Sunday , March 26 2023
Fayose and Buhari

Fayose tells FG to focus on defeating hunger instead of Sambisa forest Propaganda

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It was the president that went to foreign countries to de-market Nigeria by calling all Nigerians thieves and dishonest people. He was the one who created atmosphere of economic and political instability in the country by his acts of nepotism and vindictiveness?

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, has said that what Nigerians are now desirous of hearing from the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government is the defeat of hunger and untold hardship ravaging the country and not recycled stories of defeat of Boko Haram insurgents, which is as usual, aimed at diverting the attention of Nigerians from the fact that there is ravaging hunger at this time of the year.

The governor said it has become predictable that whenever Nigerians cry of the pains and sufferings they are going through, the federal government will come with stories like; “20 Chibok girls found,” “$1billion found in Mr A, B or C bedroom,” “Boko Haram technically defeated,” “We have captured Sambisa forest,” etc just to divert attention.


In a release issued in Ado Ekiti on Monday and signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said, “It is painful that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari has become directionless either due to the cluelessness of the president or his old age that has foisted a purposeless leadership on the country.


He said, “This year’s Christmas is the worse in the history of Nigeria. People cannot afford to celebrate and enjoy themselves due to the hardship caused by the APC government. To make matters worse, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) also created artificial scarcity of cash, such that people could not access their hard earned money in the banks as most banks in the country do not have cash to pay their customers.”


“Like I have maintained, the main issue confronting Nigerians now is hunger and hunger does not speak the language of political propaganda that is being used by the APC led federal government. It is therefore no longer about diversionary news, it is about preventing Nigerians from dying of hunger,” he said.


The governor said, “the only solution to the myriad of problems facing the country is for those holding power in Abuja to face the sad reality that it was the hard stance of the president, his statements against Nigeria and its people both at home and abroad coupled with his demonstration of hatred against some sections of the country and desperation to crush his perceived enemies that led us to where we are today.


“It was the president that went to foreign countries to de-market Nigeria by calling all Nigerians thieves and dishonest people. He was the one who created atmosphere of economic and political instability in the country by his acts of nepotism and vindictiveness?


“Therefore, for the country to move forward, the President must change his attitude from a vindictive military dictator to a civilian president of all Nigerians.”


He lamented that those cabal in the presidency have hijacked the president and his government, running the country aground, saying, “Things were never like this at any time in the history of Nigeria apart from 1984.” He said;


“They are not running the economy of Nigeria by the open participation of Nigerians but by some cabal, who see themselves as superior to others. By their failure to involve those who know more than them, they have succeeded in creating unemployment instead of three million jobs that they promised Nigerians per year. They have taken Nigeria back to the Stone Age and it will take several years for the country to recover, if it will ever recover.”


Governor Fayose, who appealed to Nigerians not to keep silent in 2017, said, “With every means of livelihood of the common people taken away from them, free, fair and credible elections becoming a mirage, Nigerians must begin to speak out now before the country is completely destroyed by this directionless federal government.”




About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Mamuda is your pple nt feeling the hardship? Go round and see how nigerians are suffering under you father buhari

  2. @ Ibrahim, u don’t know Hw to talk, better keep ur mouth and ur words, is it nt ur father Buhari brought hardship and suffering to us, mind ur words ok

  3. fayose has only been elected as a governor but is not a good citizen of this country.u are expected to presurised the federal use all possible mechanism and tackle the insecurity problems of n

  4. Thats sportless saying the truth… And truth will set you free, if you know it.

  5. Talking any how useless man:::::::::::

  6. If terror is not defeated, hunger can never be fought. What a shame dat or Taxi driver governor cant reason dat.


    • Otori what are you saying,you are even confusing urself.

    • @otori jimoh, the three northeastern states warmly welcomed Boko haram stupidly thinking they will succeed their evil plans against the other Faith forgetting that God is forever God. Using Boko haram to pain others black is a sin. Your people promise us of wiping boko haram totally last yr Dec, it took them this yr i am not convince if they ar truely wiped out of the northeast. Any moment from now their sponsors and sympathisers no matter how highly place they will ve no peace for deads of the innocnts. We are watching.

    • Diko, no body will enjoy to welcome terror in her state or region. I see it as a predicament dat must collectivly be wiped out b4 it spread like virus.. We have no problem of Faith in Naija, de corrupt politicians are so shameless to always make us think we have faith issue, they only hide under de carnopy / umbrella of faith to commit their evil of Looting public funds. Is Dokphesi, Fani kayode, Metuh ,Bandeh not christain, is Dasuki, Bafarawa and former Jigawa state governor and Diko custom not Muslims, but they are all thieves.. Lets fight de virus corruption and see hw de act of terror will reduce drastically.

  7. Pls fayose focus on hardship in your state

  8. Governer fayose, am very 4 my coment, this is fact you call urself but you don’t means by secury,let us honest and sincere without security can you be able to live in that Goverment House? So we need to make sure that there issecurity alart before any other open chalange thank you.

  9. Fayose is a misfit in governance. Who is listening to the lunatic governor?

  10. Correction of 16 year mistakes you must to ignore hardships and then if you have other country please kindly move,

  11. there is no peace and properity wen secirity is nt tackle.y pmb is tackling terror milliitancy,Lag and keb gov were tackling hunger ny providing LAKE rice for there pple let Fayose taclle hunger n Ekiti

  12. Falsehood has failed to make us free in this nation. It is high time we embraced the truth, the only virtue that can make us free. We cannot say anything against the truth but for the truth. Ayo Fayose, Peter, the rock,represents the truth and whatever names you have painted him, he remains the truth!

    • If anyone in your family was killed by them, you will not be saying all this nonsense

    • Okafor wake up or u wl b islamized.Fayose is light and truth.

    • Richard is you that should wake up you sound very absurd. Fayose ‘s only known job is to criticize anything whether good or bad. A man who is not a model

    • U neva sabi buhari u go soon know

    • APC is spreading propaganda. How come that the only Boko Harm commander is captured in Lagos, some 1280 kilometers from Sambisa forest. No casualty on either side? Let them tell another story!

    • @ ebong thank God Buhari was able to capture boko haram leader at lagos,can ur goodluck capture boko haram anywhere?

