put us in mind as most of us depends only on this money. We’ve work for it n pray to eat d fruits of our labour, nobody pray to labour for another man to reap. Most of d retirees had died for lack of financial care. FG, SG n LG needs to know that fingers are not equal pls dont divert salaries, pension money n gratuity in doing project, cos if pple in state or in d Nation all die of hunger who is going to enjoy or use d project did 4 d masses. Pls think well b4 sharring d recovered stolen money if it is true u recovered back that huge money. God bless Nigeria n punish those that suffers d poor masses. IJN. AMEN.


    • Oboje dont blame dis new governmemt is trying is best , what about d governmemt that has be in power for before now ?God will help us, mama u will eat d fruit of ur labour becouse u deserve it by God grace

    • Blame the last government for his failure to pay your salaries of pensioners for period up to 123456 yrs.

    • Poverty has eaten deep into some people and it has affected their way of thinking

    • Mommy, God will bless u o.. This government can’t pay retirees… They can’t even pay those still working, how on earth can they pay retirees?… The salaries allocation had dropd from 68billion to 299 billion.. They can never pay retirees.. Just forget… @Joy.. U still blaming the past government after one year in office? My dear pls have a rethink

    • Thanks my gug brothers Joy n Oboje, u will not labour 4 another man to reap IJN. Piano may i ask u a question? Are u a public worker? Or working with private company? Can u pray that after serving ur boss 4 many years (35yrs) that ur entitlement should be reaped by another person? By saying we retiree should 4get about our benefit, so also u will not reap from what u labour for IJN. If this ur type is in power or i u are God u will not allow rain to fall 4 years, mind u God is above u evil thinkers n u will see what d living GOD am serving will do. Did u have any retiree in ur family? No wonder, that was y u’re talking rubbish, u better think otherwise n beg for 4giveness b4 u see d sword srike of d hands of d LORD. Talk wisely.

  25. This is nonsense.if theres genuinty in this report where are the names of the looters,is this one part of abacha,diziene madueke or former efcc boss that diverted 1tr?i can’t stop laughing.this govt are using every means to buy peoples minds especially the one can deceive meif they are sincere enough let buhari tell so far how much he has made from bank charges,tsa,excess crude account which has risen to 100 per barrel of crude as against the benchmark of 38 last few months,internally generated tru taxes and other charges.?why is this economy still hanging on an unreliable balance.?

    • Sometimes,I’m lost of words as I culdnt comprehend how people think.But anyway,d second class citizen mentality is really taking its toll on some people.I expect everyone to check for facts b4 running to conclusions & may be I should reiterate d reason why d government take a step back to release d names of some people regarding d looted funds.Its simply for legal reasons bcos some have been prosecuted & d cases are already in court for its decision,therefore it’ll be prejudicial to start calling names when the court of law hasn’t make any pronouncement on anyone.Yes!d President said he was going to announce d names of looters as he was also anxious like everyone of us to release d names & let Nigerians know those behind their woos but he took an advice not to preempt d court as it’ll be counterproductive & that also means d President is someone who allows do the rule of law.

    • If d the people apprehended r in court, we don’t need to hear that people looted until they r found guilty of d charges.

    • Hahahahahahahaha my brother when once a bullet is shot no goin u realise that all these lies are wat kept an average Nigeria on the verge of hate for the last administration.u ll say that someone stole in the market then in the evening when the market is empty u ll turn and say he did not still,are u goin to those already home to tell them that what u did was a mistake.listen to me,his govt is a failed govt take it or u leave it……so much propaganda as if we are still on campaigns.we ll take every bit of his speech serious,failed promises from day one till now,yet he keeps denying every bit of his can someone be in a hurry to run to the media to announce that people whom u ve not found guilty in the law court are thieves.check ur brothers in the north and see the kind of names they call people,is it not the impression buhari has given?.nt worry he ll not be there forever, he ll be paid accordingly.what goes around comes around.will u call someone a thief wen u ve not convicted the person?wat kind of a country is Nigeria turning into?God have mercy.look at people detained without trial yet we are clapping in a democratic setting,shooting every arrow on the side of propaganda to shape his inability to deceive nigerians.let him face governance and tackle this devastated economy.taking decisions in a hurry looking for people to name negatively ll not take nigerians anywhere.nigerians are watching.

  26. Is this not another chibok drama that has been swept under the carpet after realising that nigerians hv risen to the challenge of exposing the film trick

  27. Those ppl dont have names

  28. government of confusion,trash

  29. they will say one thing and change to do another the following day,if we can not take the word of the ruler of the north,i wonder which one they will

  30. Na frm ghost workers neh? U hav al dis u stil de beg frm china,nah waa to u o

  31. APC can never deceive Nigerians again with all this lies.

  32. who are the looters? where is the money. we have been hearing the same story all the time

  33. hmmmm….lie fool again

  34. Are you a Muslim or Christian sister have interest in studio back up or voice training,its time now to achieve ur aim just inbox me or Watsap/call 07037208161……No charges is free ….R.O.J studio

  35. Was that the promise??? Give us the names!

  36. Dis recovered looted fund 4rm some fantastically & systematically corrupt Nigerians shuld be spent or invested judiciously.

