Saturday , March 25 2023
Ayo Fayose

EFCC Freezes Governor Fayose’s Account

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) has frozen the personal account of the Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose and many of his associates.

The governor’s personal account in Zenith Bank, Ekiti branch, was allegedly frozen on the order of the anti-graft agency , according to a source in the bank.

Fayose, who had earlier issued a counter-cheque to make withdrawal and was rejected by the bank, visited the bank located at Onigari , GRA in Ado Ekiti, describing the action as criminal and illegal.

Citing Section 308 of the 1999 constitution, Fayose said he enjoys immunity as a sitting governor , urging the federal government to fight corruption within the ambit of the law.

“I got wind of the fact that the EFCC had placed restriction order on my personal account and that of my associates . I came here today and I have been able to see it. This action shows that this government has no respect for the constitution because I enjoy immunity under Section 308.”


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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. He don happen. Hope stomach infrastructure stil remain for store .

  2. Very Good wil don by EFCC

  3. Someone be your senior, u say na small, u go fit add the difference? Stupid Governor. Kuje is your abode.

    • Where is immunity as a sitting governor ,bros sentiments apart, lets call a spade a spade, another will still presidency after 4 or 8 yrs

    • Bcus he’s nt a body 2 Apc div.

    • But the past administrations failed to do this. That is why they have the chance of repatriating our money to oveeseas using the name of immunity . Mind you,they have not arrested him. They only checked his account. Unfortunately, they found it funny. I think we need to turn away from the old ways of doing things. Even if EFCC will not take kobo from the account, at least they have an idea of what he had there as at that time. If the money now disappears b4 the immunity finishes, we can ask questions.

    • Olalere am with you,the era of impunity have gone forever in this Country,majority of people supporting Fayose here are the same set of people clamouring for restructuring,their own definition of restructure is impunity,Fayose is not above the law,imunity can only cover him been not prosecuted,but surely what EFCC is doing is investigation

    • The question is, y fayose? What about other APC governors many of them are worst than fayose nd yet you talk aboit restructuring,may God hv mercy on this Nation.

    • It has to start somewhere. It could have been Ambode, Aregbesola or anybody. At least, it has started somewhere.

    • My friend he sud let fayose b, i no he is atacking him bcus he is telling him d trut, coming to tulk of coruptn among all of dem dere in aso rock wich one is nt corupt, encluding dat gentle man on d road wo calld himsef a president, wot cud b more corupt compared wit d high rate of his traveling on an armless mission? Abeg he sud concentrate on curing his sef nd live d vry yound man alone, nonse, in d land of d blind one eyed man is d kind,

    • U re a biased man. Y didn’t he start from the APC criminals who funded his election/ campaign. Just because Fayose is the mouth piece of the people and has been vocal enough to tell the president the truth at all times, he decided to shut him up.Buhari should remember that another President will cone after him. This is the worst government ever seen in Nigeria after babangida and Abacha

  4. Fayose u are 2 laouzzy?now baba dont catch u red handed u cup is fill up u should know ur eage mate?baba is more pwerful dan u.

  5. Stinking Nigerians are all evil supporters, just like their useless leaders. Suffering and smiling hooligans

  6. This is the only media house where you can see Stinking Muhammad Muslim supporting Evi. Screew all you stinking Nigerians BOKO haram in media house.

  7. Nigeria Universities train the best illiterates

  8. If this is true we in a series problem. Why won’t we call Buhari a Dictator?

    • And tell me why you should call him a dictator? Where do you expect an agbero and a Governor of a state that can’t pay salaries of his workers to conjure over a billion Naira from if you are honest with yourself? That’s how people like you celebrate armed robbers and kidnappers that suddenly become rich over night. You must be a thief yourself. He is immuned from prosecution not from investigation. Okay, Mr dictator.