    • Fayose represents the real devil in Nigeria. He is a notorious treasury looter, wicked liar, sadist, hate monger & enemy of a better Nigeria. If not, let Fayose tell us what kind of social welfare package has he introduced in Ekiti state as Governor for the well-being of the Nigerian masses there?
      The courage & wisdom to act has already spur PMB & his team to speedily working to diversify the economy. PMB & his team of nation-builders have already seen that the salvaging of the national economy can only be assured by the massive promotion of the non-oil export sector of the economy. They are already doing the necessary. PMB is leading by example. He is working to stem the tide of youth exodus from Nigeria. Reversing Brain-Drain & turn it to Brain-Gain. He represents the hope we have as a nation to build strong, problem-solving institutions.
      PMB has shown himself to be driven by the need for “Positive Change” in Nigeria & not for being in power for its own sake. He has proven once again that he is not profligate in the use of national resources as he adopts a “low-profile” office of the President. This is in sharp contrast to the Jonathan-PDP Presidency that had purchased three more Presidential Jets to an already bloated fleet, even in the face of tumbling economic indices.

    • Abdulrahman Ohize, good write up my bro

    • He has not looted more than your President a bloody thirsty demon who in less than 2 years in power has squandered trillion of naira with nothing to show for.

    • @Benjamin God bless you for this comment, dont listen to those blood sucking Demons that has untold hardship to our pple by wanting to rule by all means

    • Only God speaks the truth. Truth is not for debate. What of when he said stomach infrastructure is the best programme he would give to his people, please, Mr Benji tell me what is happening to it now and did he say happen to it. Truth is eternal truth divine. Not cheap popularity propagandas

    • Brother Jossy,the earth is the extention of God’s kingdom with His foot on it as His stool. He created us in His image with His devine nature and characters that make up His personality.He has given us all that we need for godliness including truthfulness. It now depends on individual choice to manifest this virtue.When a child decides not to manifest his/her father’s character such child is called a bastard.God does not espect Him alone to be truthful but all his adopted children.NOT ONLY GOD IS TRUTHFUL,MAN TOO IS TRUTHFUL BY CHOICE.I hope this will add to our knowledge of God.

    • God will rule ur family the way buhari is ruling nigeria

    • Let Buhari fans say Amen 2 dis prayer .

    • Why can’t you go to farm in Ekiti state?, i think rice can be produced in large quantities in your state instead of you putting the blame on Buhari. Are not responsible to the people you govern?.

    • Abokis will die of truth it hurts them alot

    • Sulaiman thank you for calling me a goat! When God could not find a suitable man to use,He used a donkey to warn his owner. I thank God that He has found me a useful goat, to expose you to the hidden truth.

    • Most of the comment here are telliing it out of ignorance, they have no idea who are bokoharam, thats why you are shouting hunger, and if you are hungry you will never have the strenght to chat, you can even sell your phones to eat, you are here in your fathers house close to your mumy and siblings, go to IDP camps and then to the towns affected by bokoharam, there are towns like bama they have kill almost the whole town and burnt and destroy all houses, no standing structure in bama, all have been demolished by insurgent, so defeating bokoharam is everything to us, we dont care about poverty, as long as we are alive we can eat and drink, bokoharam kills our police, soldiers and civilians, can you please tell me how many people died by hunger since the beginning of this administration.

    • How i wish Fayose is frm north east by now he will be first to enter churh to praise God remember many hv gone, hospitalize, &homeless still he did nt appreciate God haba! Lord i thank you for this battle you won for us…I stand wit PMB, God bless Nigeria

    • Northernans are founder of bokoharam during d Goodlucks regime but they don’t know that it can reach to this extent, they think they can stop immediately they got d power . sorry for that losses their life on the insurgents .

  13. Mamuda u must be a stupid by accusing osokomole, ur nonentity Buhari does not knw anything

  14. Fayose Ayo is right, let Buhari come and fight hunger. Fayose is not the cause of hunger in Ekiti rather Buhari is d cause since the hunger is not perculiar to Ekiti alone

  15. Let d wide mouth pay his civil servants their salaries.

  16. This AGBERO EPE Governor should enter Guinness Book of Records as the “most rascal Governor in the world”, and then be rewarded with a one way ticket to Alaska.

  17. True talk nothing do u sir

  18. I understand so many people don’t the truth to be told may because PMB is a norther and a muslim but the truth is that his regime is the worst in recent time those of you who are busy defending this administrationshould have a rethink without sentiment @

  19. Boko haram menace does not affect any member or ur family. Dats why u can open ur big mouth like fat woman pusyy to propagand Buhari govt. U as a governor wht av u done to tackle hungry in ur state? Basterd

  20. We are tired of book haram today another day the same old story pmb wake up from your slumber

  21. Yes o. Is dere no one in charge of dat already?. Let him tackle hunger b4 d masses run to d IDPS.

    • Let Fayose remove hunger away from Ekiti state to show good example as a Governor. PMB have been releasing money as bail-out money to Fayose to pay all salary arreas owed to the workers even before the PMB’s Presidency in 2015. Fayose has been one of those celebrating the economy vandalisations by the Niger delta Avenger terrorists.

  22. Rice production may not be possible around Ekiti axis. How many tuber of yams is Ekiti State goverment able to push out during this xmas? Mr. Fayose should learn from Lagos and Kebbi partnership and stop disturbing us. We are more intelligent than all these noise making. He shoukd lkeave FG alone. Let us see what he can do. I bought a bag of the Lake Rice through the bank process. So there will be accountabiliyi unlike Mr Obanikoro claiming, i gave somebody so much billion naira and the other denying. Can Nigerians trust people like these?

    • So buying of lake rice has to be true bank now? I suggest buying of everything now in naija shud b tru bank for accountability bcos bank is your only safest place for accutblty. In your own small brain you think naija will go any far with this can lake rice b sustained, sustainability is the problem of this country. Lake rice is purely eyes service we ar watching.

  23. I have had sympathy for the good people of Ekiti for inflicting on themselves a man like Fayose. They must look for a good mental home and send the man for rehabilitation. Tufiakwa

    • God 4give u. wt time u wl value Fayose and then it wl b late.

    • that is when fayose becomes the president of ur house and not nigeria.

    • Pls allow fayose, he s now d only lone voice of opsition, others av chicken out.

    • @ Obi . It is you that will discover very late that what the Federal govt is dashing out is propaganda. What Mr Fayose is saying is that the federal govt should have right priority. Poverty, hunger, injustice and joblessness breeds insurgency, rebellion and crime.

    • Too bad that the insurgency does not mean much to u

    • Mr. Obi, u are one of the greatest problem of this country if truely u said what I read here.