  37. Was the looth not in hard currency – Dollars ? How come its in local currency – Naira now ?

  38. Is bc u are blind thats why u didn’t see where the money goes. I pity blind ppl of this country they always complained instead of them to for eyes medical check up so that they can regain their sight. The retreaved looted welth will not be touched without court blessing, therefore pray to Allah to spare ur life so that u can witness the way that loots will be utilised.

  39. How do come upto that amount lia Mohammed? Do a break down by list each amount against the name of the motored. We need to know who are these looters and amount each of them stole. Apc should know that we have intelligent people in this country and not fulani herdsmen.

  40. [5/5, 9:11 PM] +234 802 948 1691: Your Land Or Your Blood. By Adamu Mohammed. Ever since President Muhammadu Buhari took over the mantle of leadership of this great country Nigeria, we(Hausa-Fulanis) have come under severe media attack from enemies of progress. Just because they are educated than us, they stereotype us with negativity. Just because they own and control the media, they use the media against us. But let me make something clear to you stupid fellows hating us, whether you love us or hate us, it doesn’t change anything. We are who we are and we will continue to remain like that. We hate you even more and we can never love you because you are all infidels. I pity those of you who keep deluding yourselves that we can love and trust you simply because you worked against your people to our own advantage, never! I heard that the stupid Governor of Oyo State, Ajimobi said that they won’t accept the proposed Grazing Bill. But my message to the filthy Yoruba pig is that, if you don’t want to give us your cursed land, we will rear our cattle not only on your farmlands but in your churches. And if you try to stop us, we would killed your chicken hearted men like rabbits then turn your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to our sex slaves like we have always done. It is either you give the whole of South to us to use as grazing reserve or we soak it with your blood. And what you would do like you always do is noise on Facebook and Twitter. you cannot be united against us because there would always be the likes of Tinubu, Amaechi and Okorocha in your midst who will divide you for selfishness and love of money. Such treacherous characters can’t survive in our midst because we burn them and their families. I so much detest Southern Christians because they are the problem of this country. If I have my way, there won’t be any functional church in this country, especially in the North. That’s why I am so much happy with Governor El-rufai who is living up to the expectations of Allah in Kaduna State. We are not really pleased with President Muhammadu Buhari who is too slow to implement everything we asked him to implement in this country for us, he has not even done 20% of the Northern/Islam agenda, what he is waiting for I don’t know. We will make life unbearable for Igbos like they are in Hell, and yet we won’t let them have their useless Biafra because the whole of South is a conquered territory. We can never see Yorubas as allies no matter how hard they try to please or serve us because they are born traitors and infidels. Those slaves in the Middle Belt would continue to be willing tools in our hands, and the day they attempt to raise their heads, we will cut off their heads like weeds. I lack words to tell the inconsequential and always crying Niger Delta because what we are waiting for is for President Buhari to declare state of emergency in Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta, then we will show them how to use power. We are at war with you people but we won’t allow the country to breakup because, natural resources found in any part of the country is our heritage and birth right. We will continue killing you in large numbers until you are truly submissive to us as your slave masters. We won’t stop killing you until we fully takeover your land as a conquered territory. This is not the time to mince words, this is not the time to sugarcoat things, and this is not the time to be economical with the truth, this is nothing but the truth, ignore it at your own peril. [5/5, 9:16 PM] +234 802 948 1691: GRAZING RESERVE BILL. Please continue to pass this leaked information until every Yoruba, Igbo, all tribes and all Christian parts of Nigeria gets alerted. This was planned many years by Fulanis as a strategic way to Islamization of Nigeria. That was why Buhari continued running for presidency even at his old age because they knew he is the most possible mean to achieve their goal. In 1804 – 1808. Fulanis came in from Guinea to the Northern part of Nigeria, led by Usman Dan fodio .He lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the northern Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms through war. By 1810, Fulanis had already conquered all hausas. They formed boko haram sect solely for the process, waiting for Buhari or any of their Fulani brother to come in power but Unfortunately, Goodluck Jonathan came into power and they became annoyed. They started their violence to distract him and whether it was Yoruba or Igbo that was on the seat during GEJ’S regime. The same thing could’ve still happened about Boko haram. Now their dream has been achieved having their brother on top. Here is their plan. They started herdsmen war believing that they have the chance to control all parts of the country since they are in power and forces. If GRAZING RESERVE BILL is passed and achieved, It means that Fulanis will have a place mapped out for them in all 36 states of Nigeria. The next thing is that, they will start bringing in their wives and children to increase their population. With time, they will have their Emir installed in every 36 states which will eventually take part in every leadership community gatherings. They will eat into every community like worms and the place given to them can never be taken away from them again since it has been passed. Their sect will be ready to strike in every state and community with no hiding place for anyone since they have known every corners of our community. It is then that we will beg them to stop killing us for we are ready to become Muslims in order to live. This is the only time we have to reject this because tomorrow might be late for us to act. #SAYNOTOGRAZINGRESERVEBILL# #SAYNOTOISLAMIZATIONOFNIGERIA# Pass this to everyone in your contact,Yoruba, igbos ,others and all Christian alike. DON’T BE TOO SPIRITUAL, PASS ON THIS INFO! Copied

  41. You haven’t seen the money with your eyes whether it is true or not yet you are here thanking them, does this man ever say something tangible(i.e truth) before?