    • @Mohammad do u think everybody sits down like you and wait to assume political office before they make money. Fayose was a known businessman b4 he became a gov during obj era. Today wat u r defending is wat will eventually be ur nightmare tomorrow. Kontinu

    • @Amadi omo igbo can you tell us the kind of work Fayose was doing before he became politician,pls you can’t know this man more than us

    • His only offence is being an oppostion member in opposition party

    • Omo aboki can you tell us the work this herdsmen and boko haram /dictator call buhari did before he got over 50 million in his private acct assholes.

    • My surprise with these factory babies is their ability to tell all colors of lies. That one has no name self. So blanka if a rtd Gen, a one time military governor, a federal minister and a one time Head of State should not have #50mn in his account, its a one time Danfo driver and motor park tout that should have #2.3bn in his accounts abi? You are absolutely BLANK, Factory baby. You were sired in the production line by a guy firing live “blank rounds” blank fake jewel.

    • the idiotic name given to you by your bad ass parent has no meaning Muhammad yahay.hahahaha no wonder y’all terrorists…in your families and states..ur name is not in a dictionary is a terrorist name. you and your stupid senseless propaganda and myopic president are insensitive and useless elements.. the terrorist the deaf and dumbed motherfucker president will soon delete from the world likewise they supporters. …y’all going to hell. .assholes.

    • @ Muhammad Yahay note dat everybdy can’t be a politician and some of us are not evn intrested.but let me tell u if fayose has jst dis amount of money in his account then he is among the poorest governors in dis country.was he a poor man b/4 he become a governor?pls u guys should support good tin and say no to evil.

  9. Do we still have constitution in this obodo Nigeria

  10. You people dat are suporting evil now remember dat Baba God is not death. Dat he will sureling come to d aid of nigeria one day wen u ppl we pay 4 ur evil suport. Useless Apc

  11. This buhari is not operating under the law at all.

  12. Where is immunity clause? Honestly it is not fair to treat Fayose this way.

  13. This is witch hunting, Buhari shld learn from Abacha’s episode.

  14. Kpomo Governor monkey don go market enoo return back again straight to kuje prison

  15. Impunity of the highest order. Never heard of. Has the constitution been suspended. All should note that what goes round comes round

    • Which constitution are you referring to? Which part of the constitution has been breach? Check the part of the constitution you are trying to refers to and cross check very well and stop misleading people.

    • According to Nigeria constitution, any sitting governor in Nigeria can be investigated and during the investigation….his accounts can be frozen. The only constitutional immunity is that such governor cannot be arrested and be prosecuted… So fayose’s account can be frozen.

    • Who is misleading who? Please stop being personal on issues. Freedom of expression allows me to air my views, besides this forum allows for passage of information enlightenment and education. If the constitution allows his account to be investigated’ so be it. Note that i dont belong to any political devide. Period.

    • Bamikole sola’s comment above is civil enough.. Tnks.

  16. Is novel to freeze personal account of sitting Governor and he has immunity of prosecution under section 308 of the Constitution till end of his tenure

  17. Don’t be afraid my gidigbam governor. God is on your side what can man do to you,nothing ooooooo

  18. Nobody can fight the government of the day and go scot free, even the very powerful and more influential people worldwide, not to talk of attention seeker

  19. He thinks one useless governor can fuck with federal power,not even senators can fuck with federal government because they are just respcting the law doesn’t mean fayose should take it for granted….what has democracy done for us?no roads,no electricity,no standard education,no good hospitals,they can’t even secure our lives anymore….governors,senators,ministers,reps,even police just hold us for ransom and loot all our money for their family and friends use…..all these good roads,bridges were built under millitary dictatorship…..nowadays criminals are talking of human right after you’re have killed innocent people the money that were supposed to be used to protect lives you’ve looted it,the money that were supposed to be used to build hospitals you’ve looted it,the money that meant to protect lives and properties you’ve looted it,and you will give criminals money and guns during elections and expect them to be a good citizens after election?…no evil person shall go freely….Fayose your shadow is chasing you….

  20. @Falola, who is attention seeker? Don’t forget the egyptian you see today shall see them no more, we Nigerian we hate somebody telling us truth or did u think ur so call Buhari will be there forever, let watch.

