Friday , September 29 2023
Ukraine flag flying in centre of Kherson after Russians retreat

Euphoric scenes as Ukraine reclaims kherson; Russians ‘drown’ in chaotic retreat – and Putin told ‘he will lose Kremlin’

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Jubilant Ukrainians have raised flags and celebrated inside Kherson after Russian forces withdrew from the city in a hasty retreat in which some Kremlin soldiers apparently drowned.

Hours after the Russian forces completed their withdrawal, Ukrainian units re-entered the southern city, which had been occupied since March.

Local residents hugged Ukrainian soldiers, cheering in the streets and climbing on monuments to fly the national flag.

Car horns were honked and many clapped as the celebrations took place around a fire.

The city is currently in darkness, reportedly because Russian troops cut electricity lines as they left.

In a particularly poignant moment, Ukrainians were seen singing Chervona Kalyna – a symbol of Ukrainian independence.

When Ukraine was a Soviet republic, the song had been banned but it was at times sung by Ukrainian patriots in defiance.

Anyone caught singing it could be jailed, beaten or exiled.

Some Russian troops ‘drowned’ while trying to leave city

A member of Kherson regional council has been giving an update on the situation there.

They said city residents were being encouraged to stay at home while searches for any remaining Russian soldiers were carried out.

They also said many Russian troops drowned while trying to leave Kherson.

They added that the city was almost under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces.

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