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Family Murder Their Sibling In His Sleep In Imo State For Being Disobedient

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 The family of Oke Amandi have been accused of killing one of their sons in his sleep because he is wayward, after which they immediately tried to bury him secretly.

Chibuzo Amandi, popularly known as Monkey, was butchered to death by his family as he slept in their home in Imo state. According to reports, it was his brothers who killed him because he constantly terrorizes his parents and has refused to be useful. The family, who own a Sabbath mission In Ihitenansa, Imo state, were caught when trying to secretly bury Monkey the morning after.

Monkey’s brothers were interrogated and the video was shared online. In it, they confessed to killing Monkey because he threatened to kill their mother.

“Monkey beats my mum and dad. Monkey has broken my mum and dad’s head before,” one of the brothers said. “He flogged my mum with cane. He went to the place where we planted near Ike boutique and uprooted everything. He brought a knife and said he was going to kill my mum then he drove my mum from the compound. Because of that, my mum doesn’t sleep in this compound.”

“Did he kill her,” he was asked.

His reply was, “he would have killed her.”


Family murder their sibling in his sleep in Imo state for being disobedient (graphic photo/video)


The brother, who says he’s a student, also revealed that Monkey killed all their chickens. He went on to point at a scar on his forehead which he said was inflicted by his slain brother.

Onlookers asked the reason why Monkey was acting out and his brother replied: “We sent Monkey to learn a trade but Monkey refused. The Dorma that was bought for him, he has destroyed that Dorma. The only thing left of it is just that thing there. There was a time Monkey was given 200,000 (Naira) to set his life up elsewhere and Monkey said igbo was what he wanted to plant in Benin. He was given 200,000 to leave home. Monkey went to that place but when time came to do what he went there for, he said he wouldn’t and returned home with a bag of igbo. ”



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