    • Imam u said it all, 100 days for buhari one day for Nig,

    • 100 days for a thief 1 day for the owner

    • SO talkative is not a sign of a good leadership just concentrate

    • What truth are you talking about? Fayoose’s type? Let him go to court and establish his “truth”. Our elders say you can not know a man better than the parents. It appears our eastern brothers know Fayoose better than we Ekitis.

    • freezing fayose account is way out of it…buhari is a tyrant in democratic setting. that’s not the way things are done. trying to subdue elected governors who has their jurisdiction and freedom of expression…there are certain things u just have to ignore as a leader.

    • Tell them, this really show Nig, how our hero GEJ tolerated his criticiser when he was in power, buhari is nothing than Ekporoko head, he should use his medulla oblongata to reason thing.

    • What is the truth. Tracing stolen fund to his account. Fayose is a common thief and he is behaving like one. Crocodile tears .

    • @ Akpan have you forgotten how GEJ sacked Gen. Agwai from Sure-p for attending OBJ birthday? Fayose has been on PMB neck before and after elections. Placing obituary on newspapers for a living person, calling him all sorts of name, even writing to China to block the loan request. Yet can you tell the whole World of PMB ever responded. Is this how opposition politics is played. Which truth is Fayose telling that the average Nigerian don’t have a fair idea?

    • May God bless you Lucky,can they even tell us why Sanusi and Iyako of Adamawa been removed

    • Fayose beginning of trouble is here.he looted the state of honour ,s treasury and@same time staved the civiled servants in the state with their salaries.EKITI people requested for a rogue as the governor,and they got fayose,and the result is manifesting as expected.

    • . You don’t know Fayose than i. We enjoyed constructive criticism not political fanatism. What truth are you talking about let the money in the account be used to pay workers salary

    • In every govt they must be an opposition so i see no reason buhari is fighting his opposition.

    • Buhari is not ur mate and never carried a worldly passion like u ppl think

    • When CBN saw an illegal money in his personal acct and he could not pay salary, tell him to explain d source of that money. This is just beginning, sebi he said he cannot take permission from anybody b4 he will travel out

    • @ Akpan you are very correct but if personal hatred is opposition then I need another dictionary meaning for the word “opposition ” Let me remind you in case you don’t know that Fayose is not an opposition neither is a political party.He is a member of the opposition party not even the spokesman of the opposition. Chief Awolowo of blessed memory and his party A G were in the opposition to Late T Balewa during the first republic and an opposition to Alh Shehu Shagari (NPN) of the second Republic. Again note that the S/W remained in the opposition in the political history of Nigeria till 2015. Even during OBJ era their own got the highest opposition from them. I like opposition because it will put the ruling party on her toes but Fayose is not synonymous to PDP. What we have is personal hatred those urging him on will soon dump him . Take note

    • @Idris salisu, mate as how, is it in terms of education or what, he is not better than my father not to talk of me, a president without certificate, for ur information i have no respect for unbelievers money, his money has no future.

    • Will he buhari probe his oponents only? What of Amaechi,tinubu, even formal governor of lagos state when will efcc proble this people cos i truly know Amaechi used stolen money frm rivers treasury to sponsor buhari campaign

    • Am not saying buhari should not probe fayose or ask question on d money they saw in his acc but let it be that efcc will do this checking n investigation to all d people we know that kept this nation backward, let it not be that they do it to only oposition party,among this looters who among them is apc ofcos they are all pbd members

    • @ DabonGod Sunnyking what makes happy is the fact that he has started. GEJ had all it takes to ask questions from his predecessors he refused. Many of you are pointing hands to Tinubu. Nyako is in court APC, Saraki is also in court APC too

    • #buharirespecyekitisovereignty#

    • Lets b clear with sumthin here is efcc working as an independent body or its nw been used by d fg to carry out his hate work…. Nigeria can neva cease to amaze me…. No more sorverinty… Notin as freedom of speach… Who is against d presidency or who oposes him d so calld law goes after dem… Soon it will b ben bruse turn…. Fight curuption frm ur house buhari… D most fantastically currupt pple in Nigerian left PDP for ur party… We no b golibe pple again oo

    • U pple should not worry about what Buhari is doing, all I know he will not continue living in aso rock forever. Buhari sow an seed that even he late his spirit must reap, Abacha did it and gone today Buhari is doing his own he will also go, as 4 me this step is very nice step. I pray 4 Buhari to hv long life to witness what will happen to him and his current cabinet next time.