    • Eugene. U are entitled to ur opinion but with some measure of civility

    • Is a pity that a lot of you don’t know the plan OF these housa People. you are still been childish. one day you will wake up and the only option for you Is to carry gun and fight for your freedom again. your freedom to worship, your freedom OF speech. and your freedom OF Movement

    • How can d insurgency mean much important to Fayose ? An Old fool like U , were U people deaf wen somebody sald He will make Nigeria ungovernable for Gej bcos HE COULDN’T WON ELECTION , So, d outcome of ungovernable is Boko Haram and insurgency ; d one dat concerned Fayose is about Filani Herdmens in Ekiti State , are U blind ? Don’t U see how Governor Fayose tackle dare problem ? Wat doesnt concerned U , u can open ur dirty mouth and sald dey should take somebody to mental home including ur Family . D person who known d generation of Boko Haram must also know how to put an end to it , so , stop having hypertension bcos of d vibrant Govnor of Ekiti State . Beside, how many Chicken do U slaughter dis Christmas talkless of gaot ? Oga let Buari find solution to d hunger dat is ravaging Nigerians as Fayose sald , “an hungry man is an angry man ” .

    • @gabrael i think if u happened to be a notherner that have lost one or two of his pple to bokoharam u wil not talk like dis and i think with ur level of understanding u shld kno dat even b4 u can produce food there must be an adequate security and i think we must applaud him

    • Ad far as am concern he is far better that all the Igbo governors..

    • Afolabi Olajide , i don’t know why Nigerians like to be ruining about d bush all time , dat is y setback have been d watchword of dis great nation despite d enormous intellectual in Nigeria . How can somebody outerd a Statement dat can embrace diversity , bring War , bring Hunger dat have been place already b4 poeple like U can reason and reacted ? I hope is too late for somebody like U to beging to fight for Buari bcos, He was d one dat put Nigeria into dis mess bcos of His political ambitious , let me ask U on question , how many consecutive times Buari contested and how many Souls have been wasted ? So , my Sister try to shun evil and He will flee away from U . Nobody is nonsance of wat is going on in Nigeria .

    • this man is a fool…stop commenting if u can’t reason with ur brain st ur age, how many times have they said they have defeated boko haram yet they still operate?? this is to divert peoples attention on this hard Xmas celebration period

  24. Buhari is using the defeating of bokoharam as a yardstick to defend his clueless pattern of ruling.we accept you defeated bokoharam….what is the next step???

  25. Fayose is actually projecting his image well as a politician.
    However we should be thankful for once. There can be no meaningful development where peace and security is lacking. Buhari has tried in the area of security but should also not ignore other sectors too.

  26. let Nigerians continue to deceive themselves even dogs no that all is not well with this APC govt , hardship,hunger starvation insecurity lost of jobs etc when the head is bad the entire body will not be ok truth must be told whether those sycophants in APC like it or not FAYOSE is on target let thy go & hang them period if they can n’t accept the simple truth

  27. D right time we speak d truth,some stupid southerners join their lunatic northerners to talk anyhow to fayose without tracing the origin of boko haram to d northerner elders to discredit goodluck govt.they all supported d boko haram during d last govt but now fight them because of buhari.

  28. Buhari has come power only fight boko haram when d northerners see d destruction in d north east

  29. D hardship and hungers in d land is much,he was voted for to fight boko haram at the expenses of hardship he brought to d nation with his bad policies

  30. Fayose pls you don’t know what to say keep your mouth shut, stop disgraceing your self and your people

  31. ‘Recycle stories’, yap Fayose is right…but i wish the defeat at this time should not b a propaganda again. It’s our responsibility to point out where ever that there’s any lacuna in administration for a due action to be taken.. Kudos to Gov..Fayose..problem identification is 50% problem solving.

  32. it is only when u are in peace before loking for a food to eat if u don knw,mumu.

  33. The northern elders need to come out boldly on issue of boko haram.can war start in any state of d country without d knowledge of d people in that state.let d northerners find solution to d problem they cause d nation

  34. this one? Is a disgrace to yoruba, i mean fayose.

  35. Do not cast blame on anybody. Fayose might be right, bcos hunger kills faster than epidemic diseases. Also Buhari as a man (not god) should not be blame. He is making effort to tackle insecurity that has wasted so many innocent life, destroy farmers and thier farmland. Invesment and businesses are put on halt. Pls ask someone that has no peace in his life if he want to eat, even when there is abundant food at hand. Listen to his responds. Likewise someone full of peace but has nothing to eat, he can turn violent any moment. Hunger and insecurity are the Nation worst enemy presently which every Nigerian should stand against including President and Governor insted of blaming it on someone or fighting each other on social media. No man is an island and a tree cannot make a forest. Thank God for some Governor that has wake up to this call to lift up our dear Nation. God bless Nigeria. GOD bless you all. Help yourself, make more money up to $300 (#90000) or more as you work part-time online. It’s free, no initial deposit, no referal. Visit for more info.

  36. To my thinking Gov FAYOSE is President Buhari best friend for always telling him the truth

  37. OPIUM, I hope you have paid salaries

  38. I can wait to see fayose pleading wit the Mr president come 2018.

  39. Pls why are Africans so poor in their mind. ? BUHARI ONLY CHANGED D UNIFORMS OF BOKOHARAM TO HERDSMEN. Killing of Christians don’t matta . Kaduna southerners which ar Christians are being butchered n ur clueless saddist President n his boy elrufai hv said nothing.I PITY CHRISTIANS IN D NORTH WEN Biafra will exit dis useless union. Buhari is nothing but a KILLER

  40. The trut is bitter but ppl like us we dont dare to sell the trut cus is expensive…bravo!

  41. This Mr Ayo Fayose maybe speaking the mind of all Nigeria masses. Kudos to u jareeee.

  42. I think i agree with him on this, the very first time i’ll be positive with his propaganda. The many MDA’s who have not been renumerated since November due to IPPIS’ programmed system shut down(for one reason or the other)could testify to that. This never happened in the last administration. This government should learn to take care of its workforce, therein lies the power for continuity.

  43. Fayose should be allowed for a psychiatric test because I perceive he’s lunatic

  44. Jst forget him one thing i know is that once a thauth is always a thauth cos he tolk anyhow without control.

  45. fayose is the most stupid MAN of the year 2016

  46. Pls. Commend the President for once at list for the defiting insurgenc.

  47. The lies this Buhari government tells make me delirious. That’s I question my consciousness: is this a bad dream or what! Some people are excusing there own hunger with excuses of PDP’s sixteen years failure. Some Nigerian are ready to tells us Buhari’s eats one square-meal a day, so that he can save money for Nigeria. Pitifully pitiful.

  48. Buhari did not defeat boko haram, only dat he paid them money.

  49. Let’s look at the issue of price of rice is it cost by increase in price of dollar, or somebody waking up & increasing tariff. Must we go hungry in other to increase the local production of rice? Is the increase in price of the near-substitute triggered by the increase in rice desirable. Is the desire to increase the cost of rice borne out of love & hatred for Nigerians!

