Monday , October 2 2023

Ekwueme, Gana, others advocate true federalism, power devolution

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Dr Alex Ekwueme, Second Republic Vice-President, former Minister of Information, Prof. Jerry Gana and others, have reiterated their call for true federalism and devolution of powers to the states.

They said that restructuring and resource control by regions was a panacea to end acts of uprising across the country.

Ekwueme spoke in Enugu on Sunday at the 17th Annual Convention of the Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) with the theme `Nigeria, still in pursuit of true fiscal federalism’.

The former vice-president, who chaired the event, said that the British colonialists had earlier divided the country to enable each region control and manage its resources without interference.

“The British colonial masters divided the country in such a way that every region will operate within its constitution,” he said.

The guest speaker and former Information Minister, Prof. Jerry Gana, said that the key solution to Nigeria’s problem was through true federalism and devolution of powers to states.

“True fiscal federalism is the only form of association that will allow peace and stability in the country and each region should be allowed to manage its resources the way they want it,” Gana said.

He noted that the formula for allocating revenue made the Federal Government to get richer while the states operated like beggars.

“States should be allowed to manage its resources to enable them govern their people the way they want and allocate some percentage to the Federal Government.

“Government should not be far from the people and the federating unit should be made strong to meet the needs of the people,” he said.

Gana recommended continuous dialogue and the implementation of the resolutions of national confab by the government as the only means the recent agitation and other national demand could be handled.

A Yoruba leader, Chief Ayo Adeabayo, said that the various acts of political instability in the country were because the constitution under which the country was governed was not good for heterogeneous country like Nigeria.

“To put a stop at the various uprising in the country such as Niger Delta Avengers, MASSOB, IPOB etc, our constitution needs to be changed to allow for restructuring of the country under true federalism.

In her remarks, a Niger Delta Activist, Ms Annkio Briggs, condemned the blasphemy killing of a woman, Bridget Agbamihe, in Kano as well as herdsmen attacks in Nimbo, Enugu State and other parts of the country.

Briggs condemned the destruction of oil and gas pipelines in the Niger Delta, alleging that those avengers were not from Ijaw but Somalia.

Earlier, the founder of IYM, Mr Elliot Uko, said that the event was to honour prominent Nigerians who had contributed to the growth and development of the country.

He said Igbo youths was committed to building a stronger Nigeria and reduced the tension in the region, adding that true federalism would help the country to grow and prosper.

Highlight of the event was presentation of awards to Gana, Adebayo, Nnamdi Kalu and Briggs, for their struggle for peaceful Nigeria.

The event was attended by former governors of Anambra, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife and Mr Peter Obi, as well as Mrs Maria Okwor, Dr Arthur Nwankwo, and some students from tertiary institutions in the South-East


About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. This is what i have been saying

  2. On BIAFRA we stand. Short & Simple!

  3. That’s the authentic way forward

  4. Where were all these voices when PDP was at helm of affairs. Today they want the country restructured for their own selfish reasons. I support it but not from these men campaign.

  5. Good call. But where were Dr Ekweme between 1979-1983 as VP and Prof Gana between 1985-2015 as DG MAMSA, Information Minister, etc?. Were they sleeping or just became conscious?

  6. Why there was no such pressure under obasanjo or Jonathan. Ds is a true sabotage against d regime of buhari. By d grace of God ds sabotouers will be disgrace.

  7. Its only that constitution does not provides, i would have asked the power that be at present to sanctions Ekwueme and Gana for that worthy proposal on true Federalism, They should however tender apology to Nigerians for their misadventure in polity to Nigerian populace.In fact we have been robbed of better options in governance.

  8. Division of Nigeria will only bring peace

  9. Let power be with the people

  10. Good call but from d wrong mouths

  11. With out this,Nigeria is going no where,take it or leave it

  12. These guys are agents of confusion

  13. Divide Nigeria in peace

  14. “Easier said than done.” Don’t stay on the fence and suggest the impossibles. These people have all been in the corridors of power and did nothing. To share what they have looted or return what they stole.?