    • I hear someone say Jonathan tolerate his critics hahahahahaha Jonathan is the worse president that don’t tolerate his critics look at the situation of Ameachi and kwakwaso that he withdraw their securities just because they didn’t agree with him ,do you know what that means girl maybe your just born yesterday.efcc carry go joo

    • Let them carry go, they will land in barb wire, it is a pity that buhari you see today, you will not see him again tomorrow, let him be careful that is my advice, they are so many ways of catching a rat.

    • Leadership in Nigeria revolves… so buhari can probe as many opposition as he can while it lasts for just eight years,… he ain’t no mugabe! This fiasco, surely will come to an end in or before eight years time.

  21. My governor, no matter the intimidation your people love you, go ahead they will surely fail. Amen.

  22. They did that cos Nigeria does not want the truth to be told and yet claiming to fight corruption

  23. Where z d rule of law. A.V DIERCY z nt hapy where ever he z

  24. Useless stinking Imam Evi supporter Muslims

  25. Y? On what basis? They should be open and tell Nigerians. Has democracy expired?

  26. Falola, remember abacha nd yorubas . Sorry to said dat u made a scencless comment.

    • Ugochukwu since you are igbo boy am not surprised because insult and abuse is part of igbo culture. What causes senseless now after all everybody is entitled to his opinion. Try to be civil in your public comments

    • Am sorry . My mind was boiling den. But let tell our self truth, fayose is not an lgboman , if he is, dem will say we are backing cos is an lgboman. Look, thearis a cat in a bag.

  27. The new military government in civilised era, one step forward, ten steps outside the track and Rail, see where self centred politicians brought Nigeria

  28. Is he not a sitting Governor?

  29. Am not from Yoruba but obasi hide your brain is liking. So you justify the action of the federal gov. when the Yoruba race will cry I will laugh.

  30. Why won’t every region advocate for breaking up of the country

  31. thank God, theres still a smile on his face!

  32. Why should Buhari do that?ls a bad moved and very discriminating.We are in the time of democrasy.Every body has a freedom of speech.Gov.Fayose is a citizen of Nigeria.Fayose can become a president tomorrow.Is it Buhari making to become a president? Is it not God that made him to become a president? Did He know what will happan now or tomorrow?God can change everything now. U Efcc, if l may ask u, where is Obasanjo who formed Efcc? Where is Rabidu, where is Farida and where is Lamarde? I hate any manipulation or witchcraft behaviour.l love Buhari b4. But now, l hate his system of government.

  33. Brother Man, don’t worry GOD is seeing all this things. All I know and see is that this government does not have any good thing in mind for citizens.

  34. EFCC your problem is that of witch hunting, you have laws you must work within its provisions, you don’t rather you’re being selective against any opposition group that’s where you can’t successed in all your so called corruption drive, WATCHOUT.

  35. Is there any reason 4 d frozen of d account? I can c d direction @ which d socalled EFCC are going in their said fight against corruption.Y is it that anybody who is in opposition party especially d one challenging d ruling party all of a sudden become d EFCC hunting groun.God safe us 4rm this kind of leadership.

  36. yes i said it,d alarm as finaly blown

  37. Why? Why? Why??? What era are we in governance now?

  38. God forsaken EFCC tool of Buhari.

    • Stupid talk, wot did he commited.

    • You are a disgruntled element who knows neither what to condemn nor to affirm. Who do you think I addressed instead before lashing at me with your maladjustment?
      I repeat,” EFCC is an intrepidity and a nuisance today used by Buhari to target his perceived enemies especially Ekweremadu who resists his Fulani Islamisation stratagem. Saraki stood vehemently to say it must not be Moslem- moslem candidacy in APC presidential arrangement. Buhari has not forgiven him for that. If you are a child born yesterday and knows nothing , don’t you ever appear to talk when men are talking less your light be put out.