  50. Kaduna state is organising another terrorist

  51. D way fayose is racing toward extinction is alarming, who can stop dis man b4 he perish

  52. Buhari has fail this Nation,fayose its saying. The truth.

  53. Even though to choose chimpanzee as d leader of Ekiti beta by far for Ekiti peoples dat voted u as there governor. What is ur own achievement as Ekiti state governor. U jst put on human flesh u are a wild animal u beta ask for forgiveness

  54. When there is peace, there is freedom and where there is freedom there is confidence to do things more productive.
    When we are productive , economy improves and hunger disappears.
    We give glory to God and government for making our nation more safe.

  55. Fayose is Crazine, if you are in war front you canot talk of food

  56. I can now believe fayose is among of the people that are sponsoring boko halam, can somebody eat when there is no peace in an area? I’m not surprised because non of his family are leaving there, he was once insulting pmb for not able to stop boko halam, now is insulting the same person for stopping boko halam, his talking from both of his mouth, I don’t take him serious

  57. Buhari has failed is family, wife nd Nigerians at large

  58. I cant see dt some pple here dt is supportg Ayodele Fayose ar nt normal at all u see dt somebody is crazy instead of u carrying hm to a psychiatric u ar still joining hm again if a blind man lead a blind man wat will to dm dey both will fall into d pit or desh,Fayose is an evil n is agent of d devil dt pdp send to disturb Apc n Buhari Government n God which all us ar serving in Nigeria shall disappoint hm says d Lord,except he return n turn away frm his evil he shall never a rest of mind.

  59. Yes fayos pls tell them more, Nigeria are die on hunger

  60. Ur comment can nt gv me surprise bcause psychologically u need a psychartrics assistance.but if d level of ur pcychartric problem has no limit and lead u to make such expensive statement against ur fellow humman being who hv been in a sympathetic problem .then i pray may that problem afflict u and ur entire families.(Ameen)

  61. Oga tel dem abeg, weting dey want buid 4 dere?

  62. His excelency the people of Nigeria are proud of you dont mind them. keep it up.

  63. The problem of hunger in Nigeria should not only put at the door step of Buhari or the federal government. The thirty six state government should also share the responsibility. We are aware that the three level of government share our common wealth on monthly bases. If a state Governor’ will absorbed himself from the prevailing hunger in the land including his state for which he is in possession of their wealth and put the blame on the president, then he is only diverting attention from himself. Governor Fayose and indeed other Governors in the thirty six States should do more to save the nation, than this diversionary tactics

    • he should emulate kebbi, anambra and lagos state govt.

    • A matured observation thanks u bros

    • So now the federal government led economic failures have become the collective responsibilities of both president and governors but during Gej regime, it was his personal making. Nigerians have a lot of jokers indeed.

    • yes u are right brother but many will not understand u they will if naming u as cow

    • Nicholas Gbenegure so hunger in Nigeria is now to b blame on the 36 State governor not on Buhari alone? Honestly so many of you are very very stupid. So the suffering of Nigerian should b blame on all the 36 governor. Idiot. Where were you when Dr Jonathan, a then president were called all kind of names. Where were you, a fool. Idiot. Where were you when a stark illiterate Buhari were using, a man that throughout his life time, he will not reach his academic level, to learnt English. Where were you when all blame were on his door step. Where were you when Liar Mohammed and Oshibanjo were mocking Jonathan, calling him all kind of names everywhere they go but today, their brains on economic management is worst than that of kindergatin Children. People can tell lies to win election but you can’t tell the same lies to management economic and runs governance. The reality is what Nigerian is seeing now. Nigerian has seeing who is who now not propagandas. The reality on ground has separate men from boys. It has separate illiterate from a learned well thinking person not noise makers. So think before you comment,s.

    • Essien,please learn to respect people’s views about a particular issue.You responded childishly and more stupidly than the person you called stupid.Besides,your language is very poor.Go back to school and learn about concord.

    • Muhammad Aminu Kajuru why not tell Buhari, your illiterate president who presented fake certificate to Nigerian to go back to School and all your fellow Northerners who used fake certificates to enter all the Federal ministries they full every where. Idiot. Useless Cows. It will never and can’t b as usual again. Northerner has been exposed. Fools

    • Muhammad Aminu,have you people forgotten so soon how Stu

    • Muhammad Aminu have you forgotten so soon how useless, stupid Northerners insulted Dr Jonathan becos of stark illiterate Buhari? Have you forgotten. When did management of Nigeria economic become the duty of governor? Fool. Idiot. Do you think all Nigerian are Cows like you? Idiot.

    • Austin Essien. I read through your gutter sentences and found a non baked fools who is struggling to acquire the toga of civilisation that has eluded him. In your foolishness, you are ignorance of the fact that economic management is on the concurrent list of any nation. A state governor can initiate and execute his agricultural policy to feed his people. He can also make policy that can attract local and foreign investors into his state to boast the economic prospect of his state. You may have heard of Northern economic forum and just recently, there was South east economic forum. All these are good initiatives that provide leeway out of the present economic quagmire. Brother Austin Essien, please advise your Akwa ibom government and your people to emulate these region that have started their economic emancipation, before hunger will kill you. There is no more slug cash for idle mind like you as in the days of Jonathan. Please wake up from your slumber, Jonathan is no longer in charge and may not come back again. That means, corruption is on his way out of the fabric of people like you. So your eulogy of Jonathan academic background that doesn’t transformed anything is a farce. So Austin , go back to school to at least learn how to conduct yourself on social media. Don’t displayed your inanity any more to save your ethnic coloration.

  64. What sort of nonsense is this? Is it becouse north east not part of your portion I believe people will agree with me that, the president has tried all he can to recure the life and property of our dear citizens!!! For that pls I urged u mind ur ulterances towards Mr president .

  65. Hungry man must be a lazyman,
    Is hunger more dangerous than bomb blast?

  66. All these kids talking shit. one day you will wake up from your sleep and the only option left for you in these country, will be either you carry gun and fight for your freedom again or you be a victim OF there evil agenda. AM talking about the freedom OF worship, freedom OF speech, freedom OF Movement, freedom OF living the way you choose. keep talking shit. Ask your self,, how COMES not even one sponsor not even one i mean one sponsor OF THE bokoharam has been mentioned. You are here talking like sick People. Now ask your self, where Is our CID,, our CTU, so not even one sponsor could be mentioned. I pity Christian talking like pagans. So you still do not know We are at war with these People who are killing Christian right from the origen OF these country. How many muslims have been killing like christians, I ask you how many? For every one you killed they have killed millions. Keep talking shit. You will wake up one day.

    • You live in a village somewhere in the your level of ignorance can be xcused.

    • blood suckers, sorry Is not gonna be business as usual. you People have killed enough. vampires in zoo Called country.

    • Emma Anyim, have a closer look at Umar Jika, he’s either a nigerien or Somalian. You don’t have to join issues with an alien.