    • The Nigeria project is not working, and it had never worked before, even the founding fathers of Nigeria thought we might not jell. It is mischievous for anyone to think that the fight to keep Nigeria one was genuine patriotism. It was won on Bayelsa & Rivers state oil blocks, which Hausa-fulani generals shared amongst themselves as war benefits till date. With the fall in global oil price and the recent discovery of crude oil in Lagos and Bornu state, I have a dream that federalism would willingly be pursued by Nigeria. Buhari too has been in government for over 34years now, and people still believe he has something to offer. How many people in this government are new comers?

  15. This pdpig are so callous and selfish why are they not agitated for this when their party was in control why now please let this government executes their agenda the nation has to move forward stop all this distractions

    • You re a big fool no biafra no peace in the zoo called nigeria fools

    • Abiodun pls u need medical check up.

    • @ Abiodun Solomon Oyeyinka. You are entitled to ur opinion but it is shameful and unprogressive for this type of comment to be coming from a Yoruba man.

    • All Yorubas are traitors and they will all suffer.

    • yes what is happening calls for a waking up.

    • #Famdede# Is u and ur generation that will suffer not Yorubas. Brainless fool.

    • Abiodun Solomon, you are talking as if you are not a Nigerian. The talk about restructuring has been there for ages. That was one of the issues discussed during the national conference. The late Chief Awolowo once described Nigeria as mere geographical expression. Restructuring is the stand of Afenifere.
      Furthermore, can you tell me why June 12, 1993 election was anulled?

    • @ Isaac ng otu thanks for your sensible and matured reply God bless you I quiet agreed with you that restructuring of Nigeria has been a matter of discussion for long but my problem is why the government of 16 years are not implemented it that is now a matter of discussion now when we are having another incumbent polical party that not included it in their manifesto when they are campaigning sir? I perceived this is not ripe time for this let this government hits the ground running first as for June 12 annulment only God’s know the motive behind it and it lefts for God to judge them….aside the babangida nobody understand we are just assuming thanks for your maturity in reply to my opinion .But I still find it hard to imaging some nonentity garage boy / girl that is using social media as a platform for their lack of home training through their unguided utterances of abused they are nothing but nuisance who don’t understand difference’s between issues and polical religious, ethnics , discussion they are touts especially those off you who are insulting me on this platform.

    • You call this moving forward?? If you say so may your life move forward this way………iseeeeee

  16. True federalism was the answer some years back but now is to ur tent Oh nigeria

  17. True Federalism will move d country forward otherwise we will continue in retrogress way

  18. Action speak louder than vioce.implement it now.

  19. What is true federalism? I certainly would want to know what it means and how it will work. If those calling for it now once held position of power and they didn’t define it and how it will work, why are they calling for it now that they are not in power?

  20. they are serous, they are the foundation of Nigerian problem, awon ole.

  21. True federalism and Implementation of th the confab report of 2014, is the only solution to these agitations

  22. But when this man was VP why did his government execute what he is saying.

  23. GEJ is a hero and he made history by conveying a national conferrence in Nigeria and he was the first and only sitting President in the whole of Africa contesting an election and concedding defeat by calling an opposition leading candidate congratulating him Pre Buhari should emmulate GEJ if he wants to be in the good books of history by restructuring Nigeria and allowing true fiscal federalism to thrive and that is what Nigerians yearning for.

  24. Is federalism made in Nigeria, we are African and no were in Africa these system is been practicing.

  25. Which African state decentralise power to the region


  27. I am surprised the way Nigerians reason, most opinions are biased based on ethnic lines. We need solutions on how to move ahead,and people tried to put up suggestions, and the youths are asking why such views were not air years back, fuel subsidy was here last couple of years, but it has gone now. Why do we like the “hold him down syndrome”. Black man with his black heart. Monkey dey work , baboon de chop” The earlier we face reality, the better for our future. Some regions have never eaten rice without tomatoes before, I understand their fear, obviously they cannot suffer for the liberation of next generation to enjoy. Let us be crawling together, we shall see who will be the first to shout. As for my people,they are better armed to survive.