  39. How can Oledele or Ayodele fayose be richer than Ekiti state?when worker av not paid for over 5 month and some pple are now talking about immunity. Let him go to court.

  40. Immunity does not prevent EFCC From investigating suspicious accounts of those enjoying immunity and FAYOSE can’t be an exception

  41. No more room for PDP in Aso Villa, PDP is death. @Akpan

  42. FAYOSE should tell Nigerians about money in his account. He should not deviate from d facts. EFCC has traced that money to b Lloyd money from NSA office

  43. Please let them tell Nigerians his offence. Maybe the government of the day that is backing EFCC

  44. We know that nobody can fight the govt, but this very government is fighting opposition,

  45. Oladele or Olalele, please mind how you use your words, no matter how you see it He is a governor of a state, and you not insulting him alone but the whole state please.

  46. My humble governor OLUWA is wit u

  47. Why did’nt EFCC freeze Lie Mohammad’s account?

  48. He deserve to be, federal government should knock him down, thief’s

  49. Wot did he do pls? I don’t really understand dis man called buhari. What prompted efcc to freeze his account? Pls update me ooooooooooo!

  50. Thk God not his life, he will rise againooo.

  51. Fayose no body can fight u bcs u are saying d truth leave apc nd buhari dey cant do u anytin bcs God is wit u useles govt dey are after all pdp members we knw dat

  52. No government official is immuned from investigation. Which immunity?

    He has not been arrested nor arraigned before a court of law. He still enjoys his immunity

    Looted money is traced to his account.
    Let him tell Nigerians about that suspicious money in his account

  53. Apc.with their stupid political propaganda they have no good plan ..they just wants to divide Nigeria more than the way we are. Causing confusions every where.political confusion etc and they don’t want any political opposition to speak the truth. ..they foolish people who are supporting the failure of this ugliest Government please wait with your stupid myopic dusty brain untill the country fall on you.

  54. my fear & worry is that nigeria is turning to one party system, this is unhealthy

  55. My people perished because they lack knowledge ,,, word of God ,,,, righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach

  56. Hmmm! Dance of madness and dictatorship of the highest order.

  57. Militry govrment, in d name of democracy, end tim prophecy, kingdom against kingdom

  58. Freezing his account is totally condemned. What is wrong with this illiterate government sef

  59. They should freeze his mouth too.


    (1). Notwithstanding anything contained in any other enactment or law, the Chairman of the Commission or any officer authorized by him may, if satisfied that the money in the account of a person is made through the commission of an offence under this Act or any enactments specified under section 6 (2) (a)-(f) of this Act, apply to the Court exparte for power to issue or instruct a bank examiner or such other appropriate regulatory authority to issue an order as specified in Form B of the Schedule to this Act, addressed to the manager of the bank or any person in control of the financial institution where the account is or believed by him to be or the head office of the bank or other financial institution to freeze the account. (2) The Chairman of the Commission, or any officer authorized by him may by an order issued under subsection (1) of this section, or by any subsequent order, direct the bank or other financial institution to supply any information and produce books and documents relating to the account and to stop all outward payments, operations or transactions (including any bill of exchange) in respect of the account of the arrested person. (3) The manager or any other person in control of the financial institution shall take necessary steps to comply with the requirements of the order made pursuant to subsection (2) of this section. (4) In this section – a. “bank” has the meaning given to it in the Banks and other Financial Institutions Act 1999 as amended; 1991 No. 25
    b. the reference to an order issued includes a reference to any order, direction or requirement addressed to the manager of a bank or any other officer of a bank which directs the manager or such officer to stop all outward payments, operations or transactions in respect of any account with that bank “

  61. For what now? His wife own nko

  62. Buhari stop stop stop doing dis 2 Fayose b/c one of de pulecs ur CBN is useing 2 day is said by Fayose.

  63. Efcc fayose pass una oga boko Buhari

  64. Witch hunting Federal Government.

  65. The list of names of people commented on this post is pointing to a particular area of Nigeria obviously people that never wanted Nigeria to survive because they already claimed they are not Nigerian. When you don’t know the Genesis of a matter it’s bad to just comment anyway for Nigeria to be ok l think we need more than the type of democracy we experienced in the last dispensation with high level of stealing hidden under immunity.

