Wednesday , November 29 2023
Malam Ibrahim Shekarau

Ex-Gov Shekarau denies collecting N25m for Campaign in 2015

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The former Governor of Kano State and Education Minister, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau has denied receiving the sum of N25m from the alleged N950m campaign fund shared at his residence in Kano before the 2015 general elections in Nigeria.

Mallam Shekarau who spoke to the press after his release from the custody of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Kano said he is ready to defend himself before any judicial body or court of law.

He explained that somebody mentioned his name among top members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who were given N25m each to campaign for the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

He said he challenged the person that indicted him before the EFCC operatives to prove the allegation that he collected the money.

He said “I told the EFCC that even if it is one naira that I was accused of collecting, I will not pay until it is proved. Whoever gives me the money should come out and explain where, when and how he gave it to me and anything short of that, I am ready to stay with the EFCC for years until the allegation is proved.”

He said the operatives have searched his house and could not find anything incriminating against him, adding that they have collected his account number for further investigation.

Shekarau said he is ever ready for any investigation and would not mind if the EFCC can trace his financial transactions of 20 years back.

He said he was not above mistake, but he was ready to face any investigation and where found wanting he will defend himself. He said as a politician, the development will turn to blessing to him and his followers, saying this is not a new thing in politics.

The former governor therefore called on his followers to remain calm, noting that as a believer, he must accept destiny be it good or bad. The former governor and top members of PDP in Kano are being investigated over N950m shared at his residence for the 2015 electoral campaigns.

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  1. What of the apc campaign fund where how and what were sharing Formula

  2. Malam is better for you to tell true.,or face the conciconcies

  3. Most militant comtmen are void

  4. And so, he is now free, how many of them have admitted guilty even in court?

  5. Na wahala for APC, 2 019 around de corner, one year in government nothin we see, na fake promise, 145 per litr of fuel ⛽

  6. Igbo’s; always support thief’s

  7. Why detain Fani- kayode, selective justice. What is good for d goose is good for d gander

  8. Just say the truth and return the money before it’s too late for you to cry.

  9. Is apc in government?Are they investigating Jonathan campaign fund or the sharing of §2.1billion, arms deal meant to buy equipmen t to fight Boko Haram?Does that money meant for campaign?It show the kind of person you are,Only the corrupt people will support corruption

    • Mr its the campaign fund of pdp they are investigating dear. Dasukigate is a different ball game so stop running your mouth.

    • I am disappointed in you Ohayi because people like you who does nt know their left from their right, after following TAN and your prog ram fail, no more free food,and allowance for doing nothing your pot of soup is broken and now you are suffering from snake bite. If you now say it is Campaign fund that is being investigated it shows how illiterate you are.And that is why politicians takes advantage of foolish people like you

  10. Mr Olujinmi, thank for your comment that only the corrupt support corruption. That Shekaru denies receiving N25M out of the canpaign money “shared in his residence at Kano. Even if one presumes the innocence of corrupt inrichment out of that sum, but he admited providing a conducive environment for sharing public funds. I am not a lawyer, but I cannot belief the law would exornerate him from those charges because he is already an accomplice to those crimes.

  11. apc should tell us d source of there funds.

  12. Elijah,stop harassing mark.He has the right to ask questions.How does his question amount to supporting corruption you evil spirit speaking through Ejijah?Out in Jesus Name!

  13. EFCC have not yet entered the second stanza of drilling. When they get there he will sing serious sweet songs like metu on his way to Kuje city of eternal life.

  14. Cus d may may likely be PDP presidential candidate so APC want to paint him black n every other person they think may have interest in Aso Rock

  15. What do people use in politics, grass?

  16. Efcc my foot, buhari men are innocent abi… Stupid men

  17. Only a Dustman will carry shit to his house !

  18. From what Shekarau said, I can safely infer that he was not part of the sharing therefore can only be charged as an accomplice for providing the conducive environment for the accountants.

  19. Make the idiots leave PDP alone , no be person tell them make them fuck-up 7up for PDP may PDP live long

  20. hmmm… that is mallam for me n you, you host distribution but u did collect, anyway truth neva hid itself anywhere!

  21. Let him be made up refund d money like everyone else like him who collected and failed to deliver for GEJ

  22. Efcc can find 25m while its 2 blind 2 see over 40b stolen by amaechi

  23. Treasury looters must fall

  24. What is 25m when people like my former governor made away with over 60billion and is being rewarded with a ministeral appointment.

  25. @ Absalom Abdul Baba you just a baby fool your aged bracket is not needed here ,sokoto goat

  26. but the money was shared in you house kai mallam karyane

  27. “He who pays d Piper, call d tune”.

  28. Eye when see don be a man accept responsibility for action taken..

  29. But hw comes de money was shared in his house ? De basterd is a thief and should be executed

  30. Shekarau should tell NIGERIANS
    how much he collected 4 d campaign,or is it that he didn’t collect anything at all?

  31. Ok, but how much have you collected? It’s impossible to shared almost one billion inside your inner room without partaking, its only mumu would accept that you collect nothing, since you denied 25m then how much have you collected?

  32. Karya kare, Duna! Return the money now! Your share is far more than that! You are shamelessly corrupt and greedy!

  33. Who is probing Apc campaign fund, if I may ask?

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