  28. Y didn’t dey do it wen dey were in power?

  29. Declearation of Biafra should be everlasting solution to Nigeria crisis

  30. You have problems in your party to contain.

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  32. When things fall apart, brave elders fall in.

  33. What will need is freedom nation of our own biafra God punish that name called nigeria

  34. When Awolowo and others are clamoring for true federalism what this are doing? Do dey listened to Obafemi and dey are now calling for restructuring. Awolowo u have won.

  35. Kolapo & Abiodun,i can see that u poeple have blindfolded by dirty politics.Poeple who know better than u do are calling for a system that will srenthing d unity of the country deu to the injustice done to some part of country,u are now raining abusing word against them.i can see vividly most of Yorubas youths are now preffered to be a permanetly slave to d north simply becos of thier support for d ruling party.i pity for ur generation.

  36. money don finish, so band don change parade, if to say na pdp win, who for the remember true federalism, restructuring, and all these grammars? when we finish with our God- given change agenda, we will listen to ur request. by then we go don cure una of all the hang over of corruption. this una music don sour badly

  37. Baseless call, let APC do dia things dia way, were wax Ekweme & Gana during PDP rule of 16years, let dem get lost abeg…. APC change agenda all d way

  38. Words of Elders are the words of wisdom, Sai Baba see the movement of thier mouth

  39. yes, the nation(s) in nigeria have to move forward. period.

  40. will this one solve 9jia problem of hunger and poverty? people of nigeria are hungry and in poverty war. cattle leader don mis+road oooooooooooooo

  41. Oyeyinka keep sleeping you will soon wake up not to see Nigeria as one entity,if people that understands that things are not normal now are giving advice to keep Nigeria as a unite entity and you’re there claiming party hero

  42. Is it now these men can not speak with strength and audacity, they are coming up with this suggestion. The will of God concerning this country will come to pass even without their speaking. They speaking now is too late.

  43. Bright Ozowara i hail u 4 that talk

  44. Why have you refused to tell Jonathan when you were in his government? Campaign for that in the next election and if you win, implement it.

  45. God bless u they ar hypocrase

  46. Nobody is running away from true federalism. 2 ur tents oh ye israel.

  47. They ‘re either running out of ideas or suffering from senile dementia or just agents of distraction.

  48. Life garbage nincompoops!

  49. If Ekwueme pushes it, it will come to pass. Check history.

  50. That was our former system of government before Gen J T U Aguyi Ironsi brought Unitry system we can go back to it if we all agree

  51. All these and more were discussed at the National Confab. Where is the Report. We should implement it if we desire peace and justice in this country.

  52. How hard was the implementation of the true federalism when all these speakers were in the govt at one time or the other? Hypocrisy in the highest order.

  53. There is time for every thing mr Abiodun Solomon Oyeyinka. Nigerians did not experience this kind of hardship at any point under pdp watch so there was no need for that. Mind you am neither a pdp fan nor an apc fan. I am a contigent realist. So i just spoke my mind.

  54. Those men are man people.let them go and die.

  55. Why is some idiot are against the true federalism? Is this zoo called Nigeria is really functioning as it is? What is they so called Nigeria achieve after many years of independent?

  56. All dis old people shld go and rest na

  57. I just they wonder how some pple think,if u start talking about apc poor parformance some pple will say PDP ruled 4 u mean apc is not going to do single project 4 this country bcos PDP ruled 4 16years?and I wnt u to dat this 16 years of PDP dat always u pple ar using it as your defender they did it with 98% of current apc members,if PDP spoil Nigeria 4 16years y can’t apc changed as they promise?failure is failure u can’t tell us u ar busy relaxing blaming complaining bcos PDP ruled 4 16years.this blaming game that apc members always ar doing it will not bring the change that u promise rather the worst. how can apc will bring change with pple like obasanjo Ameachi atiku sen kwankwaso sen goje sen wamako Gov aminu waziri tambuwa Gov ganduje Gov bagudu Gov bello masari etc dat their the ones spoil PDP? I wise is only ACN ANPP CPC dat form APC without those PDP members dat join apc at 11:59 I 4 say really Nigeria will see change, as long those destroyers dat join APC from PDP dey current government Nigeria will remaind dsame even apc will rule 4 1,000 years.