    • You are nothing but a gullible minded fellow by nature,you here speaking big grammar as if your being educated made any different,Aboki whom statistic shows the have more number of illiterate are ruling you and you saw not wrong with that but all you see (are the legion who said they are not nigerian are defending fayoshe) but you refuse to know that the west too are clamoring for their independent too but you are blind to see such, well the west will continue to be an errand boys to the north cause the west don’t have decision on their own only following win peoples plan,imagine this present APC led government where a president without waec certificate ruling the nation and one o yes gullible man from the west a professor was under him as vice president nigeria is full of surprises,the same north killed the most popular yoruba man who won election legitimately called MKO ABIOLA which incident is called JUNE 12 yet you saw nothing wrong with it,you will remain blind forever then wise man my foot!

    • l actually don’t need a foreigner to remind me how a fellow Nigerian hurts my tribe many years ago and tell how l need to hate them for ever l have made up my mind to always talk to Nigerian about Nigeria problems l don’t care what a foreigner says l will only advice them to mind their business, face their Biafra and allow Nigerian discuss Nigeria problems

    • Ok let me ask you some questions
      Can you remind me of any land Mark project by your Jonathief in yoruba land?
      Can you remind me of any prominent yoruba man or woman in his cabinet?
      So how would you convince me that Jonathan loves the yorubas than Buhari?
      You can see clearly you are the selfish shallow minded Foreigner blinded by unnecessary hatred for Buhari.

    • Mr. Temidayo, ur funny for real. Can u explain Oduduwa Republic, can u fixture out the agenda of OPC? it takes two people to start a fight, but it take cowards to retreat. History always repeat itself. Fayose and minor of his types are truly brave heart. For real ur among those cowards. Nigeria citizen

    • Fayose is not fighting for anybody for your information, he can deceive people like you not me l have known him before he became Govenor he is a Guy man l can’t follow him he doesn’t have such integrity l respect people for who they are not for tribe.l can’t just be following every unreasonable Mad dog because he is a yoruba ma.

    • Temidayo Johnson no u respect people for their political party not who they are.if not u won’t be supportn evil.all in the name of party,one party can’t be a ruling party and opposition at de same time.the fight against fayose is very childish.

    • Timidayo i no d oil soup u eat on daily basis is realy afecting ur brain, wen last did u see ur habalist?

    • Point of correction temidayo not all Igbo are Biafra and pls don’t try to reply them they can only abuse with no valid point ,they are just bunch of bad losers

    • Philip, our profiles don’t look like lossers. U need a psychy attention.

  66. Freezes account of Governor who owns is State salary,Efcc wel don job more to come

  67. Hmmmmmm, smol pikin nonknow fire till he touch am

  68. how many APC politicians has EFCC frozen his or her account? infact, God is angry with Buhari government.

  69. Tell me one ex governor or present who dose not have more than that money in is account. We know why, but I like this game very well 2019 will be tougher

  70. Governor Fayose’s frozen account has nothing to do with oppositions. He boldly stated that he is richer than Ekiti State, why such a statement? So whether he likes it or not, he has to face the law. He has to give account of his statement. No one is above the law.

  71. Fear not for God will protect you in all through, truth last forever

  72. Can someone here please tell me the population of Nigeria as a whole as of today and the population of each of the ethnic groups that make up Nigeria as a country

  73. South west has sell their birthright to northerners, look at d vice president he does not have a say in Nigeria,

  74. Na lie! A sittin governor?

  75. take a look at what is written up there “goernor” who is that fool? u people using big big grammers how is ur pot of soup? if ur pot of soup is not healthy it means u are inviting sickness to ur body and after ur death u will no longer remember the name Nigeria and is so sad.