    • What you are saying is through but can you help the country to identify ,,,d sponsor of mend and N/D avenger

    • Ade avengers are fighting for there land and future, what Is bokoharam fighting for? bokoharam has killed enough innocent souls. WHAT for? western education an abomination and there still using almost e everything made by westerners. Federal govt should give a free a education in Every oil sector. no but the northerners choose to connect a pipe from south to north because NDelters are fools. IN the whole OF buhari govt no igbo Man is present in any meeting regarding the nation Security matter in high level and you say We are one NIGERIA. jonathan, Obj, Yar’aduwa mixed there administration with all tribes. bros Is no longer business as usual in any part OF the world now.

    • Since we didnt carry gun and fight bokoharam and fake soldiers, we will never fight sincere government that fight our enemies, you are just not happy for defeating bokoharam,, you always like to hear bokoharam kill this kill that, now they have been defeated so you are not happy,

    • Umar before bokoharam you People in the name OF religion have killed millions OF People. IN jos, kano, kaduna. Is time We cast out that blood sucking demon out you People by fighting back. We Christians has always been a victim OF you muslim right from the origen OF these country. We need to stand like Israel and fight back. if Israel hadn’t fight back they would have been history in the mix OF those arab suicide bombers. you People riot, you People are bokoharam, herdsmen, shiat. now u are using advantage OF buhari govt and getting away with All the crimes. bokoharam no bokoharam oh. Christians will fight back just like Israel. . I

  67. He remain a useless Gov so far,

  68. Buhari’s presidency is being described in the negative for some of these reasons: He has clipped the wings of looters. 2. His presidency has blocked the importation of unnecessary items from coming into the country. 3 He has made it impossible for fraudsters to operate. 4. He has criminalised the importation of substandard goods. 5. The introduction of Treasury single account does not go well with pen robbers.

  69. He should go and pay salaries

  70. Politics and critics, Fayose as for long trying to dilapidate Buari’s Government so that PDP can gain ground for the next regime, pls Nigerian be careful and know what you say even on social networks. This man is trying, the only way we know is oil and gas resources but now that world oil market had fallen, then other means is to divert the economy which is the best way. A house is not built in a day, therefore we need patients for all these things to manifest rather than criticism, as for me, Nigeria future is bright, pray for Nigeria so that u be prosper in Nigeria. Long live Nigeria.

  71. Gov Fayose has a mouth cancer. He talks irrationally.

  72. If fayose cannot control hunger in ekiti state let him stop blaming FG. As a gov while don’t him deploy measures to prevent hunger in his own state like Ambode,Ortom and de rest of others.Shame 2 him.

  73. What a pity,what a diversionary and psychological Governor attracting undue sympathy towards his exit as Governor. Ekiti is a cocoa producing state what’s has be his effort to attract investors to the benefit of his citizen’s,pls,learn from good leaders rather than being…..

  74. FAYOSE u need to see doctor bt rember ur time is limited like MIMIKO

  75. Hear the clown again. This is coming from somebody supposedly leading a state as the chief executive . Never shall we experience such an error of democracy when half guys and clinically mad people becoming governors.

  76. Return arm money so that we can give you snail to eat.


  78. This Fayose of a man is up to something else. Are u done with your people in Ekiti? Have you fed them well as their governor? Don’t beg anybody for soft landing as you did earlier when the time comes.

  79. Tell him to pay the remaining salary of Ekiti workers instead of paid 2month

  80. You are an indigene of the region that is why you don’t know the situation they have encountered.

  81. If all the state governors in nigeria will be outspoken like fayose, nigeria leaders will understand democracy in practice not in theory. Fayose the best governor of our generation has said it all.

  82. Man of truth. God wl continue to protect u

  83. If there is no peace and war in the land can anybody eat food with ease?Fayose did not think well before criticizing The President.

  84. Maybe it’s in Ekiti hunger disturbs b/cos of that account that u possessed which u didn’t have before u assumed as governor. U said zenith bank sponsored ur gubernatorial election nd they refuted ur claims. Even Obanikoro testified that u nd him collected blood money. Can’t u copy frm Ebonyi, Anambra, Jigawa, Cross River, Kano, Taraba, Niger, etc governors who embraced fed government’s move to boost agriculture esp rice farming?

  85. Look at this most ugly governor

  86. You come to Abuja to collect monthly allocation. How far have you as a state Governor done to assist the people of Ekiti to defeat hunger.

  87. This is insane. worker’s are owing salaries in

  88. This is insane. worker’s are owing salaries in you state and you are taking about hunger.This is madness

  89. Does immunity cover such ranting comment from a chief executive of a state? Inciting the public against a sitting President. haba

  90. Don’t mind buhari lie lie

  91. Mr Governor, what is d latest about your “stomach infrastructure policy”? Kindly let it go round ,because if it does, it will solve D hunger in d land.

  92. This coward not up to 5 fulanis visit ekiti you shout war war war Ait nta channel even aljazira and bbc you were shouting the all state should come out for war.

  93. Capturing Sambisa forest is a good move but not enough; I expect the sponsors of Boko haram to be fingered, arrested and persecuted accordingly. Until then, this is just a joke. Anything destroyed from its roots hardly survives. Open your eyes people; we are yet to see any serious fight against Boko-haram.Take it or leave it, it is a false front meant to shield the sponsors by beclouding your mind with minor achievements; You can’t fool everybody!!

  94. Fayose is doing his job as opposition.

  95. Fayose, what step are you taking to defeat hunger in Ekiti? Remove the log in your eyes first

  96. Both hunger and Boko Haram are created by the associate of Fayose .Tell them to release our monies in their care .

  97. hmmm….which is more important??…when your party the pdp focused on looting,stealing and defeating hunger. ..the boko haram were taking and capturing more territories from Nigeria ???…but pmb has chosen to first secure Nigeria and defeat the boko haram???…because pmb know that Nigerians can fend for themselves. …Nigerians can produce and provide for themselves? ??..this is just the difference between light and darkness. …

  98. This wide mouth gov has not paid workers salaries and pensioners allowances for months.U are insane.

  99. governor Fayose, don’t stop talking ooo keep talking it one day we will understand the meaning of true democrat not lies lik them, when ur grandfather say u r the leader of tomorrow and yet he thus not wnt u to talk how will u bcom one

  100. In as much as pmb it trying,i believe security n corruption is not our only lets stop been baised here cos sum fg wotkers r still been owwed,so he can as tackle d hunger in d land cos no one has been convicted for corruption…so tell pmb to give us d change we asked for not fight everyday…

  101. This is a democratical governme

  102. This is a democratic government and fayosa is in opposition. I think he has right to criticise the buhari led administration

  103. I support gov. Fayose advise on food production through Agricuture is gud but Fayose should stop critizise Pmb on security.Ekiti should also join rice producing state like others

  104. Fayose you are the true friend of Buhari because you are making him to be aware of certain things. All those that are supporting Buhari blindly we surely be judged. If everybody is to tow the line of you are ok Mr Buhari, I bet you by now we would have died of hunger. God bless you Fayose

  105. Take a good look at the names of those commenting rubbish against fayose! And you will see that many of them are muslims! They somuch hate truth i don’t know why. This administration is not well simple!