  58. Fiscal federalism, regionalism or break up.

  59. The same old story. This call did not start today. The truth is, no government has had the temerity to do what is needful. It is all talk, talk and talk.

  60. When u we’re in office why don’t u do that.

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  62. Old snakes, if they are inside there is true federalism but if they were kicked away there is no true federalism. I dont know what this useless man called Jerry Gana is looking for, he has been inside govt since IBB regime to date but i have never seen a single thing that this man brought to his Niger state apart from ethnicity & religious differences. He is too greedy & selfish, what federalism is he talking about while he spent 16 years as one of the executive in pdp without federalism? Very miserable & unsatisfection man.

  63. Abiodun Solomon Oyeyinka is PDP time like this? Can’t you see that things has fall apart? Weather PDP or APC i donnot care what i care is interests of masses to see life easy to move on with becos GOD has blessed this country

  64. True federalism means decentralization of the executive power of the President and national assembly. Security and home affairs belong to the center. Running of the geopolitical zones belong to the zonal governments. The sooner devolution is Instituted the better.

  65. Demowise is better,NIGERIANS are tired of democracy,youths hold d truth 2 decide what’s good 4 d future,elders should just stay clear n fight d present corruption war!

  66. He was VP for over 4 yrs.
    Member BoT of Pipeline Destructive Party for over Ten yrs.
    He didn’t see anything wrong with the structure then.

    Now that they lost power !.
    This destructive tendency is the best they continue to have in mind.
    May Almighty God give them better wisdom to have better rethinking !.

  67. They want to deceive the gullible again. Ekweme should have suggested that she he was contesting for PDP presidential flagbearer with obj, and gana should have suggested that when he was serving as DG Mamser during IBB, and minister during Obj. These people are jokers. Anybody who believe them is also a joker.

  68. Old thieves no free money agin

  69. Nigerians are thinking forward to their safety, it’s too late for all these old talk, we need to go forward, we need to develop our future.

  70. But let’s not be blinded by selfish ambition and this is because people see governance ad opportunities to steal the country dry and as such when good ideas come up like this instead of embracing it and giving it a thought greed and foolishness wouldn’t allow them.the simple truth is that this country is not moving and will never move on this present structure.this present structure is faulty and fundamental wrong and has even been destroyed with wickedness nepotism and excessive greed.we are suffocating and some separation else we would all be destroyed ..look at all these destruction tendencies ..boko haram fulani herdsmen killing and raping and destroying villages and communities at will see the Niger delta militants holding our economy to ransom look at this religious intolerance all over North murdered a woman just like that and the ipod. And many more vices cropping up on daily basis .so the big question is how long will this continue .so restructuring may likely address some of these issues at least something different.

  71. Because you are not relevant know.

  72. dats all we need nw if we must b one.

  73. Nobody deceives us again, our stand is on Biafra. For those who wants to remain one Nigeria can do so

  74. Biafra, Almalgamation Z over not 2 about it, a killer and people who value life can stay in one room

  75. If really Nigeria wants to grow… Where S national conference resolutions. The fact remains that some sections see growth as threat to their existence since they are not competitive enough to withstand…

  76. Abiodun, there is no how this government will hit the ground running with these problems we are facing here and there. The bitter truth is that the government has no option other than that or else risking losing this nation as one. Restructuring Nigeria is neither PDP thing nor APC. The governor of Lagos supported the idea and has called on the present administration to do so. Enugu discovered natural gas but refused to explore it due to the same reason. Let us support good idea and leave politics, whether we like it or not that is the way forward, anyone who is not comfortable with that is an enemy of this nation

  77. We are tired of all these sorts of nonsense ,all that have been advocated none have been implemented then why do we waste our time, energy and resources for another advocacy?

  78. Funny Nigerians, Buhari in his first campaign promised true federalism, go back and check out his campaign. These men has foreseen that the unity of the country with do more good that it breaking up, so they are campaigning to save them selves also. Those who fear that they can’t survive are the ones saying that the others can’t survive. The North can survive and also the south. The way forward is the true federalism to stop the complaints and hatred from both region.