  76. Nigeria is dancing for one party system. Sham to Nigeria govt

  77. Why are APC afraid of fayose

  78. Pls let efcc n buhari do this investigation to people like amaechi,tinibu,rochas and formal lagos governor curently minister for power first, let it not only pdp only

  79. Hmmmmm na waooooo, wot a government

  80. Bad people ,they want to silent fayose because he says d truth

  81. My able governor the Lord will be ur strength Amen. The evil man so called buhari is evil I ve been saying and I will continue to say it buhari is evil

  82. @ Temidayo Johnson, You are nothing but a gullible minded fellow by nature,you here speaking big grammar as if your being educated made any different,Aboki whom statistic shows the have more number of illiterate are ruling you and you saw not wrong with that but all you see (are the legion who said they are not nigerian are defending fayoshe) but you refuse to know that the west too are clamoring for their independent too but you are blind to see such, well the west will continue to be an errand boys to the north cause the west don’t have decision on their own only following win peoples plan,imagine this present APC led government where a president without waec certificate ruling the nation and one o yes gullible man from the west a professor was under him as vice president nigeria is full of surprises,the same north killed the most popular yoruba man who won election legitimately called MKO ABIOLA which incident is called JUNE 12 yet you saw nothing wrong with it,you will remain blind forever then wise man my foot! LAMIDO SANUSI LAMIDO the current emir of kano state said it prompt and plain YORUBA’S are nigerian PROBLEM, have you bordered knowing why the north called yorubas BEYARBE? Ask a hausa man the meaning then you will know that nigerians really know whom the gullible people are.

  83. The information is not true

  84. Buhari, cant not turn nigeria parties to one party system,

  85. Wicked Goverment only attackin pdp members

  86. Is fayose a critics or a governor? Dont you think this man is letting out official secrets?. My questions : Is he worth a governor? How can he criticise the same government he is working for or did he hate the President that much?. He did these before n now he is on again. I hear his state has no salary for workers yet so much is found in his account. But was he really checked upstairs before voting him in?. If this is the best in his state then something is definitely wrong with his choice of person. Nonsense !

  87. Ur end is near indiamin of Nigeria and u will rut in jail Mr buhari cow like.

  88. Akpan what of u? Will remain in the world for ever?


  90. They say they are not Nigerians …and they like to put mouths in Nigerian matters…

  91. very good more greece to ur elbow@ efcc

  92. Rochas is here messing up my state, buhari and efcc are doing nothing. Fayose is a saint if compared to rochas

  93. Good job efcc fayose you must go don ubanka

  94. God will soon sent heavy thunder to fire Buhari and his government 4 murdering Nigeria democracy, which kind of government be this? This is more than military era Buhari should not carry us back we need forward not backward, is this the change dat apc deceive Nigeria with? Apc ar evil they just came to destroye this country not to build.

  95. U can do anything and nothing Will happen to Buhari by God grace nonsense

  96. That is why…. So call nigeria can not b one, be/s d helt trutful pple

  97. Nigeria president dey lead efcc astray.waittin fayose do,bcos he always stand on d truth.make una go to hell


  99. You can’t stop destiny, but you can delay it. You can’t stop truth but you can hold it for sometime, but it shall prevail

  100. Let us keep on looking. Whether efcc has right to freeze the acct of a sitting gov or not, we will know d truth of d matter soon. But if it is true dat the governor is having more than 3 months salaries of his state in his prenonal acct and if his son who is not into any employment is having more than what it takes to pay 2 months salary of pry.schl teachers in d state and his waiter is having what it takes to pay a month sal of secondary schl teachers. I am not sure o bcos the gov is ppl’s gov and loves the ppl, even though civil servants have not taken salary since Jan. If d acct is frozen legally or illegally, I think it is God’s design to let the gov av a taste of what the civil servants are passing 2tru. But…. EFCC should be careful to performing its duty.