  42. It’s not proper for the FG to mention names. We shall know the looters by the time they are being prosecuted in the Court of Law.

  43. We just seeing the figures but the names is still pending, why?

  44. just another lie from Lai Mohammed

  45. The FGN should use the recovered fund to service ,2016 budget. Why bcos these un pàrotic ND are drawing us back in term of revenue generation.

  46. Let nigerian nt die in ur hand with ur evryday fake recovry of money! Put it to uses, let us see ur action nt u talk mr. President n ur subordinate!!

  47. There recovered the money,were is it?who is with it?and how much is it?the one recovered from james ibori were is it?let tel ourselfs the truth in this contry

  48. Abeg shut dat trash u call mouth

  49. Put the fund into budget and stop disturbing us…

  50. Egbon from Daura can not name name because the name he name will name him,ba truensh.

  51. Will this reduce the price of garri in the market?will this reduce the price of fuel?will this stop all the. Killings and agitation in Nigeria?will this increase our electricity??will this create more jobs or even the enabling environment to do business?

  52. this is pmb greatest achievement, yam eaters shame on them

  53. pls pmb let us know their names, is very important for our democracy

  54. This government can lie eehhh!

  55. Lie Mohammed has come again

  56. yet u mr lie said nigeria d zoo country is broke

  57. Court court wa o,which court.when did buhari respect court orders that u guys are now talking like buhari know it not buhari that his security agents refuse 2 free persons unlawfully detained nd courts have commanded 2b free on that it’s convenient buhari nd his ministry of propaganda are suddenly law abiding people.D insult on nigeria ns producing such a fake well packaged list of lies.such lies don’t wash again.

  58. Abeg may dis recovery become real bcos i know nigeria dey can wake up 2morrow now and say dat something went wrong

  59. Remita 25 billion naira from TSA follow?
    What about the relooted Abacha loot.
    But this is a far cry from 3 trillion nah!

  60. Ist frm 1999 todate who started it all obj and gej or buhari

  61. APC recovers PDP looted.
    CHANGE recovers POWER looted

  62. Is not up to one trillion do you forget you seed is more than $155 trillion or do you people take the remaining one

  63. Blockheads won’t stop attacking even the best achievement by the present govt.
    They won’t mind defending a rapist caught red hand attacking their daughter or sister just bcos the rapist was caught by operatives of the present govt.

    Where is your rationalism, your sense of decency, wisdom and virteous disposition; all blinded by the smokescreen of stupid hate?
    #toobadreally. Very, very unfortunate.

  64. some people still asking of their names. let them go to EFCC to get their names, yeye wailers. this government is making subtle progress. right now politicians can no longer buy afford to buy a $50m mansion, majority of the mansion in Abuja are up for sell non buyer, price drasticaly drop no buy, cos overtime they were so expensive since. since no funs to loot and acquire corrupt property. the reality of Nigeria economy will gradually regain its value, price of commodity will go down.

    • U are still dreaming.. Pls wake up

    • am sure you are the dreamer.
      Cos you don’t understand simple jurisprudent of of law.
      can you call someone a criminal when he has not been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction. ?
      i wonder the type of school people like go this days. yet you likes open your fingers to type rubbish insulting this government expression your ignorance in public.

  65. when buhari starting fight against those looters, do you supporting him? Now you are cry for their list or total amout he collected from them. If you want to know the total amout, go to central banke and ask.

  66. The old old story that is ever NEW. Lie Mohamed and APC, lie more and arrest them if it is true. Abi the masquerades no get names. EFCC nko. I fear oooo.

  67. If dis alone is all dey hav recovered so far, no need of continuing, bcos it shld be i Trillions not in billions of Naira.

  68. Buhari with his northern gvnt let’s how it work’s. Since he said dat he can rule without Igbo’s . oya buhari rule without Igbo’s let’s see.some past Nigerians leaders makes such Statement’s but dem did not succeed with it .and buhari want to try it again. I’m sorry for him. Nigeria destiny rest on Igbo’s hands of u say na lie try it let’s See.d worse gvnt ever .Igbo’s are d king in Nigeria. True or false. U can not do without dem . proudly Igbo man proudly brave Biafran

  69. There is nothing like recovered loots, its all propaganda, if believe liar mohamed u can believe anything, this is government of deceit and lies


  71. How come you have not told us any single lies about the president’s state of health…
    Please just one lies we will really appreciate…

  72. Where is the recovered money, pls give it back to them if that will make life return back as it was during their regime abeg i need to buy rice atleast for my family

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