    • Peter, u have no religion but hate, deliberate falsehood & wickedness. If not, true christians are those who follow the proper teachings of Jesus christ & we all know that Jesus never taught hate, lie or wickedness but truth, love & peace. Where is ur own christianity by bearing the christian name called “Peter” when u are here spreading wicked lies, hate to cause further disunity among Nigerian people? What religion does Fayose profess by supporting the satanic characters called the Boko haram terrorist? What religion does Fayose practise for being among the sharers of the Dasukigate of $2.1billion US dollars, money that was allocated or budgeted for the fight against the terrorists? What religion allows Fayose to be keeping N7billion in his private Bank accounts (looted money) when he refused to pay the Ekiti state workers’ salaries/wages for months? What religion that authorised Fayose to be wishing his fellow human being dead? Fayose does not belong to any revealed religion of GOD, be it Judaism, Christianity or any but greediness, selfish & devlish. Stop playing dirty religious politics with our national security & economy. For the truth is one!

    • I do’t care guy man! All i am after is that truth coming out of his mouth simple! I have not seen a governor like him. That can stand with boldness and speak the truth.

    • @ Peter Chinedu Governor fayose and have no brain because when you have insecurity terrorists attack in your house how can you eat well as you want

    • Anyway it is not only gun that can kill human begin hungry also kill

  106. Fayose u are the biggest full in the world

  107. Some governors way of reasoning are better described by adekule gold hit song lyrics, empty barrel……….

  108. What baffles me is that somebody says the truth and battalions come up attacking sadistically.They are still thinking politics,still holding onto tribal cleavages.If they love this country as their antics suggest,they should start being in the war to save millions of hungry Nigerians or one day some catastrophy shall beset us.

  109. Fayose’s not fit to be an adviser during GEJs govt, but now!!!!!?

  110. This fayose, need brain treatment

  111. Why Nigerians are not always sincere with there action? . Those who claim Nigerians are suffering from hunger do not engage in strong opposition but unhealthy opposition because their view and comments are btaseless, no facts and figures. Although their is recession, but it does not affect Nigerians to their daily bread. Go to beer parlour, despite recession, people still manage to drink beer everyday. Have a strong and healthy opposition please.

  112. If buhari defeat boko haram, you nko defeat hunger in you state mana! Simple

  113. Has he started fighting hunger in his own state?

  114. Fayose go and plant Rice like Lagos State did to help the citizens and stop the lousy noise.

  115. You can’t eat without peace, if ur problem is hunger p/z go farm Fayose.

  116. A governor of the smallest state in Nigeria is making noise. This is the clear picture of someone who acquired leadership through manipulation and rigging. He talks too much as if he is the chairman governors forum. Return your share of Ekitigates so that we start believing you.

    • Mr hassan why making noise

    • @ daji, because he’s d gov of a small state he should not say what he sees as going wrong, he should follow stupid majority, No man , society has bn built by this minute number, but come to look at it objectively- Ekiti state has more Profs,Docs, lawyers,Engrs etc than d whole core North put together. So who has contributed more to national development?

    • Nobody is saying he should stop talking because, he have right to freedom of speech. Nigeria has 36 States and taking charge by state governors. All Local government area, All wards are under this States. 95% of the Nigerian population are from this States. Now, who are responsible of the hunger Fayose is talking about? Buhari in many occasions sends billions of Naira to this States to bail them out of the dept PDP caused to them. 85% of food we consumes is local not foreign food then, why are we hungry? The only reason for fayose and his like to start condemning Buhari is, there is no way for looting. The business is not as usual!

  117. Useless man agent of boko haram Animal

  118. Fayose, how many times ve u collected bail out and free money from pmb led fed govt to solve problem in ur state? if not forpmb, hunger would ve been a child’s play. By now the boko boys would ve probably overan the entire country and we would ve all been refugees elsewhere.


  120. Wat bafu me mst x wen I heard ppl supportin foolish man like fayose…..d worse amng all r dos hu claim to b educated bt de r jst like an illiterate de Cn differentiate btwn d role f d 3 arms f gov’t due to sentiment….hw many mnth salary z fayose currently owing civil servant in Ekiti state??? ….in a cun3 wt out peace wll de b development? Hw many mnth salary r versely all d state r owing b4 GMB came to power? Today all federal gov’t worker receive dia salary b4 d end f every mnth….
    If ur state gov’t z nt paying u salary z it d 4lt d president?? Wit wat z happening in “Borno, Adamawa, yobe state,jos and sum order prt f d cun3 if it continue wll we b talking f hunger?? Today dia z peace in jos, peace z cumin bck to d nrth eastern prt, d moni meant 4 fighting insurgency in d north east z it nt wat foolish man Kall Ayo fayose usd in ringing election in Ekiti state dat brot hm to power….EFCC z waiting for hm he as case to answer….den sum foolish one’s wll cum online commenting rubbish coz de don’t pay much on data…..

  121. Leave buhari alone,keep trying

  122. Fayose Mr attacker of anything PMB and the FG,what have you done with your state resources to drive hunger from every home of the state.
    We need your answers so that others will learn from you.

  123. Benjamin,where is the truth and where is the lie?Do you mean that Fayose does not have the State resources he collected every month to deploy to the land of Ekiti to drive hunger away from every home in the States but to blame Buhari and FG?

  124. Fayose is talking to himself. He is a stylist corrupt politician. He will soon face the reality of being uncivil will his mouth.

  125. If Buhari is busy addressing d security in d country by preventing a cancerous epidemic called boko haram Ayo shd tell us what he has done in his state to ensure dat people of his state are able to eat 3 square meal daily since he became d governor of his state .peace is key and vital US knew what they went thru and spent until when osama was gotten rid of o so if Buhari is tackling security governors shd tackle food security education health etc Q E D

  126. Point of correction, there is no legality in it only boko harram is Nigeria problems, we have tired of fake news,if you like defeat them if you like don’t.

  127. If not because u are an insaned, i would have ask u that, can u eat without peace????

  128. It is unfortunate that a governor like Fayose did not understand that without security of lives and property a good government cannot talk about hunger . please Mr fayose thank President for the support and encouragement he is given the Nigerian military.