  101. Does efcc have that right? National assembly should do something over this efcc before ot is to late.

  102. All what they want from him is to keep shut because he is attacking them. pls draw him back to Abacha regime. give him a talk about..SADDAM HUSSAIN. show him a picture of SAMUEL DOE.. is now left for wheather Nigeria will divide or stay.

  103. Leave the people governor alone, please leave him. Everyone is entitled to freedom leave him. If he is saying rubbish or mad leave him, I don’t know when we have started freezing mad people account in this country. His immunity should be respected please. God bless Nigeria. Let’s stand as one please.


  105. We are trying to fight corruption some stupid pple are still supporting the corrupt pple like fayose.

  106. Hahahahahaha basket mouth how market,you never see anything yet you think you will steal our money and even insults our able president and go free .Mr mad dog more are coming from the day you step down as governor hahahahahaha hehehehehe I love this country

  107. The dictator,tyrant,clueless,myopic,lunatic,brainless,child rapist and terrorist MuHAMMUDU buhari will see today, by tommorow will shall see him no more!

  108. A thief is a thief whether he comes from the north,south,east or west and who ever is found culpable should be jailed if possible killed without mercy because they technically killed innocent people but stealing the arms procurement money. Let them and their sympathizes go to hell for all I care.

  109. SAI BABA! SAI BABA! d result
    of it all is DICTATORSHIP

  110. Look at his miserable dirty face, fayose is an unchained mad dog

  111. See this amebo ppl, look at how u are spelling ur governor, omitting V! Ewo! And the worse thing is, u are just hanging on the fence. As much as i dont like what this Admin is doing to Fayose, i still dont appreciate online gossips. Just say what u know is true, stop causing trouble!

  112. A theif will support a thief. Tell Fayose to go court and defend the source of his money, if it’s a genuine source everybody will

  113. God has chosen Buhari to lead Nigeria for now. You may hate him or like him and you may disagree with him or agree with him at some occasions, that is human being. But remember when u insult anybody God will definately hold accountable for that. But why is Gov Fayose not loved much by his immediate neigboures but loved and respected by people from other states. Are we saying dat as educated and principled Yorubas are most of them never see anything good in Fayose for no reason?

  114. Temidayo u are a good observer Allah bless nig.

  115. Even you can not live forever.

  116. Let fayose bet on his life n d life of his chlidren n wife if he is faithful to his pple in ekiti state if he dat he love n he has beta dia lives eva since he became dia governor, no he can cos he is nt truthful n c no reason y u pple want to due cos of him, 4 he did nt recognize u n will neva do dat n he already no dat dias no escape 4 him dat y he kip on attacking buhari so dat wen is bin nabbed u pple wit shallow brains will say wizard hurting, i only laugh wen i read comment by pple frm d south east imean d fb warriors wen dey comment , maybe fayose will share u some of d moni sha

  117. Which immunity? He who comes to equity, must come with clean hand. Na wa o

  118. Let say d true my people,since over 5 month ago no payment of salary and do u think they will make their

  119. Idris Umar why not knock him down yourself you are asking Buhari to do it for you, so you do want to kill, so that you can go to heaven and enjoy your seven……… Moreover killing of oppositions is part of Buhari’s agender. Do’nt forget 1966 coup started from west. Also 1984 coup led by Buhari also started from west. Food for thougth.

  120. Let say d truth,since over 5 month ago no payment of workers salary and he keep money inside his own account when people are suffering dis is bad when a sutiuation comes like dis is a good news and let see what will happen next

  121. This man is beyond Buhari nd he can nt do him anything. Buhari nd plans can nt work agains him.

  122. Why.because he is saying d truth. Why Nigeria as country hate simple truth. Why.dat s why dem call it zoo Nigeria

  123. That is rubbish. Afterall Gov Fayose is healthy, educated aud his certificates are not questionable. Gov Fayose must be respected

  124. Up pdp nomatter what dey wii say de wil wi,

  125. is it not better for ….to start with y must own account with millions in it when the civil servant r not paid for 6 month the guy is selfish

  126. Nigeria and apc , is only God we help us

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