  79. True federalism is better since the North thinks ruling Nigeria is their birth right. Ijaw had the opportunity to rule through Obasanjo yet he was not allowed to complete eight years by the wicked hausas. And these are the people who own the crude oil these wicked hausa/ fulani people are enjoying. Is this not injustice?

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  81. Let them continue wasting their time. They know the solution to the country ‘s problem. They delay its implementation to their own detriment.

  82. Beautiful, so dt d hauses wil face d reality of their manipulation of having more local government in the north and we should stand for our state creation by God grece

  83. B4 any restructuring the present structure must be repaired so please stop distracting pmb.

  84. I Second D motion,a welcome idea.

  85. All we need is sovereign state of biafra, period!

  86. Against or For? Abuses or insults? African culture no matter the tribe or creed has revered place and respect for the elderly. Respect or otherwise, the basic truth has been said and said by wise elders. If you want blessing, hear them. If you desire curses, abuse them. Left for me , the voice of the wise old man is the voice of God.

  87. why didnt u tell badluck jonathan to restructure Nigeria when he is clueless ruling Nigeria? PMB will not do ur selfish bidding, go to hell pdpigs idiots. Badluck jonathan enrich himself with looted fund and gave nigerdelta militants arms to destroy their natural environment, arms the bokoharam to destroy the north and gave biafraud hope to actually their dead dream of biafra. woe to the badluck jonathan for his attrocities when in govt. One day worst regime of PMB if any in which there is NONE is 100% best to the world as acknowledge by OBAMA and other world leaders, best to Africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud, bokoharam, nigerdelta avengers criminals that looted our treasury and give our PMB sleepless night in rebuilding it and taking us to d promise land. PMB one year in office worth more than celebrating. Nigerians are proud to be associated to PMB as a leaders with all best credential to lead: Looking critically at those criticizing our leader, the best leader in Africa and among the world leaders PMB are 99% pdpigs biafraud criminals who fails woefully voting badluck jonathan the worst leader Nigeria has ever have since independence and they will forever dies as a losers. i can still bate if election is to hold today PMB will 100% beat any contestant in Nigeria, pls wait and try it again. No amount of demonstration will make us PMB not succeed in determination to fix Nigeria to a proper shape. must of those against PMB didnt vote for him before and fail woefully for voting badluck Jonathan same thing will be in any election, anytime any day.. PMB is always a winner, anytime, anywhere and everywhere, PMB till 2024 or infinity. No amount of intimidation will stop PMB in changing Nigeria for the best future or tomorrow. the biggest differences between badluck jonathan and PMB is that the former legalized corruption, the most corrupt leader Nigeria has ever have since independence, clueless, religion big got, very sentimental, promote sectionalism, he is not sincere in all his action, the promoter of bokoharam in the north, the promoter of Nigerdelta militancy, the azikiwe biafraud criminal during election and beyong etc and the worst president Nigeria has ever have since independence. But for our dear and sincere PMB is zero tolerance to corruption as confirm by Reverend MBAKA of Enugu, London archbishop and queen of england, the best president in africa and among the best world leaders, one day worst of PMB if any in which there is not is 100% best to the world, africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud bokoharam nigerdelta militants regimes that wastage our resources, looted our treasury and put us in these messes that PMB is having a sleepless night to put the nation into a better shape for us and out future generation to come tomorrow. PMB till 2024 or infinity after him a yoruba man tested and trusted matured minded people will rule the country and will be rotated in that order to the north and yoruba only. NEVER again even in dream shall we allow pdpigs senseless un matured selfish, saddiest biafraud criminals d like of badluck jonathan rule us again, NEVER!!!.

  88. As much as PMB want good for dis nation…enemies of progress will not allow him to unfold his agenda.. for their evil selfish interest..pmb pl.dont let d problems of naija break u down . dis people dont appreciate goodtin..if federalism will solve N.D. problems pl. do it..dis people are not worth to die 4.

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