  129. When is this Fayose ‘s Stupidity going to end?

  130. U cannot defeat hunger with violence

  131. Oda Joel, I quite disagree with you on your assertion thet Buhari has tried in the area of security. Have you not been hearing of what is happening in southern kaduna, in Kaduna state, where Buhari’s kinsmen have slaughtered over 800 christians,while Buhari and Governor El-rufai are looking the other way? There was no problem in the southeast, no peace was breached, and Buhari sent his Army to the region, to organise operation python dance, in order to have reason to slaughter christians, and where the Army is supposed to be sent to organise their operation python dance, he is looking the other way,and even Governor El-rufai has admitted funding the fulani herdsmen to continue with their carnage in southern kaduna, and you are here saying that Buhari has tried in the area of security? Buhari was the one that brought boko haram, when he said publicly that he would make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan in 2011 because he lost the election. Now, that he is in charge, he knows what to do to stop them because they are all working in agreement.

  132. Man does not leave by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We still have enough bole and epa for people like Fayose to eat along the streets. Shame.

  133. Buhari… Confused idiot cow.

  134. Fayose the most useless living creature

  135. This arm robber called fayose is suppose to be in jail by now nd he still has d guts to vomit rubbish mad dog

  136. Emma Anyim we all know that the sponsor of boko haram is Jonathan,just to reduce the number of northerners.

  137. Save ur state b/c u are amoung the three parts of gov’t, FG,ST & LG.Nonsens

  138. The problem of hunger in Nigeria should be put at the doorsteps of the Federal and state goverments. The state governors are the ones controlling the local governments which ought not to be.Some governors are owing their workers up to ten months salary arrears.Many state pensioners have not got their retirement benefits.Fayose must agree that both the Federal,states and local governments are responsible for d suffering of the masses.The truth remains constant.

  139. Fayose is one hellish fool who lacks bearings as regard to administrative norms and values, just one state under his watch, he is still finding it difficult to manage, every given day he comes out if not media, he comes on line talking trash and nuts against Mr President, given him all manners of insults, yet Mr President has not blinked an eye, I wonder when the fool will realize, that in the eyes of Mr President, he is inconsequential that the President don’t see him existing, rather he is only been seen as a little man boy, who is seeking for relevance. As a governor of a state, this imbecile find it hard to manage, yet the same, even with bail out fund given to all Governors to help them curb the financial difficulties each state is facing, other Governors were able to judiciously made use of what was given to them, except Fayose, who cuddled his, for his personal aggrandizement, living the people all sitting in limbo, yet shameless fool comes on line and media running his stinking mouth, talking tough receiving applause from fools like him, all in the name of party affiliation and ethnicity, why workers in Ekiti, are sweating themselves to wet, a day of reckoning will soon come, he should never have to worry.

  140. Return our money back,madness of highest order

  141. Without security, there cant be any development.

  142. Where do we get this stupid illiterate call him self Governor?

  143. The most boldness Governor in our time, he always speak the truth without fear or favour, thanks so much ma Governor for always speaking wht is affectin Nigerians for now, may God almighty Bless n keep u for us

  144. Fayose shud hav knwn that insecurity bred hunger,juz as hunger breeds insecurity.
    He shud criticize like a civilize animal.

  145. Which truth is Fayose saying? Is the capture of Sambisa forest a propaganda? Is it not a truth? Please Fayose should check the dictionary for the meaning of the word propaganda. It is not the same as propagate. Also as for hunger, is he not also responsible for the hunger as a governor? Opposition does not say you should criticise every imaginable issue.

    • @samuel, do u ve independent source to confirm that this war with boko is over, where’s shekarau n d other appointee head of boko by Isis, , Fayose has more reach to get info more than u n me kkk hold ur peace… My people say u can’t hide pregnancy with ur hand all through , it doesn’t go backward but forward always as days go bye,

    • Noone says that the war with the insurgents is over. Their stronghold Sambisa forest has been captured. They are now crushed because that place was their haven and launch pad. Whether they can regroup in another location is a matter of guess. But why the question? Are you not pleased to see Boko Haram defeated?

  146. Gov.Fayose is an imbecile,dont u know you can only feel hungry when there is peace,peace first and follow by the rest and pmb can not do it alone together you can do it,are you part and parcel of his govt

  147. I don’t think fayose is in his senses, he fail to understand that if there is no peace in every organization u can’t even feel hungry

  148. Fayose the most fearless and untouchable Nigerian

  149. We need more Fayose in Nigeria

  150. D peoples governor thanks for always saying d truth.

  151. Who are d sponsorer of boko haram.

  152. Yes!! Only the truth will set everyone of us free as we ‘ve came along way so wallowed in only delusions & most of the time believe advertis’g beef to the creme of vegetarians as well. Well! we most reverse back to our very realities & good superb values of TRUTH, moreso honesty in our dealings with each other as the good flatform for salvation plus prosperity. Despair & hopelessness most be buried no matter the price. LONG LIVE NIG. WISDOM & HONESTY.

  153. U apc man pls ur baba dat we nijas are not happy wt him oooooooo

  154. All apc people pls make una tell una papa dat we are not happy wt him

  155. you re also part of the problem Nigeria is facing now… stop accusing someone correct yourself stop been selfish

  156. What have done in your state to tacle hunger with huge amaunt you have collected from FG?

  157. Mr president dont allow any body to turn your head, accordingly as you plan as for this country hunger will one day end.

  158. That means he is part of boko haram

  159. All governors should pay their workers,so as to reduce hunger

  160. Cos u lyk drinking people blood

  161. Has the claimed Sambissa defeat overcome recession

  162. Opuro,thesame paris club money that was given to you was to other state governors who paid all the arears and pensions to their workers but Fayose was busy attacking Buhari,he owing like 5months now yet to settle. Yeyenatu. Kogi paid like 9 months at a time but Fayose was busy attacking his mother’s age mate. Pay your workers salary and see if hunger will not vanish in Ekiti, Omo Ole.

  163. It is not only gun day can kill hungry also kills I understand that there is still charm for gun but there is no charm for hungry but death is death

  164. That is the truth for now, the rebellious truth

  165. Useless man of this year 2016 is fayose.

  166. Wen’ll Fayose appreciate good feat?

  167. Now u people need patient but when Jonathan time u people runnig out of patient una never see anything, God no dey sleep

  168. U cn do fight terrorism & fix economy same time.Nigerians are really suffering under buhari regime

  169. Mr Big mouth,with insecurity no matter the hunger you will run for your dear life and leave the food.

  170. Buhari’s policies is nt working

  171. God bless u he came 2power by character assination

  172. No fuel scarcity, No stampede at govt recruitment Venue, He engaged unemployed graduates without paying kobo, Sambisa forest now a military zone, Low road accidents recorded. #allhailbaba u will ve my votes a million time.

  173. stupid man since all the killings are not happen in his domain I know blame

  174. Has he defeat hunger in Ekiti state?

  175. If we fight corruption, hunger will naturally disappear. Enu orofo

  176. Abokis will die of truth it hurts them alot

  177. Only herdsmen gave ur state sleepless nights… How i wish u hv tasted the might of boko haram..

  178. Mr glutton we don here that one!

  179. That is why he is called Agboro Governor can you eat when there is insecurity?

  180. Ibrahim Yunusa is this how stupid and senseless you are? Do you have Children at all? And if you have, are you using this same useless thinking mentality of your to train them. What exactly will they learnt from you? I really really pity you. Like I always say, it is now that we truely know how stupid and senseless the entire Northerners and Muslim are. They will boil water, pour on their Children, destroy their Children just becos they want to use them to beg on the road becos of hunger, starvation, poverty and the same people are still singing praises for those behind their predicament. You people are very very stupid. Can you tell Nigerian what we have gain from this so_cal Buhari government? What was the situation in this Country when Buhari took over the government and what is the situation? How was Nigerian faring then and how is it now. The nonsense, the rubbish, the propaganda they are spreading is not what Nigerian want to hear, they may b new to you but not to us. We know them. Fayose and Wike is the governor in this Country today becos their people is their first point of consideration. They are learned and they can produce their Original Certificates if they are cal to do that not those that have FAKE Certificate. Worst of it, what Children of Ten years does not regard as anything today. An ordinary WAEC Certificate. Is terrible shameful thing.

  181. I think yoruba problem generally is food. Gov note that your mouth has open your way to kwuje as soon as the immunity u re enjoying now is off u in 2018 then u face million count charges. DSS re waiting for u at the right time.
    Mouth cancer.

  182. Has fayose resolved the problem of hunger in EKITI State?, He is the commander in chief of the state. He is not happy with the peace returning to North East, he would have love Boko haram should have killed everybody there because they are not human beign and citiizen of this country. Here is a governor who refused to paid his workers salaries for months, but kept huge amount the state allocation into his personal account in a bank and now talking rubbished.

  183. As Fayose has never seen any good done by Buhari but to critisize every singular action of mr President. He wl end up not achieving anytin himself. He should keep his mouth shut if he has nothing to offer elitism ppl.Na only him get mouth?

  184. Useless man… He should go and manage his problems in Ekiti instead of encroaching.

  185. @ Alhaji Hassan, you’ve spoken the minds of many who are well informed about foyose. He is a monster of the false order. He can only deceived those who are not conversant with his anticident. A pretender, very corrupt politician, and most disobedient and disrespectful governor Nigeria ever had. He did not possess any attributes of a Nigerian governor. I just pity those those his supporters when he must have completed his tenure, Godwilling, 2018, they will also join him to answer all his atrocities before EFCC.

  186. Thank u Mr governor u hav said it all

  187. only boko haram sponsor are against our success, fuck u all & fuck de u way u idiots feels, waste of sperm

  188. you’re right Mr fayose, stand for truth and defend it God bless you.

  189. I did not see a regime that are worst failure like this administration of pmb.

  190. How much is the looted money in your account? How did you give part of it to the poor?did

  191. Bad belle. Some people are so bitter about the liberation of Sambisa. Apart from the withering of Boko Haram, Muhammad Buhari will achieve all that he has set out to achieve.

  192. i have pity the people of Ekiti becouse Fayose is a bunch of illiterate , dnt worry will reveal the secreat i believe by now the people of Ekiti should know u better..there card readers will speak out 2019..

  193. What has he done in his own level to alleviate the suffering of his own state workers after he failed to pay their salaries?

  194. This rogue Fayose thinks that governance is all about wearing military camouflage, eating kpomo and riding on okada. Let him first provide for Ekiti what he wants PMB to provide for Nigeria.
    Secondly, only the living can complain of hunger. Our constitution says that the primary responsibility of government is to protect life and property, and so far, PMB is succeeding with distinction. Fayose is just a rebel without a cause.

  195. Nigerians sud reject fayoses suggestion/view/idea bt no hmself

  196. Only fools who are poor, who does not safe for future usage, and who does not know what it takes to build to grow a country are the ones wailing every day what they know is just to eat food at cheaper rate and go to bed tomorrow they continue eating voraciously, they can’t farm, they are uneducated, and no handiwork but they preferred eating food more than someone with a genuine source of income they are the majority wailing and grumbling. Go to bistros or restaurants you see them sitting, road side early morning, afternoon, evening you see them arguing as if is their jobs when they feed from someone else today they praise and if you refuse tomorrow they call you super glue hand or useless man. Nigerian youths it’s high time we woke up to think beyond sharp sharp food and also understand that it take many years to build a good country we are clamouring for and we must face hardship. Less complaints and have patience.

    • Nigerians are fools ,poor because they eat every day, young man we ate n drank when ur fathers met us n complained that we are not eating enough n they re going to better it in all ramifications, u n ur fathers shouted that how could a naira b sold at #220/$ in April last yr now what’s happening, oooo just because of u n ur fathers are ruling we Nigerians we shouldn’t eat again , want to start a genocide by hunger never experienced since d amalgamation of North n south in 1919. Weldone continue to support d genocide in progress.

    • Your brother was just arrested in Lagos with bombs and other explosive devices. What is your take Alalibo Mr food.

  197. Is that why Ekiti people are feeding on dogs.

  198. Basket mouth, if u r a victim of happened in the North East you wouldnt have said that. I am not supprise, you are part of those that share arnes money.

  199. To be candid, Fayose has spoken the truth. With the look of things now, people are wallowing in serious abject poverty and hunger. Though security is more important too but unlike food. May Allah give you the wisdom to control this nation to the better living for the cohort of Nigeria. Amin.

  200. Fayose is not a good ambassador of people i don’t know hw apples of Ekiti madly vote dis pig let look back hw Awolowo n sardauna liv

  201. The out spoken governor of ekiti state is looking at the Angles that, Federal government has been telling us that they are defeated insurgents in north east. And just of recent insurgents killed higher ranking Nigerian army. Including connate abuali .
    The federal government war against insurgents is a propaganda war, Islamic

  202. That’s why people called you Fayose

  203. Fayose that is why you’re people are now busy eating dog because you can not take Care of them you busy talking nonsense to our great president. Mommo man.

  204. Government by all means with out plans, Government by all means create problems because of u want to be a Governor or President by all means, political, political, political the have turn this country to another things and that what is happening in northern party of the country and some order part of the country in the name I want to be a chairman or a governor or a President . how can u compaird the government of 1985 with the government of 2016 pls our political the should think and re_thinking

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